20 November 2011

QWeekly - Bunnies

FLUFFY the papa bunny!!!

Went to see baby bunnies with Wendy the other day and they are all SO CUTE and fluffy and just so..

They were all like fighting to be the cutest so Wendy would pick them. Haha! SO UNREAL right. They look so unrealistically cute. They are not real!!! Guess which one Wendy chose the day after?!
"No not me" *grumpy face*
DIZ ONE!!!!!!!! Hahaha! Can you please see what she's doing! She's chewing on everything! Hahaha. Very silly one! Chew guava, chew Wendy's blinged bb, chew her iPhone. Later go chew remote controller. Hahaha!
"Haaaaaa~ Leaf me alone" Ahahaha! I don't know what's her name yet thou!!!

I think bunnies are such cute stuff!!! Like they don't crave for your attention like how a doggy will do so i really don't mind having them at my place but i don't wanna cage it but if i don't cage it they'd die cox Tiffany rips anything small and furry, apart. Lol. And bf say cannot get anyway =/

He almost got me a hamster thou!!! O.O For my birthday earlier in June. Cox he say hamster can keep somewhere away from Tiffany. Haha. But it didn't happen cox i wanted one hamster to play with Tiffany mainly and i don't think it sounds right afterall O.O
- - - - - -
Went to remove my gelish at Milly's! I went to Far East this time. And i also asked for removal of dead skin for both hands and feet!!! MAJOR SHIOK. These are the things you never wanna DIY. They even do a lotion massage for my legs and hands =DDD Love.

Rebecca from Milly's Far East, THIS ONE I HIGHLY RAVE. Freaking FAST, and GOOD!!!

Her hands work like bullet train madness. And she's freaking focused!!! I can't even get her on a picture lol. Plus super duper nice and friendly all. They have outlets in Bugis and Far East Plaza. Call 8383 5395 for appointment!


Lully Ning said...

Gawwh >w< They're so adorable! I want one now :c But I love my cats (:

Maggie said...

The bunnies are so cute!! Why are you so pretty even without makeup on? T_T *not fair*

QiuQiu said...

Maggie, please~~ I look meh/ bad without makeup. Lol.

Anonymous said...

actually.. bunnies can behave like doggies smtimes! they wld actually come to you and prode you for attention!

Jc said...

Hey you look seriously bad without makeup.