20 September 2010

Artica does a better job

This is me in Budget Barbie Ep3. Haha. Everybody love my hair!!! And i did it at Artica right before filming just to prove to people that i can look close to my pictures, OKAY! Screw you all.

I thought people started loving me becox of my hair in Ep 3.

 But no, Ep4 is out and everyone (except a few unwise resistant ones, LOL) loves me.
Watch Ep4 here!

I don't know if it's becox now i'm okay to let people know how much a fool i can be..

Or it's simply becox my luck is pretty alright now. LOL.

You gotta watch out for the fan part. I love wind, i do!!!
Wind let us air our armpit and wind makes us look chio.

 Ep four you get to see most of the items modeled by me. Lol.

 And win this green crop tee in this episode!

Remember to leave comment with registered account hor.

Or you can win this usagi band along with three hair bows.
Same thing, leave comment ^.^

So i guess people like me for me. Not just my hair but if my hair is always flat and dry, i think that'd be enough reason for a hater to leave a hate comment. Haha!

Straight hair doesn't make me look barbie-y *snort*

So Juno comes to the rescue~ ^.^
As usual!!! He's always so dedicated lor. Can see he's blowing on my hair right?
So i don't get hot hair on my scalp or face.

And this time, you don't see black chanel-inspired bag. Lol.
I change already, fake longchamp my sister got for me. Hahaha!

With the best hairstylist in the world!!!

And Nic blowing my fringe. I NEED TO LEARN how to do that for myself!
It's like immediately i have Jap side-sweep fringe.

And the end-result~ VOLUME HAIR with nice curls~~

Love my hair so much i am going to marry myself.

Unbelievable. LOLOL. HOW! I LOOK SO CHIO HERE!! So chio i think i can never get a chioer picture of myself in this whole life! Haha!

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Email: articahairstudio@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

can i know which photoshop youre using ?

Anonymous said...

You. Need to do something about your teeth asap. And your grammar.

Anonymous said...

Hi, where do you get the fake longchamp bag ? Can you ask your sister about it . thanks.

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't pin your fringe. nicer when you have them down =D

QiuQiu said...

Hi, Photoshop Adb CS

The longchamp from Shen Zhen. Hehe.

Reader said...

You look great with that hairstyle! And you're very pretty too! Thanks also for letting people know that there's totally nothing wrong about being on budget most of the time ^^ I love cheap thrills! I'm so glad that there are still people like you! Thank you QiuTing ^^ Budget Barbie for the win!

eunicee said...

hi i would like to have the usagi band, sorry but its my first time commenting :)

Natalie said...

Hey! You were so gorgeous in both photos which you said you were chio in! So gorgeous in fact, that I just HAD to comment.

I'd been at a loss about where to get my hair done for my prom and I think I found the place! Thanks loads!

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiuqiu!

May I know where to get the Polka Dot dresses 'coz the video says it's somewhere in Ubi?