17 September 2010

Congrats Carmen and Carrie! ^.^

I know, top to toe, no part of me looks like a graduate.
That's why i can only fool around with their robe.

Was at the photoshoot for CC1 and CC2 graduation. And after all the composed, serious and SMART shots were taken, finally it's the kind of photoshoot that i like. LOL. See!




 And with Carlynn doing the fake chair pose. Lol!

This must be the reason why i didn't graduate -.-"

After the shoot we camwhore more~!

Carlynn look so man here!

Carmen with the moulin rouge feel.

Carlynn with the COWBOY feel. LOLOL.

Then i change into this Smiley leopard prints top to snap more pictures! Super comfy!

The CCs haven't get to see their own pictures yet so this is like a teaser to them. Hehe. I hope everyone who finally HAS to work will find a good direction in life. And so do i wish, for myself.




Anonymous said...

hello! what is the highest education levels you have achieved so far? (:

joey said...

hello qiu qiu jiejie i like you! i get a feeling that you are a really sweet girl at heart and that is exactly why people love you over on budgetbarbie :D

please always be yourself.

Jasmine said...

Hi Qiu Ting!
You took out the comment box??
what happened??
so is this the only way to ask you stuff?

Anonymous said...

You really are photogenic (:

Anonymous said...

can you make a blog post on how to camwhore super chio like you? ;) you're freaking chio. :)