27 September 2010

How photoshop saved my life

I started using photoshop like 5 years ago but REALLY suck at it when i just started. Tend to make myself look like an.. Alien. Ultra big eyes, small nose and even smaller chin. And one tone face becox i clone everything so lousily. Anyway.. Now i still like the big eyes, small nose look. Hehe. But point is, i think Photoshop sort of saved my life and stop me from killing myself umpteen times.

My complexion now is fucked beyond belief. Yellow, pimply and sometimes it has pus on it. HAHA. Damn gross i know.

And my left eye is droppey.

My face is shaped like a man. Square jawline and prominent cheekbones.

My nose is big and fleshy, the kind that people believe is good becox meaty nose brings wealth. I know, they should just go and die.

My lips sometimes look too thick, other times look too thin. I don't even understand it.

But this, this is perfection, to me. Hehe.
Girl who looks like doll, holding doll, taking a picture, perfect.

See this. And you'd go.......

"WHAT THE FUCK THE CAO AUNTIE ON THE LEFT HOLDING THE DOLL DOLL FOR?! Act cute right!!! And her skin like my door mat lor! Er Xin!!! I think her nose is 3kg. And i can use her face in my O levels Maths, to measure right angles. Come! Lets snatch her doll doll!"

Anyway, the one on the left is 100% un-retouched. Only cropped and resized the picture.

So in many ways.. Photoshop really saved my life. And you can't deny, only the bloggers who bother to photoshop, are doing slightly more than significant.

This doll belongs with me.


Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu! love reading your blog. hmm.. can you do a video tutorial on how you photoshop your pics? focusing more on the 'liquify' portion. like how you use the 'bloat' or 'push' tool? i tried but kept fail at that part. =( thanks!

Anonymous said...

you mean belong to me?

Anonymous said...

hello qiuqiu! i cant see your photos for quite a while alrd! it only says blocked ad.

Qiuyue said...

I think you look better without photoshop. =D

Anonymous said...

stop acting like xiaxue thanks

Anonymous said...

you have puppy? Take pictures & post bout' them!! :):)

Coco Tai said...

UGH I hate having a BIG "fleshy" nose too! Everyone in Taiwan complimented me on how pretty it was, and boyfriend said I should like it bc of the "wealth" thing...HOWEVER, IT'S YUCK! I want nose job but super scared!


Anonymous said...

btw your photoshop look even worser like ghost complexion LOL. pout like dno what sia

QiuQiu said...

Anon, actually video tutorial you can go watch Xiaxue's Guide to Life on Clicknetwork.tv =D

Anon, BELONG WITH ME. Taylor Swift, "You belong with me~ e~ e~" GOT PROBLEM?!

Anon, i only tweet about about my doggies these days =))

Coco Tai, you sure you wanna do nose job?! Try to ask about botox on nose to make it SLIGHTLY smaller?

Coco Tai said...

Yea, I really would like a nose job but SUPER scared! I wish my nose were pointier yet shorter! ]:


Anonymous said...

hi sweetie. may i know u bough ur photoshop or down load it? where did u download?