11 July 2010

Budget Barbie and my new blog header picture!

Hello all!!! Omy blog award is over~ Pris Ang Geck Geck won for Best Modelling Award =DDD And her outfit is totally unique man. I don't even know what's that made of but it looks good!

I am so excited about changing my blog header!!! ^.^ Just took the pictures.

Gonna shower now. Haha. Not really, maybe later.

Night all! Thanks to those who gave me the LIKE today. I mean how come there are girls who are so sweet to actually come forward to be nice to me. I mean like, my own friends think i am smelly and full of bacteria and always just hope that i'd shower/ shampoo my hair/ wash my hands/ not dig my nose, they only think of these, they never really gave me a LIKE sticker to encourage me. LOL!!!

And then Neo Catering's boss, i.e Mr Neo gave me a LIKE too! Am i good or what?! He's so cute and his wife is SO attractive! I don't know if this sounds rude like a personal remark that i shouldn't even make, but they both really look great together. You know, like Mr and Mrs Perfect.

Then Yutakis and Astro boy Eric is still so nice. Like so welcoming and easy to hang around with. Must be super good to be friends with them.

Then then then, Grace and Melo were so chio today lor. BLACK BLING BABES!!! YES!!! That should be our group name today. LOL.

And Christine and Chicken and i talk about the most unusual thing in the club. It's really good. Anything, anywhere.

And.. Silver! Coming to think of it, her outfit top super Gaga. And having her hug me in the club was super good cox it keeps me warm. Like literately.

And short guys should never wear 8/10 pants. Remember how Joshua Ang fucked up at Star Awards 2010? LOL.

Foo Quan is so cute.

20 tweets in one blogpost.

One last one, Steven Lim is unbelievable.

Lastest one, Budget Barbie is a show imma do with Clicknetwork.tv update you guys again okay!



Anonymous said...

Great to see u in person! =)
Yup, Stevenlim is "unbelievable"..made me utterly speechless.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you QiuQiu. I tried to post this on the clicknetwork site but couldn't so I've posted here instead. You are a beautiful person, inside and out.I hope that this will give you a new lease of confidence to enjoy life, dressing up, and being the girly girl that you are. Am loving all your episodes and the "bargains" that you find. I shall check out the places you have been to the next time I'm in SG. Lot's of love from the UK xx Take care! Serene

QiuQiu said...

Hello Serene, thank you Sweet! I think you took great effort to post this sweet thought, so i'm really touched! I hope that everything you do in life will be smooth and wonderful! =DD

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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