14 July 2010

HTC Celebration and Launch Party


- 120 over pictures
- Mostly totally lame
- Photoshop is at the minimalestest.
Lol, that means minimal-est-est. That's very very very little photoshop.
- I can only put normal size so if you wanna see the flaws clearly, click for enlarged view. Anal.

HTC Celebration Party Pack at Bakerzin!!!

Thank you HTC!!! I feel so VIP! Lol.
And thanks to Bakerzin for being soooo nice!
They extend the operation hour just for us you know!

Love for strawberries..

Strawberry tartlets. I can eat 10 now!!!

Light in texture, rich in taste!

The macaron stand that is never empty (becox the staff were so attentive and nice!) and never filled.
Becox as soon as it's filled, it's emptying.

I know you think i am weird. Why do i start with dessert first.
Becox i chose Bakerzin for their dessert! I didn't take picture of the panna cotta but i could change your grandma's diaper for 3 cups of their panna cotta like NOW.

Yummy caesar salad! The cheese shavings.. Owww..

BBQ Chicken wing

Curry chicken with mad lot of potatoes and of course plenty of meat!
Taste so good especially with their free flow selection of bread!

Okay this, i will shower your grandma after changing her diaper.
THIS IS SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I don't know how to explain!!!
I know it looks ugly. Lol. But taste like heaven!
The fat just melt in your mouth.
Wrong. The Collagen just melt in your mouth. Haha.

Aglio Olio

I thought we'd be having this corner to ourselves. It could already seat 32 pax of or.
And i was only expecting 22 pax.


But no, the WHOLE indoor area was blocked out for us!

Then my first two guest arrived.
In that polka dot bag, its..

My friends all think i should shower more often, more willingly.
So Happy Bathday sounds like the most suitable gift. LOL.
I am so hurt. They think i stink.

Then Ming Zhou changed into his uniform!
Soccer boy! Oh, i was told to tag him on Facebook by his groin. HAHAHA.
He is still available anyway. Dating back from this post.


Becox he can juggle big ball by one hand.

And by one leg. LOL.

Shiyu my lovely waitress whom i think can double up as a..

Chef. I don't think she like holding the "I love Qiuting" flag very much.

Then more guest arrived! Left to right:
NiaoNiao as a nurse.
Carmen as SPG
Me as a student
Carrie as a P.E Teacher

Carlynn wanted to come as a skipper but i think maybe she lost her shorts.
So i'd like to think maybe she's the bookshop auntie. LOL.

I said curry chicken goes well with the bread right.
Yeah it does. And i spend most of my time toasting, toasting.

Food~ Glorious Food~

Missy Niao
Sometimes i hate her for looking prettier than me.

Bong and Casper

Me still toasting away..

Naoki caught unglam!

Then Coco (Kah Wei) the soccer girl came but i think she be cheerleader more like it.

Soccer players..

Me grumbling while toasting again..

SPG Carmen! Lol. She's doing the Michelle Chong "Hiiii~~~~~~~"

Carrie the P.E teacher. Thinking back, why does PE teacher always, ALWAYS make us run to one tree and then touch it and then come back. What's the point? There's nothing on the tree. Why tree?

Jere, you think i was gonna give you a very sat gun. Nooooo~
LOL!!! Give you pink girlie gun! Since you whole night keep asking

Everyone's happy! =D

Me too! ^.^

Pearl my 4th sis and i.
It's rare she could take time to come! Becox she's always so busy!

Tagged. LOL.
This big thing belongs to Ming Zhou.

With Ethan and Sheeeena from The Right Spin!
Gotta thank them for letting me know about the HTC Celebrate Me contest!

Then Yong Ming finally came.

But we were going home..

Then Silver came! My friends all late-comers!

And she got me this.

Perfume. Told you, everyone thinks i am smelly, or dirty or just not clean.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THEN IT WAS HTC Wildfire Launch!!!
I can get my free phone!!! =DDD

Girlies that night
Carmen, Carrie, My Big Head, Niao, Gem


Lol. Actually WE ALL never club before.
That's why very excited! they show their excitement by just being noobs.

But i suggest we pretend to be clubsters! LOL!

I said "Eh take pictures like those clubsters always take kind. Like drunk, kiss, hug, typical kind!"

Good one.

LOL!!! OVER!!! Too much! Drunk until headache!

Carrie say must mess with the hair.

FAIL! Lol.

Everyone try again!
Okay, we are not clubsters. But we are crazy.
And we were drunk, on sprite, ice water and Bo Liao tonic. LOL.


Food time! NiaoNiao ate like 3 plates of Rendang Mutton that night man.

Gem not shy go disturb people!!!
I also want but super shy! Gem you better love me, i photoshopped you so that you won't look like POS beside your idol okay!!!


The pin we designed! I hate Orange, i thought it was pink pencil i picked up in the dark!
The leftest one is mine.

Niao Niao should really cut down on food.

Everything also is Thumb-up for Niao Niao.

Us! =D

This performance was so filled with energy!
I can just dance along!

My normal friends! LOL. Like really normal, decent, good friends.
Not weird, not psycho, not whores, not sluts.

Acting drunk again. So i said must do the kiss-kiss kind.

And then i grab Gem.
Sigh, i think she's not cut out for clubbing. She look petrified! LOL.
*act like expert*

Wildfire phone presentation time!!!

Everyone loves this sign!

CC2 and CC1

But these boys ARE cute!
They are so young but they are just so vavavoom!

With Sheena and Ethan again! =D

Joshua boy! Again, I AM NOT A COUGAR!!!
Lol.. *feeling very guilty*

After removing makeup..
And settled down with my NEW HTC WILDFIRE!!!

Some of you guys might have seen my tweets with it!


Ending off here. Super long post hor?!

Thank you girlies for going here and there with me!

Carrie: You jump, i jump?

Carmen: I KICK, you fly!

Thank you thank you thank you!
我會不會很煩?? 一直道謝.
But i am really thankful!

Thank you for reading in here and thank you for being nice!
Budget Barbie on Clicknetwork is gonna start filming soon!
Shopping time is here for me~~~ ^.^



Unknown said...

I don't think you are smelly hor!!! I gave that to you because it's so small and handy to bring around for freshen-ups!!!!!!!!

*yuan wang*

QiuQiu said...

LOL. Hana hana.. Lol. Eh but it really helps leh. I stink esp after playing fightfight with Mr Moo. BEcox Mr Moo stinks!!! Lol. He's like this playful puppy who plays and sweat a lot.

Sweetdb said...

Hehehe..looks like u had great fun!

Unknown said...

lol! that pics of old lady are super funny! you need too put them again! everybody has to enjoy it :) now you have more readers