26 July 2010

RazorTV interview in 6 parts! Crystal, Silver and Me Me Me! =D

 Thanks to Vanessa who doesn't really have a face becox it's so small *jealous* Crystal, Silver and I was invited to an interview with RazorTV. I must say first ah, i am not a celebrity blogger. I am just a funny shit invited to join in the girlie conversation. At least that's what i felt about the interview, it was all girlie and gigglish and totally FUN! =D

Us gesturing the face shape of THE REALLY DECEIVING kind of photoshop. LOL.

 I very happy =D

I think, "I not scared. Cox my clothings $10max"
That one i am wearing is $5 btw. From Punggol Plaza.

When asked, "Would you do anything DRASTIC on your blog to attract readership?"

I don't know what's the definition of drastic, so i ask..

Crystal and Silver very happy to see me so sexy. LOL!!!
But i think i look more constipated.

 Haha.. I think it's true, everyone love DRASTIC things.
See how happy it makes Silver and Crystal. Haha!

The guy who stalked Crystal for more than two years!!!

 Story-telling time!

Crystal holding her ART FOLIO.

Alex's work!

很古典噢! =D

Can't help it must show you guys. LOL!

 Silver talking about how wanting boob job is not wrong.
And me smiling "Yeah~ My friend very nice~" Haha..

I think my only consumer for that product would be Silver. She seem quite receptive.
WHAHAHA. I think milk-flavoured air sounds like a good idea.

  Excited preaching about my future invention.

Xuesha wasn't there at the interview but we keep her in our thoughts =)))
When people care about me, I CARE BACK. Was there even a quarrel?

About how it started.. Actually thinking of it now, i am surprised.
She reads URBAN? Like, English news article?

 Vanessa looking hot. Why her jawline so pretty. JEALOUS!

 Talking about Jason Foo, the cute baby face in Fb that i click on that leads me to forever trauma.

So i am not wrong to name that thing as JasonFooWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I won't want to associate with people like that.
LOL. Social status, BAM, DOWN BY 1000!!!
Hoi, not just saying this based on looks hor.

Do you know that story?


Christine said...

Haha, loved the interview, you girls are so funny!

QiuQiu said...

Haha.. We are just crappy. LOL.

Xtine said...

i look at the screen grabs, i already very entertained.

QiuQiu said...

WHAH!!! Two Christinessss!