05 July 2010

Talking about being contradicting

See i am so nice, i put everything in place for you guys to read. LOL. Quick leh thank me!
She doesn't care anyway becox she has 10000 a day. I must repeat, 10000 a day. I don't know how that links up, but nevermind. She doesn't care, so i am not being mean since if she doesn't care, she probably won't read this, i am just living in my own world =D Afterall, i only got like 1000 a day =(((

 She said this.. On Friday.
"Being humble is always the best"

Then this, today.
HAHAHA. Who's being contradicting?

Hey, if you're not scared, please refer to me as QiuQiu or something. Something that'd come up when people google me. I need that readership leh. Your hardcore loser followers seems so irresistable.

You're welcome, it's good to know that you suddenly appreciates a blog with only 1000 hits a day.
See i did one more post for you. Two post, that'd be a total of $150 already you know.

People who pretend like they don't care, are most fun to irritate.
And the only reason they don't care,
"OH, i got 10000 readers a day so you can rape my grandma. It's okay, i got 10000 readers a day!"
Hello, wake up, it's not comparing traffic, it obviously started becox you felt as thou i was talking about you when i said "Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze" in the interview.
But anyway, i expected you to go off-topic. HAHA. Really, i did.

Or maybe it's like that now becox i might be doing Bored in Bikinis 2?
Don't worry, that's not for sure yet.
But this not famous, nobody-blogger is going to do another show with Clicknetwork.
Hey, besides Bored in Bikinis, i can do other program. Can you?
Okay XS, i am done talking to you. Move your huge ass aside.
MY 1000 readers!!! If you are a girl you better thank me lor!!! Look at all the comments!! I am speaking up for everyone lor! LOL.

All the ladies with dignity on this side, please.



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Unknown said...

Aiyo girl..you really sound very affected by the whole incident..

life's too short to be affected by just a single nobody, cus in the end we'll all still die one day de..forgive and forget ba.

don't be so affected le ba.

Unknown said...
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Emily said...

10000 views? faithful readers? wankers!