06 July 2010

You guys got good taste ; )

Reading through the comments on my tagboard is just so awesome.

Go read and click older post for more.

I am not replying in the tagboard becox i want you guys to have more space to trash out your thoughts about that thing. LOL.

But anyway, thank you guys. Not for insulting her (actually you guys are stating facts, so not really consider insulting) but for the encouraging comments.

But i am okay you know. We are having fun here, aren't we?

I asked you guys,
"Let's Have Some Fun, Shall We?"

Now we are =D

You all know you don't have to worry about me what! I am not the kind who needs and acknowledge 20 god-brothers and then have fake bffs whom i speak ill about, i don't need them to tell me stupid things like, POOR BABY.. Don't cry. Lol. I am super positive remember?!

And holy shit, people emailing me to tell me about the things that she did that are so shameful and she will never tell. Should i put it up??? But i am not so bo liao to offend without being offended you know. How?

Sucks to be her. Does she have real normal friends? And not friends who keep saying they love her but then emailing me to tell me her dirty deeds.

Posting up behind the scene for HTC print ad tonight! ^.^

I am happy becox i am nice afterall!!! Haha.

Better start thinking about what kind of person you are, poor baby..

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Unknown said...

childish and pathetic