22 July 2010

Xiao Bei Bei

One fine day i received an email that says "Emmy Ang Chiew Ping is following you on Twitter" and it was automatically approved becox my Twitter account is public.

Then today.. I went in to Twitter and since my timeline is always so quiet, i really should follow more people just so i won't get bored and lonely =((( HAHAH!

So i went back into Twitter to find Emmy Ang again. OH OH OH, Emmy Ang is my baby sister okay.

This is what i get..


 My sister got impostor!!! I don't even have man!!!
Some more the nick so cute, XIAO BEI BEI!!!
小貝貝 you know!!! Little Precious Precious. Lol!!!


Niao Niao, you are famous! That's one step up to being famous, when you get impostors.

I hope my impostors will give me nicks like
Da Nai Nai or like Xiao Ji Ji
大奶奶 or 小雞雞



Anonymous said...

LOL. you damn so good in cracking jokes and make readers laugh. Shallow people don't know how to read between your lines.

QiuQiu said...

Really?! I just type whatever comes to the mind! Lol. Maybe i am a joker! =D