31 July 2014

I love my life


Sorry for not blogging for three days!!! Hahaha. You know i blog every other day or every two days right. Becox.. Becox my life is so awesome i have to record everything down. Lol.

I just wanna say i am super happy becox a lot of things are happening right now and on top of all the new work opportunities, i am also thankful for things that come my way! FOR EXAMPLE, thanks to Nuffnang, Hong Kong Disneyland said yes to me, my parents, Yurou and Niao Niao to visit in Oct!!! I think Yurou will be sooooo stoked. Lolol. And they have this new night parade i've never seen!

Here are some random pictures from.. I don't know, everywhere. My week for you!

Had chio sunlight that day when i was taking pictures for my outfit feature. Brows from k-palette. Lipstick from YSL. Lashes from Girlymake. Base from Laneige.
I don't think i need to caption every picture "chio" right? Lolol.

Thank you REGEN (Email: infoglobal@regengroup.co.kr) for giving me nice V Line face shape!!!
Enough not.
About there. Lol.
But this one got natural bokeh!
Another set.
BIG BIG THANK YOU to those who came for the garage sale!!! The whole corridor was filled with people and the queue gone up from second floor to the sixth floor =O SORRY for the wait guys. The first few girls came at 6am when the thing starts at 12pm O.O I am super impressed O.O Lol.
Me and my chili sister Niao Niao ^.^ We wear same clothes. CUTE HOR?!?! Hahaha.
Top from Bugis Street. Skirt from long ago. Hairband from Korea. Shoes from Jelly Bunny.
Went for brunch with my poly mates!!! I forgot the name of the place.
Stupid Ming Zhou added maple syrup to my crispy bacon i was so angry! Hahaha. It is supposed to be salty but then it tasted like ba gua after that! Thanks, Ming Zhou *stares* Waffle was meh.
Cold soba noodles! Quite a new mix!!! Really light and refreshing! A little bit bland on the taste but i think that's the way it's meant to be. But I would remake it with minced garlic and chili padi lol. And the paste was totally overcooked. So did i enjoy the lunch? Yes. The food? Not so much lol.
Me and Shiyu ^.^
FTLs. Lolol. Forced to help me take OOTD. Hahaha. Just like old time. Except last time i like to take pictures of me with anything. Now i take it for work lolol.
Stupid Ming Zhou making me laugh hahaha.
Werk it non-stop.
Elevator selfies~ Coco Kah Wei, me, Shiyu and Ming Zhou~ =DDD WE DIDN'T CHANGE A SINGLE BIT!!!!!!!
Except become prettier hahahaha. And keep nicer hairstyles =DDD This was us doing project maybe.. 8 or 9 years ago WTFFF =OOO
Good friends stay together~ And touch each others' boobs *LOLOLOLOL*
US US US~~~ =)))) I love all my friends from Secondary and Poly!!! Erm cox i didn't get to keep a lot of friends from Secondary and Poly O.O So whoever i get to keep are super precious to me!!! ='))
LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!! ^.^ By the way, my guy friend is single and available. LOL. If keen please email me. I am serious, he is such a nice good guy but i think he's too busy with work and too busy mixing with his bros or whatever!!! So i think it's a waste of time every minute he is not attached to a girl doting on her. Okay. Lolol. He's gonna kill me but i will still wanna help him hahahahaha.

神啊 救救他吧~ 一个人荒凉半辈子啊 为什么~~~~

他这样的男人 就快要绝种~ 你们.. 快点 grab 吧~


Okay i'd be back with more~!!!

Meantime.. STAY HAPPY~!!!!!! ^.^ Becox when you're not happy.. The sun becomes annoying. The rain becomes annoying. The world becomes annoying. You become annoying.

27 July 2014

Yurou's 3rd Birthday

Yurou turned three over the weekend! =DDD And as you can see she had a super duper happy day!
She was so happy she tell me "你也是很美 我也是很美嘢!" Hahahaha!!! Bought the clothes at H&M kids when i was shopping with Mich. Mich told me i am sibeh disgusting lolol cox i should only do that with my own daughter next time. Not like so thick-skinned snatch Si Jie's daughter LOL.
Happy girl kept telling everyone she is feeling very happy hahaha. Of course happy please. Nobody force her to shower, to eat or to do anything.
ON A HIGH!!! ^.^
Pearl told everyone that she likes only puzzle or playdoh now. So she got like 4 new playdoh sets that day!!! My 3rd sis bought her major big one that is not opened yet! Instead, my dad and 3rd sis started playing with it........ =___=" Act cute ma ni gen wo jiang? LOL.
Dinner time~! Pearl ordered sooooo much food, there were so much left!
Massive cake bought from and designed by The Bakery Chef.
"Lai put here put here" Hahaha! Yurou LOVE IT MAXIMUM!!! She's been telling her mummy for monthssss!!! That she wants a Hello Kitty birthday cake!!! And threatening people with it when she's unhappy, "You cannot eat my happy birthday cake! HMPH!" Lololol. I guess in the end everyone get to eat her "happy birthday" cake so she is happy with everyone afterall. Hahahaha!
So happy she jump up the sofa and roll two rounds on it =___=" Hahahah!
Squealing!!! You can see Pearl's and Samantha instagram / dayre. She really cannot maintain.
Making a wish in her daddy's arms =)))) SO SWEET HOR??? She cannot purposely close her eyes one, so she only cover them at best hahahaha. Do you remember what wishes you made when you were younger? Maybe more barbie dolls? I wished for toys! And then in all my teenage years i wish my crush to like me back or for my pimples to be gone. LOLOL. Shallow much.
Blowing the candles 200 times.
Cake cutting!!!
Proper picture of the cake~
Sorry my sister butchered the cake T.T Lolol. BUT HEY~ It's rainbow cake on the top tier and chocolate cake on the bottom!!! THE CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MASSIVE YUMS!!!
Camho time with the little joy in my family =)))
Lotsa people say we look the same ='O Mai lah mai lah wa mai. LOLOL.
But how ah, really look alike. OKAY LAH WO REN LE! Hahahaha! I can't believe this xiao huai dan is now 3 yro!!! You must remember this post, right? When she was just.. One day old?
Now she everyday also say things that surprise her mummy and everyone in the family! The other day her mummy was telling me she told her mummy no need to carry her, she will walk on her own becox her mummy has didi in the tummy ='))) So good girl one.
#HeYurou say HELLO!!!!!! Thanks to all those who wished her Happy Birthday on instagram~ Hahaha. If you all happen to see her outside, feel free to ask for a picture. But be prepared, she might ask you, "你是不是我的粉丝?" which means.. "Are you a fan of mine?"

*laugh die* So self-centered one. I wonder this one learn from who one. LOLOL.

21 July 2014



SPECIAL NOTE: My friend Samantha the brandwhore (lol) will be bringing her bags and clothes to the garage sale also. Some of the AUTHENTIC brands she will be bringing and selling for mostly $15-20 are Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Longchamp etc.

My sister (Niao Niao) will also pack all her clothes and bags to the garage sale and sell them off at mostly $1 - $5!!! She is a size L - XL so if you guys are keen could also come!

Victoria Jomo (shop at Haji Lane known to sell super unique items) will also be joining this garage sale!!! So if you wanna grab some unique fashion accessories / outfit / bags, come!!!

27th July (THIS SUNDAY!!!)
12PM - 6PM
2 Soon Wing Road (Soon Wing Industrial Building)
#02-14 Singapore 347893

Yup!!! You have to come cox this time we really NEED to clear stuff!!! And it's not just fashion and beauty stuff, it's lotsa other chio random stuff in Josh's studio!

You all should know he does photography and of recent years, videography. And he's been in the business for more than 10 years =OOO So every two - three years we shift our studio right.

For every shift, we throw out lotsa good props and whatnot!!! It's very much a waste!!! He probably threw away at least tens of thousand dollar worth of good props over the years. But since i have quite a fair bit of items to sell too, i've decided to throw a garage sale for our studio + my wardrobe!

Actually i also threw away many many stuff while clearing my room. But some are just too nice (some even brand new, never been worn before =X) or expensive to be thrown out T.T But the sad thing is, actually throwing is a much easier and more convenient option for us O.O

But it's really very very wasted!!! So we decided to do a garage sale!!! =DDD Everything will be going at crazy low prices. From 50 cents to $5 mostly!!!

And below is the tip of the ice berg hahaha. Most of the stuff are brand new or props for his photoshoot. Some bought but never used. Some used only for pictures in the background lah.

And most of them are from Robinsons, Life Shop, Barang Barang, MUJI, King and King Wong, Franc Franc. Some are props we bought when we travel in Japan, Hong Kong, Seoul.

And some of the plates even cost up to $80+ PER PLATE =OOO If you go to Robinsons kitchen department for example, you'd know how crazy it can get hahahaha.

Cake stand, 2 tier pastries stand, unique plate and photo frame.. All never been used except as props.
Paper shredder, power pump (for the pool) and a brand new in box, 3 meter long portable pool!!! Major cool??! Josh bought it for a water shoot but later found a real pool lol.
Lotsa kitchen cutting board and whatnot. All props. Some totally untouched.

Reason why there are sooooo many untouched stuff is becox he always buy for example, 50 pcs of props for a certain shoot, then in the end client only choose to use like 20 pcs. So the rest all just store for other shoot or never see the light again haha. Defug now i know why we are never rich lol.

Bird cages. We only used the two white ones for our wedding. One for angbao collection (with pastel cloth in it so angbao won't drop through, and one for decor. Haha. Black is brand new.
Some themed plates. The flat black stones one are the ones you see in fine-dining restaurants. He bought them for $30 - $50 per plate. All going for $5 or under!!! The two round ones are taken out from their box!!! Totally untouched wtf. I took them out to snap pictures. The rest all used as props!
Unique little things. The two vintage tissue dispenser are brand new in box, from Jamie Oliver brand. Quite expensive also i remember but very chio!!!
One HUGE tin box of scrapbook-ing stuff for ALL sorts of season greetings and sweet little notes! Most of them from Art Friend, SPOTLIGHT, Made with Love, Paper Market etc. Get the whole box (worth more than $250!) for $5 also =OOOOO Crazyyyy~
More cake and pastries stands.
Simple props. You can use all these in your house of course! It's just Josh never used them except as background in the pictures to bai-sui lolol. They are still all fully-functional!
Japanese-themed stuff he got for a shoot for a Japanese restaurant.
Some of the cups! The one at the foreground that looks crumpled is major cute?!??! It's porcelain but it is shaped to look like a crumpled plastic cup!!! That alone cost $17 =OOO But we're selling off most of the stuff for nothing more than $5!!! Mostly $0.50 - $2!
More plates out of the rest of plates that i had no strength to carry over to take pictures anymore lol. They are all photo-worthy one lah! So just come take a look =D Maybe can make your home-cooked dishes look better in pictures also haha!
Some of the stuff!
If you're ever into vintage-looking glass plates!

Since a part of the studio was taken by me to do my photoshoot stuff.. I conveniently left A LOT of stuff there too!!! So i'm clearing them all out too!!! Makeup, accessories, clothes and oh SHIT....

Forgot to snap pictures of my shoesssss!!!! If you're size 8 (39), please look out for LOTSA SHOES! Heels, wedges, sneakers etc. I never wore them out. Only wear them for photoshoot in the studio! =D

Random stuff i bought for shoot. As you can see.. All of them still have their labels intact O.O I can't even remember why i buy them but anyway! They are going off for $0.50 to $1!!!
Hatsssss!!! All going for $1 each!
Fencing props i bought, used once for a shoot only. Going off at $5! They'd look nice in your little garden or just as a background for your photowall in the house!
LOTSA MAKEUPPPP!!! From this super good eyelash glue, to KATE Powderless (super love), Rachel K and YSL!!! Some of them never been used before! The other half only gently used. As for the foundation, i always use a new sponge each time i apply for the models.
More makeup. I already threw away a whole lot that i don't think will be hygienic to sell off or it's only used till a little's left! The rest that i picked out are all good / brand new makeup with lots left! You can spot lotsa Dolly Wink, YSL, Estee Lauder and other Japanese brands!!! All makeup going for under $5!!! Mostly $1 to $3!!! They cost wayyyy more than that T.T
Some of the shades up for sale also. All $1-2 each.
Cool hor.
Super starrrr~
Glam and blitzy accessories i got for Carmen's wedding photoshoot! The costume jewellery also cost me $49.90 a set (necklace and earrings). So they are going at 50 cents - $5 also lah~ =DDD
Swag accessories. Some brand new, some used for a photoshoot! Never been worn out, as are the rest of the items listed that are from the studio haha!!! Studio is my dumping space for everything chio enough for photoshoot, but needs lotsa courage to wear out IRL lol.
Brand new floral bag ($3) that you can bring to the beach/ picnic and floral crowns ($1 each!!!)
Hope you girls can get this! Haha! Floral head crown is a forever love.
Clothes at nothing more than $5 also! The fur jacket you see there cost more than $200 i think!!! Going for $5!!! =OOO The rest are all brand new stock. LOTSA rompers and dresses and chic tops! Lots of them going at $2 - $3!!!
More clothes. ALL BRAND NEW.
Clothes from my wardrobe! Half of them are worn or worn for photoshoot but half of them are brand new!!! Lotsa Japanese labels! So look out for it yourself~ =D Mostly under $5!!!
More brand new clothes and a couple that i worn once! The pink romper is major cute yes?! =D Nothing more than $5 here alsooooo!!! =DDD
This rosebullet set is really major love but it's so regconisable, i probably won't have a chance to wear it again T.T So i'm also letting it go!
Pinafore from a Japanese label. Wore it once in Japan.
Selling this off too~
And this new jumpsuit only worn for shoot~ $5!!!
New lace cardi worn for shoot, $5 also!!!
Boho dress worn for shoot~! $5!
Floral pinafore and furry bag used for shoot only! $5 each!!!
Some of the crazy wigs up for sale too!!! $1 each!
XBOX360 Console only (get your own controller~) going for $20!!! It's been played by Josh lol. But he got a newer one already. Going for $20! Good for the kids to have a little fun!
Mermaid hair curler for $5!!! =OOO The effect is major chio one. Japan selling for $80 - $180 depending on brands!
The effect you could do with the mermaid hair curler =DDD LOVE IT MAX. I bought it when i had long hair. Now my hair so short so i'm letting it go!

That's all the pictures!!! THERE'S GONNA BE A LOT MORE STUFF!

I haven't get down to clearing my bedroom wardrobe and storeroom yet =XXX Only managed to clear my upper deck bed. So you can expect A LOT more things on sale for this Sunday!

Erm.. A Little hint.. All the OOTDs you already seen on my instagram.. Will probably be in the sale too cox i hardly repeat what i wear =D

Josh is also not done with packing his studio.. So he probably can dig out more good stuff =_=" Lol.

So if you're free this Sunday, come with your friends or even your family! =DDD Since i'm guessing if your mum is quite hip she might be keen in the kitchen items.

I hope you understand i am not trying to make profit out of this okay. Cox it's really easier for us to throw them all away but i know that is just so.. 天打雷劈 and pua geh. Lolol.

And i know lotsa you will appreciate this so i hope you'd have a good time picking some gem out at super prices from our studio garage sale!!! =DDD

Oh very very important ah, BRING YOUR OWN BAG! =D Reuse, reduce, recycle yes? I don't care so much about that LOL but i am not providing any plastic bags so please bring your own bag =D

Thank you!

27th July (THIS SUNDAY!!!)
12PM - 6PM
2 Soon Wing Road (Soon Wing Industrial Building)
#02-14 Singapore 347893
See you! ^.^