30 July 2012

Affordable and Awesome

I hope you guys already know about Smoochiezz. I've done a couple of giveaway of super awesome makeup and beauty products from various popular brands all thanks to Smoochiezz.

They carry good / popular / quality brands (brands like MAC, OPI, China Glaze, NYX, ELF etc) at their sales event all around Singapore! All of these, at a more affordable price than you can get over the shelf! And all of the things they sell are authentic. So relax and enjoy shopping at places you might catch Smoochiezz!

To find out details their on-going events / sale, follow them on their Events Page and their Facebook Fanpage for updates and on-going spree from all over the world!!

You don't wanna miss out on all the savings! ^.^

Some products Smoochiezz sent me this time.

Especially love this soft and fine pink brush ^.^
From Coastal Scents ^.^

Thank you Smoochiezz =D For the most popular DUO eyelash fix glue, eyelash curler from ELF, and the nail basecoat and top coat i SUPER LOVE (more about it in a bit!), lipbalm eggs from EOS and all the great quality falsies from Red Cherry! All also i love! =D

Please look at how fine the pink brush is! I use it to put on my whipped mousse foundation. Perfect.

My favourite brush with the EOS lipblam. Instantly moisturize lips to be smooth and kissable =-*

Smoochiezz carry lashes of all style and kinds! From the most natural kind, to the most dramatic kind. Lol. So please remember to go see it for yourself! =D

This nail basecoat and topcoat!!! DRIES SUPER FAST, nevermind, it won't turn yellow one!!! Won't chip also! I have it on for about.. Wait let me check. one week plus. No chipping, not turning yellow. Given the things i do with my fingers (all the heavy duty "gold-mining") It's pretty amazing!

Alright, if you want great quality makeup/ beauty products at a much lower price, follow Smoochiezz Event page to find out where and when their sale events are happening!

For all updates and spree, follow Smoochiezz on Facebook too!

Random camho pictures from this advert set ^.^

Hair done by CLEO Hair & Make ^.^

Good luck, keep track of Smoochiezz sales event to save a lot and still enjoy all the great stuff!

29 July 2012

Must be having a great time in Penang =)

Hello! While you are reading this i must be slurping the soup of my Penang Assam Laksa. And that's after brawling my eyes out at Audrey and Tim's wedding. Lolol. Not say i very close to Audrey but i just know i will cry when she march in LOL. In my adulthood i've only been to.. Wait let me count.. TWO WEDDINGS O.O That's very little given my age. Why am i so friendless. Lololol.

I cried at one, and i didn't cry at another. This time i'm betting that i will cry. Lol. I watch their proposal video i already cry. Then again, i cry at Wendy's proposal video as well. So.. Maybe it's just my tear duct got something wrong.

It's gonna be my first time there in Penang. Josh and i have been wanting to go there for the longest time!!! It's just i compare the flight price with BKK, $280 like this per pax to get to Penang, to BKK it's just like $299 WITH hotel included =_=" that's why always feel like don't know worth it or not. Although i heard so much good stuff about their food! =D So now leh got a perfect reason to go over cox of their wedding =DDD Suoyi leh, i am very looking forward!!!

Anyway~ Some pictures~

With the shelf in my beauty room haha. Josh did it up for me one ^.^
Tryna do the AB flower cover here and there thang. Lolol.
Okay i think we have enough of me. Lol.

How about me and Nami San!!! =DDD

Had dinner with her the other day and it was a super nice dinner COX Nami San brought me stuff from EMODA =DDD There's a EMODA bag that Yoshi San (if you ever remember seeing a guy in my EMODA after party post, and i captioned him a funny guy or something lol) asked her to pass to me. They are so nice O.O I wouldn't think Yoshi San would remember me at all =O

And also i picked 2 dresses! I'd have pick more but i think i better don't be greedy so i pick the two most colourful one =DDD And JUST NICE, next day i get to wear it for press conference. LOVE! =D Cox i was just troubling over what to wear!!! Show you all the stuff again!!!

I'd be back really soon and you can prepare to see MANY MANY pictures!!! =DDD
- - - - - - - -
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I received this Korilakkuma power charger from them and they have the it in pink or white Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma too!!! =DDD
One more cute item from Summurco. Korilakkuma cord holder! No more tangled up lines and wires! "QIUQIU" for $2 off with a min. purchase of $30, and also like their Facebook page for updates!
- - - - - - - -
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24 July 2012

Wedding preparation ^.^ And other random stuff!

Some updates on the preparation for my wedding in December ^.^

First, Clarice my wedding planner from Eternally Yours found me a LIVE BAND sponsor! And they are quite impressive one!!! Kexin (the lead singer for my wedding ^.^) was part of a Taiwan singing program too! Catch her performance here if you're keen =D

Kexin is from Sparkle Live Music and they have sang for all sorts of events in various countries! From boutique opening to their own concert to weddings of course =DDD

Here are two of the many of their work!

Kexin performing for BEBE store opening.

Kexin performing at a wedding =)))

Sparkle Live Music consist of many talented individuals but since Kexin is gonna be singing for my wedding day i think she deserves a solo picture! Lolol.

Told you their lai tou bu xiao. Lolol. She have sang for various MNCs events and also OMG THE PRESIDENT OF SINGAPORE =OOO Okay now i feel really proud to have her on my wedding!!! You can find out more about Kexin on her Facebook page.

You see, wo men jia Kexin zui ke ai. Lololol.

No lah no lah, all also look very smart and artistic and talented in singing. Lolol. They all have their own specialty and also can sing all sorts of songs in all sorts of languages O.O They can even learn songs just for your special day! For granted they are versatile in all genres, from romantic bossa nova/ jazz, classic evergreens to celebratory high-energy pop! So go ahead, make your list!

This should be quite an elaborated set up. But you can engage their services starting from $900 for TWO sets of 45 minutes for your events / wedding! Of course that would be a much more simpler set up but i'd appreciate that lah, especially if it's for a cozy event with a small group of people.

I am super excited and happy to have a live band for my wedding one lah =DDD Make it more atas instantly haha ^.^ Supposedly Sparkle Live Band will prepare little dedication cards on the tables for your guests to write songs that they would like the band to sing and you can even sing for your guests if you want! So that's like one more entertainment channel for you and your guests!

But erm.. Maybe just one or two songs you sing, will be enough liao cox i think we should leave it to the professionals lol. Though i highly feel that if i were to sing one or two songs for my wedding, i might just takeover the whole show. ATTENTION-SEEKER LOVES ATTENTION. Lolol.

So to prevent that from happening, Josh and i decided that we will not sing for each other (not like Josh will sing for me anyway) and we will just prepare a songlist for Kexin to sing through the night in two sets of 45 minutes ^.^

If you'd like to engage Sparkle Live Music in any of your event, please direct all your questions and emails to them at enquiry@sparkle-music.com or call them at 9692 5171 ^.^

For wedding couples if your wedding is happening in July / August, it's not too late to rope in Sparkle Live Music!!! ESPECIALLY SO COX THEY HAVE A $100 discount off all engagements for Jun - Aug 2012! Call them now now now! It's not too late!

I'm sure having a live band will add to the whole FEEL of the wedding hahah ^.^

Before i move on, if you'd like to see the singers from Sparkles Live Music perform FOR FREE, you should really make yourself free THIS FRIDAY! 8pm til late! At Siloso Beach Sentosa.

Go knock yourselves out with some really good music and vocals! =D

Remember, free event this Friday!
At Coastes Sandbar @ Siloso Beach!
8pm - late! Be there with your friends/ other half! =D
- - - - - - -
Onto another part of the wedding that is taken care of already! =D Bridesmaids dresses!

I am very lucky to have Love, Bonito take care of my bridesmaids dresses!!! =DDD

They need no introduction right! Biggest ladies fashion online store in Singapore!!!

And they very kindly offered to provide for my bridesmaids dresses ^.^ AND!!!!

It can be ANY DESIGN I WANT!!!!!!!!! =DDDDD

Happy die. Lolol. So i've sent the Love Bonito ladies a few designs and then we've chosen the best out of all!!!! =D And then they did some fine tuning and adjustment in the choice of material to make it flow better, tweak the cutting to compliment the girls better and i head down to see the samples!!!

Irrelevant picture of me.

Look at all the colours i can choose from @.@ And this is just two pages out of like 10 maybe.

I picked these! It's gonna be all pastel and colourful ^.^ The whole theme of the wedding is pastel! I know, the blue don't look THAT pastel but that's for my sister cox she's more...... =X

Discuss, discuss. Where actually, it's more of a 5 minutes discussion, 30 minutes chit chat nonsense. LOL. I am also checking out how Velda's wedding preparation is coming along =D

Hello Michelle and the Love Bonito girls! Left - right, Mich, Rachel, Viola, Fann Wong and Velda ^.^ Lolol. No leh, i really feel like a superstar cox the Love Bonito girls super nice to me and keep asking me if i have any request / adjustment i'd like to make!

I'm all like okay, done deal. This one okay, that one also okay. They were like O.O ARE YOU SURE. I don't think they believe i can be so decisive. But i really am. Lolol. Cox the sample piece they show me already so perfect!!! But i decided to go with their suggestion and make some minor changes to it.

So leh.. I cannot show you the designs yet but it's gonna be simple and pretty! No i won't make the best girls in my life wear anything dull/ dirty mouldy green/ bruised blue/ auntie champagne/ blood clot maroon PLUS AT THE SAME TIME, made of shimmery satin material. No no no no nooooooooo. Also, no puffy off-shoulders sleeves. Also also, no tight-fitting cutting at their tummy area. Girls, i love you guys. LOLOL. And, i am the nicest bride ever.

And.. Good news is, the bridesmaids dresses will be on sale on Love, Bonito =DDD I don't know when! Should be after my wedding =D They are really quite pretty one =DDD Can't wait.
- - - - - - - -

And then right after the meeting Mich and i went to Joan Bowen Cafe near Macpherson. I linked them up cox i feel that this restaurant is operating on a very special and meaningful cause.

Extracted from their website:

Who is Joan Bowen?
We are parents of a special needs daughter, Joan Bo Wen. She now works at the café as a trainee. The Joan Bowen Café represents the fulfilment of our vision to enhance and enrich the lives of youths with special needs by providing choices, opportunities and respect for these unique individuals within our community.

Why Do We Do This?
The café operates as a social enterprise with the ultimate aim to equip youths with special needs with a range of culinary skills so that they are able to make their mark as an individual and contribute as an active member of the society.

Find out more about this interesting cafe/ restaurant here!

Menus with funny dish names. I've been there a few times before and i love the squid ink linguine as well as their Belly Dancer!

One with Mich ^.^

The wild mushroom soup is yums!!!

Mich acting chio.

"The Duck Stops Here" HAHAHA. I really love this name for this duck confit! It's like imagine the duck waddling on innocently and then comes a chef, pooof! It became duck confit! Lol.

Random shots of us. Mich complain her face look fat in my camera.....

So i told her to do that face = * Lolol.

Last time we started a "Pretty girls with pretty collarbones" club "锁骨美少女俱乐部" and in the club there's only us actually LOLOL. So we are constantly fighting for who is the leader.

Along the way.. Mich put on some........ =X So naturally i become the leader and we don't talk about it anymore BUT!!!!!! Recently people lose weight already wanna haolian!!!!

"Eh now i skinny back i can have the title of 锁骨美少女 again"

So we keep arguing who got nicer collarbone and then we ended up walking like this on the road.

LOL. Duck.

I think i win.
- - - - - - -

Went to Bugis to accompany Mich to cut hair and i thought i might as well get my hair washed and blow since i haven't shampoo in 3 - 4 days that day =X Lololol. But anyway! This is a backdated post and ever since i went to the Japanese salon i have been shampooing every other day!!! Swear.

So anyway. We went. And i was SOOOOOOOOO frustrated the whole time!!!!!!!!

First, they didn't wanna take my appointment cox not sure if they will still be busy and i only wash and blowdry so maybe they rather take a customer doing rebonding/ colouring services etc lah.

So nevermind, we still go back at the allocated time to try our luck. The salon quite empty by then. Ohrbee. So leh, i am really frustrated cox.. I have never got so wet shampooing my hair!!!!

The last time i got my whole T-Shirt drenched while washing hair in the salon was when i was 17 i think. I was doing some hair show thing for a friend as a favour. His student need to learn how to wash hair so end up my whole back and my chest area got wet.

Anyway. This one at Bugis Village, the lady who washed my hair was literately washing my face as well =___=" I keep using my hand to wipe away water from my face she STILL DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!! I tweeted "She splash anymore might as well pass me some shower gel" Lol.

AND THEN NEVERMIND, bitch uses FINGERNAILS to scratch my scalp one!

Should use the soft ball of the finger isn't it?!?!?! She really i swear, she really use fingernails one!!!! TONG SI WO. I was like "Ouch" for a few times she don't care one! Chapter 2, fan xing fan xing.

Only thing i give to them is that the lighting in their shop is nice to camwhore with. Lolol.
Hi, nostrils.
Mich was texting me every now and then to ask me why i look so pissed. Lolol.
Okay that's all for now! A lot more posts coming! =DDD

22 July 2012

QWeekly - One of the best time of my life ^.^

Me on a usual day, my hair would look like this. Not sure if you can tell, but it is very bad. It's only nice on days when i use Essential damage care serum but cox i'm so lazy....... =X

And as you know i've tried many hair salons before but i usually keep a mental note of three chances for everyone and when it get pass that, i'd hop on to another. Becox my hair is already screwed up enough O.O How can anyone screw it up further, right or not.

But they can. I've had a hairstylist use the wrong chemical on my hair and it "melted" off a huge bunch of my hair. But thank god that was near the cape of my neck so rest of the hair can cover the whole slab of hair that was literately chemical-burnt off.

And i've also had hairstylist crimping my hair (permanent damage, now that part of my hair is dead, no matter what i do to it, the tiny crimp marks won't go away) permanently, without my permission.

But nothing beats having a hair colour dyed soooooooo bad i have to shampoo 7 - 8 times a day, for 7 days straight, just to wash off the colour. Yes i did. It was THAT bad. And when i feedback to the hairstylist, all i get was "What matters is i think you look nice" O.O okay....

So my point is.. I've been trying my luck with salons. The only one that was super good with impressionable service was the one Cheesie brought me and Wendy to, in KL. It's run by Japanese ^.^

But it's in KL. I'm in Singapore. Haha.

BUT!!!!!!!!! I this shit-luck blogger also can have this day!!!

A Japanese hair salon in Singapore..

Ask to sponsor me for hair services!!!!! V^.^V

CLEO Hair and Make started from Japan. Other than the shops in Japan, they have brought the love to Singapore this April! EXCITING TIME AHEAD FOR THEM and FOR ME! =D

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Love how spacious and neat the place is and especially LOVE their high ceiling =DDD

YAY~ THIS PLACE, is where i'd always walk out pretty from now on!!! =DDD

Feeling super thankful for it!!! All thanks to their receptionist/ translator who contacted me =D Samantha! Lady in the picture below. And OMG?! =D True blood Japanese taking care of my hair from now on!!! They are the BEST at these things!!! =DDDD

That's Sio and Ryo starting on a massive project to salvage whatever they can of my hair. By the way, you don't see Samantha look a bit dootdoot (lolol) here!!! She doll up very cute one!!!

I saw this at the shop, filled with patrons who are Singaporean, Japanese and Taiwanese ladies who did their hair at CLEO Hair and Make here in Singapore.. And there..

Is Samantha O.O Hahaha. Kawaii! =D

Top left hand corner (guy in black shirt) is the boss / owner of CLEO Hair and Make ^.^

I haven't get to meet him yet cox he's most of the time flying between Japan and Singapore!

And these are all the articles CLEO Hair and Make is featured in locally in Japanese magazine! =D They are very popular among the Japanese community here even thou they just started in April! Word of mouth is indeed one of the best marketing tool!!!

Ryo and Sio starting on my hair. To touch up the colour! =D Also.. They are both single =X

Good luck! Lolol! My friends and sisters all very erxin one!!! Once i posted a picture with them both on Instagram, a lot of them wassap me to ask me if they are single lolol. They are single!!!

I asked both of them what kinda girls they like. HAHAHA. Ryo (black shirt) likes girls who are more chubby O.O And then Sio (the colourful top one) likes girls who can speak English. HAHAHAHAHHA. So he is a rubbish bin lor, anybody also can be his girlfriend. HAHAHA. They are both cute lah so good luck to you all. LOL. Match-making all you cute single girls and them.

Three out of the whole mountainful of Japanese magazines they passed me!
Some light and heat machine to set the colours in that doesn't damage the hair!


You must must must must must try the Carbonate Acid Water SPA Treatment.

Sounds like a mouthful i know but that's probably cox it contains so much awesome goodness!!!

I don't know how to describe the experience exactly, but i'd try!

Imagine a lot a lot of bubbly gas gushing out from a rubber hose, right from a tank. And then after that, another acidic mist spray all over the hair. And then shampoo / treatment / wash for about two or three times. This whole process is just very SCIENCE. Lolol.

It's all calculated down to how the hair will react with the whole course during the Carbonate Acid Water SPA treatment. And CLEO Hair and Make boss is very into these stuff!

He even mix his own rebonding mixture!!! O.O This rebonding mixture requires NO flat-ironing!!! So it makes sense that it's a healthy rebonding! Cox flat iron will harm our hair!

And also, becox there's no need for flat-ironing, you don't have to worry about spikey hair ends when new hair grow out O.O Not sure if you guys know what i'm talking about. People who often rebond their hair/ fringe will understand. The unatural straight spikes. this rebonding at CLEO won't have!

It's known to be very natural and yeah lor, the best part is that it doesn't harm your hair.

I'm trying it next time and i cannot wait!!!!!!

Just blow dry. Wayyyy before Sio already ask me, what kinda hairstyle i like. I didn't know that whatever i point to, he's gonna let me walk out of the salon looking THE SAME! =D I pointed to some big curls Japanese girl in one of the magazine. And BRACE YOURSELF..

Lotsa camho shots ahead. Lolol.
Didn't bother to photoshop this except changing colour cox i think my hair make me a 9/10 already. LOL. Cannot rate myself 10/10 cox like that i'd always have room for improvement HAHA.
Also no photoshop except colour. PRETTY RIGHT THE HAIR?!?!?!?! =DDDD

One of Sio's specialty is hair curling. I LOVE how he layered my hair with a airy feel!!! =D

Hai. Nothing to photoshop. HAHAHAH.

Okay this one i got push chin sharper.

This one also push chin. BUT THE POINT IS MY HAIR!!! LOOK!!!!!!!! =DDD Happy max.

Okay this one no photoshop again. Lolol. Oh~ How can like this~ I love to photoshop one leh! #humblebrag But with nice chio hair it seems like i don't need photoshop. Hahaha.

Alright, cheers to me, getting the BEST hair sponsor i've ever gotten =)

One with Ryo and Sio ^.^ Remember ah, both single. LOL.

If you're keen to try out CLEO Hair and Make, they are having a 20% discount for all their first time customers!!! ALL hair length same price =DDD OH YAY~~~

If you look at it, all the packages has "treatment" in it. Becox it's their shop's highlight, it's the Carbonate Acid Water SPA i shared with you about! ONLY AVAILABLE at CLEO Hair and Make in the whole of Singapore!!! So you must must must try that! =DDD

"Air Straight" is the healthy rebonding that doesn't require hot flat-ironing! Same thing, the mixture is only available there cox the boss mix it himself, remember O.O Hahaha.

I really feel like trying out the perm next time but maybe the Air Straight for my fringe! =D Actually anything Sio/ Ryo advice me to do/ not to do to my hair, i'd do/ not do. Lolol. I leave my chioness de fate in their hands already. Would love to see a picture of you guys who try out their sevices!

Tweet me a nice picture with hair done there if you don't mind! =D I'd love to retweet it to share the love! So happy, with a Japanese hair salon here we Singaporean girls also can look dolly chio ^.^

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Went for dinner with Michie at Bakerzin where i tried Waldorf salad for the first time! YUMS!!!
The act cute one and me.
- - - - - - -

In another news.. I was on the newspapers for one day. The Newpaper front page.
And a two-page interview inside O.O

I was interviewed at the press conference of Ah Boys to Men. It's a movie directed by Jack Neo =D Quite honored to be able to work with him!!! Yes this is the movie i'd be playing a small part in!

Must say i'm quite proud to be a part of this movie even though it's a small one. Cox the whole production cost $3million =OOO

I'm not suprised cox i saw some of the scenes they've edited, and MAN, 2000 over people in just one of the scene =O I saw bits of it and instantly my hair stand.

Very very spectacular lah!!!!!!

And very relatable to us Singaporeans! I mean you'd expect it to be, it's a Jack Neo movie!

I'd love to share more about the movie but i really am not sure what i can share and what i can't O.O

So along the way i'd love to share more!!!! =D

First part of this two parts movie will be out in the theaters on 8th of November ^.^ Haha. First time i'd be seeing myself on the big screen O.O Not sure how i'd look but X*.*X

Features about the movie in Zao Bao (left) and somehow i got onto Wanbao front page (right) and i don't know why the focus is on my boob job which happened almost 2 years ago O.O

Inside The NewPaper. LOL at my yaoming meme face. Lolol.

Alright that's all for this weekend! =D I have a lot more to update!!!

About wedding preparation, about meeting with friends, about life! =D Soon!

Oh and and and!!! The dress i'm wearing at the press conference is from EMODA!!! Nami San passed it to me along with this other super pretty dress also i can't wait to wear them! And also a bag from EMODA, it's a gift from Yoshi San and i'm quite happy cox they are so nice even when i already come back to Singapore ='D Feeling thankful =)

Alright bye! Remember to tweet me a chio picture after you go do your hair at CLEO Hair and Make! =D I hope you share with your friends if you think they are good too ^.^