31 July 2011

QWeekly - Polymates and Sophie's birthday =D

Met up with my polymates and Ming Zhou is working in Candylicious so he brought along some chocolates for us =OOOO *GRAB* I picked the biggest box one, with 25 pcs of milk chocolate. Lol.

We went to WILD HONEY and the food there IS LOVE!!!! I CAN EAT BREAKFAST ALL DAY!!! McDonald's should really consider doing breakfast all day. Want to do petition or not?

Yong Ming brought me the National Day parade goodie bag =DDD

I asked him "You didn't take anything from inside except the bottle of water hor?"
He's like "Yes but i took the museum tickets. You are not the kind who knows how to appreciate it anyway, right?"

Lol. Also don't know whether my friend suck or not. Why he assume i am not 'smart' enough to visit museum! I ALSO BEEN TO MUSEUM before okay!!! I went there to camwhore. The bench and swivel staircase very pretty. Lol.

Anyway, he really left everything else intact for me. The butter bread roll was expired thou. Lol. He really never touch anything else, as promised. GOOD!

Ming Zhou's. His sausage looks like a cut penis O.O

Joo San's. So boring!!!! Lol.

Kristie's. So bo hua. Just toast with mango inside -.-"

Yong Ming ordering the same thing as Ming Zhou ❤ Awwww... LOL.

No idea why Peixi order this -.- It's not even ang-moh breakfast. It's mexican. Lol.

Mine. Yeah, both mine. One set of breakfast is never enough one.

Then we moved on to Fruit Paradise! Peixi and i ^.^

Joo ^.^ Check out the fruits behind us!

Kristie ^.^

And..... Peixi asked for one more cox she say previous one got no fruits =.="



KTV after!!! Super fun!!! I was dancing and SHUFFLING but they say my shuffling is wrong. SAY REALLY REALLY ONE, i think i did it right!!! =( Why nobody can appreciate! Lol.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sophie and i at Phin's for her birthday! Eeeee, Sophie got china red plastic bag with her. Lol.

I cut out half the plate cox she picked out all the olive and placed it there. Ugly. Lol. And she drinks coke float, which i thought only kids do. HELLO, 21 yro liao!!! Hahah! Grow upppppppp ^.^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Soph!!!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I camwhore a little bit while waiting for my baby niece to come out the other day.

Fell in love with shading my nose lately. And also with double eyelid stickers. Becox my eyelids are getting loose and i need either botox or eyejob. Argh, to become slightly better looking is all nitpicking.

YES I HAVE A NEW BLOGSKIN!!!! I know right, i haven't even really announced it anywhere but it's already up. Haha. Tell me what you think! If the pictures on banner (three of them) not that chio enough i can reshoot them! =DDD When i'm free. Which is not now. Lol.

THANKS TO NUFFNANG, RIPPLEWERKZ, Lionel, Rachel and Vodien my host for www.qiuqiu.sg -- More about it again! =D

My genting trip is postponed =( I actually can't wait to go there!!!

Have something scheduled on Tuesday cox i thought i was leaving for Genting and i don't want to be forgotten. Lol. But anyway, see you soon!

28 July 2011

Yu Rou the baby girl =DDDDDDDDDD

I'm filming Project 360 now and i'm running to the hospital right after filming and then going home and and that's all for the excuse of why this post will be picture spam and bluntly put, making use of my baby niece. Hahaha.

Not really, i REALLY am happy and i wanna share this with you!!! =DDD But i'm in a rush and it's 12.35 as i'm typing now and i have to be up at 6.45am tomorrow and i only slept 4hours last night. This is madness. How come only my sister gets bird's nest? LOL.

I fed Yu Rou so many times today, and then da-burp for her and then change diapers and carry carry carry. YES, I DO I SONG. Lolololol. So i'm not complaining at all but i'm just asking, why i no bird's nest?

Okay HERE!!! And bye for me! I hand you over to Yu Rou for your entertainment. Lol.




Look at me! I can wink ^.*

And wink ^.*

Nah, no more winking, i'm tired! -_-


Hooo, last few?

"Ah bu bu bu bu char~!", "Ang Goo Goo eh~", "Ohhh Nah Ohh Nah~" I have absolutely no idea what the adults around me kept mumbling about. Hehe ^.^

26 July 2011

Cheesie in SG! Haha ^.^

With Cheesie!!! =DDD

Cheesie made a trip to Singapore and Wendy got a few of us together for lunch =D

Super happy cox i've read her blog since quite a while ago when she posted about Wendy's marriage proposal. And i kept reading lotsa fml fml fml wtf wtf wtf i got a bit confused becox i have no idea what fml is. I thought it's "few moments later" -.-"

And i remember telling Wendy i don't like to read Cheesie's blog becox she's always so dressed up and dolled up in every post and it makes me feel sad for myself cox it reminds me of how lazy i am when i could put in effort and look pretty too *grumpy face* Wendy say "you should take it as a motivation!" Lol. OKAY! Lol.

Cheesie outside one of Singapore's best ramen restaurant. Lol. I made her snap this one "Eh you stand there lah, i help you take. Best ramen leh" Haha.

Actually i also never try Ippudo before. Although i heard lotsa people raved about it. And i super excited becox i asked Wendy if they have the egg with melty egg yolk!!! GOT!

One more, blur but heck =D

It's not becox i only camwhore with the guest it's becox i was the first to reach, followed by Cheesie and then everyone else just no love her to come early enough. Lol. Bluff lah, i got the time wrong. I thought it's 12. So i was there 11.45 to see if can chope seats or not. Lol. It's actually 12.30.

Huiwen and Wendy (Xiaxue also can, Wendy also good lol).

I'm looking at this picture of Kaykay now and i really think the red lips were cox of her spicy ramen! And can you spot my two eggs? Lol.

Sigh, she no hiu. Lol.

(gonna look less prettier from here on cox one side of my falsies fell off and Kaykay say i look okay also so i xiao sa a bit, i just pluck both sides off lolol)

Then we went for Cold Stone creamery and the Q was so looong! Music so excessively loud! But haocai ice cream is yummy!!! =D

Random shots of us camwhoring while Q-ing ❤
Wendy did a super epic funny face here and i refuse post that up even though she say can. Lol. So i meet her half way. Haha. AND CAN YOU SPOT ME IN THE PICTURE PLEASE!!! So zhun one!

Peace peace peace.

Peace peace peace and Y U NO PEACE Huiwen?!

One more of the girlsss =D

Huiwen asked me if i'd give her eyelashes but i think we can both do without. Both bunny year babies! I think!!!

Like this: = * =D =D


Kaykay with the ^.^V lol

I know this picture super blur but i put it up cox Wendy laugh until so hearty. Lol.

Next moment after the hearty laugh is..

Wendy attending to phone and Cheesie being as she always says.. #FOREVERALONE Lolol!!!

Okay friends again~ =DDD

One last shot with Cheesie before she goes back to pack and leave Sg =(( We need more nice bloggers here =S =X

Then Wendy and i went to stroll a bit. And we saw chio background so must camwhore. Lol.

THIS WAS NOT MEANT TO BE. But it turned out i also look like i laughing until damn kai huai O.O Lol. So i chose this lor. I was supposed to look far and demure =(( Shy and end up looking constipated. So i kept laughing. Lolol.

Then i take for Wendy..
See she touch the cage the cage sparkles lol. Yeah.. That means her butt also sparkles O.O Lol.

Supposed to be something like this lah =( Look far and magical and smile demurely. Lol. But she very hiam, she say "But i took the top part for you" Lolol!!!


One more.. I just snap this randomly but it turns out quite chio like the flowers form the frame. No need mei tu xiu xiu also got chio frame, not bad.

So many picture of Wendy + chio flowers. I also want my own. Lol.

I can do with garlics and onions lolol. We figure out that putting this garlic picture will ward off haters and evil. I told Wendy to put on her blog banner, she don't want. Lol.

So happy to meet Cheesie really!!! =DDD COME VISIT AGAIN SOON!!!

=))))) Becox meeting nice people is always nice ❤ =D