26 June 2009

Deng Deng Deng DENG~!

Before i go on to show you something really funny, F your BAD GRAMMAR (GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR 看了不會很煩 meh?!?!) complaint. One person say i got bad grammar, two more others will follow to say i got bad grammar. Like wtf grammar grammar? You came in here to learn English? Wrong place, DUDE!!! And i am blogging, not Fing teaching primary school children nor retarded like you English. And i also do not need you to tell me about bad grammar! It's EASY-READING, you know.. Like EASY-LISTENING kinda music.. Soothing.. Comforting.. Pleasant.. You know, like, JUST CHILL!!! What's your problem?! I TOO PRETTY RIGHT!!! (Or i think i too pretty)



Moment of folly starts here..

And here is the NOT-SO-PRETTY-ANYMORE Qiuting.
Now everybody have the rights to tell her that she is not so pretty
and might have her believing it.

You like it?
I Love It!
Wu-Wu! .. Wu-Wu! .. Wu-Wu..

To be very honest with you, this was the plan.
Like red dolly head thing you know..

But now i guess it's gonna be like this.

HAHAHA. Okay anyways, i have 100% good intention and my own interest together with my man's interest at heart for doing what i did.

The story started 11 years ago, when i was.. 8 (Haha). A fortune-teller told me that i will only have a stable relationship if i meet the man after i turn 18. And true enough, the first relationship i had when i was 17 was a floop. And i am still with the man i met when i was 18. and it's like quite a few years into the relationship if you know my actual age. But whatever, moving on.

Then the fortune-teller also said that i have high cheekbones and very defined sqaure jawbones (which i thought is very sexy, even up til now, LOL) and it both means that i will have a hard life as a woman and i will be a bane to my man respectively.

So 11 years later, which is currently, i was having lunch with my boss and two other ladies and he was talking about our facial characteristics and what it means.

So he talked about the jawbone again! My BLOODY JAWBONE! And that it will 克 (jinx) my man. And he said the other girl got high forehead means must rely on guys to make a living. AND COINCIDENTALLY i feel like i have receeding hairline!


So ever since that conversation and after a lot of pondering, i totally confirm that it's true, this whole 面相 thing is TRUE!

So so so.. I cut my fringe to cover the high forehead, never tuck my hair behind my ear (to cover the jawbone and cheekbone) ever since that day and have been looking like a pontianak for days.

So.. Are you taking pity on me yet?

Anyway i play tarot cards now and it's so super accurate!!! Too many accurate readings for myself and my friends, can't manage to tell you everything but it's super dooper accurate. Mine's an Angel Deck.

Okay i get so excited all the way typing this post, i am tired already.



24 June 2009


I was at the Gala Premier of Transformers - Revenge of The Fallen yesterday! Thanks to Omy! for the invite!

Another of Michael Bay's fantastic creation!!!

It was really exciting and those special effects were so totally cool! Really! I mean like i usually slouch and slumb into the seat whenever I'm catching a movie but this!!! This I unconsciously kept straightening my back! And it's really weird! Cox i'm sitting like that most of the time.

Maybe this is also how ugly you look like when catching a really exciting movie?

What I like really like about the show is that yes, it's a action-packed show and thus there were moments of yellow-finger-nail biting (cox' honestly i haven't really taken care of my nails for a long time) fights but I LOVE THE SHOW BECOX there were some SERIOUSLY funny humor.

There's one part that I didn't really understand though.. You guys who are going to watch it, please take note of the the tiny little bad remote control car robot who behaves like a bad puppy dog. He was "captured" by Megan Fox who does nothing much in the show except running for her life (which she don't actually have to if she just choose to stay at home and pray for her boyfriend since she didn't help to fight or anything) and looking hot. The last time I managed to see this little robot car was right after the entire group of humans and robots were "zapped" to the dessert.. Thereafter it just disappeared. I dont remember him getting shot or running away.. Don't know where it went! So anyone knows what did the little fella went? Tell me after you see the movie!

Overall its a really cool show. Comparatively to part one of the show, this show has more actions and more special effects. I really enjoyed the show from the start till it ends. If I were to rate the show upon 10, I would have given it a 9/10. Its definitely worth a FULL PRICE ticket! I would have give it a 10/10 if the seats given to me wasn't so close to the screen! Not complaining thou ^.^

Anyway, i presume my Diaz is gonna look something like this if it ever transform.

Hee Hee..

You know who i think i am like in the show? Please watch out for the super hot blonde girl that Sam met in his new school. The girl who keep trying to seduce him. That totally look like me, and you'd know why AFTER you catch this show.

By the way, i think i just did a VERY EXTREMELY BIG transformation to my hair.

I will show you very soon. Hehe..

For now, tata. And i am sick you know, sick still come in and intro you guys to good show. Sigh.. I am just so nice sometimes *flick hair and sashay away*

You are going to miss this.


P/S: I really did not want to say this but i sincerely, secretly was very excited about (AND TOTALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE) the free goodies bag. WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What?!

18 June 2009

My Last Birthday Party

Not like i am going to die or anything but i just don't think i'd have anymore Birthday Party. I mean.. Maybe like a birthday celebration in a lounge, over a cocktail, chilling with friends and tidbits and then maybe a nice Chocolate cake at the end of it. So, since i am taking it as my last birthday party, please don't mind my (very cute) dressing here okay. Eh, i never had any Princess-like party ever okay. I mean you guys sure got like nice pretty pong pong dress at your birthday party when you were young right? Now i am just trying to relive some childhood i missed out!

So! Behohoho!

Oh wait, before i show you the pictures of my birthday party, i'd like to take this chance to tell the people (only two lah) who email me to say he/she would rather vote for so-and-so in SgBlogAward.. OKAY GO AHEAD AND VOTE for whoever and then go MASTURBATE yourself after voting, as a form of reward becox whoever you voted for will not do that for you. Okay?

Don't be stupid lah, you wanna see breast, butt and faces (in any case, nicer ones), go google it and you'd get to see it. Don't need to go to such extend as if whoever you are rooting for is some kind of angels. Angls dress like this.

Got smoke, got shimshim, got translucent harp with glow in the dark bling bling etc etc.

Not squeezing their breast between their arms in every picture they take and then have difficulties trying to explain to their children years down the road why every other man get to see their mum in bed wearing skimpy bikini or dressed in some Japanese uniform being shot by 6 JGP at the same time.

Okay, i have nothing against that, i mean i understand different people are okay with doing different things. But just don't come telling me that is highly likeable and that.. THAT I AM NOT!?! Hahaha.. You can say that THAT is highly likeable and i am quite lovely too. Then like that i am okay. If not, just shut up and don't talk to me. I don't need to know who you are thinking of when you are wanking off. Thanks. And and, i believe you must be gross =)) You must be a bit Bui Bui You You 肥肥油油.


On the side note, my new work hangout has got like really fun people. I'd tell you more okay. And remind me to tell you about my Angel Tarot Card and me okay!

SO PICTURES! And it's just like how i always order KFC,


First up! NiaoNiao my beloved little sis and i!

My crazy buddies. This is like the only normal one i can find among all.

Look abit like ROM hor. Hehe! My girly cousin and i. Can't believe it, we used to be childhood playmates and now everyone have grown up. It's like almost everyone has a namecard now. NiaoNiao! Where's yours?!

Err.. This picture is just to show you that i love my boney back =D

Ah Bong. Please agree with me he looks like Mark Chay or Chai whatever.
That super hunky single eyelid guy! Who swims! Haha!

This is what mingling is all about right - Having your strapless bra keep dropping.

In the KTV room.

Cake-Cutting time~
And i totally look like some kinda HEAD in this picture with that two round cakes.

The head blowing itself. By the way i did those hair myself.
Having worked in the airline before does help a untidy girl like me afterall.

Why people never grow out of the bite-out-the-candles-from-the-cake that stupid game?!
LOL. But i am so smart, i thought of the head-clamping bio-mechanic device myself.

Clean and sound.

Evil 4th sis who was trying so hard to get my face in those cakes.

My cake distribution assistant - Naomi!

Two cakes goning..

Then we play a fool!

Just wanna show you the side i love most about Silver.

There would be nothing special about this picture if i hadn't make the linkage of this and..


And this! V^.^V

Peace out! With my girl cousins Daphne & Deline! And NiaoNiao you know already!

So this is just part ONE of my last birthday party. Will show you more again!

For now, tata.

Have Fun, a lot of fun =))


P/S: You may vote for me once everyday for SgBlog Awards here!
Under Best Modelling Blog. Thank you!

16 June 2009

Don't Vote For Me

Princess Photoshop Pout

I'd tell you how the party went yesterday but for now, don't vote for me at SgBlog Award held by Omy.

I am saying don't vote for me cox i know you totally can't resist doing so. And will still do so in the end.. Err.. Like the Magnum TVC? "My name is Eva.. How can i resist temptation.."

Is my sense of humuor coming back yet? LOL!!!
You think i care about you! I think it's very funny leh!!!

Anyway, vote for me. HAHA.

Vote here.

You'd see Christalle there too. Vote for her AFTER you vote for me. LOL. WHAT?! Just one click more, not very hard right?!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Actually i had wanted to tell my family yesterday at the party that i really Love them and that having them was a great blessing God given me.

My family isn't rich but i was taught to be honest enough.
My family doesn't always have enough but i grew up sharing.
My family can't give me everything but i am comforted that i have everything else.

I have the most supportive family.

And to the girly cousinsss who came, you guys are like my sisters too.

It's a lot of work you have to go through to be related by blood to someone else.

Okay enough about my family and I. I hope that you all will start to place your family in one of your priorities if they are not yet in there. I shifted out at 18, and only three years later, before my brain scan, then i realise that i really Love them and that i have for so long, neglected them. Especially to my 4th sis who had a major car accident, i'd like to say Sorry to her for not being there for her when she was on the wheelchair and still not there for her when she was on crutches. I know it's over but i'd just like to say Sorry to her and that i Love her very much and is very grateful that she is always so supportive of the things i do. She is a brave woman and.. And i hope she will not be so lazy anymore! Fuck you seriously big time if you think i am writing worst than a primary school student, okay, you have no heart, like totally.

Okay i think i am really done talking about that. It's 4am now (I am just done with uploading pictures to photobucket) and i am going to wrap this up.

I will be busy and this is the only night i think a lot about intangible stuffs. So it's a little scattered but you are used to it lah, huh?

Since you have read so much boring stuff about me, you get to see another picture =D

I totally don't care about you if you don't hart me. Cox' Silver told me i am lovely and i hunpercently buy whatever she says. HAHAHA.

If anyone email me stupid things again, i am so going to.. Not reply *rolleyes*


13 June 2009


Hello Sweetheart who still reads in here! I know i always say this but yes, i am BUSY!

Haha.. And i am busy in a very good, healthy way. So keep missing me and then if your thoughts for me are sooooo strong, i might just feel it when i am working. And then i will blog. HAHA.

Whatever right?

Anyway, i went for YongMing's birthday bash last week and the rest of the clique sent me a early birthday gift (YUMMY CHOCOLATE from Royce!!!) and the bestest birthday card ever-forever. LOL. Bear with me, i try to be prim and proper at work so i really gotta let some crap here.

So, so, here's the card ^.^

I am so loved, i can't believe.

And here's me, just to show you how i look like recently and in case you forgot how i look like. Err.. Beautiful in short? =D

Tomorrow is my birday bash, CAN'T WAIT ALREADY!!! There will be a lot of Foooooood to go with Catchup!!!! Like Ketchup - Catch Up. Chili also. Whatever!!! I am becoming so unfunny, it hurts~ Haha.


P.S: Toa Payoh got some mega siao sale going on. Interchange, go there now for $3 VERY pretty pants and tops. Some even $2. Good luck. Hehe.. I am only telling you now cox i have already sweep the nicer ones off. Hahaha! No lah, still got very nice ones there! Go!

02 June 2009


Currently everything i do seems to HAVE to make sense.

And it's good becox then there'd be no more luggage buying and executive wear shopping, just to fly to Hong Kong for a few months then come back with a lovesick heart and leave Singapore again with a lonely soul.

And it's great becox now i do not buy every single peice of dirt cheap outfit hoping to bring out the worth i saw in it. And then have it stucked in my wardrobe, which is already pathetically over-packed.

And.. I do not buy anymore cute pretty ribbons and pinning that the whole world will love my handstitch.

I think i have enough of being a quitter.. Maybe yes, i was weak-minded. Maybe i was just not smart enough to choose the right thing to start on, then quitting was just being smart after being dumb.

Now it's as if i really know what i am doing, for the first time.

I am sharing this with you, from the bottom of my heart.. I feel like i have a purpose in life now. That is to work hard enough.. For me to be able to provide the essential needs of my loved ones. The restare just secondary. Importantly, it only matters when you are with the ones you love. And everything you do, should be out of the Love for them, and for your self-improvement. Sigh.. I rock.

But i still can't grow out of little cute pink stuff and.. Blogging ; )

Good luck to everyone.

I'd have to make it, this time.

Agent Q