30 October 2011

Give and take

If you follow me on Twitter you'd know that i've been asking for people to help out on this.
"Dear all, my friend requires URGENT Blood and Platelet Transfusion by today and the supplies in the Blood Bank are low. We appeal for help.

Please go to Blood Services Group. Health Sciences Authority, 11, Outram Road (within SGH Grounds) Opp Outram MRT station.

Mention Tan Boon Chong (S7011332E) n intention for donation in view of urgent Blood n Platelets. Blood Donation Centre closes @ 8pm today."

This is Tan Boon Chong 陈文聪.

To you he could either be the old-school TCS (now call Mediacorp) actor, or you might have heard of him for producing some of the local TV variety shows you've seen (like "有话好好说", "食在好源头", "国记交易所" etc. He could also be just another guy around, that you've never heard of.

To me he was a great script-writer and assistant producer for a TV program i joined three years ago. The whole filming process took 6 months. And all the contestants (myself included) have to see the crew almost EVERYDAY.

I don't know much about him.. But all i remember from the time, in the ten thousand meetings we had, and all the rehearsals, i remember him to be always smiley, friendly, helpful and assuring.

He'd come and help us memorize our lines.. Shorten it for me if need be. Haha. Usually need to, cox i can't remember long lines. And he'd help with our Q&A, the "A" part.

In short, he's great to work with. And he just gotten married last year.

But just two days ago.. We all were told he has leukemia and is in critical condition now. He's in the ICU now. And as mentioned.. He needs blood and platelet. A lot of it. Three months of blood-transfusion.. Or until he can find suitable bone marrow.

When i woke up to the group chat involving all the contestants.. The first thought i had was.. "NO WAY i'm gonna donate blood. I'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry. No way i can do it. I'd just help RT it. I'm sorry"

Yeah, that was the truth. Anything that has to do with needles, i'd count myself out unless i really have to. I AM SCARED of needles. And pain. Plus i take extra long to get over the soreness after every jab. Cox i'm giasi also.

But after going following the convo for a while, it's a sad fact that most of them couldn't donate due to various reasons. Some underweight, some has too low of iron-count in the blood, some can't donate cox the green vein is too small/ too shallow.

So i thought to myself.. "Okay.. They tried to help. I tried to help by tweeting. I guess we all tried." But no man. I know i haven't tried. I'm just trying to make myself feel less guilty that i don't want to go donate blood cox i'm afraid of the pain.

So i asked among my own friends if it's gonna be painful. Mich's bf told me not painful. And he's a honest guy so i trust him. And so i went =OOO

But say real one, it was a 50-50. Like mixed feelings. Half of me would really wanna be able to help. Another half wish that i'd not pass some of the blood donation criteria and then i'd be spared of the pain and fear etc.

My purpose of telling you this grandmother story, is cox i wanna let you know i'm not a saint who went to help becox i wanna save the world and be an angel. I think of myself too. And i had struggles within myself on whether i should shrug it off as "I tried within my comfort zone" or to really go help by donating blood.

Somehow, i passed ALL the tests. When the nurse told me "Yeah you can donate!" I went, "Oh, i can..?" She's like "Yeah, happy???" I was like.. Laughing and laughing and laughing awkwardly. No real one. I laugh cox i am happy i can help and i need to show the nurse i'm happy cox i don't want her to think i'm some selfish bitch coward who's not willing to part with my blood lol.


BUT TURNS OUT. My worries were all unduly.

Deng deng deng~ Not painful one! Or okay, if you must count the discomfort, it's only 2/10.
Bandaged up after the donation!
Resting and having my blood pressure checked after the donation.

Easy-peasy. Plus.. Your blood can save someone. I'd of course ask you to donate for Boon Chong cox this is why i'm involved. But if you wish to donate for the general blood bank, it's still a good call. Take your time to decide! Staggered blood donation is good cox then the blood bank and have sufficient blood all the time.

Bloodbank@HSA is Located at:
Blood Services Group
Health Sciences Authority (opposite Outram Park MRT Station)
11 Outram RoadSingapore 169078

It's within SGH ground. Pretty easy to find if you follow the direction signs. So please do help if you can? If your worry is pain.. It's not painful okay. The nurses and doctors are really helpful and friendly. And they thank you for helping to donate all the time. After the blood donation you'd be given a refreshment coupon. You know, to help you stay strong and fit! =))
I really really hope Boon Chong can recover from leukemia. It was really heart-warming to see the the bloodbank waiting area FILLED with his colleagues, family and friends. This shows how much a nice guy he is. But the sad thing is.. Most are not able to donate. So if you try.. You stand a chance to help at least. Thank you in advance. Family and friends of Boon Chong will be very grateful to you too.

And i not shy i say okay, I FEEL LIKE A SUPERHERO after donating blood *sheepish smile*
- - - - - - -
Right after the blood donation, i was already rushing to attend the award for outstanding Small Medium Enterprises. Congratulations to Milly's and Milly for winning one of the prestigious awards!
- - - - - - -
The fund-raising flea for Gentle Paws.
Look at the amount of masks and accessories. It's madness!
VERY delicious cuppies from Baked by Lace. She (Lace herself) is SOOOoooooo sweet!!! She came with extra cuppies for me and my nephew and for people at the shelter. Cox she knows my nephew major LOVE her nutella cuppies!
Moutain-full of brand new clothes. And please note the pack of tissue papers, Lace brought them for everyone to use cox we might get dirty and messy eating cuppies. HOW THOUGHTFUL IS THAT!!!

Super big thanks to the sponsors who helped and all of you who came down to support buy getting the calendar to raise fund for the shelter!

27 October 2011

Dry. But i try. Lolol.

So this is the part where i have some kind of mind-block. And i sit here with a fresh post, having no purpose on what i wanna blog about today. And the only reason that could happen is.. I TRULY, have nothing to blog about. Hahaha.

Okay lah, the real reason is.. I haven't been snapping chio pictures of myself recently and that's equivalent to no motivation to blog.

How about.. Let's see what i've done in recent days. OH NOTHING. That's all byeeee~ Hahaha. Kidding. I'd blog about the flea soon! Super thankful the sponsors were all really helpful! And also super big thank-you hug to those who came and support the sale of calendar that day!

AND FOR THAT ONE GIRL who asked for a third discount, for something that is ALREADY discounted and AFTER i gave another FIVE DOLLAR discount to you, i hope you are proud of yourself =) It was a fund-raising mini flea, dude. Charity. Sigh.


How about you guys send me a few questions, and then i answer.

OH OH OH, I KNOW WHAT I'D DO!!! You guys send me questions, i'd answer it in another post, IN MAGAZINE FORMAT!!!!!! WANT NOT!!!! Come please, ask me some questions. Interesting ones please.

Then i can have reasons to put up random chio pictures of myself. Lol. Like you know how celebrities will appear on the cover of a magazine and then inside is all interview and all her pictures and then in the pictures, it'd be one or two random quotes from her interview.

HAHAHAHA. I'm so self-obsessed.

Please ask me what's my favourite drink. I love to answer that question. And other stuff also. Also you can ask me who i dislike. NVM I TELL YOU NOW, i dislike that LOW CLASS SHUTHO. Okay don't need to ask that question already. Lol.

Okay so i end off the ramblings here. Send me a few questions by leaving a comment in this post or i'd start sending myself questions. LOL. "Hi Qiuting, how to be as pretty as you?", "Hi Qiuting, why are you so cute?" LOLOL. Yeah if you see these questions, i probably asked them myself. Lol.

Some pictures of Mich and i at a club the other day for some event.

Mich and i ^.^
That day her dress SUPER sexy and pretty!!! Bare back one. Lol.
While waiting for cab to go for supper. We figured out something.

We figured how some people can smile and light up the whole world by looking majorly happy.

One, squint your eye

Two, squash the muscles between your eyebrows and nose bridge.

Lastly, smile (show teeth kind) with your upper and lower teeth not touching each other.

There you have, you'd look like you're super happy, candidly. Lol.

Like what i impromptu-ly took with my iPhone camera here.

Hahaha. Not sure about lighting up the whole world but i'm sure i look happy here.

Okay maybe not. After looking at it again, i look retarded. No like really retarded. Lack of the drooling only.

Also the tables in that club we were at WERE ALL SO FUCKING STUPID AND POINTLESS.

No wait, it is not pointless. IT IS OVERLY POINTY. Hahaha. It's like some designer tables with super lotsa potiny edges and LOOK WHAT IT'S DONE TO ME!!!

That place is dark like most clubs are and it's hard to get in and get out of the seats already they still so freaking stupid go put tables like this.

Ah don't say already lah. Lol. One last picture of Mich and me! <333 ^.^

25 October 2011

Sponsored post: Buy your contact lenses from licensed vendors


ME! *raise hand for attention* Me Me Me Me ME!!!

I love to shop for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, cute boh liao stuff like my 7th unused pouch and cutest keychains i'd never use, online O.O Yes i do that.

Who's with me?! =DDD

We can now get almost ANYTHING online. Aside from the common stuff like fashion stuff, weird things we can find online ranges from pets, to transport vehicle, to furniture and major household appliances. Yeah, almost anything.

Not forgetting one common thing we lookout for online.. Beauty and health products!

Common beauty products would be makeup, makeup tools, eyelashes etc. There's also contact lens.

But do you know that buying contact lens from dubious online websites can post severe health hazard to your eyesight?
In a study conducted by Health Sciences Authority in 2008, it was discovered that nearly two-thirds of online purchases of health products were counterfeit, adulterated or substandard.

Over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard1

I'm like.. WHaaaaat?! SCARY. How can people sell counterfeit stuff that will cause us harm?!

It's almost as bad as taking the chance to murder someone. Or to injure someone.

As shocking as the figures are, and as much as i do not want to believe it, IT IS TRUE.

1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 20102, and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 20102

Now i worry =(( Becox i for one.. Am guilty of buying health products online =(((( Am i gonna die? *drama* Lol.

So from now on i must REMEMBER!!! You too!!!

 I will NEVER buy health products from dubious sites online anymore!!!

I will not risk my health for the sake of convenience, lower prices or greater privacy by purchasing health products from dubious or unfamiliar sources such as random Internet websites or persons postings offers on auction sites, discussion forums etc!

Especially forums!!! NEVER TRUST THEM FULLY!!! Here's why, allow me to remind you again..

Over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard1


1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 20102, and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 20102

Products purchased from above mentioned sources pose very high risk of being counterfeit or adulterated with undeclared potent substances that may cause serious harm to consumers like us!

How can they be like this!!! =(( Pin us down with our weakness and then feed on it and then we lose money never mind, how can they make things that pose danger to us =(( We will be double extra kelian if we have to live with the initial problem to why we needed the products, AND have to face health issues after taking the product.

The dangers are especially high if the substances are prescription drugs which should only be taken under close medical supervision.

Since we're on the topic on contact lenses.
I know how those lenses can look really good online and with all the fanciful names, it makes us want to buy them all! I'm ashamed to say before i did research for this post, i had sold ad space to a few sites selling contacts lenses. And i have no idea where their lenses are from.

I don't wear contact lenses so i have no idea how bad a damage the non-sterile ones can do your eyes but IT CAN.

These are all images i googled from the internet, of people who bought and try non-prescriptive contact lenses on their own.

It's always good to go to a licensed and qualified optometrist/ eye-care practitioner to have your contact lenses prescripted becox you don't want to wear something that doesn't fit your eyes.

If the contacts don't fit properly (too tight or too loose) they can scratch the cornea, which can cause serious vision problems.

I really don't think you want that to happen to you. It's a big risk.. And the odds are against you. 

If you're REALLY lucky, you might get eye infections, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, vision impairment. Do you want that? Gosh, if i'm lucky, i only want to strike 4D! I don't want to be lucky only to get these!!!

And if you're not lucky.. Those contact lenses that you bought online from random sites, might cause you to turn blind.. For the rest of your life =(

The contact lenses you get from dubious online sites, are usually of poor quality  (that's why you get them at a much lower price compared to the ones from the licensed stores!) and deficient in many aspects.

I gathered these info from the Health Sciences Authority website.

"For instance, the solution which the lenses were packed in were found to be contaminated with a harmful bacteria, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa which has been known to cause serious eye infections.

The counterfeit lenses in general have lower water content and were thicker in the centre of the lens. These defects minimise oxygen penetration to the eye through the contact lenses. The lack of oxygen supply to the eye and several other defects found in the counterfeit lenses can give rise to severe eye irritation, discomfort and pain, in addition to the risk of eye infections."

Buy your contact lenses only from licensed vendors and not over the Internet or other sources. They also have very chio ones in stores!!!


When in doubt on whether or not the site/ company is licensed to sell contact lenses, or whether the particular brand of contact lenses is approved, contact health practitioners or authorities, like Health Sciences Authority. You may also find out more about dangers of buying online here.

Okay so i leave you here! BEAUTY IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!!

But health is priceless!!!!! There must be other ways to get that slimmer body, bigger boobs, bigger looking eyes (just go to licensed shop to get your contact lenses that are safe to wear!!!) and all. Stay healthy and safe so you can continue working on looking better! ^.^

If i am not healthy, i won't be able to look good cox if i lose my eyesight i won't be able to photoshop lolol. Make sense ma? Okay lah, really leave you here with my pictures. Byebye!!!

Hi, i look healthy ma? Lol.

No infection in my eyes. Healthy. Lol.

ˡ World Health Organization on Counterfeit Medicines: Fact sheet No 275 (2010).
²Ops Pangea III global results

23 October 2011

QWeekly - I'm busy so i let Yurou look after you! Haha.

 *wink* Kawaii ma?
 My dad brought her to have her head shaved =((( Say like this then can have thicker, fuller hair.
Haha.. She drool so much, the whole area around her neck is wet.
 This is really =DDDDDD Lolol.
Dou Dou Yan!
Cute not the 'lotus' on her legs. Lol. I bought this pair of socks for her from H&M one!

I also bought the cupcake bodysuit you saw above, for her. Okay actually, i bought 70% of all her clothes. I AM MAD. My dad keep telling me to stop buying cox she can't finish wearing it all and she grows fast and my mum will only keep bringing out that same few for her to wear blablabla. BUT I CAN'T STOP.

HOW?! MY bf say if i have a baby girl, i will change her into different clothes every hourly like a baby fashion show. Lol. I won't say there's no chance of it happening. Lol. I mean.. Life-size doll for you to doll up, who no want?! I WANT!

And she has no hair now right? NEVERMIND. I BUY! Lololol.

"What's that on my head?!"
"OOooo.. I can haz hair..?"
And this soft hairband!!! The band part is SUPER soft! I don't want to get those tight ones. This one is SOOooo soft and stretchable. No marks left on Baby Yurou's head after wearing. $12 thou =(((
"Omg don't tell me. IS THAT A FAKE HELLO KITTY? NOOOOooooo!!!!"

And when i don't see Baby Yurou for a few days i'd BEG, YES, like really beg my sisters to send me her pictures. So below are what they yisi yisi send me to stop me from bothering them. Lol.
 Kuchi kuchi~
"Uh huh~ Werk it!"
"I wanna eat the whole fist! I can do it."
"I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!"
"Hooo.. Maybe i can't"

Bye bye! I hope your Sunday has been great! And for those who went for today's flea to help Gentle Paws raise fund, THANK YOU =))

21 October 2011

Help me help them!

Download this FREE app on your iPhone to get the latest updates of the coolest fleas in town and you will never miss out on any good bargains from the flea again!!!
Features: - Know more about our company (we have job opportunities from time to time!) 
- Each flea event is explained in detail, so you know what's interesting about each flea
- Bookmark event you don't wanna miss by clicking the "Add Event to Calendar" button
- Connect with For Flea Sake through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Mailing list 
Here's how to do it!!! Search “For Flea Sake” in Apple app store or click to download at http://bit.ly/forfleasake For details, visit http://forfleasake.com or email them at sales@forfleasake.com 
Yay now we can keep track of all kinds of flea around us be it for us to go grab some cheap and good bargains or for us to set up a booth to sell our stuff for $$$ =D
- - - - - - -
I AM GOING TO FLEA AGAIN!!! With For Flea Sake yes. This time not to sell my stuff! BUT, to GIVE AWAY AWESOME STUFF!!! ALL FOR FREE. YES FREE!!

So here's the deal, for EACH $10 calendar you buy (you can buy as many as you like!!! I know you don't need so many calendars but to give to friends, teacher, colleagues also is a nice gesture right?! Lol) you get to choose ONE pieceof outfit/ watch/ clutch/ bag/ gadget/ pair of shoes + one fashion accessory. All the money goes to Gentle Paws.
Share this with your friends! Look for my booth on that day!

I really hope a lot of you can turn up to buy the calendar and get the rest of the stuff for free. It's actually to sell the calendars but *sad face* i know that we don't actually need a physical calendar these days cox our phone does all the job. So i'm bribing you to help!!! And i thank all the blogshops who agree to sponsor these items for free.

I don't earn, they don't earn, but the doggies gets fed!!! Lol. You do good by buying the calendars from the doggie shelter, you get good stuff in return. WIN-WIN lah. So please come!!! There'd be a total of 27 blogshops involved! So come!

19 October 2011

Jipaban RELAUNCH - SWEETER than ever!

This parcel with a sweet lolli logo ended up at my place! Does it look familiar to you? =D


Along with a new layout and new look, Jipaban gets a new logo, of course! Now everything is much much more user-friendly and they bring you DEALS that are SWEETER than ever before!

As you can see from the homepage of Jipaban, they sell a wide range of products from men and women's clothes, gifts and lifestyle, books, dvds and all sorts of games!!!

My favourite section would naturally be the women's fashion =DDDDDD LOVE SHOPPING. REALLY LOVE SHOPPING O.O
- - - - - - -
So simple to get an account and to sign in!!!
- - - - - - -
Once you're signed in, you'd see WHAT'S NEW! Latest products that just got uploaded will be there in a simple and clear layout =D Now we can keep track of the latest items of our interest, so easily!
- - - - - - -
Other than being really user-friendly, the new Jipaban also bring shopping online to another level by having an Editor's pick! Don't know what to wear and how to dress up for different occasion?! No problem~!

The editor now is Dawn Yeoh! She has picked out a few combination of outfits for a dinner date as you can see below.

Check out HERE! She's also picked out outfits for school, sunday casual getup, something geeky and something fun and colourful!!! ^.^ Remember to see her selection!
- - - - - - -
 Saw something you'd like to get?! Here's what you do!!! Simply "Add to Cart"!!!
Jipaban has also included all sorts of info you'd want to know on the clothes and the model featuring it so you can have a better idea what exactly you're getting! Tie bu tie xin (Jipaban so sweet right)?!?! Lol.
- - - - - - -
These are what i've gotten along the way. Just two items. Costing me $19.90. So far so good! Love the cart function, you can check and scroll down to see what you've gotten, anytime!

I actually added a pair of Hello Kitty socks into my cart afterwards! To hit $100!!! Cox i saw the current promotion!!!

Spend SGD100 and above to enjoy FREE JPB Express Delivery!!!

So i added one more item to my purchase and tadang~~~

I got my delivery the next day!!! Right at my doorstep~!!!! =DDD WOOHOO~!

These are the stuff i got!!! See my Hello Kitty socks?!?!?! =DDD

Okay okay, you ready to see i werk it ma?!?! LOLOL.

LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone should have a taste of the sweet deals at Jipaban!!! This is mine!!!
How?! Would this be great for your fun day out with your girlies?! =DDD

The part i love about this is that it can be worn as a simple and chic dress on it's own, AND..
It can be worn as a top along with this Flare Skorts (avail. in multiple colours, click for link)
Love this skorts! It's sooooo soft! And comfy!!!
Can see the cute little flare??? Hi.. Perky-looking butts. Lolol.

Airy Printed Hearts Blouse (avail in many other colours also! Click to see!)
Hmm.. Cute ma? *shy face* Lol. And it's only $10!!! Super affordable for online!!!
Some Jipaban sweetness for you too!
How about the sweetest thing?! HELLO KITTY CANDY KEYCHAIN!
You never know what you gonna get! I really wanted the Little Twin Stars one thou =(
But it's okay! This is cute too ^.^
Meow. It really looks like a real candy doesn't it!
If you're into the more.. Not-so-cute but kinda-sexy(?) kinda look, this would be great!
It's stretchable so don't worry about it being too body-hugging!

TADANG~!!! My Hello Kitty socks!!!!!!!
SO CUTE!!!! The socks, i okay-cute only O.O
Look at those ears please!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I pair it with a camel colour skirt and a denim vest. How? =D
Alright that's all for the parading and showing off!

You know what's the best thing?!

I GOT ALL the above for around $100 ONLY!!!

If you don't care what i say below, then please JUST GO SHOP AT JIPABAN NOW!

Affordable not?! Total of eight items! Got dresses, got super comfy skorts, got cute tee shirts and all! And they are all of good quality! And with actual product photography (no over-promising spree pictures), what you see is what you get. Plus with all the info provided, shopping with Jipaban is not only simple and straight forward, it's SAFE!

DID I MENTION IT'S SWEET TOO?! I must have! Cox it is!!!
Once i sign up, i get 100 FREE lolly points =OOO

How nice is that!!! 100 lolly points can already redeem many things!!! I can already choose from 23 items from tier 1! You can see the tiers and different products within them, below!

OMG I want to win the air tickets. Lol. Shop more, earn lolly points, save more, win more!
 Online shopping just got sweeter! It's so fast and convenient, all thanks to Jipaban! ^.^

Oh wait!!! One more sweet piece of info!!!
  Jipaban.com is offering FREE Islandwide Standard Postage!!!
Starting TODAY  (Wednesday 19/10/2011)

So now has to be the best time to shop like never before~~~!!! What more can we ask for!!! Wide selection of items, user-friendly online mall, quality-assured products, tips from fashionistas, able to keep track of latest items easily, can earn lolli points to redeem awesome stuff, NOW GOT FREE islandwide standard postage somemore!!!