28 December 2018

Klook around Seoul

Went to Korea (Seoul) a few weeks back and my inbox was FLOODED with lotsa messages asking me where i book this, what place is this, how do i get there etc, as i share my trip on IG stories.

Can't possibly reply all of them so here's a detailed blogpost on my itinerary for Seoul on my last trip!

We were there to film with Klook and i can't be more thankful cox it turns out to be one of its kind type of experience and the memories gonna last me, Meredith and Josh a loooong time. Quite sad i couldn't bring Amelia last minute cox she fell sick. So i activated my helper and sisters and godma to take care of her while mama goes to work ='l

First of all if you don't already know what Klook is and what they do, you better catch up cox it's gonna change the way you travel, in the sense, everything becomes MUCH easier, fuss-free, and CHEAPER!!! And the experience you can find is beyond what you could have enjoyed if not for Klook!

Klook offers a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever we travel to. And with Klook you'd find that you can customise your holiday just the way you want it and you don't have to hawk around for itineraries anymore or have anxiety of what how where when you travel. TRAVELLING SHOULD BE FUN AND RELAXING!!! =D

With that in mind, we kick start our trip with Klook! =D TBH i have no idea where we're heading to in Korea becox Josh and Meredith planned the whole trip on Klook!!! The trip was themed role reversal and basically i wasn’t allowed to plan or find out what the itinerary was. Tbh it made me a teeny weeny bit nervous simply cox i wasn't the one planning LOL.

Initially i was a little skeptical okay but later i went on to do a little investigation on the Klook app to agar agar guess what Meredith and Josh would pick, to get myself mentally prepared you know, i realise that everything offered on Klook is quite worth-a-shot so i'm like okay lah, i should for once, take the back seat when it comes to travel-planning and just relax and let Josh go plan haha.

Becox over the many years i'm always the planner when it comes to holiday and it can sometimes be stressful cox have to factor in whether Josh will like / dislike the itineraries or not.

Now good lor, pass all the stress to him, let him try and plan and make everyone happy HAHAHA.

Anyway just a reminder to keep reading becox the deals i'm sharing about are SUPER DUPER WORTH IT and you can save soooo much money okay tbh don't be a carrot when travelling lol.

Missing Amelia T_T But still very thankful for this trip nonetheless cox we get some really good bonding time with Meredith and it's something she hasn't got for a while since meimei came along!
Naughty girl got out of plane then was super naughty cox lack of rest haha. Papa cheered her up with this ghost chocolate =_="
Josh then brought us to collect our rental 4G pocket WiFi (KR Airport Pick Up) for South Korea from KT Olleh and it's ONLY $3/DAY!!! Can connect a few people at one go omg. Sibeh wuhua. Here's the link to book on Klook in case you're keen!

Then we go straight to our first item on the itinerary, in a Seoul Private Car Charter! You can travel in group of 1 - 6 pax for this one and it has space for all our luggages!!!

Plus super comfy. And best of all, our the driver can speak fluent English / Chinese! And was very helpful and professional the whole time!!! Here's the link for you! It's very useful especially if you have a few places to go to and in a group! Like us we were travelling in a group of 5 and it sometimes doesn't make sense to travel in two cabs so best is have a chartered car!

We walked through a little area of dainty cafes and shops as we were heading for our first location. Everywhere we turn is so photo-worthy so.. Top model Meredith gotta do her thang HAHA.
Can you believe she's 3.5 yro already omg. The last time she was in Seoul she was only 7 months old.
YAY!!! Our first to-do!!! =DDD I've been to Seoul many times for work and for aesthetic procedures but i've never dressed up in traditional Hanbok before!!! Plus Meredith is obsessed with anything dressing up so i'm quite happy Josh picked this to be in the itinerary.

Redemption for this Hanbok dress-up was REALLY easy. He just had to show his Klook app to the person, all the booking details are already inside. So it was really fuss-free.

We were in there picking our Hanboks almost as soon as we stepped in, and after we place our bags and belongings in the locker provided.

The selection of Hanboks were quite massive for both male and female and kids! Plus, the set on Klook includes hairstyling, hair accessories, socks, shoes, and bags! Basically the whole package!

AND the staff were really friendly + they spoke fluent English so it was easy for us to communicate!

My inbox was flooded with questions asking which store is this. HERE IT ISSSS! And the package on Klook is damn awesome cox it's 4 hours you can slowly camho until shiok. I've tried on traditional costume in other countries, ownself rent online one, can only 1 hour okay. DAMN RUSH.

LINK for Traditional Hanbok Rental Voucher at Gyeongbokgung Store in Hanboknam for 4 Hours.  AND WANNA KNOW THE PRICE ON KLOOK??? $17.20 only WTHHH!!! I am very shocked okay excuse me. I thought like at least $80 or what becox got hairdo and whatnot all inclusive + it's 4 hours!!!

The actual prices for all deals on Klook may differ slightly based on daily exchange rate but don't worry, the price is around there!

Somebody very happy becox she told the Korean jiejie staff, "I wang gohgen gohgen one" LOL. She wanted a GOLD HANBOK OKAY LOL IS MY DAUGHTER OKAY HAHA. Also i got more than 50 DMs telling me she's very cute when i posted IGs of her in Hanbok. Actually did you guys forgot i was also in a Hanbok =) TBH.
We then walk to THE palace which was about 10 minutes walk away from the rental shop and SORRY BUT I'M NOT SORRY FOR THE PICTURE SPAM becox it's all very niceeeee! The photographer / videographer also sent us a lot of nice pictures so imma post them allllll! =D

On our way to the palace.

One with papa.
My big baobei. Looking so grown up in a Hanbok. She say her Korean Princess name is Chu Na. Princess Chu Na. It actually sounds quite nice if i may. HAHA.
When you grow up, i hope you will appreciate these memories in a $17.20 Hanbok experience. And remember that it brought you so much joy that you refuse to let me take it off for you =')
娘娘 and 公主 haha.

Basically you don't have to go through these pictures lah you can carry on to the next itinerary HAHA. But i gotta put them on my blog cox they are beautiful memories.
Grumpy becox she JUST had a fall when she was running down the slope haha.
HAHA this naughty girl haha. I told her "Meredith we look back" And this is how she look back.

She ownself hug me one okay haha. I think she super good mood becox Princess Chu Na lovesss princess dresses and that dangling accessory on her head LOL.
Thank you so much Klook for the wonderful experience for our family ❤︎

We also happen to catch the guards at the palace exchanging duty!
Thank you Lock and Mabel for these shots of Meredith!


Structures of the palace is really quite amazingly beautiful.

OFF WE GO! On to our chartered car to go back to our hotel for check-in before we head for our next destination! =DDD

And we're here!!! At the Coex Aquarium in Seoul! Click link to get discounted admission tickets just on Klook!
First thing Meredith chiong to do, feed the carps!!! Hahah. She begged for second serving for them okay. She kept telling me say they are still hungry cox they are fighting for the food. How do i explain to her 101 tourists like us are fighting to feed them everyday we no need scared they will be hungry HAHA.
But whatever makes you happy my sweet sweet girl.

Really happy until.
ANOTHER COUNTER SHE DON'T WANNA LEAVE OMG. The nibbling fish spa station. We literally were there for almost 45 minutes okay LOL. 没想到一个三岁的孩子会有那么多死皮角质.
She told me all the fishes were very gentle but only one nibble her hand a little bit hard but it doesn't hurt, just ticklish. LOL. Always trust a kid's review.
Face to face with a croc haha.
OMGGG THESE SHARKS WERE SOOOOO NEAR TO US. I could for real touch them okay except i don't dare HAHA.

At the "touching" station where there are about 7-8 types of sea creatures for visitors to touch. Some starfishes got over-turned and our dear starfish police went to flip them back one by one and told me "I neeg ku save ghem if nork ghey cannork breef" Bless your sweet heart, Meredith. One day when you grow up, you're gonna be called a kaypoh. LOL.

One day just went by like that. And it's time for dinner!!!

Josh know i love samgyetang and Meredith love porridge so i think that's why he got this meal voucher on Klook at a discounted rate!!! LINK to Dami Porridge Restaurant in Myeongdong.

Josh ordered one Crabmeat Porridge, one Abalone Rice Porridge and one Ginseng Chicken Soup. I WANT TO HAVE IT AGAIN!!! Meredith couldn't finish her big bowl of porridge so i get to share some of it and it was soooo good!!!

It's located underground and if you didn't know of it, you'd probably not been able to find it. But thanks to Klook we get to try it and their wall is full of pictures with celebrities and famous people who'd been there =D Underground keeps the best food hunts.

Our table.
Cheeky girl.
GEI WO!!!!! This is why i hate to blog about food cox you'd always be reminded of how yummy it issss!!! T_T


This part was the MOST exciting highlight for me personally and i believe for Meredith and Josh as well!!! So super happy Josh added that into our itinerary cox it was THE BEST really. For those who are visiting Korea you already know Everland is a must to visit so you need to get the best deal.

At Klook you can get Everland tickets at up to 50% OFF!!! Here's the link!!!

On top of that, you can get FREE Everland Q-Pass!!! And here's the link!

With all the discount and perks, another plus point for me is that when you book through Klook, you don't have to join the massive queue to buy tickets at the normal counter at Everland, you can just scan your e-voucher on your phone and enter!

After entering, don’t forget to collect your FREE Q-Pass at the Klook counter! Q-Pass really enhance my overall experience at Everland becox i really don't have to wait much at the even the popular rides!!!
Yay! Collected our FREE Q-Pass via the Klook counter! =DDD
It was pre-Halloween when we were there so we gotta pumpkin up.
Haunted tree can so beautiful one meh. HAHA.
Put your palm there and you'd hear ghostly noises hahaha. Meredith xia si okay.
Josh also rented a stroller =D I use it to put all the souvenirs i bought from Everland LOL. AND THEIR POPCORN SUPER NICE OKAY!!! THE ORIGINAL ONE AH, not so much the banana one =XXX Josh bought the original one to try and it was a small cup so then later i saw the banana one and thought confirm damn nice also, i got a big giant cup and regret okay HAHA.

The first thing you'd be drawn into when you explore the park, animals!!! =DDD
Look at this panda sooooo cute!
But nothing beats the cuteness of this polar bear haha. it was hugging and playing so much with the ball!!! Like it's a baobei omg hahaha.

Going in to our ride at the Q-Pass line!!! =DDD totally no need to queue there!
The ride got water got land one Meredith very excited you can tell from her face!!!

Came a bear family and the people in the bus starting singing Three Little Bears in Korean haha! I watched Full House last time so i know the song a little bit i also sing along ok. LOL.

And then we went to another ride and the Giraffe got SOOOO UP CLOSE with us!!! Tip: Sit on the left side of the bus =XXX HAHAHA.
This is how close i mean by close. Okay.
Erm. Haha. The whole bus started to laugh and scream in excitement okay all the ahjumas need to calm down LOLOL.
Meredith was already so happy about this ride. I cannot imagine what our last attraction in Everland for that day will do to her hahah. We gonna get REAL CLOSE to Tigers and Lions okay. And can even feed them!!!!!!!!
They have some Zombie hunting ground set up for Halloween i think. A lot of people walk out with fx makeup haha. I think at night confirm havoc.

My daughter very in the mood wth LOL.
Carnival game booths. We didn't really go for the scary exciting rides cox i pregger plus Meredith a bit small but please keep reading, what we experienced in Everland is crazy.
My eyes will always shine for you, Meredith. Keep being hopeful and keep believing in yourself like that. So many balls, zero hits yet she's still so happy hahahaha.

My darling girl.
Watching a parade before our scheduled Everland Safari Special Tour!
We get into a car like this. And then it will all be child-locked. Please note that you have to get a slot for this ride only when you're at the park. Cox everyday timing and slots available is different!
And we begin the tour.. =OOO

Feeding them chicken.

Check out that paw =OOO I WANNA TOUCH THEM BUT I'M SO.. STUNNED. Haha.

Bears. They will really follow your car okay haha. And they have A LOT of saliva haha.
Poised and beautiful white tigers. Even when they eat it's so.. Classy. Lol.
Majestic lions.
SO. FREAKING. CLOSE. My heart almost stopped okay.
Leaving Everland with a very full heart!

Uptil this point, i am PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by Josh's ability to plan a trip. HAHA. Does this mean i am a very easy traveller? Or are Klook's curated activities just really awesome.

We ended that day with some night shopping at Dongdaemon and then went back home to prepare for the next day. Of which ALL of us had no idea what's gonna happen becox it's a curveball from Klook to our family hahaha. Omg i can't really say i like surprises when it comes to travelling but so far Josh gave me pretty decent surprise that he booked on the Klook app. So i guess it should turn out fine!

- A day full of pleasant surprise -

This day Josh also wasn't aware of where we're heading. We only heard from the bus tour guide when we gather, that we're going for a full day tour, and our first location is Jade Garden O.O

TBH we were quite shock to hear Jade Garden. We guess and assume it's somewhere where people will hardsell us jade pieces. LOL. Then later i google it's actually a very nice and beautiful garden!!! Like European style garden. So i was quite excited cox Meredith LOVES flowers.

Us getting a shot at the entrance! She's very distracted by the coloured trees right outside the garden!

Just random pretty flowers make her so happy already. We're not even really inside inside yet!

Thank you Lock for all the pictures!!! It's memories we will keep forever!
Intrigued by every little thing.
Insta-worthy place yes *hearteyes*
I will have to say Jade Garden was a good one for Meredith haha. She really had so much fun looking at all the different flowers!
And if you go deeper in, promise you you will find even more picturesque scenic photo spots but.. It was too cold for me and Meredith haha. So we went to hide and chill in the cafe.
While waiting for Papa to come back with her hot chocolate.
爸爸也买太大杯了吧! Haha!


AND THEN WE WENT TO ALPACA WORLD WITH THE TOUR BUS!!! Where you can feed alpacas, walk them, play with them!!! =DDD Other than alpacas they also house many different animals and live creatures! TOTALLY WORTH VISITING IF YOU'RE IN KOREA!!!

They are very motivated by snacks haha so you know the way to keep them coming!

you can take a train ride up hills and along the hill alpacas will come to you for the carrot cubes you're given by the operator!
With Mabel who was really nice and took care of us the entire trip =D
In the Birds World within Alpaca World. Meredith stayed like another 45 minutes here okay =) Lao niang just stand outside and hide from the cold becox.. I SCARED OF BIRDS RIGHT. LOL.
But so long as she enjoys herself, i'm happy ^.^

She told me all the birds are very gentle and nobody (no birdy? LOL) nibble on her like the one in Everland LOL. She say at Everland birds feeding area got one bird nibble on her a little bit hard HAHAHA. "Bark nork peng one! Jars a nibble" LOL.
And then we have Mehredith feeding some mehmehsheep.
"Thank you for the snacks" says the sheep. HAHA.

And then we follow the bus to a particular Santorini cafe located at Gubongsan Mountain Observatory Café Street! There are plenty of cafes located there for you to explore.

There's a HUGE grass field for kids to roll and run okay. Meredith run around machiam like dio beh bio. I just sat at the table near her and chill with the million dollar view, as she run free.
May you always be so carefree, Meredith. I took this shot of Josh and Meredith.
While Josh got on the ground and take this for me and Meredith HAHA. I think we can safely say he invest more in the relationship =) HAHAHAHA.
C'mon let's go have something warm! The tour guide already took our drinks orders on the way there! And the drink is included in the package. There's a lot to choose from! I chose Sweet Potato Latte and Mont Blanc Latte!
And we also ordered some cakes and macarons for sharing hehe.

For those who like a whole day of chilling and fun, and you don't have to worry about travelling from one point to another, i'd definitely suggest this package tour on Klook! LINK here for you!

Also good for those with kids. All the attractions your kids will have a lot of space to run in. And then Alpaca World will be a winning highlight for the kids!!!

At the end the tour bus could drop everyone off at many different places, we chose Myeongdong.

And we chance upon this cafe call Urban Space. You can go check it out! No need to pay entrance fee, just buy a drink or something.
I ask my daughter for a picture and she gave me this LOL. IS SHE OKAY.
Still at it.
And that marks the end of our trip before we head home tomorrow morning! I wish we have more days here but i also really miss Amelia!!! So we gotta go T_T

Watch the video we've done as a family for Klook! =D

The next day we got a Airport Drop Off Van for Group of up to 7, to bring us and all our luggagessss to the airport! And you can book it via this LINK.

Thank you Josh for planning such an awesome trip for us, with Klook!!!

I'm honestly quite taken aback (in a nice way) cox there's nothing i didn't enjoy and enjoyed watching Meredith enjoy HAHA. I enjoyed every bit of this trip, planned by the usually difficult traveller for another difficult traveller.

If i were to mark Josh, i will give him a 20/10 for satisfaction and happiness indicator hahaha. Pleasantly surprised that the role reversal idea on this trip worked out!

Our next hopeful trip is to Hong Kong and as much as Josh did a good job this time round, i am taking over the planning for Hong Kong BECOX I AM A BIT ADDICTED TO THE KLOOK APP!!! I browsed every other country that we can afford to visit and i'm just like OMG I NEED TO BE THERE~ WANDERLUST FOREVER~!!!

So in short, i wanna be the one shopping for our travelling experiences =D And Josh can't beat me to that, shopping i mean. LOL. Thank you for reading this far, as promised.. 


Yeah babeh. That's how you live life. LOL.

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Thank you again Klook for this unforgettable trip!!! I am using Klook wherever i go becox there's so many discount and perks + best part, no need to queue when you reach places. You can just flash the app, and you're done! =D