14 December 2017

Meredith, Amelia and Mummy 1 Year 9 Months

Herro. Meredith is right now 2 years and 9 months old so i better hurry my lazyass up or else i'd forever not be able to catch up haha. There are a lot lesser pictures this month and the next few probably, i think cox i got too depressed in this whole period i didn't function too well.

Butttt.. Heng got pictures sent to me from everyone else haha.

Anyway here's a new song from Jolin Tsai.. It really made me feel so painful for whatever i've gone through now that i'm looking back, but it also reminds me to be thankful that it happened cox it made me.. Jiayou everyone who might be going through a bad time.. Jiayou, really.

First up, check up with Dr Law for Amelia =))) Everytime i see her alive and kicking i feel hey, things are not that bad. At least i have a healthy baby hehe.
When Meredith was still baby-ish haha. Now that i look back, seriously where did all these time go.. I don't really remember them very well.. Lucky i got picture for keepsake right?
My erjie came over to find Meredith and to visit me a lot.. It gave me a lot of moral support and FOOD LOL.. Thank you Erjie..
Meredith's photoshoot with Toddley Thoughts X Pororo Park
Work trip to Japan with Peijie..
Mama not in, somebody can do sneaky things haha.
Video called her on the first night and she couldn't stop crying for mama so Josh forbid me to video call her for the next 3 nights okay kill me.
Then okay loh, mama enjoy view from hotel in Tokyo..
At least Meredith experienced once, to be fetch home after school by yeye haha. So sweet this Yuxuan..
Boss lai liao.
Seriously miss this good time when she was in school with Teacher J T__T Everyday send her to school no problem so i can work!!! And do things like update baby diary haha.
Sent Michelle this picture and she ask why Meredith 身材 look like yeye LOL. So bad.

My daughter is really a helpful person okay. You see her pushing Sierra here right.

Just yesterday (mt2y9m) we were at indoor playground with Yurou, Yuxuan. Then the playground has this air gun thing that shoots sponge balls out.

The kids gotta ownself climb down one level to go pick up the balls and then bring them back to level 2 right. So Yurou started to shoot shoot shoot, finish liao she was like..

"Meredith! Meredith go down and take more!"

Then my daughter very responsibly climb down, and then her hands very little, can only carry two balls at any one time LOL. So she carry two balls, climb up gingerly (cox no fingers to grab and climb securely LOL), and then pass to Yurou jiejie.

Then Yurou soot soot, no more liao. "Meredith Meredith! No more balls~ Go take more~"

LOL then my daughter machiam 金锁 climb up and down 5-6 times okay ahahahahaha. Laugh die me. Later Yurou very good girl lah, got take turn with meimei after i tell her to take turn.

Meredith and Sierra.
Aiyoyo both so cute..
Don't worry, i got your back.
With eryi, what also can drink what also can eat =__=" Hahaha.
She saw this giant cat and walk towards it and stood there posing like this, waiting for me to take a picture HAHAHA. Joke.
So obsessed with microphones that time.
"I ping sers"
Gan ma bought her lotsa milk / vegetable / yogurt drinks from Japan =DDD And she loves it haha.
See i lift shirt to see tummy, she also copy haha.
Being pretty in school haha. By the way i stop masking her uniform (as seen in this picture) becox she was already out of that school since Jan 2017. I very sad okay, it's a great school.
创作歌手 lol. Fast forward 1 year later, it's proven she's really very talented okay. Whole day keep making up songs with random lyrics. Like eating noodles, like cooking the fish, like opening the box. Whatever she's doing she just make a song out of it. So proud of her, that she has music in her heart =)
I hope she's also proud of her mama HAHA cox i put a lot of effort into sewing these pieces together okay. I cut out those cheapo santa hat, and sew them on a red tulle. Hahaha. And use ribbons leftover that we used to gift wrap, to sew it into a belt LOL.
Clearly not impressed.
Her first Christmas celebration in school hehe.
Report card by Bian Laoshi hehe =D
Report card by Teacher J ^.^
Omg Meredith.. Don't grow up so fast.. Mummy love you so much!!!
With the Christmas gifts we prepared for the kids..
And a Christmas cake =D
Waiting patiently for Principal Rachel to pass her her gift HAHA.
Back at home. A fail flatlay haha. Christmas dinner with Zhen and Mich hehe. I cannot cook so i ordered food. Michelle hotdog is most got effort and most got auntie de wei dao LOL.
On Christmas eve.. Papa brought us to the zoo again.. I think cox Meredith everydayyyy since Ganma brought her, she everyday talk about the dinosaurs haha. So we brought her again.
Fearless since day one.
This was how close we were to the giraffes!
Blur blur cox very tired wanna nap liao. True enough she fell asleep within 5 minutes as we were walking to the KFC inside haha.
Woke up after a 20 minutes nap to feed goats..
Using meimei as hipseat haha.
Came back home and got her changed into black and white dress to suit the black and white theme. She holiday mood hor, dare to eat until like this haha.
We were obsessed with all the Hasbro games okay. Got pie face and the gymnastic one haha.
There this one haha. Drove all of us crazy for a while. And please look at my scarf which fits the theme perfectly.
These idiots (L-R Ben, Rach Jie, Pei Jie, Vivian Hsu, Miya, Sam and Randy..) kept making fun of my scarf. Somemore ask me is it i think i am..

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


 Pei Yong Jun LOL. Rude okay i'm not even wearing specs.
Christmas day and someone is really to mingle HAHA.
One of the last few videos we make on Good Feelim, before i got too disoriented.. One of my dreams is to quickly return all the debt, and then get back on Good Feelim again to make videos. It made me really motivated and happy doing it, like when was the last time you did work that you REALLY REALLY enjoy. Good Feelim was like that for me. On a sidenote can you just see how kiam pah Jialing is. LOL.
Family gift-exchange..
"Hehe are they for me"
Told you liao, she's obsessed with anything microphone haha. This one is from Niao Yi. She treat it machiam bao bei wth, bring to sleep also =_="
Jealous that papa carry Junya gorgor hahaha.
Watching herself after she dong money into the beary bank that Ah Wu gorgor got for her Xmas.
The first time she went out for supper at night =OOO Cox Amelia was craving kway chap after seeing Misstamchiak's post HAHAHA. Thank you Darling for obliging hehe.
Sometimes her face so flat and short it's funny hahaha.
HAHA. Don't be angry with mummy okay if you ever sees this when you grow up. Haha. To mummy, this is cute.. Hehe.
Eat must so drama.
Her Christmas gift..
Look a bit like my erjie wth.
Meredith at a few months old and Meredith at 1 year 9 months old haha.
Thank you so much Darling, for bringing me and Meredith out to see Christmas lights to cheer me up. Just looking at this picture i could remember how shitty and scared and lost i felt back then and it's making me want to vomit a little.. Like someone's squeezing my guts and stomach you know..
Rach and Sean often pop by to accompany us.. I am very very thankful for that.. Here's Meredith with papa and her 二妈 LOLOL. Their bromance game strong.
On New Year's Eve.. =) We had a simple day at home, blowing bubbles.. I remember i was happy that moment watching her running around so happily.. I remember any good moment that i could.
Baby, mummy love you so much.. Thank you for helping mummy pull through, even if you're unaware.. Thank you for giving me strength. Thank you.. Always be this happy, will you?

Eryi popped by to see us for a short while..
And then gan ma popped by also haha. Another awesome game by Hasbro - Speak Out haha.
Meredith also can wth. HAHA.
Water play time again!
This time with a special guest haha Sierra!
LOL too happy until choked on water that she accidentally splashed herself with LOL.
After swimming and tea time, they get some TV time =X Haha!
Sent to me from Teacher J T_____T My baby so happy in school..

With Bian Laoshi..
Extra manja to mummy cox mummy got ordered that i cannot carry her becox was spotting blood.. But i didn't stop carrying her =XXX I just carry her lesser. Becox it's really hard not to pick up your kid when she's crying for you.
You cheeky little one you!
Almost 5 months pregnant, put on 3kg! That's the point i feel omg this is bad. I need to focus on letting Amelia grow well, so i have to eat well, sleep well. And fuck care the lawsuits. I tried my hardest okay. At the end of the term i put on 25kg LOLOL. What. I am a very干脆 person HAHA.
Came back home to see her napping in the cot.. =) Usually if i can, i nap with her on the bed. Cox she'd only fall asleep when i sing "Mama love bidang.. Bidang love mama.." in small small world tune haha..

Meredith really very very good girl.. At this age (1y9m) she could already understand why i cannot carry her, and even though i know she rather i carry her, a lot of times she just turn to papa to carry.

Let me mark down that this was also the period we reunited with her real Yeye and Popo.. ='))) I can't post pictures cox Josh quite private about his family but.. It was one of the better things that happened.. =')

Here's a video of Meredith, Amelia and Mummy at 1 year 9 months..