30 June 2012

Happy Anyday

Collage of all the presents and love i received =) I thought the pictures in this collage will turn out really small so i never photoshop but now that i'm looking at it, i should have. LOL.

I mean, look at the veins on my forehead and the two spiders i keep at the outer corners of my eyes. Lolol. And the gifts!!! Hello Kitty T-Shirt and bag from Laomoo and NiaoNiao!!! ^.^ Basket of pretty little stuff from my niece Naoki! Forever21 Tank top from Geniece! Snow globe with a couple bear from Ah Bong ^.^ A BOX OF HELLO KITTY stuff from ZhenZhen!!!!!! =DDD And the 2.5kg durian cake and $100 from my sisters ^.^ I really am very happy =')) Xie Xie Ni Men ❤ ❤ ❤

Celebrated my birthday with family as usual and this time like i mentioned before, i am really really very super lucky and feel majorly happy and grateful to have my food catered by Perkies ^.^ The same caterer Yutaki had for his birthday which i blogged about here ^.^

I get to realise that birthday or no birthday, so long as i get to spend time with my family members.. It's a happy day =D They are so nice and all got me gifts or did some stuff for me ='))

My dad spent like 1 hour plus to fix up the lighting for the place we hold the celebration! He had to go buy super long wire extension and then climb up the ladder etc to get things done.

I am so glad please. So glad and thankful. To have my family. I mean.. Although sometimes some of them (them, not us, cox "I" am not involved LOL) sisters might have some misunderstandings from time to time, i am glad we are still tight. Or i'd love to think we are. 一家人,没有隔夜愁.

So anyway! For the past every year, during my birthday celebration i'd get my own cake lolol. I know it's quite a loser thing to do but i don't care lah, i prefer to get my own cake cox i can choose what flavour i want! ^.^ That's why this year i ordered cupcakes from Baked by Lace


I LOVE how Lace (the owner and baker at Baked by Lace) is super generous with her ingredient. Like no need money one!!! I love her Salted Caramel cupcake the most!!!!! I thought it'd always be my favourite!!! UNTIL..

THIS =OOO Pandan Cake with LOTSA kaya inside, topped with gula melaka buttercream. And generously sprinkled with toasted dessicated coconut. mixed with MORE gula melaka! Every mouthful is bursting with flavour!!! Lace! What is wrong with you! I'd crave for this everyday!

Seasalt Caramel, i thought you were my first and only love. Lolol. But don't worry, i still super love you too! It's just now i gotta share the love with Pandan Kaya Gula Melaka O.O

Peanut butter cupcakes. The kids love it but i only attacked the pandan and seasalt caramel one!

And THIS. No need to tell you why it's awesome, it is NUTELLA cupcake. Awesome enough already. Plus Lace makes her cake so soft and fluffy. LOVE.

Thank you Lace! If you guys are looking to get soem cupcakes for your events/ special occasions, find out more about Baked by Lace here! Follow them on Facebook for updates on news flavours, discount/ where Lace will be setting up booths at! She'd not disappoint you!!!

Please give Baked by Lace a try! I really cannot wait for her to start her own shop!!! So i don't have to trouble her to specially meet me to pass me the cupcakes. And for the record, i chope her to bake for me since like monthsss ago. Cox this woman is flooded with orders everyday! I very kiasu =X

If she don't bring her yummy cupcakes and business to the next level, she is going to busy die. Lolol. Choy! BUT, true!!! She have to start a shop, hire people and chillax!!! Just focus on inventing new yummy flavours! Becox i don't wanna fear not being able to have her cupcakes when i really crave for it!!! Really will crave badly for her cuppies one lor! If she have a shop, at least i know where and when i can get my cuppies craving fixed. So Lace, please! Level up! Lolol. Your cupcakes are too good to be so exclusive!!! Hahah! If you guys wanna try your luck, email bakedbylace@gmail.com

Then i head down to where the celebration is held and i was SO HAPPY people from Perkies is helping me set up the whole place and they told me to go up, leave it to them to get ready to party lol.

Inside of what Zhen got me ='DDD Got my favourite Jelly Tots!!!!!!!!! =DDDD Xie Xie Ni Zhen Zhen!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! =DDD

The Hello Kitty bag Niao and Laomoo got me ^.^ Thank you two!!! So sweet one! I will wear the Hello Kitty T-shirt when i hang out with you all okay. Love ^.^

That's me grabbing my second sea salt caramel cupcake. Lolol.

Sneaked down to watch Perkies prepare. THIS IS THE LEGENDARY FIZZY LYCHEE!!!!!!

Made fresh, for us! =DDD

If you remember i blogged about it during Yutaki's birthday. It's madness, this drink. Inside got small tiny balls of lycheey surprise one!!! And it's so refreshing and fruity i love it!!!! =DDD

The kind hearts at Perkies prepared this for me ='))

A basket of tidbits. I am sooooo happy!!! Tidbits and snacks are the kind of gifts i appreciate most cox EVERYONE loves to snack!!!! Right?! And they look so colourful and pretty and they are affordable happiness! Lolol. I LOVEEEEE!!!

Thing is, Perkies don't just do this for me! They try to work in something personal to every event they cater for. Like they had clients who have a nautical theme party and Perkies went with related set up mat and props etc! They are this sweet! They try to make everything a little bit more special for their clients. And this is on top of the good food and interesting concept they provide!

So please, you gotta say i am very very very blessed and lucky to have them cater for me!!! =DDD

This year i don't have to be running around, getting stuff and going through all the fuss to prepare food. Don't have to sweat a single bit!!! Just let the professional do it! What's more, the bunch of people at Perkies really is fun and helpful and HAPPY!!! It's been a joyful experience for me! =)))

Then i got chased up again cox they don't want me to hang around going "Can i help with anything?" Lolol. "Do you need my help?" Hahaha. So i went for my third cupcake =X

When everything's done. Ah Bong came to me with this gift ='))))) OMG. I really is very touched!!!

The story behind this is.. Ah Bong bought a gift for me, i was told. So i ask him to pass it to me, he say don't have don't have. I say i know you got a gift for me!!! Give it to me! Lolol. He refuse to, becox he thinks it's a very silly gift. So i say no i'd love it i promise. And he finally said okay.

Then, he really lost it =_=" So he searched for like damn long, still cannot find.

20 minutes later, he came to me panting, with that boy and girl snow globe. And say he went to buy this cox he lost the previous one that he bought for me. Haha! Suan wo mei you bai teng him! Lolol.

Eh this globe can light up one leh! Siao siao. Hahaha.

Laomoo, Naoki, my bro in law and Zack ^.^

ME and Zhen Zhen ^.^

Me and Niao Niao (aka Emmy, aka Raynth =____=").


Rice ball with pan-fried quail eggs!!! MAJOR LOVE!!!! The melty egg yolk with the rice ball. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. It's sooooo love!!!!

THIS. Okay you'd think i am a fickle lover. I mentioned i love Perkies corn puppies the most the other time. BUT THIS! THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE NEW STAR!!!!!!!!!

It's supposedly some kind of famous street snack from Korea. Mochi with a secret ingredient, coated with sugar. What is that secret ingredient, i don't know. BUT THE TEXTURE, is like chewing gum OMG?!?!?!?! You keep chewing and chewing and it gets more and more Q! And sweet!!!


The outside is crispy and inside's chewy. I don't know the name but i'd call it Happy Balls. Lolol.

If you're wondering why Perkies is so special.. Other than their food being fresh and yummy and innovative in its own way, Perkies' concept is "Fresh bites on the go".

And that's why they also have a kiosk station at Changi City Point #B1-20! It's right where you come out from EXPO MRT station! So if you happen to drop by there, do try out Perkies, FRESHEST!

And "on the go" really means on the go, convenient, easy and fuss-free! Perkies serve their food in cones like this..

So you pick whatever food you want, throw it in, squeeze in your favourite sauce and off you go! Shop and eat, stroll by the beach and nom, self-study and snack on Perkies. Do whatever you want. Just be happy! And "HAPPY" is the main concept of Perkies actually!!!

This probably doesn't matter to you but it does to me! It makes all the food feel like they contain happy dosage of energy!!! Perkies is all about having a cheerful personality towards life and food!

And i met the ladyboss and got to chat quite a fair bit with her that day, she is SUCH A JOY to talk to!!! So positive, so encouraging and sooooo nice!!! And helpful!!! And fun!!!! And successful =___= Now that's a little bit too much for a human being. Lololol.

And she injects this cheerfulness into all the bites and snacks served at Perkies, along with her partner! It's awesome, the dynamic they have, and brought into this whole new concept of fun food.

LOVE the tater tots and potato crisps!!! Comes with a pot of fresh cheese sauce but i forgot to snap a picture of it. Spot the Cheeky Chicks? It's infused with 9 different herbs and it goes best with..

One of my personal favourite, the Perkies Thai Chili Sauce!!!!! It makes everything more yummy!!! So good it deserves a picture on its own lolol.

Extra stuff Perkies did =))) Sweet not!!! Pastel cotton candy in cups ^.^

One other star beverage from Perkies, Mojito Iced Tea! Everyone loved this too but of course i promote Fizzy Lychee more cox i iz sour grape =( I can't drink tea, that's why.

The super, duper, melty, yummy onion rings!!!!!! The onion inside is just sooooo melty I LOVE!!!! And please, just look at how golden brown the batter of the onion ring is. You know it's yums!!!

Chilled pasta with crabstick! I ALSO LOVEEEEE!!! The bits of vegetables they mix inside, is sooo refreshing! I had 2 full cones of it! ^.^ Thank you so much for filling my tummy, Perkies!!!

Hao lah, corn puppies, i still is super love you one!!! You so cute and tiny and yumsie!!! Lolol. This is the one lah! I highly raved the last time! Perkies use Japanese sausages inside!!! And it makes ALL the difference!!! Than the usual corndogs made with normal hotdogs. ALL the difference!!!

One with Jessie, her partner and all the cute Perkies girls!!! They really is take over all my job as a host!!! Keep serving my guest and family!!! So helpful!!! Until i have to ask them to chill and sit down!!! And not make me feel so bad lolol. We iz the very self-service kind anyway lolol!

Niao, my two brother-in-laws and hopefully my next brother-in-law, Laomoo. Hahaha! Then and the cone stand filled with conesssss =__= Selfish! Take so many people use what!

My old friends. Lolol. Monkey, Michie, Zack and Zhen. Thank you guys for coming!!! =DDD

AND!!! Much later, Ah Bong finally found the original gift he got for me!!!
Ke Ai Ma? ^.^ Thank you ah Bong, you're the best boy i've ever got to know! You're caring, and loving, with a big heart and MooMoo is lucky to have you as his guardian angel!

Alright! That's all for now! There's a part two and that's when the sun sets, and all of us Ang sisters gone crazy. Lolol. Too many pictures of us fooling around, i'd show you another time, i promise!

For now, if you're looking for

They both will make you a very, very, very enjoyable party and bring you a lot of sweet memories.

To be continued.. *oh no that sounds really lame*

28 June 2012

LovingSG - One Heart, One Voice

I love Singapore.

I love Singapore!!!

And i'd make sure i do up a proper post to exclaim exactly why i love Singapore!

For now if you Love Singapore like every other Singaporean do, it's time to show it!!! I know you probably only express how much you love Singapore during National Day. But this year's NDP is special!!! It involved series of interactive activities and contests to bring people to show their love for Singapore, our home! =D And these activities and contests are held over months!

So RIGHT NOW you can start to show your love!

NDP.org.sg is the internet gateway for all of the NDP activities and updates. You'd find exciting happenings going on the website! And you'd find out what many Singaporeans do to show their love for Singapore ^.^ It's really pretty interesting when i start to browse the site.

PLEASE VISIT THIS PAGE to check out some of the activities you might be keen to take part in!

When you enter the participation page you'd see this. Spot some interesting ones like LovingSG Trails, photography and instagram contests etc. You have a lot to browse through! Lol.

Sidetrack abit: Excuse me, if you see the bottom right corner, there's a square for "Bloggers" YOHUUU~ I'd be one of the bloggers featured this year!!! =DDD So do look out for that space!!!

I'd quickly bring you through one of my favourite activity on the NDP site!

LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice.

Some background
The “LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice” project encourages all Singaporeans at home and overseas to come together and express their love for Singapore as one nation, one voice. Put together by music conductor Darrell Ang and filmmaker Royston Tan, two Singaporeans renowned for their musical and creative talents as well as their contributions to the local arts scene, LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice is set to impress and warm the hearts of Singaporeans as we all come together as one.

That was a beautiful paragraph. I SUMMARIZE IT FOR YOU.


Lolol. You iz gonna be famous!!! Lol. Nah lah, it's true you can be part of this project by making a video and this video is gonna be a small piece of puzzle to a big picture!!!

It's gonna be a magnificent work of having all Singaporeans come together and sing our National Anthem. And have talented people from Singapore piece them together. I can't wait to see it!!!

Watch this video! You'd have a better idea how you can get involved!

So you wanna be a part of this meaningful project but maybe you don't have a web cam, maybe you can't sing at home (no for real, i can't sing at home if Josh is around =_=" Lolol. I think he scared glass will break), or maybe you have other concern, fret not!!!

You can visit the roving NDP roadshows from June 2012, where there will be volunteers to help you with your submission. Below are the dates! ^.^
30th June 2012 - 1st July 2012
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
7th July 2012 - 8th July 2012
Causeway Point Shopping Centre

The booth! =D I got sing that day leh! Inside got webcam, earphones etc. So if you see one of these, remember to drop in and do your part to show some love for Singapore!!! =DDD

If you're shy and prefer to do it at home, after you click in to One Heart, One Voice, browse through these three icons to have a better idea of how to go about. Very simple one lah!!!

I am very happy to be one of the bloggers selected for this year's NDP engagement!!! =DDD

I feel proud to be able to do my part this year for NDP =DDD That is to push you guys to show more love for Singapore!!! Not just on 9th August, but STARTING NOW!!!!!!!

Yes!!! NOW! =DDD

Log on to the NDP website participation page and choose an activity out of the many that'd excite you, or better, go play with ALL the activities and join ALL the contests on the site! And share it with your friends!!!


Erm.. What thing, right. SHARE THE NDP SPIRIT LOR!

Remember that one day on 9th August where Singaporeans stand together and sing with one heart, be thankful and feel proud to be Singaporean with one soul, and feel motivated and determined to do better and move forward with one mind. That spirit, we're gonna start feeling it today!

You can start by sharing your golden voice for the LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice ^.^

CLICK HERE to start contributing!!! It'd be fun!!! =DDD

Pictures from NDPeeps, the official NDP Facebook page! Remember to like it too! =D
That's us participating in Building a LovingSG. It's very interesting and cute one! Find out what are those tiny colourful things we're fixing up HERE! And it's for a good cause!

Fing out more on the NDP website, about the coolest ever NDP that's gonna happen for us Singaporeans. Becox.. This year i am involved. Lolol.

24 June 2012

QWeekly - Set-back to making good

Hello! It's been a really, really hectic week. This post i'm just gonna put The Secret ideology away for a second and really tell you what i've been through this week. I think i need some mental note to remind myself on how to handle things, emotions and people in general.

So right, it's not very pleasant. And i wouldn't wanna talk about it cox according to The Secret, the more i talk about it, the more it'd happen to me cox i'm attracting it but no. I know exactly why i'm doing this, that is to remind myself to be more clear on what should affect me, and what shouldn't.

You know i really really really hate to admit. But most of the time, whoever Josh/ my good friends/ my sister told me to watch out for, whoever will turn out just to be like what they warn me about. No matter how much i don't want to believe and how much i try to be nice to that person, things still turn out like that. Omg i really have to stop crying becox the few incidents doesn't reflect on all mankind!



I know it when people are talking about me behind my back. Somehow or rather, i'd always find out.

I don't think people make a conscious effort to not let me know anyway.

Like, how will i react? Ignore them? Avoid going out with them? No biggie. When i get over it in a week or two, i'd still be nice to them all the same. So?

And seriously, the first blow hit me when i agree to do a hair styling photoshoot with my hair sponsor. They told me they are taking part in a hairstyling competition and would need me to be the hair model for them. Despite my crazy packed schedule, i took a Sunday morning off, woke up at 7am to do my own makeup, and then be there at 9am plus to have them style my hair.

They told me the day before and weeks before, they'd be doing 2 - 3 hairstyles for me. And that will take up about 2 - 3 hours of my time. And they'd need my help to pull vote for the competition online. So i agreed to help out for the whole thing.

On that day itself, i got a rude shock of "Oh, the rules changed, we can only use two models for 9 hairstyles" when i asked at 2pm, if i'm about done here. So i have to do 6 hairstyles for safety.

At 5pm we are still not done. The photographer had no fucking idea what he's doing. The first set of lighting was good but he was a fucking smart alec and started to play with the lighting and it just went down hill after that. Like serisouly dude, i've seen how many photographers work.

Josh shoots for a living and i've seen him work, for years. I KNOW ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT THAT BUGGER HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING. I was already so frustrated and yet he still wanna act all pro and started to play with the lighting set up and he ask for the look-far and away expression, my vision was flickering cox i was about to cry =X Yes, i cry when i'm angry. For hours i keep thinking, "WHY am i doing this. WHY am i doing this. Fuck it i am still here"

I've never seen someone shoot simple straight forward glamour picture and take 40 minutes to do every single lighting that still end up fugly on picture one. Never. So although my friends all ask me to have a copy of the pictures so at least i didn't do this whole thing in vain, i've decided not to ask about it. I mean seriously, only the first shot turn out nice. The rest i probably have to photoshop the lighting to death anyway. The hairstyles were good! I believe i look good. But the lighting..... Amateur *rolleyes* bugger waste so much of my time making me so unhappy. And seriously, every single shot you need to change lighting meh?! Inefficiency at it's peak.

So i was upset with the photographer being unsure of what the fuck he was doing, right. That's about it. But when i got home. I think.. How can my hairdresser sort of lie to me about this thing taking up 2 - 3 hours of my time for 2 - 3 looks when it took me 9.30am - 5.30pm and they planned 5 - 6 looks?

I would still have done it even if it's a full day thing! But how can they just inform me only when i ask on the day itself, in the afternoon? So i guess they must have planned for it to happen right?

But i was like, ah nevermind. Then. The next day, they ask me to go back tomorrow to do 3 more styles in total.. And told me this time it won't take so long. MAI LAI.

I was like *explode* and then i was like OMG, they think i am stupid!!!!!!

So i replied saying nope and that the photographer has wasted too much of my time and i won't go back to let him shoot again. So blablabla. I've decided to drop them and here is my way of telling.

And omg, i can't believe i am blogging about this. Now seriously, i have a point! My point is, if i choose to be upset about something, that thing is not going to get better! It's gonna get worst!

One more example, i've been getting a lot of requests for free advert. It just keeps coming. People email me with "Please please please help me! I'd sponsor you one outfit! Pretty please?!"

Pretty, no please. NO.

So Qiuting, please, remind yourself that you don't have to spend time getting unhappy over things that'd pass. Over people that won't matter if you just IGNORE.

You don't even have to go judge it as good or bad. Once you see it coming, just ignore.

The Power says so also. Once you judge something as bad, you're already building up negative thoughts. So you should either recognise it as it is "Lack of love" and then you decide if you wanna add more love for it, or you should just ignore it. So i will try my hardest to think only about people and things that i LOVE!!!!! So yes it's been a tough week but bah~!

Sure i had great times this week too. Filming for TV9 (one of the national TV channel in Malaysia) brought me some fun time! And much gratitude cox somehow things work out fine. When i started asking for help to film in shops in Haji Lane, helpful people just flock in with their suggestions and thanks to Nat i manage to get us some time to visit Hide & Seek and film there with Keith Png!!!!

Oh my god?!?! =D He was sooooo nice and helpful and so super friendly and talented all at the same time! How do these people stay grounded actually?! Like even after achieving so much, they still remain so humble and down-to-earth. When i first met Wendy i also feel like this!!! It's like you'd expect them to be all "KNEEL BEFORE ME" HAHAHAH. Lolol. Okay not so dramatic.

And Yutaki and Sophie and Eric joined in for the filming and we had fun! ^.^ Thank you!

Also, big thanks to you guys who came for the flea. I'm sorry if you didn't even get to see the booth cox of the crowd. I promise i'd shop more hahaha and then maybe do another flea! Lol.

More about filming in another post. Oh, that is after i clear like.. 5 overdue posts. I NEVER SEE MYSELF IN THIS SITUATION!!!! Yeah! Like usually i'd have zero overdue post. But i guess ever since Japan, i've been getting a bit more got-life. Lolol. No not really, it's the post holiday trance.

For now, other than my Japan trip, Perkies cum birthday gathering, INVISALIGN, this, is what i must show you!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR IT'S ONE OF THE BEST THING THAT HAPPEN TO ME this week!

I present to you my chocolate sponsor for the wedding favour.. =)

Chocoélf: The Niche Chocolatier 
Chocoworks Pte Ltd
182 West Coast Way Singapore 127088
Tel: 6775 5117
Other than the main outlet at West Coast, they have a space at Takashimaya basement. You know the place where a lot of food, snacks, edible gifts are? Find Chocoelf there!

I went for a chocolate tasting session with Josh and my wedding planner Clarice (from Eternally Yours, whom you will hear a lot about along the way cox she is sooooo helpful and hardworking) at Chocoelf and i must say it's very very very super yummy!!!!!! =OOOO I was so touched that i really almost tear. Like why am i so lucky. To have a chocolate sponsor for my wedding?! =')))

And then after popping my 4th chocolate.. I was told by Alice (the super nice marketing lady at Chocoelf) that most of their chocolates are sugar-free.

She must be kidding.


And they are also free from preservatives.

And and. They only use finest ingredients from Belgium BUT made fresh in Singapore.

What, is, this. Since when healthy chocolate can become so yummy one?!

Oh yes, they are sugar-Free!!!


Thank you, my dad for one will really appreciate this. We have been bugging him to keep his hands off chocolates. And we tried to get those that's sugar-free for him but they are mostly high in cocoa content and is very bitter =X So cheers to varieties! I mean, look at ALL the flavours!

Here's some interesting ones i spotted, Kaya, CURRY?!?!?! Brown rice, Chilli Pepper, Orchid?!?!

Of course there are milk / nuts/ fruity chocolates too, the ones everyone loves.

Alice was so nice she ask me to pass these two for my dad to try. Red wine is SO DAMN GOOD OMG. Yes i tried some =X HAHA. Eh eh eh, my dad gets the most of it lah! Lolol. I didn't get to try the Blueberry but i'm sure it's equally yums! ^.^

Look at the packagine so pretty! Light pink and you can't see here but it's shimmery one!

For me ^.^ The bottom left one, red wine, IS DA BOMB. No really, i love it so much i don't wanna share it. The flavour is sooooo good and chocolate soooo melty!!! You must get some for yourself.

So other than a great range of chocolate bars Chocoelf carries mainly truffles and pralines too!

This is what good look + solid substance combi looks like.

Great gift idea for all your special occasions ^.^

Customisation like the letters you see above is available but you'd have to contact them!

Various packaging to choose from, for your special ones.

^.^ Sweet!

Pardon me, one last shot of these super yums and pretty chocolates.

A shot of pretty and kind Alice. Defug she follows me and is super supportive and nice all the time one i remember from her Twitter dp. Lol. Omg such angels do exist among my followers!!!!!
Alice, me and Clarice ^.^ All the "ices" are my lucky stars or what. All the EunICE, BeatrICE, JanICE, please, come into my life and be my lucky stars too. Lolol.
One more!!!

I really am happy to have Chocoélf as one of the sponsor for my wedding in December! ^.^

Wedding favour is one of the things i really look forward to at all the weddings i've been to!!! But most of the time.. It's disappointing =X Keychains that say for example, "Alex and Amelia" really?

Lolol. I don't wanna carry Alex nor Amelia around leh. And then chopstick holder? =X

Lolol. My wedding's gonna be awesome.

Alright if you really cannot wait and you need to have some yummy chocolates now, head on to West Coast/ Taka! If you really really cannot wait any longer and need to buy some chocolates now,

Oh, my mood has become sooooo much better suddenly! ^.^

Chocolates, oh, chocolates.