29 October 2010

How do they do it..

I have no idea how some girls can be so sweet and blog about their everyday life. Like when they say at the intro of their blog, things like "this is a space where i keep my daily rants", they really mean it.

From school, to work, to what they ordered at restaurants.. They can do this everyday! I think these people are much more dedicated bloggers lor. Haha. Me leh, i don't even know how to blog daily. I can copy one post today, and paste it for the next 7 days. Lol. Home, eat, shit, shower, sleep. EXCITING!!!

But i have this pet blog since i was 17. It's mainly words and every entry is like 2 to 5 tweets long. LOL. And i used to blog everyday and started to talk lesser to it when this blog started. And it was all along public until i joined the variety show on TV 2 years ago, i locked it up. You know why? Becox my thoughts are too smart for people to believe it's mine anyway. HAHAHA. Yeah, yeah, Qiuting, keep on believing you're smart.

I can't believe i used to blog everyday! I know, i almost am still blogging everyday but now it's just different. Anyway, i found these pictures on that blog! 100% no touch ups. Colour was lovely (to my taste) from my beloved Nokia 6230, who got lost and never found. It was my first camera / colour phone! Been a Nokia 3210 user for the longest time! Haha. Now i'm on sleek iphone and feel like going back to bulky Nokia cox it will make me feel younger. Haha, wtf.

以前我很 cute 勒!!! 18 di gu niang yi duo hua~ah Yi duo hua~ LOL!

I swear to God, i will still wanna be me, if i can choose all over again.
Okay, maybe if i can be JolinTsai or StefanieSun or SammiCheng or KarenMok or FannWong or BritneySpears or Donnie Yen's wife, i wouldn't mind.

Haha! Nah lah, i'm happy being me. And be better as we go.
We, you guys and me! ^.^

I wanna pick up pop-dance class. But so many to choose from! How to decide! I am into Jolin's kind of dance. Lol. Confirm can lose weight one, so sam-seng her dance moves! Don't know why people would wanna do yoga!!! Sorry i don't get it becox i cannot even imagine myself staying zen and quiet for 3 mins. My mind is always filled with bo liao thoughts. I will burst out laughing in the class, i swear. Hahaha!

Give me some suggestion on where to go for pop-dance class! Must be cheap and good!

FIRST DAMN DANCE SONG i'm gonna master, THIS.

He can, i can! LOL!!! 丘弟弟, you rocks!!! Lol!

26 October 2010

Budget Barbie Ep6 - Bugis for Boys!

Budget Barbie ep6 is for Guys! So you guys can stop asking WHERE IS THE LOVE~ Haha!

So i brought Ben into my room.

And he cracked so many jokes and said a lot of crap. Lol! OMG, i enjoy it so much when there's someone to talk to me in 'my house'!!! If not i'm like this lonely girl, shop alone, go home alone, talk to the air alone. Sibeh cham. And then mo-dune-dune wear panties on the outside and start spitting fire etc etc. Okay in short..



Laugh until..

Ben might be calling me a whore who flirt with uncles for discounts..

Ben with his mega love: Sex-Maniac Black leather gloves with studs doing the Wing Chun fist moves.
Lol. I made that up.

Got some wallets for the girls too! ^.^
It's a pity i don't use wallets if not i'd keep the beige leopard prints one for myself!

Other stuff for giveaway this ep!
Beatles Tee on the right

And this pair of shades! I think this is funky coool!

And they always say 好心沒好報. It's true.
After sourcing out so many cheap deals with Ben, he does this to me.


See HERE to find out where you can get $5 synthetic leather jackets for guys!

Bye~ ^.^

25 October 2010

In five years time..

Who do you REALLY think you will be?

Who do you REALLY think you can be?

Who do you REALLY want to be?

Can we be realistic, and still be happy to keep our dreams alive?

What's your dream? Is it realistic? How can dreams be realistic anyway, you wanna ask. But take it in the sense i say dream, meaning goal. But goal just sound so.. Corporate and un-dreamy. Lol. So let's say dream like saying goals. More mong-huan like that. Hahaha.

In five years time, i wanna own a small little business, selling cute little things, at the most affordable prices. Things that i would buy, myself. It's always been my dream to own a little cozy shop, since i was really young.

I am wise enough to know and understand by now that there are things in life, that are just not meant for me to own. At least not in this life. Hehe. BUT! There are also things that are meant to be mine! Like a cheaper bag, a cheaper pencil case, a cheaper pair of shoes, all of that, BUT CHIOER! ^.^

Things that still look decent but at a much lower price than the others. And people will actually believe me if i say i bought them at a much higher price! Lol.

I used to lie A LOT about the prices of the stuff i own, back in primary school days. Haha! Shameful to tell cox i know CONFIRM mine will be the cheapest among the clique. I even lied about being on a plane before. LOLOL!

OMG!!! Why last time i so loser one!!! Like come back from one month school holiday, and everyone's sharing where they flew with their family. I'd be like, YEAH I BEEN THERE TOO! Nabei.. People go Australia, i'd be like YEAH I BEEN THERE TOO! People go Hong Kong, i also YEAH I BEEN THERE TOO! One month i don't know go how many places lor!!! Very lousy liar =( I've never been on a plane until i was 19! Haha!

And sometime along the way i met really good friends that i can be honest with, like Shalyn, Janice and then later Mich and Zhen (and must mention Gem if not i really will have a hard time).. I start to feel great to own cheap but (relatively) NICE things! And good people don't judge me for that.

I mean.. See how likable i am doing Budget Barbie. HAHAHAHA.
Yah what, why, i cannot praise myself is it? Lol! Can! I always do!

Anyway, i digressed a lot.

My point is, who do you wanna be? How far would you go for that?

Is it worth it? Some where along it, you might have to step on some people to move up. Will you?

I know you will. You are so scary.

Here i am and here i will be. I've never changed (character wise). Okay, except that i might have become a little bit (humble as ever) prettier over the years but that's about it. Just wanna make a living doing interesting things, and be able to have spare for the people i love. And doing whatever i'm doing now, pretty much gets me there and i am so grateful. For everything, everyone! Gosh i hate late nights. It makes me utterly thankful and emotional for the people who's been helpful.

I didn't change who i am but the things i do keeps getting better. So work wise, i'm changing to keep up the pace and spice up the beat. But how can you change and dispose of your character, just like that?

So!!! In five years time, hopefully i can own a small, tiny cozy little shop and sell the cheapest chioest cutest things you'd ever find. Hehe! But i'd keep blogging and tweeting! In case a ugly, unreasonable, rude and smelly customer walks in, i have a place to rant. Hehe.

I know who i am, 腳踏實地.
But you want people to know who you are, to know who you are.
Sibei sad.

So in five years time, i'd be a Tao Gey Nio!

Send in your resumes now! Haha!

Years, is not enough to know somebody, if she doesn't even know herself.

22 October 2010

Gula Malacca!

So i made a short trip to Malacca! Mainly just to eat and shop! And nope, no pictures of their streets and their local food like chendol and chicken rice balls. You can google-image those. Lol. Sorry, not a lifestyle blog, it's a very self-absorb blog. HAHAHA.

The thing i love MOST about Malacca is that almost at every other corner (even if it's the town area) there'd be nostalgic little things all around the corner. Not comparing, but being there in Malacca makes me feel good, as if it's 10 - 15 years ago in Singapore, back to when i was a kid.

Favouritest sight i caught in Malacca when we got to Jonker Street.

That's Vivien!

And you'd think this is Song Hye Gyo. WRONG.
That day i dress up in the Japanese-Tourist-Inspired style. LOLOL.
So i am more like Lena Fujii. HAHAHAHA!

This is her.
Yah i know, Qiuting, why don't you go and die after you stuff monkey's shit into your mouth?
Hahahaa! Lena is SO HOT! Lol. But at least i also got flora and denim =DDD Lol.
Plus i got straw hat, she don't have! Lol!!!

This is what i mean by random things you'd see along streets of Malacca and then it'd carry you away for a moment.. This mini little house just appear out of nowhere.

Got freaky figure behind me standing at the window. Hehe.

Vivien and Da Tou wawa.

This is so old school! They sell all the childhood toys i used to play with!

Two 鳳飛飛s on the cab =D

Ice cream to cool off from the heat!
Note to self: Qiuting i believe in you, you are Lena-Fujii-inspired,
you are not Parking-Summon-Auntie-Inspired.

Vivien and i ^.^

I bought some stuff from Malacca, includes cute rompers at RM5 each. FUCKING CRAZY!

Show you guys again!

Trip up to Malacca on coach, send to hotel (Makhota hotel) with breakfast (YUMS!) included for twin sharing in one bedroom apartment suite (with kitchen, living room etc, my room got pool view and balcony! Damn shiok! Lol. Vivien's room got seaview some more!) and coach ride back to Sg, cost about $98 per pax, with all mentioned included. Woo hoo~

So much great food and decent shopping in Malacca! I need more than 2D1N there! At least 3D2N! And i went on a weekday =(( No night markets. MAJORLY SAD! If not Jonker area got CRAZY night market!!! Cheap and super a lot of clothing, accessories, bags, slippers AND THE MOST YUMMIESTEST SAUSAGES IN THE WORLD!!! =(((

It's so great having no job. Lol. You just go anywhere you can afford to go. Haha. Yeah, but that's provided you can still earn a little bit without a job. Hahaha.

21 October 2010

Makeup Valley - More value, more fun, MORE looks!


 Looks i came up with using Makeup Valley eye shadow palette

 Makeup Valley, a newly established Singapore-based blogshop selling make up related products. Some of the products we will be selling are Eye Shadow Make up Palettes, Concealer Make up Palettes, Blush Palettes and more. These palettes are similar to those that are from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics USA and they are highly pigmented and an alternative for those who have low budget. These products are safe for use as we already had some girls with sensitive skin using them. Ingredients of the products are printed on the boxes of all palettes to inform our customers what are used in these products. 

See how the items are packed!

Perfect gift ideas for girls! ^.^
Safety of arrival: (Postage, courier, cash on delivery, meet ups and pick ups)
Items are bubble-wrapped four times with newspaper cushioning! CONFIRM COME IN GOOD STATE! No choice, ladyboss Singaporean, very Kiasu. Lol.

This is the 88 palette i got! I chose this becox i see the beauty of creating different looks with it!
The left third - Natural / Nude look
The center third - Fun playful happy look
And the right third - Night/ Sensual and Sexy look! Woohoo!

The lip palette Makeup Valley sent.
Omg, i'm so spoiled for choice!

 I'm just gonna play with the makeup! Here we go!

FUN / HAPPY look


 Something loud and cheerful ^.^ So we play with colour!

 The lashes are photoshopped hor, don't ask me where i buy. LOL.
I added in a little bit of my own shimmer all over becox i wanna sparkle!
But Makeup Valley has their own shimmer series, so you might like that too!

These are the colours that i used!
I dab a bit of the nude colour in the center of the area cox i don't want a whole slab of colour.

Okay i know the pink highlight is not natural but i don't wanna be boring-natural!
Lol. Plus it looks like cute-natural. Hehehe!


 Colours i used.



 I want to marry myself now.


Added shimmer powder at the brow bone area where i applied the off-white colour from the palette.

 Colours i used

I used the lip colours as to what i deem fit, but i don't think  made the best choices, so you guys are better, mix and match the lip colours with different looks!

Some other products i thought you might like from the Makeup Valley

 All in one blusher palette.

 This is the ultimate combi to achieve various looks!

For the ones who prefer to stay neutral and warm.
Safe colours that will make your eyes look deep and sexeeyyy~

1 choice of your 88 palette
1 lip palette
1 concealer palette (15pots)
1 blush palette
8 piece brush set
AT ONLY 110SGD with free delivery.
Save up to $26!


120 palette
1 concealer palette (15pots)
1 blush palette
8 piece brush set
AT ONLY 100SGD with free delivery.
Save up to 27 SGD!!

Buy any three palettes and enjoy a discount of 10%off
Buy any two and enjoy 5% off
Quote “Qiuqiu” and enjoy free non-standard normal postage

Don't wait! Make use of all this multiple promotions now! Having all the colours you need in one box, and yet it's so affordable! Convenience and Value at it's highest.

Makeup Valley does shipping worldwide via Singpost Air Mail too! So cheers!

Go get your palettes now! ^.^

18 October 2010

Weird things i do (a few of it)

Hehe.. I thought of doing this post randomly becox i do these things and when my friends and i were talking about it upon chance, i realise they don't think it's normal! So these are some things that i do!

A better, quicker nail filer,
and it's FREE OF CHARGE!

When i come across a wall that's decently clean (even the walls on my house) i'd start doing as pictures below. Especially i don't file my nails after cutting them, they'd be so sharp and edgy! Hurts like a bitch to accidentally scratch my face with those freshly cut nails!

I'd start to file my nails on the wall.

 It's SO DAMN BIG PIECE, convenient and mobile! Everywhere also have! LOL! Plus you know how these conventional nail filer..

 Even if it looks super chio.. It requires you to tweak your hands in a certain direction to file certain parts! But with the wall-filer now, your problems are solved!

But i can't let my bf know about it.. In fact, nobody should know!
If not next time all the walls in Sg will have no more frictional surfaces for me! LOL.

Only downside is.. The awkwardness when you get caught.
People won't understand why you are leaving your DNA everywhere.
They'd think it's gross!

Toilet seat must be clean like
CLEANED-BY-ME kind of clean.

Even if the toilet looks as clean as this, i'd still clean up the toilet seat thoroughly.

First is to use toilet paper (will wet paper with water if possible, wipe once with wet toilet paper, and then once more with dry ones) and clean up the seat, then arrange a few pieces of toilet paper on it before sitting, IF i am doing a big deal.

I know! Why so troublesome right!
Becox i don't want my private area to be in contact with some other people's private area indirectly!

Some of Mcdonald's toilet is UNISEX one lor! Like the one at Bugis Street. You know where are the possible places guys can hang their birds when they sit down for a crap?! THINK???


Every once in a while.. I'd miss this kind of shithole =((
No contacts, no splashing..

Other than the fact that SOMETIMES, just sometimes, the poop might not be flushed down on first attempt if you are the inward-facing kind. LOL, other than that, this kind of shithole is PERFECT!

Why can't shitting be made easy for everyone. Pregnant ladies can go buy their own poo-chair as an attachment to this what. Sometime along the way, some idiot decided that it's fun to have sai zui (shit water) splashing on our private areas.

But now i smart already, i will throw loads of toilet paper into the bowl before i take a crap. LOL. Then the sai zui won't splash upwards cox got cushion for impact. LOL!

But sometimes doing that can cause some F-ed up toilets to overflow when you flush them..

This happened to me too many times.. Until i don't know where to start =(((

MTV Female Lead

This one i know many girls do before lor! Becox i have seen girls walking towards me and the wind is against the direction they are walking, and they tilt their heads and walk slo-mo!!! PUI!


Okay lah i do that too!!!

I'd sometimes pretend like the wind is too strong and pretend like i don't like it cox it's blowing my hair to cover my face (BUT ACTUALLY I LOVE IT!!! SO MONG HUAN!!! LOL) so i'd use one hand to hold my hair at the temple area, look down and walk slo-mo altogether!

 Like this!

And when i look up, i'd squint my eyes demurely and smile.

Oooooooh. I'M SO CHIO!!!! I should be the lead female for music videos!!! The taiwanese kind!

Lol. And if no one's around, i'd even lip sing!!!

LOLOL! Not this kind of upbeat songs lah!

Mostly i'd do 倒帶/ 一個人/ 影形的翅膀/ 遺失的美好.

You know, songs that i can look like a poor damsel singing into the cam with a "DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY HEART-PAIN" look.

My poor Doggies

Something like my doggy-audience crowd.

Me: Tiffany, Drago! You guys want fishy?

Fishy means treats. And they'd all (plus ChipChip, my sister's dog) run and wait outside the kitchen, where the doggy gate is. And i'd be inside the kitchen, holding their treats.

And then i'd make them all sit down, and instead of giving them treats, i'd start singing!!!


After a while (like one minute) they'd be so bored, they will all lie down and listen to me sing.

I'd dance for them too! LOL!!! So in short.. My doggies are constantly traumatised. LOL. But i honestly, honestly don't think they've gone through a fraction of what Caesar's been going through. Since Genevieve (check my sidebar, she's this awesome girlfriend who has a giant handsome doggy) is hoping to master Christina Aguilera vocals. LOL!!!


I sorta treat all things with respect. It's like everyone (human beings) have their worth to live, some mail letters, some write interesting stuff, some take care of a household, some whip up yummy food to sell. So everyone, has their worth to live. But if you respect them for their worth, and they screw up, you just want to teach them a lesson!

Same goes for non-living things!

Cameras are to take chio pictures, capture moments, a pair of scissors is for cutting, washing machine washes clothes, oven bakes, condom condones more sex with strangers (haha!) etc etc.


You know Yong Ming got me a birthday gift set this year. It's a range of MAC makeup products.
See here. Mascara is perfect, eyeliner is good.

But there's this bottle of makeup remover. First time i tried to open it i realise that the bottle cap is designed in a way like once you screw it back gently, it'd be locked and definitely won't be leakage.

The only way to open it again is to PRESS DOWN, and turn one full round.

So i thought to myself, wow, this is so smart!




Below is reenactment..

Nothing is meant to be funny, it's all the nasty things i say (Sorry Boyfriend! If you are reading this, please know that i am not crazy and please don't send me to Buangkok Green! Hehe) and do to the bottle becox I'M SUPPOSED TO OWN IT!!! And so, IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR ME! But it's not doing it!

Not willing to acknowledge the fact that I KNOW, it will screw up on me.

Again!?!? Why always like that!!!
How many rounds must i press and turn, press and turn!

Frustration venting and trying to tell the bottle off

Do you know that i own you?! Why are you ALWAYS so uncooperative!
I am so pissed! You are not performing!!!
Work it, c'mon!!! What is your problem?!?!

Feeling dejected

Angry to the verge of tears!!!
WHY!?!??! REALLY!!!

Totally shouting and screaming!
Becox being sad is just not worth it for this cold-hearted thing!


When you feel like there's nothing to lose anymore......

I will KILL you. I swear i will throw you out of the window and that's it!
I'm gonna count to three. One.. Two.. THREEYOUFUCKINGOPEN!!! OPEN!!!
I will cut you with a knife.. And make sure you die slowly, painfully!
Please.. Please.. Please......

I am still pissed with this bottle of makeup remover, i swear to God. It really stimulates the evil blood in me. I don't even know how this is happening. I stop doing things like that (being so violent towards non-living things) in upper secondary school. But this shit here, can actually unleash me just like that.

And plus, the effect of this nemesis of mine, is not fantastic. It kinda leave this burning sensation on your face. See what i mean by fucking useless, nothing but problem?!

Yong Ming, i swear i don't blame you for this. Lol! Really!

But i curse the manufacturer plus the product mechanics designer and all. I curse them real bad when i'm angry.

And when the bottle finally opens, i have to apologise to all of them. Becox i just feel so bad that i basically cursed everybody who contributed to this predicament i'm in. EXCEPT, Yong Ming. LOL. Becox he's my friend! And i don't curse him!

I think my boyfriend is afraid i am the kind that will kill him in his sleep.

Morale of the story, be worthy.

And don't ask me to throw it away, it's too expensive for me to throw. But it's too fucking evil i can't give it to anyone else. Becox nobody can stay as sane as me (HAHAHA) when faced with a devil in the house like that. Hahaha!

So share with me! Do you guys do weird things in your daily lives?!

Don't need to tell me about masturbation and wanking off hor, thank you.
Not keen to know unless you are fucking hot. LOL. Plus, that's not weird.