05 September 2016

Meredith and Mummy 1 year 4 months

Hello~ Finally back with updates of whatever is going on in my life~

A lot is going on, and i won't be sharing of anything pass 7th August in this post but i will on the next =)))

Meredith is developing so well i don't even know where to start.

But for a good start, she is already mouthing words and trying her best to to help out with things. Like you can ask her to help throw rubbish into the dustbin, you can ask her to help you fetch something in the house, you can ask her to help return her own diaper-changing necessities (wet wipes, diaper cream) back to where they are supposed to be. Haha..

She's usually very helpful unless she just woke up then you better do your own stuff and not bother her with chores LOL. All in all.. My baby is no longer a baby T__T But still always a baby in my heart.. T_____T How do mothers cope with all these feelings.

So proud that your baby knows how to help people, so proud that your baby can lift up one leg while standing and ask everyone to praise her, so proud that she can start addressing people.. So proud of all her milestones.. But so sad that she's growing up so fast.. T.T

"妈咪 别多说了这只 baby 很 cute, 我们把她捉回家." Hahaha. Went to meet Baby Lizzie and family for dinner! Baby Lizzie so chubs and cute wo de tian!!!
*yawns* Oh no, this angle taglam!
 "Sorry i wasn't ready. Is this better?" HAHAHA. Yes it is. Check out those brows. Win Meredith's brow game hahaha.
Don't know why Meredith like wanna ohr people's pisai wth haha. Mummy and baby dinner date!
One more please!!!  Haha please spot 亮点.
"When the adults go trigger-happy on the camera and you're just not keen =__=" Hahaha. Totally not feeling it this Baby Lizzie haha.
Went to film for Food My Life charity initiative by Rachell. Later my family brought along this happy little one haha.
Everyone from my family came to support! Sijie as well but she was taking care of Yuxuan and Yurou elsewhere in the mall. Haha.
To more awesome episodes on Food My Life, Rachell! =DDD
Ladyboss Jasmine from Space Invasion / Fleawhere sent Meredith these Japanese snakcs and cookies T.T Thank you Jasmine!!!
Next day we went to Yishun for weekend family time and when i saw this, it gives me a preview of what school's gonna be like for the two of them haha. Yuxuan looks so fatty here it's so cute T.T
When did you learn how to climb on to and stand on this sofa, Meredith.. Last time i had to prop you up at the corner with cushions and whatnot.. T___T
"MAMA WAKE UP! Don't you know kids grow? That's what we do!" Hahaha..
"Can i go out with my friends, mom?" I don't think so Meredith. You're a little too young.
"How about now? Do i still look young to you?" Lolol. Knowing how to wear your sunglasses doesn't change your age. Lol.
Introducing her to her new animal friends that Lzzie bosses got for her!!! It's a Jellycat unicorn and fox omgggg. They are they cutest!!!! =DDD
While waiting for me to wash blow hair one day.. I got her crocodile (yes we are trying to collect as many animal soft toy as we can. HAHA) Jellycat and she love it soooo much omg. We gave the crocodile a very naughty persona and it will bully other animal friends. Meredith will stand up for them but she will never scold the crocodile no matter how much i try to teach her to LOL. She at most just point at the crocodile to gesture "cannot" lol.
Chocoolate IT Singapore sent these over and it's not surprising Meredith loveeeees the duck. She is a very lucky kid =)))
But luck doesn't help you solve a size puzzle lol. Getting frustrated lolol.
Brought her to outdoor playground for the first time LOL. To commemorate that, my dad, mum, Niao Niao, Josh, myself, godma and Monkey all came to accompany her hahahahah #EntourageGoals
Animal friends of class 2016 lol.
Another version haha. I'm thinking what do we lack now.. We don't have a snake, snakes are not welcomed in this house. We also don't have a rat. But Josh zodiac is rat so i think that's settled lol.
Loving the panda stickers her godma got for her haha.
Masterpiece on my wall haha.
Fashion parade to go meet Junya gorgor.
Run wild and always be happy, Meredith.. Always be this sweet. Always be this kind. Always be this pure =') The world needs more of these.
Tearing up cox she don't understand what is a "Please do not sit on trishaw" signage lol. We kept trying to stop her from climbing up but she thinks it's the one we have at home, free for all to sit =.=
Cheesie and i are using the same stroller, or not. LOL. We bought our stroller in KL while we visit Baby Sakura and it cost us $200 ish. I didn't even know it was a copy of a real brand until i saw Cheesie's lol. I think hers cost $1600 or something! But whatever gets the job done man lol. You can't guess which one is real / fake, can you? HAHA.
Someone think she damn chio lol.
"Omg Drago is right here"
"Let me go play with him"
"You be a good boy okay, Drago"
Drago be like "Wth that's awkward.."
Cheesie was in town so i went to see Baby Sakura!!! Soooo grumpy youuu~
Meredith be like "Chin up, buttercup!!!" *pinch* Lol!
#RelationshipGoals LOL. Meredith tryna help Junya put on his shoes.
Miyabi was in town too~ =D So here's all of us~
This had me sitting on the bed for a good 15 minutes, just thinking about how hard it is to be a mother.

I was trying to do my makeup and as usual Meredith is just hanging around me and trying to do her own makeup too haha.. I love it, except it can be quite a distraction cox i'd end up giving her a baby tutorial on what i'm applying, with what, and what it does hahahaha.. And then she will try to follow *facepalm* Hahaha. #parentingfail but #BabyBeautyBlogger in the making okay haha.

That day i was in quite a rush so all i could do is to keep responding to her "mama, mama, mama" with "Yes? Yes.. Yes?" So later to distract her and to give myself a few seconds to focus on my makeup, i pass her this empty box you see in the above picture, and told her to help me throw it into the dustbin.. She took it, like she usually would..

Walked towards the dustbin..

And then i started to draw my eyeliner already. Which you know, is a very important part of the makeup routine that you cannot screw up lol.

So my eyes was half closed and i could hear her calling me "mama, mama.. Mama.." and that was when my helper freed up and carried her to the nursery to play. She was as usual.. Crying while being carried away from me ='(

And then i just quickly continue to finish my makeup lah.

Later i walk to the bin.. I saw this box in the dustbin..

Meredith did what i asked her to do.. She did it correctly..

And she was calling out to me look at the good work she's done..

And to clap for her like we usually would..

But i didn't.


That's when i realise.. As a mother you either feel like you win everything, or you realise that you lose at everything but you still ought to feel like you win everything cox i mean afterall, you bagged your precious kids in this life you live. That's your biggest takeaway and that's worth something.

It is worth everything.

But sigh.. The feeling of never being good enough for your kids, is a horrible feeling.

And you always have to reassure yourself that you are doing good enough, you're balancing your life well enough. Being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, an employer, a worker..

You have to tell yourself you're good enough this and that but you know, realistically, how can you be good in so many things! There's a saying Jack of all trades, master of none lolol. And that's how i feel everyday. I do ok-loh in everything, even though i tried my best.

Little moments like these just make me wonder.. WHY LAO TIAN YE DON'T FASTER LET ME STRIKE 4D / TOTO / BIG SWEEP~!!!!!!!!!!! I strike liao i be full-time mom lolol.

Anyway what happened after was, when i'm done she was already gonna nap so i can't go find her if not she will cry again when i leave for work. So when i came back from work at night, i was so happy she's still awake, so i brought her to go see the box in the dustbin and told her "mama know you help mama throw this just now but mama forgot to say "Thank You" right? Thank you so much, Meredith *claps* Mama love you okay!!!"

Also don't know if she can understand or not, she nodded and clap with me hahaha..

One is never too late for a "Sorry" or a "Thank you" or a "I love you" =')))

Dinner with the people at Tunglok Heen @ RWS!!! =DDD Hands down one of the best meal i've had!!! Check out this crab claw please. Deshelled and all! Sauce was so good...... T_T
Mocking Ben and his fake smile LOLOL.
Us~ Rach jie, Randy ge, Ben ge and Pei jie..
This pretty macaron tower is customised by Le Sucre de Pattisserie!
Look at Yurou and her gleeful smile!!! She was the one who thought of the theme for her own birthday party hahaha. So cute hor kids these days.. Last time erm.. I only asked for a cake from my dad wth. Then my erjie will ownself buy Barbie dolls for me lah. Haha. That's about it. Now still will think about their own theme all haha. So grown up!!! Btw.. Why is Meredith in the picture LOL.
Customised cupcakes, main cake and the balloons are from The Cake Shop!!! =DDD I find their service extremely convenient wth. Can do cake can send balloons, got pinata also.
Yurou looking shy hahaha.
Birthday girl looking pretty sweet while cupcake-stealer caught in action on the side.
Xuan xuan look so cute here!!! =DDD
What a princess that day!!! Princess Yurou with some of her birthday gifts!!! After the party she told me she will think about what she wanna do next year for her birthday LOLOL. 不然这种东西你跟你老不讲好不好 LOLOL. Kidding. I LOVE to do these, it makes me happy, thinking how happy Yurou will be when she sees it.
In return i get a free makeover with her Hello Kitty kids makeup set lol.
Just some snaps of Meredith waiting for her godma to pick up video call.

Erjie brought me for some pain-management chinese massage the other day. And it was so shiok. After massage we go dabao dinner from Jalan Bersah hawker centre.. I grew up around the area cox my dad's fish soup stall is there haha. We live less than a kilometre away.
For those who like roasted meat rice.. You must try this out. Our whole family grew up eating their duck / char siew / xio bah. But best of all? Their braised pork ribs. They only prepare a small little tray everyday, it's super garlic-y and bursting with flavours wth. And the ribs are braised until sooooooo tender the meat falls off the bones just like that. I love it i love it i love it.
And if you love ohr-jian (oyster omelette) you MUST try the oyster omelette from this stall! Their oysters are fat and juicy and fresh, omelette fluffy and slightly crispy. Chili sauce damn shiok. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

Uncle and auntie watch me grow up. It's amazing how they never age over the last 20 over years. When i was a little kid i used to ask ohr jian auntie to come watch me sing and dance Aaron Kwok song wtfffff *face palm* LOL.

It's really nice to re-visit but kinda sad to see how business has dwindled over the last two decades.

My dad was doing really okay until the hawker centre went under a upgrading session and then after that business was just really bad. Until today you can see the hawker filled with lotsa uncles just sitting around, with their beer and what not. But actually the hawker has plenty of really good and interesting food!!!

Pity they all open for business at different timing. Some only in the day, some only at night. I know Oyster omelette stall opens at 6pm though!

Annoying husband. Lol.
This is Rach helping us with our website T_T So thankful for her and Sean for the help!!! They really stayed in til damn late to help us!
This shall go straight into the folder "My daughter think she damn chio" LOL.
She choose her own shoes and bags these days =___=" It doesn't matter how hard i try to persuade her if a pair of shoes that she picks doesn't match her outfit, if she thinks she likes it, she wants it.
"Mummy, i werk what i want" Lolol.
Mich brought Meredith out to join us after a whole day of filming.. T___T Thank you Michelle Thian!!! And this is when Sean sneak a picture with Meredith haha.
Yayyy~ Carcove rented a car to Michelle again and that means i can haz a chauffeur for free LOL.
The face when i told her we gonna go out to Pororo Park. Thank you Adeline for the baby Zara romper!!! We only found it in the closet after it's been there since forever haha.
A forced smile for erjie haha.
What the heck she was so excited cox she say she has same orange feet as Pororo......
Sanjie act cute hahaha.
Xuan Xuan and Meredith!!!
Don't grow up too fast, Meredith..
Attended Yuzhen's wedding!!! =D She look so beautiful that day.. =))) Now left one more only lah.. Haha Michelle Thian jiayou lol.
Congratulations to Zack and Zhen!!!
Us three.. All grown up.. No more weekday late night karaoke.. Wanna go karaoke must plan way in advance somemore.. Got kids really lifestyle and priorities change a lot.. So before you get kids, please have ALLLLLlllllllllll the fun!!! Hahahaha.
Meredith and gan ah yi hahaha.
Our little family with the bride.. =)))
Woke up one morning extremely cheerful haha.
Took some pictures for my little model for her instagram hahaha. Turned out quite cute i must say lol.
Owning it.. Owning it..
Feel it, feel it..
Out of nowhere went to sainai with yeye lol. Granddaughters will always be granddaughters.. =)))
Ask for a "Kish" somemore haha.. Later we went out with Sanjie and this was what happened..
1 - Sanjie and Ah Bong found the cafe really nice, wanna take a mirror selfie..
2 - Photobombers spotted, tried to take a closer shot. Still fail.
3 - Sanjie ask us to go away
4 - Sanjie finally gets her shot lolol.
Becox family is always there to annoy the shit out of you. LOL.
Meredith with yeye and ah ma =) We found this nice cafe at the corner of Wisma or something i think! Latulle is the name of the shop! It's a boutique / cafe concept store. The food is damn so-so but the atmosphere is really nice especially if you have enough people to sit at this booth! Everything is reasonably priced but the cakes are all very heavily-coloured LOL. To a point it's quite scary lol. I'd definitely go back again though!
Sanjie with our parents.. I really really appreciate times like this..

My dad worked really hard all his life to raise us.. We were that family who have to think it through and through before we could even buy Vitagen.. We are that family who never been on any family trips other than to JB, until we are all grown ups. So did my dad work hard enough? Yes.

But was it good enough?


Becox he brought us up to be good people. All of us.

And now we have the luxury to bring him out every other weekend to just have a nice cup of coffee.. Do window shopping in town.. And enjoy little snacks as we go..

To us that is a very nice weekend =') And i wish we could have more of these.. With everyone feeling happy.. And without my dad worrying for me.. And i know this time will come. I just have to keep my head high.. And walk through this phase.. And i will.. =)

No matter what you do, if you have kids, don't lose sight of what's really important.. It's your kids, and how you bring them up. Everything you put in for them now, will determine how they will be as adults. And that is a great way you can decide how you want the society to be next time.

Becox if you can bring your kids up well, he / she will influence more people to do good and to do right.. Then the world can be continuously be a better place for everyone..

We can have hope in this hopeless place. And they are our kids.

Right..... And this is really just what i feel. I hope i do my dad proud.

To be influencing people in a good way.

And i hope this little girl here will grow up to be useful to the society and to be kind to her kins and friends.
And not to look so much like her father when she frowns LOLOL.
Look more like mummy is okay. HAHAHA.
"那天我看到这条项链, 真的觉得它好美,好美!!! 我好喜欢!" *挤*
"I saw this necklace the other day and i LOVEEEEEE it~!!!" *squeeze*
So i decided to buy it!"
"But 我不会还钱! 我没有钱!"
"But i don't know how to pay! I got no money!" *shrugs*  LOL.
Trying out papa's hat haha.
Double date movie night with Rachell haha. We were both doing the basic bitch makeup look LOL.
Took a picture for Carcove for their National Day feature on newspaper!!!
I must say i look quite good that day LOL.
This is the part lao da giapped my finger when he roll up the window but i was too scared to say LOL. Becox he laoda LOL.
World Best Godma award goes to Michelle Thian =DDD
I also told her to help me and sijie buy Tim Tam HAHA. She had to gently remind me that she is only Meredith's godma, not my whole family's godma LOLOLOL. Geh gao meh!!!
Brought my dad and mom to Alive Museum at Suntec! Quite interesting to see a fun side of my dad and mom LOL. Typically.. I think.. Only uncle and aunties will find these fun LOL.
My dad was so excited to see trishaw lol.
Erm okay. Canon.
Meredith cry until. HAHA. Don't wanna be carried away from me.
Hahaha. More than 40 years of marriage.
But still didn't kill each other. HAHA.

The other day we were having a meal and then my mother, as usual, would have food splatter stain on her shirt. Or some sauce at the side of her mouth. Which is you know.. A bit wtf to me LOL i'm just like er.. Eat properly?

That day in particular, she had one rice grain on her hair.

And i told my dad to help her take it out.

My dad saw and smile to himself WTF. I ask him

"爸, 你笑什么?"
"What are you laughing at, papa?"

He got the cheeks to reply me "我看了觉得她很可爱"
(I saw the rice grain and through she was very cute)


LOLOL. That awkward moment when your parents try to be oppa and unnie. WTF. Just wtf okay.


"Mummy you say only, next time don't let me catch you oppa-unnie with dad okay" LOL.
Meredith on a paper boat..
Haha.. My dad and mum damn happy that day.
Mostly my dad. Haha..
When we were calling godma, she planted a kiss on my phone before Mich even pick up.
你以为你很美就可以睡到这样吗? Personal space please, Meredith. Lol.

That's all i have for now.. Will update more when i have the time.. With the lawsuit pending, i really am very drained. Of energy, faith and belief. But i am also very blessed that constantly i get free-recharge by the people around me who love me..

Now i truly understand the deep meaning behind 谢谢你们的支持.. Without support from people who love you, you will never be able to pull through to achieve great things.

Here's a 40 over minutes of Meredith at 1 year 4 months old..