29 August 2012

I want

Every single time i pass by big houses, i ask myself (or Josh, if he's with me), "How do they do it?"

How do they afford it?

I figured they must be doctors, lawyers, or business-owners.

I don't think anyone of them afford the house by being a blogger so i do see why even i would think it's a bit (a lot lolol) far-fetch for me to want to own a big house lol. A big landed house.

But i don't know how to describe this feeling. This feeling that tells me that i just will.

Becox i want it, a lot.

It's strange.

And today Josh told Tiffany (our dog =_=) that she is very cute and that he will work hard so she can stay in a big house.

Defug, this guy never told me such romantic stuff ever before?!


Okay but i think if Tiffany gets to stay in the big house, i can't be left out right? I don't mind being the free-loader hahaha. 托你的福, Tiffany. Lol.

Anyway. Recent weeks, this idea keep shouting out to me.

This idea about dreams.

Even before watching Katy Perry(Part of Me) movie, i keep seeing movies/ quotes that somehow pops up to me, asking people to follow their dreams. And then after the movie i just feel like, oh man, i should have been a singer. Lolol. Had anyone told me when i young, how important dreams are.

And like after the movie Sophie, Wendy, Yutaki all also were like "LET'S FORM A BAND!" Lolol. "Let's all be singers!!!" So i guess maybe everyone's dream is to be a superstarrrrr. Haha.

Now i have to rush out of the house and i can't keep writing but i just wanna share about what i've been thinking. Dreams. All the dreams you ever built, you can make them come true, i think?

Last time my dream is to be a singer. I don't know what happened.

I aged i think. Lololol.

And then since young, i wanna be a shopowner. That's actually pretty easy to happen if i want to but i want to do it with people i trust. So that should happen sometime next time.

And then i also wanna be staying in big landed house.

If you don't believe in dreams, then just believe in what you want.

I want this, and i want that. And all of them eventually come to me, after one incident or another, they all do. So good luck to you and me. You never know, 5 years down the road i might be one of the many millionaires in Singapore. Lolol. Second blogger to become a millionaire. First should be Wendy cox she should be picking up a bag of diamond pretty soon, if her visualisation skill is good.

I see me, living a super swanky life.

But i mean, look at me. Do YOU think that can happen? I am just curious of how people think about me being super duper rich hahaha. I find that alone is funny, me being rich. Like, how do i spend all the money? $3 tops? $5 dresses? I'm not sure man. I think I have to spend more to earn more!!!

Getting very incoherent now. So much thoughts @.@ Bye!

26 August 2012

QWeekly - Events

Went for two events this week!

One of it is a Furby event with Wendy and Huiwen ^.^

If you don't know what a Furby is, you're probably really young. Lolol. Good for you.

Furby was the "IT" toy!!! I've always wanted one as a kid!!! And now it's back! And i was given a black Furby. Lolol. Imagine that. Cox i don't have picture of the new 2012 edition Furby in black.

The white one is super princessy and pretty yes?!

Them Furbies hanging out and singing and dancing. YES. They do all that. Talk to you, and react to your actions and the things you say. These 2012 Furbies even has iPhone app on their own, which allows you to create your own food and feed them and learn their language!!! =O Look out for it!

Wendy, Huiwen and i ^.^

Next event, YSL. As mentioned in the previous post, thanks to Yutaki for the invite ^.^

This is just a small part of the counters YSL set up for their guest to play with their skincare, make up and fragrance line. So luxurious one!!! One of the most generously-organised event i've been to!!! With great canapes and champagne with fresh strawberries being served all round!

Yutaki, Wendy, me and Sophie ^.^

And one more! Everybody keep nagging about me my dress that day. Say it's very crumpled. If i never tell you, you got notice meh? Lolol. My shoes are from Jipaban by the way!!!

I played with their eyepencil and lip stain and blusher and this is the end result. I thought i look prettier than with my original makeup already!!!

Like this ^.^

But then Wendy was like "I DIE ALSO WANNA CONCEAL YOUR PIMPLE SCAR" Lolol. So she went on to do it and then got carried away and started redo my blusher and eyeliner and lip etc.

She put blusher that time ask me "After this you are going home right?"

I'm thinking OMG CAO WENDY CONFIRM IS MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A CLOWN NOW!!! Lolol. That's why she'd think it's okay since i'm heading home after the event, so no one will see!

But mei you lah, she very yong xin de colour my face. Lol.

A lot is going on here. Sophie did the most epic face i don't wanna post it cox it's just too... Very bad. Lolol. Wendy is doing my makeup and i am being made up and Yutaki is capturing the moment.
Wendy, me and Sophie ^.^

She say she can go be a makeup artist already. Lolol. Go lor. I am happy to be her first satisfied client who didn't pay her lol. I really loved the way she drew my eyeliner thou!!! Xie lah~

YSL will be opening their first shop in Singapore! At ION, in September. So do look out for it! I don't have to rave about the superior quality of their products becox you should already know. Lol.

As you read this i should be on my way back from KL with my dad and mum and nephew.

Alright bye~ Two more camho shots of myself =D

24 August 2012


I meant to say Vogue.

Before you release the devil in you to plan a mocking comment, lolol, i know it's pronounced "Vog" with a silent "gue" lol. The first time i ever came across this word was cox i saw it on the magazine VOGUE.

That's not very long ago thou. About 7 years ago. I think it's Josh who told me how to pronounce it. Lolol. Cox i think i indeed, did pronounced it as Voh-Gew. LOL. I hope he knew back then what kind of trouble he was getting himself into by choosing to date me. Lolol.

Anyway, this post has no meaning.

It's just to show off my pictures and to earn some praises. Lolol. What's new?

Inspired by the YSL cover girl i went home after a YSL event, touch up some red lipstick, put on the only black top i can find in my wardrobe and make-do for these pictures.

This is one of their visuals at the event.

As you can see, i don't have blonde hair, and no deep-set eyes but STILL, i try. Lolol. Actually totally don't look like lah. But when i was at the event i thought this getup looks interesting becox the model had her eyebrows shaved. Lolol. Later i was told by Yutaki and Wendy that she didn't and that maybe i am blind. Lolol. Maybe.

Will share more about the YSL event but you can hold your breathe for the FIRST and ONLY YSL shop to be opened at ION in September!!! Lotsa people are excited!

Zhuai. Wendy help me draw the eyeliner one ^.^ Hen mei right! Thank you, Wendy!!!

Hands up = Supermodel

Headache = Supermodel

❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤

All the YSL products the organizer very nicely prep for every guest! Love love love!!! LOVE the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat!!! It's a corrector/ illuminator pen. Something like a concealer but it brightens up that area at the same time. I blogged about it before! Used by a makeup artist who did my makeup! It's awesome lah!! Especially for covering dark eye circles if you have!

Thank you YSL! Thanks to Yutaki for the invite ^.^ Tata!

22 August 2012

Making-of the wedding

So yes, another wedding update.

Everyone around me has asked me the same question, "How's your wedding preperation?"

I always only have one same answer.

"Okay lor. Nothing much to do. My wedding planner from Eternally Yours takes very good care of everything. I just have to appear when she ask me to" Lolol. It's true thou! I really have nothing to worry about for the wedding preparation. Clarice helps me settle everything pertaining to the wedding. I just have to worry about looking good. Haha ^.^

And i've ask my hair sponsor Cleo Hair and Make to do my hair for the wedding. And they suggest i go back whenever i am free to do hair treatment so there i go again! =DDD

My hair without any styling. Got healthier not ^.^ Got right.

One more self-shot =D

With Niao Niao. She wanna colour her hair so she went with me lah.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Testing and trialing the hairstyles that i want. This is the first style i ask Sio to help me with. We are going to keep working on it but with this rough guide, what do you all think about it?!?!?!

Second hairstyle. What do you think what do you think?!?!?!

My sister Niao Niao ^.^ Hair done by Ryo.

All our camho shots

My outfit that day =D Mei bu mei! No need to answer this question. But really, i need to know what you all think of the hairstyles! Thank you first lah!

Sio and i ^.^
❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

And Josh's ^.^

We are very very thankful and lucky to have La Belle Couture custom-make our wedding outfits ^.^ I am so so so happy with their services so far!!!

Their consultants and seamtress and designers are all very professional and SUPER DUPER friendly and helpful! =D Like actually during my first meeting with them, i have totally no idea of what i want and other than giving me suggestions for me to consider for the wedding outfits, they also give me a lot of very useful advice on wedding preparation! The ladies at La Belle Couture are really nice lah!

Each time i posted something about La Belle Couture on instagram, there will be comments telling me i will definitely enjoy my experience with them and some others will talk about how responsible and reliable La Belle Couture is. And one even say they love Almond, my designer cox Almond made her a beautiful dress too!

It's really rare people speak up for a service/ company i feel! Most of the time people rant more than rave. So La Belle Couture must have been doing it right ^.^ I am happy to be working with them on my gown! =DDD

Trying the inner-piece out. One thing i learn, wedding gowns make all ladies feel busty. Lolol.

My dress on the left. And other stuff. And the sketch! =DDD Awww. I'd always remember this dress is made from scratch JUST FOR ME!!!

Of course if you don't wanna custom-make a dress and just wanna do rental cox you feel like you'd never wear that dress again anyway lol, La Belle Couture has a HUGE, HUGE, SUPER HUGE collection of dresses too. Of various styles and it can be altered to fit you perfectly!

If you're a bride-to-be, these people are who you wanna work with for your outfit and your hubby's. Thank you guys!!! ^.^ Thanks La Belle Couture!

I just snapped a whole lot of pictures and i can't wait to show you guys! Next post!


Discounts just for my readers! If any of you is planning a wedding, here's one more reason why you should consider La Belle Couture!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT for my blog readers!!!

La Belle Couture is offering S$200 discount when you sign up a full wedding package with them.

Full wedding package includes ALL of the below stated!

- Pre-Wedding Photography package service and

For her:
- Actual Day Gowns (Off-the-rack full designer range available)
- Complete set of accessories: Veil, headpiece, necklace and earrings

For him:
- Full Suits (two or three piece suit with accessories)

- Makeup and Hairdo
- Wedding Car
- Floral Bouquet

In short, they take care of most of the stuff for you lah! =D

Check out their website La Belle Couture

You should really drop by their shop to check out their photo collection and their wedding gowns collection! The website doesn't do them justice =X Good luck, brides-to-be!!! ^.^

Dozo Yoroshiku

So i just had my first Japanese language class lesson today.

Things i can still remember.

Anata - You
Anata Gata - You (plural form). I can explain this as "You all" lolol.

If i am in Japan and i dress up nicely and if got people ask me

Anata wa Nihonjin desu ka?
"Are you a Japanese?"

I am gonna reply

iie. Shingaporujin desu.
"No. Singaporean"

Hahaha. The first two words that the teacher taught was "Famous" and "Study". Lolol. How does she know i'm in her class? Lololol. Kidding lah. Nobody knows me there =/

It's really like back to school. Small chair that has a table attached to it. No space to move around much. Heng i smart, i sit in front of a pillar and that became my high back rest. Lolol.

So i bought two mechanical pencil cox i just have a feeling one of it will fail me in the middle of the class, and it did =DDD So i'm like, "Oh my! So zhun! Thank god i have another one prepared!"

I don't know why i didn't just buy the good one thou.

And then also, i bought one eraser. The kind that the dust will stick together one *smug face* it was a cool thing to have back in school okay. Haha. My time, i mean. Back in my time.

And one pink highlighter ^.^

And.. One box of pencil lead refill.

So next i need to get a new pencil case, and a nice cute clear file holder.

Things like that are almost the only exciting thing about going to class. New chio stationery.

I have no friend in class yet but i will make friends next week ^.^

Thank you for checking in here =) More updates and pictures soon okay.

Good night for now.

19 August 2012

Well-wishing, i wish!

Eyelash from Smoochiezz, blusher from Heroine Make.
Lipstick colour from CANMAKE and eyeshadow from Maybelline.
Really can't wait to change my hair colour NOW! URGH. I want something darker =(

Wait till i'm done with my last scene of Ah Boys to Men then i'd go dye my hair.. ASH BLUE!!! =))) How?! Can or not you all think?! I think not bad cox can fit into the winter cold cold feel also. Lolol. I actually wanted green hair but Budget Barbie is filmed on green screen so.. =(

Anyway! Some ground rules here, i am not going to approve rude/ hate comments in my advertorial postings so if you wanna leave loserish comments, feel free to leave it on my other posts. Lolol.

Like now. This post. Right here.


Lololol. What's the best you can do?

"This is the last time i am visiting your blog"

"Your face is so ugly. Stop saying you're pretty. Yucks"

"What achievement have you got in life? This blog? It's a joke"

"You're so flat-chested"

I HELP YOU LAH. I also have very bad posture, i slouch, i dig my nose a lot, my poop is smelly just like yours but if you wanna find things to pick on me about, let me know! I'd give you a list, okay.

THIS JOKE, earns me money and allows me to travel and get paid, go hang out with my loved ones, make them happy AND it basically will pay for everything for my wedding except the wedding dinner which is fine cox i am super thankful for everything else is sponsored already lolol.

So what you gonna do about it? Dislike me and make moments of your life unpleasant when people talk about me/ when you ownself can't resist it and have to come read my blog to get angry?

Wow, what a hobby you have! ^.^ Thank you!

I do realise why the past two days i keep getting nasty comments. Like much more often than i usually do. And say real one, i don't ALWAYS get nasty comments cox.. Hmm.. I nice? Lololol.

Anyway i suspect they are from the same few people cox some will ask this "Why don't approve my comment! Scared? Lol"

Scared ni ma de tou. MY BLOG. You play by my rules. Not approving any mean remarks on my advertorial postings. Oh, why? Becox YOU don't call the shots here if you're being an asshole.

So i was saying, only this past two days these rude comments keep coming in. I think it's cox of the picture i posted of my paycheck from Nuffnang. You would expect people to feel happy for you cox it's not as if you haven't been working for that money. But no, they handle the fruits of your effort with jealousy, mockery and condescending attitude like you should be beneath them and beneath what you in fact, did earn for yourself.

And for goodness sake, that's not my monthly pay, i hope this makes the sour people less angst. Lol. 

They are all like "SHE DON'T DESERVE IT!!!!" ROARRR!!! BITCH BURN!!!! DIEEE!!!!


Chill. I worked long and hard for it. If you think i don't deserve it, that's fine. But don't get yourself upset, alright? I am sure with all that talent you have, you're able to earn much more than that, in a shorter period of time. Except, right now i don't see any job openings for keyboard warriors.

And also, usually you have to attach your picture with your resume =) Oh too bad for you people with no names, no faces, no identity =(((


A face, a name to it, a whole lot of personality in one small corner of the cyber space, right here.


Lolol. But you must always remember, the more energy you devote to me, the more popular i'd be and the more unhappy you'd be becox you are as such, your character is like that, i don't blame you. So you might as well ignore me. Really. This is my most heart-felt advice to you if reading my blog doesn't make you happy. Go. Go find your happiness =))

And i hope you choke.

Lololol. Kidding lah.

So yeah! I learn one thing. Sometimes people over-think things. And wait, two things. Sometimes you wish people will be happy for you about certain things, but really, you wish! And what is this, my list just keep getting longer.. Alright last thing, my life is just gonna keep getting better from here.


Don't take life too hard. Especially when it's not yours.

Omg can i quote myself. That was awesome it just popped up in my head and i typed it straight!

"Don't take life too hard. Especially when it's not yours" - QiuQiu

WAH ERXIN. No please don't quote yourself. I can't quote me too cox Sophie might unfriend me.

Alright bye! Tomorrow you all no need to work and no need to study hor?! Hahaha. Good lah.

开心就好! Knock yourselves out!
- - - - - - -
Denim, Tribal, Galaxy Top n Shorts at PetiteFairies! "QQxPF" for $1 OFF every item!!!

16 August 2012

All's not gone!

A shout out for a donation drive this weekend!

Readers who have been following me for a longer time would have know that i used to visit Gentlepaws for a year plus, every weekend, until a few months ago that is. I stop visiting cox MooMoo (my sister's dog) gets overly attached to "his humans" and when we're not there, he gets kinda cranky to the volunteers and the rest is history. So i've stopped visiting. To be honest.. My family and i discussed about it before and we had wanted to stop visiting him all together, in hope that it might be a better thing to do for him. But my 12 yro nephew would bawl his eyes out. So he still gets to visit. Anyway, i am not paragraphing this becox i see a need to explain, but i don't wish that everyone would read it becox i know i'd be judged. But it's okay, we know, or at least i know, that this is for the better. Before we can get a house to bring him home, it'd be the most magical thing if he can open up to other people. And you never know, if a good family/ couple come by and they just really really love him, they might be patient enough for him =') By then when any of our house is ready, maybe he also don't want to come home with us! Haha. But before that can happen, i really just have to work very hard (yes i am actually quite hardworking although you see i everyday wake up late lol, i work late too lol) together with everyone in my family. And then hopefully in 4 - 5 years time, omg don't cry, in 4 - 5 years time, they can all be together again. That would be perfect. Thank you =')

So Gentlepaws is a non-profit shelter making shift a home, for dogs who have yet to find their homes. You can read some of the posts i've blogged about under label MooMoo.

To find out more about Gentlepaws and their rehoming stories as well as just to see cute doggy picture haha, check out the Gentlepaws Facebook Page!

They are currently housing over 40 dogs. And all of them need shelter, food, clean water and medical supply. When they fall sick, they'd need medical attention and dog owners will understand, cost of a doggy seeing the vet one time = to a human seeing the doctor 3 - 4 times, at least. It's costly.

And 40 dogs in one shelter, when one falls sick, it'd usually cause a few more to fall sick. And Gentlepaws takes the doggies' health very seriously cox a healthy dog is a happy dog is a dog who stands a good chance to be rehomed =D So all these medical attention provided for the doggies that fall sick, has chalk up a bill of about $8000 over. And this depleted the pool of fund Gentlepaws has.

The fund is for daily running of the shelter, food, utitlity bill, medical/ cleaning supply etc for 40 over dogs. And also, rental of the shelter premises. All these are hefty sum if you think about it.

Saw this on Gentlepaws' Facebook page! Good ad, i'd say. Lol.

Therefore they are running a flea this weekend!!!

To raise fund!

And they need our help! They would appreciate donation of dog supply, but someone gotta pay the rental, the utility bill, the money for their food etc. So the best form of donation would still be money! I've donated $200. It's not a lot but we do what we can! Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

If you can't make it down to donate and shop at the flea but would still like to donate, their account number is POSB Savings 198-66799-4

THANK YOU =) Any amount would be helpful!

But if you have new doggy supply that you'd like to donate, or anything you think that people will like to buy at the flea, to raise more funds for Gentlepaws, they will be glad to have you there or to drop off your things there for them to sell to raise fund!

Some of the things and snacks for both human and dogs, the volunteers are bringing this weekend!

Bring your children if you like! =D I personally quite like the Mickey Mouse bags =X And the owl cushion handmade by one of the kind souls! I also like the human cookies they bake for sale =X

There has to be a lot more items for sale but i just don't have pictures of it. If you have more things to bring/ share, feel free to tweet me a picture of it, i'd love to share it to draw more people to the flea! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With a little bit of help i'm trying here, in hope to get YOUR help, i believe the doggies' bowls and hearts will be full again =) Thank you first!


If you'd like to donate, their account number is POSB Savings 198-66799-4

If you're heading for the flea to buy or to donate for people to buy,
This Saturday and Sunday
12pm - 4pm
No.16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2

15 August 2012

Penang for Tim and Audrey's wedding

Jet off with Josh, Wendy and Mike to Penang for Audrey and Tim's wedding ^.^ Quite happy cox me and Josh have always wanted to head to Penang and this is a perfect reason to go! =DDD

Waiting at the lobby for check-in at 3pm. We reached at 2pm i think.


Wendy doing makeup ^.^ She's one of Audrey's bridesmaids so she ran off first to join the rest!

Me, Josh and Mike drop off our stuff at the hotel first and then we plan to head out and eat, eat, eat.

View of the hotel room Audrey helped us book =DDD BEAUTIFUL HOR!!!

It's Flamingo hotel i think.

First stop, char kway teow! YUMS. It's kinda different from our CKT cox it's not black one! It's actually much more orangey than it looks in the picture. The prawns are so fresh too!!!!

By chance we ordered oyster omelette. BEST CHOICE. Cox it's the best street food i had in Penang. The starchy/ eggy part is JUICY MAX. Oyster leh, Josh say it's fresh so i guess it's all good!!! OMG. How can i forget. THE CHILLI SAUCE!!!!! Want it now again.

Floral high-low dress from EMODA.

Didn't shop a lot at all that! Mostly is looking out for food. We later try Penang laksa (a disappointing version so i never snap picture of it lol) and Chendol (also a disappointing version) suo yi. No pics.

I anyhow match with black heels and bun-up hair also it looks good. Lolol. Although i am not the biggest fan of dark coloured stuff (like the MODE fashion Cheesie and Audrey is super into) i do admit that it looks pretty good in pictures lolol. Looks more sleek, skinny and stylo hahah.

Ordered room service after we come back from a night market that sounds like Batu Fer Ding Ding O.o Nasi set was yums, esepcially the rice and the chicken. Char Kway Teow was pretty decent thou not as great as the one we had. CREME BRULEE WAS AWESOME!!!! Inside got a lot of fruits one!!!! =DDD Refreshing and not jelat.

Next day morning before the wedding we have half day to roam around.

Josh is kinda sad Mike is not joining us for this half day out to makan lol. I ask him "You don't like to go out with me meh" He say "That's not the case. It's just sometimes i appreciate having intelligent conversation with people" LOL. Say i not intelligent right. I get it. I'm not THAT unintelligent. Lol.

Not-bad wanton mee and lor bah. I don't know why it's call lor bah thou! Cox it's like our ngor heong hei biah kind. But more tender that's about it. But hen xiang lah! =D

Went to explore their morning market and found the yummiest snack!!!!! =DDD Ah Pek very friendly and eager to show his skill lol. He even posed for me! Haha. Ke ai.

And this is how popiah skin is made.

Then they wrap with malt peanut candy. I LOVE THIS THE MOST!!!!! Singapore also can get lah but this one is homemade peanut candy (gong tng) and freshly made popiah skin!

Bought this pair of shoes for RM15 at their morning market too =D

And then we head back hotel and then i catered like 2.5 hours for me to get ready. So Josh and Mike went down to the lobby, i assumed would be for a boring chat over coffee =X Lolol.

But people go play pool leh!!!!! Lololol. Very happening.

In the end i got ready in 1 hour.

Dress from HnM. Hairband that i bought from night market. I think it's a fake Ferragamo cox someone tweeted to ask me if i'm wearing Ferragamo. Yeah right. Lolol.

Huiwen ^.^ This time she never force me to use my camera to take picture with her but i ownself ask her for picture one. Lolol. Cox she da ban until quite mei that day and her eyelash got stick properly.
She very what one. When i got makeup and look better she'd say i look like her. When i got no makeup that time 不见得 she want to 认亲. Lolol.
At the recept. So sweet. The wedding is themed the movie UP. See if you remember the mailbox! =D

Wendy and Bobo with the "Can i help you" face. Lolol. Both also got 乐于助人 de face. Not bad.


One with me.


Our table ^.^

Josh and i. He really very zhong shi the wedding. Go and get his suit altered and then get new shirt, new tie, new socks all. He wanted to find a pair of shoes too but not enough time cox all the ones he showed me i also say "Ugly" lolol. Good job, Darling. Lol. You look not-badish that day haha.

The whole place is nicely done up!

Honey as wedding favour *whispers* of which Wendy took many many many. LOL. But i also cannot say her lah. I ate many many many of the fruit cakes O.O

The leads of the night, Audrey and Tim =)) Didn't get to say hi to them til at the end!!! Somewhere around here they played a video of the gate crash etc and i cried O.O I think Wendy too lol.

Audrey's bridesmaids ^.^
Me, Wendy, Tim the groom, Audrey the bride and Cheesie ^.^ Audrey looks beautiful in this cheongsum =)) Look at the slit. Lolol. Sexay. She kinda looks like Gigi Leung in this picture.

Josh very ke lian. He didn't even get his chance to say hi and congratulate the bride and groom, i already passed him the camera and ask him to help snap a picture of us =( I didn't realise until he told me days after we went back to Singapore. I am horrible and insensitive and pretty. Lol.

Okay that's all! I am sorry there's not much pictures of the bride and groom but you should totally check out Audrey's post about the ROM and all. The pictures all super pretty and happy one ^.^

And then next day Josh and i have until 8pm to shop. And in that time we bought so much stuff we had to buy a luggage to throw everything inside =O I bought A LOT of Junk Food tees ^.^ For like SGD8.70 each like that only!!! When i wear them then i show okay.

That's all! I quite enjoyed this Penang trip and most importantly i wanna wish Audrey and Tim a lifetime of happiness and blissful love =DDD