30 April 2010


Picture 1

Much thanks to Omy for the preview tickets to IRONMAN 2!

Before the show starts, i took a picture with my boyfriend outside the theater.

Haha. You thought you were gonna see my real boyfriend here. NO! Lol.
Cox my real boyfriend is actually Donnie Yen. HAHAHA. I am highly delusional now.

Hi, please support my movie.
I am the one on the extreme left and extreme right.
HAHA! I know! I super love her! She's so cool-headed, so swift and so HOT! LOL.

Me ^.^
Whatever, shit in your hand and eat it. Shut up! LOL. This is me!
Who knows, later i go Artica do hair, Juno might really think redhead suits me. LOL!!!
Anyway, point is, this Nat here added lotsa action moves to IRONMAN 2. I mean human-action moves.

My favourite part of the movie besides IRONMAN being EVEN MORE funny than he was in IRONMAN 1, it's this buddy of his! This is where robot action moves kicks in hard! PLEASE LOOK OUT for a part where THE EX-WIFE finally was put to use. LOL!!! I am still laughing about it!!!

And him!!! You all sure think he is just a psycho baddie in the movie right!
NO! I think he quite got character! Lol. And his Whip Lash!
OOOohhhgggrrrrrr! Super sexy to me! LOL!

And i think it'd be so useful for ladies if it's in the market, in a smaller version. If the Vitagen wrapper just refuse to tear apart, we Whiplash it. If we find split ends on our hair, we Whiplash it. If we need to open something when our nails are still not dry after doing manicure, we Whiplash it. If our guy cheats, WE WHIPLASH IT! Hahaha =D I'd love to have that please!

See he's not just some bad guy, he is loving to his parrot at least!

IRONMAN's portable suit-case.

My portable suit-case if i am IRONLADY

All in all, i give IRONMAN2 a 9/10!!!

Funny, unpredictable, action-packed, intelligent!!! It brings you to envy IRONMAN, worry for him, be amused by him and then be amazed by his war suit, and then you leave the cinema hoping that there's IRONMAN 3 soon.

Tony Stark is one of his kind.
I like this line "I successfully privatised world peace, what more do you want?"

I give you the real official poster. Haha.
Watch IRONMAN 2 in Cinema today!

Thanks Omy again!!! =DDD

29 April 2010


Hi guys~

Oh. Guess who won the Bloggers' Night Best Blog Contest by Orange Clove/ Neo Catering? And got the great prize of a..
Yacht Ride with catered food and all by Orange Clove? FOR 12 PAX.

You probably guessed. Me.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's altogether 12 happy people eyes.

I wanna thank Jane, Jessie and all the people i got to meet at the Bloggers' Night whom decided that i should win this! LOL!!! And they are so kind! My birthday falls on 28th June, and i can claim this prize til 30th June. HAPPY MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how unexpected this is for me?! I mean you know in the post here i said i only had a idiot-proof camera and everyone else there has SLRs or SLR look-alike, and they were all snapping away very professionally! YUTAKI!!! Yutaki can vouch! I even told him "How to win? You see our camera and their camera!" LOL!!!

So i wasn't blogging to win the near $1.5k prize, i was just blogging becox i really enjoyed the event and that the food was great and thus, i have to share with you guys right!

The night i found out, i couldn't sleep. I wasn't just thinking of who to invite and about how it feels to be on a yacht (yah lah, never been on one, so so so?!) but i was really thinking hard also, about WHY THE HECK I WIN!!! So i suddenly remember! The contest is judge base on 30% pictures and 70% content!!!


偶像派, 我也是...


十粒 pie!!!

LOL!!! Okay not very funny, never mind! Point is! I won!

And thou i won and i should feel like i ought to win this cox it's SOOOOOooooo great, i also ought to show you guys some of the other entries. They might be able to put Orange Clove catering to you in another light. The yummier-looking pictures, all below! Especially Justin's!

Can you spot me?







Pretend now 紅星大獎

* * * * *

謝謝!! 謝謝大家!! 我要謝謝那些吃飽空閑的讀者!! 也感謝還沒有吃飽就讀我的 blog 的人!!

還有評審團, 謝謝你給我這個獎!!!

我想在我身上發生的是烏龜賽跑, 鐵棒磨成針的故事.
烏龜不想在慢慢爬了, 希望鐵棒也能磨成針!
(Whatever that means, i just wanna say something meaningful exactly like Elvin)

另外沒有拿獎的 blogger 們, 我愿意跟你們分享這個獎項的榮賢!!!
But 獎品 cannot!!! LOL.

* * * * *

Okay, end of speech. Did you guys realise?! Star Awards this year many winner say want to share. Tsk.. But how to share, really?

Remember, i am always your 偶像兼十粒 Pie blogger okay.
The freckles are fake. I tried to do it after seeing my 偶像 Xiaxue did. LOL.



28 April 2010

Mr Curry by Waraku!

Read this short little cute story okay. So the next time you dine at Mr Curry, you'd always remember it was Qiuting who introduced you to your next bestfriend, Mango-nyan. LOL.

Thanks Felicia for the invite!!! Felicia, you rock!!! =DDD

And i asked Carey with me!
Not becox i want to take pictures with her and then afterwards photoshop her cleavage onto myself but becox i thought she'd love great food too! =D

Okay, but how do you think i look with that cleavage? =DDDDD

Let's see what Mr Curry is serving!




... That's some huge variety. Are you hungry now?
I wanted everything!!! But i only have one stomach =(

So i chose the prawn omelet with rice and then i get to choose..

What kind of curry i'd like to go with the dish, i chose the Original!
But i REALLY am not so sure about the black sauce but Carey was more adventurous.

And then the level of spicyness! Me spicy-ONLY. Haha.

And drinks! Sorry can't help! The menu damn cute i keep snapping =D
Carey had the Mr Curry specialty Mango Lassi and she keep telling me after the meal that it's damn shiok! But i say it looks like it's very filling. She say YAH, BUT IT'S DAMN SHIOK.
So you guys might wanna have that!

I had Melon Float! Next time i'm gonna have the Calpis! they say it's like Yakult ^.^

My food! See the prawn so fresh and big! I LIKE~

And my Mango-nyan inspired sauce. Haha.
Love the much onion inside!

Deng deng deng deng~~~~~
BLACK SAUCE! Imagine that on your rice! I know!!!

它很醜~~~~ 可是它很文柔~~~~

LOL! Really! It's abit ermmmm-looking but it's YUMMY!!!
The slight seafood (squid) after taste is good! And Carey's patty so so yum!!!

Try this =D


And you think that's all..


How thoughtful of the people there at Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku! =D

Yummy mini cake rolls. I hart the chocolate most!
Cox it's the cake is light and fluffy and the chocolate taste is rich.
What a good combi! =D

Ending off with my act cute picture ^.^


Arrange your next lunch date at Mr Curry becox..

Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku Grand Opening Celebration at Marina Square
Center Stage on 17 April 2010

*In conjunction with their Grand Opening of Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku at Marina Square Center Stage, they will be giving away 50% returns vouchers exclusively only at Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku, Marina Square Center Stage. Be sure to celebrate their Grand Opening with them!

- Terms and Conditions applies-


23 April 2010

It should all balance up! =))

I was so caught up with work, meeting the puppies and then running here and there for lunch appointment (I just had MAJORLY YUMMY CURRY at Mr CURRY by Waraku three days ago!!! Tell you guys about it soon) and hair appointment (Ahem, don't be jealous. Somebody is gonna be taking care of my hair for me now, ALSO tell you guys about it soon!) and then i gotta do my leopard prints nail leh? Then i also gotta try my new CRACK nail polish. Ah, busy right? =DDD

I was saying, i was so caught up with everything else, i forgot to tell you guys that i was SUPER sway three days ago, on the same day i was so lucky to have the invited lunch at Waraku and to meet the people at my hair sponsor studio. Okay lah, i am sure you guys wanna know who's sponsoring me, tell you at the end okay!!! I KNOW!!! 我好像大明星!!! *not shy* LOL

I had a HDB appointment with my client that was at 8.30am. Before that at 6.15am, i woke up to prepare and drank a bottle of Vitagen. 7.45am i went coffeeshop for Milo Bng with the owners. 8.15 my tummy stirring up. And there after, i ran to the toilet 6 times to LS - Major LS.

On the 4th time to the toilet i saw the cleaner auntie in the toilet cleaning up the only unoccupied squatting cubicle. So i waited for her to be done. So i am sure she remember me and me shitting damn smelly. LOL.

做麼!? 做麼!? *defensive*
你們便便是香的 meh?!

So then, 5th time i went into the same toilet, auntie sitting down to take a break already. And i went to the second last cubicle which is far away from everyone else already!!! So i thought maybe it should help right, with the smellllll~~~~~~

NO MAN. I KNOW IT WAS SUPER STINKO, but you know what auntie did?????!!!!!!!

KEEP SPRAYING into my cubicle!!!!!

I was at the second last cubicle right, so left and right sides both can reach in from the top, she went spraying from the left inwards to me, and then walk to the right and spray again!!!


You know normally we spray is Pss, Pss or like Psss, Psss, Psssss. MAX RIGHT?!

She went PSSSSSSSsssss.... PSSSSSssssssss... PSSSSSSSsssssss... Psss, Psss on the left.
Then PSSSSSSSsssss.... PSSSSSssssssss... PSSSSSSSsssssss... Psss, Psss on the right.

Auntie 要毒死我 i think!!!

And it got me coughing so bad!!!!!!
But i scared if i ask her to stop, it'd be like.. Not right lah?

Like 自己便便那麼臭, 難到要大家享受 meh.. =(((

But i just want to tell Auntie, "I HATE YOU"

Okay auntie? I HATE YOU.

The 6th time i REALLY needed a toilet, so no choice i ran to the same toilet cox it was the nearest. Auntie not there. You cannot imagine how happy i was when i don't see her there. Like my shit also feel happy:

"Yay! We can be ourselves! Let's stink up the whole place! Yay! c'mon!"

See, it's my shit that is creating havoc, why do i have to have air-freshener sting my eyes.

Why, still why. SWAY LOR??!! Why!!!!

But then.. Being so ever optimistic, i choose to count my blessing and yippeeee~

My hair sponsor is
Picture 1

I neglected my hair becox i tried to befriend it but it never EVER did once feel for me. Remember how i became the outcast back in school thanks to my hair? And i used to cry in the morning when i was preparing to go to school, just becox i know it's another day in school when people are gonna laugh at my hair. SO, tell me, 是誰對不起誰?!?! My hair did me wrong right?! LOL.

我終於可以向這醜醜的頭發 say 拜拜了!!!

You guys who have been following should know how helpless and disheartened by my hair i am since young! So you guys please follow me to see my transformation okay! LOL.

So no matter how bad that day went, i actually was still pretty awesome! =D


22 April 2010

How are we alike

We all would love to have people, or just someone to love us.

To show extra attention to us. To want us. To care for us when we have problems.

In return, we want to make the person feel loved. We want to buy their favourite food home for them. We want to watch a nice movie at home with them. We just want to hang around them and be there for them when they need us.

A lot, we are like dogs. Or maybe for you guys to relate better, you can think of it as your cat, your pet pig, your pet rabbit (i am not so sure about this). I really only have a thing for doggies. Or.. Maybe Lion and Tigers are also for me. You know, something big and something that i can relate to that's nearer to a human. Or.. Maybe OrangUtan. No, not really.

But anyway. I feel we are all very similar. What happened was i got to discover about one stray mommy with many (used to be 14, everyday people take away some, now i think it's only 8 or lesser) puppies. She got pregnant thrice in a row. And when i saw her.. She was so exhausted, looks extremely undernourished and her elbows were all dried and looks very much like elephant skin due to her being in the industrial area and sleeps and rest on sand and stone.

I feel very selfish thinking this way but besides the sadness of just seeing her in this state, i feel fortunate for myself. And my doggies.

不要說我拿自己和狗比, i just feel.. That actually all we (doggy and us) need is someone. Just that one person to care enough to do things for us, without wanting anything back. Without condition. Just the one person who WOULD, who always will.

But some people, some doggies don't get that.

I know, you guys would say why don't i stop being so emotionally shallow and start to feel more for the starving people in Africa or something, but hello. I don't even get to see them except on TV and i don't really think i want to go there for them becox you are then a hypocrite, would you risk going there and come back with slow-festing diseases yourself? I watch Discovery Channel and National Geographic one okay *proud* and there was an episode about germs, worms and whatnot. Plenty of people have worm of different sort from that kind of country. And it will only cuase them trouble when the worm grows and give birth to more and then get to the person's brain/ lungs etc. It could take them 10 years to realise they have harmful worms in their body. The smaller ones can crawl across their eyeballs, medium ones crawl under their skin and the bigger ones feed on their body tissues. Okay, i just wanna tell you, i'd rather we talk about doggies and your pet now. Not human - human compassion.

Having said that, i am the kind who will give money to old ah ma begging. So don't think i live in my own world with my dogs only okay =)))

So in many cases.. We are all alike but we are just luckier becox we have the ability to speak. And the fortune of having a CHANCE, that people might understand.

But doggies don't have.

So we could only feel them, and do what we think we can do best for them.

Side tracking a bit, i do feel that dogs have this special thing. Like.. A wavelength that they can choose to share with certain people. You how some dogs are trained to detect a on-coming epilepsy before it happens and will get their owner to a safe place before their epilepsy attacks.

And before the 2004 tsunami, it was reported from various places that their doggies don't wanna go out, feel restless and the dogs that live in the wild, fed by the villagers who claimed that the dogs keep running up the hills and stayed away from the down sides of the village.

So.. My story is one time i had a major migraine attack, and i vomit and my fingers, tongue and back went numb and the headache was eating me up slowly. That time i was still sleeping on the floor cox i had no bed right. And my Love went out of the bedroom to get something which i didn't know cox i was sleeping right, and then i dreamt of Tiffany sneaking in and coming to me to lick my face. And then i open my eyes becox something wet went across my face, it was Tiffany there. And the very moment, i could swear i felt like i just shared a vision with Tiffany. Like a non-existing thing. I don't even know how to explain. Do you know what i mean? I KNOW I JUST SAID I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN, SO HOW COULD YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, but do you know what i mean?!!??! =D

So anyway, i just wanna tell you guys to think before buying puppies from pet store becox they are cute. I mean yes i know, they are so cute!!! Everytime i go to pet safari at Vivo, i just can't help to think if i have a landed and a few maid, i will so buy the GR pup, the husky pup, the lab pup, and maybe a doberman from the pet farm that my Love likes. Hahaha. I know! Puppies are all so cute! And when they are for sale, and you have the cash, and your dad and mum allows, you will buy it! WHO WON'T?

Tiffany puppies then

Annuva with the silly tongue-out who has Daddy's one arm 3/4 sleeve, one arm long sleeve.

Titus the handsome boy now named 樂樂. He's got Daddy's chest hair.

Kiska the princess who looks like Daddy Drago!

And i am not saying NOT to buy. If they are so cute, HOW NOT TO BUY? I am only trying to ask you to consider adopting first. Okay, maybe my Love and i are not so guilty afterall, we did went to SPCA before we bought Drago, he went twice, me once, to check out the doggies up for adoption. We wanted the husky but was told that we'd be on the waiting list for that. And then we did see other doggies but OKAY YES, we only wanted a husky. So.. I am not so guilty of just crossing out the doggies at the shelter.

If any of you are keen to have a doggie, maybe you should see this page regularly. I check it once every monthly.. Just to see which doggies are newly up. I saw two husky up for adoption at one time, and i was soooooo tempted but i know i can never! At least not for now for sure =((

But huskies, GR and other breeds are always out fast. It's the cross breeds.

But if you guys give them a chance, you might never know if they could be the one that will be there for you, and always wants you!

I cried and cried watching "10 Promises to My Dog". And kept calling Drago "Bao Ma" for the next 2 weeks. Haha. Bao Ma is how the Korean girl call the doggie in the movie. There's something that i'd always remember,

"You have many friends, but i only have you"
from a doggie to owner.

Haiya i don't want to write anymore, just go and find your potential BFF. You might find it at SPCA.

Going to find the mommy dog now.


20 April 2010

Bloggers' Night - Orange Clove Catering (Got handsome Yutaki. LOL)

"Catering in Singapore is not a top dining option when you want to impress your guests, it is more of a convenient option one choose when they want a convenient option, not to miss is that it is also one of less costly way to treat a big bunch of people.
From the above, you may conclude that catering is more of a solution to a headache than of a option to enjoyment… and yes, this is how catering is seen in Singapore and ORANGE CLOVE would like to correct that!"

When was the last time you need a caterer becox you can't find someone in the family who would prepare the food for a party for you, and you know nuts about preparing food for a big bunch of people.

On two occasions i needed a caterer.

My 21st birthday, I had a family-relatives-only celebration, and that was already 30 over pax invited.

I was googling for caterer and then my dad offered to help prepare everything instead. So end up we were so kiasu, we had more than half the food left even thou everyone was so stuffed already. We might have prepared food for at least 60 pax. Imagine how much wastage that is.

Then on my 22nd birthday celebration, there were about 30 over pax too, i ordered food for 45 pax. There were more than half the food leftover mainly becox.. The food suck BIG TIME. I am not going to name names. But i gotta tell, the food was already cold and hard when it arrived. Then the prawns were not fresh and they were so puny. The chicken was so tough. The otah was so awful, no fish chunks, no fragrance, only stinky fishy smell!!!

I know, you sure think becox i so cheapskate, i order cheap food from cheap caterers right.

HELLO?! $16.80/ pax okay?!?!?!??! OKAY!?!??! Not $8.80 or $10 per pax!!! And still the food came in aluminium foils -_-" Damn ugly. We even booked a function room for the event. But it turned out bad right from the moment i saw the food.

So typically i would see myself searching for a caterer to solve my problems of not wanting to over-prep quantity of food and not wanting to do the cooking myself and end up serving my guest un-yummy food. Even when my family/ relatives ask me to help them check for better caterers, they always ask which one can deliver GREAT-TASTING food and is AFFORDABLE.

But after attending the Bloggers' Night by Orange Clove (the newest baby of Neo Group of Caterers), i will now also look out for service, enjoyment level and the presentation of the food. Actually i don't have to look anymore, anyone ask for catering service, i'd most probably ask them to go to Neo Group and find out more.

I think about it, averagely we need to spend a few hundred bucks to make up a party. What is that couple of hundred difference when you can get SO MUCH more than you paying for just any caterer who charges cheaper. Hello in this case, cheap things no good, good things no cheap.

One thing everyone enjoys at a party, the food!!! The rest is very subjective. But FOOD!!! Food always comes first in a party. Everything about the food has to be great! The people serving the food, the presentation of the food, the freshness, the taste, the quantity (better be more if it's yummy), everything about the food have to impress!

"Orange Clove Catering specializes in fusion dishes that embrace the best of western and eastern ingredients and believes that other than providing a feast to the stomach, we have the duty to provide feast to the eye, creative setup and presentation is one area we pride ourselves in."

Alright now i'm gonna share the picture i took at the blogger night. But thing is, i am using a miserable idiot-proof camera and everyone else (except Yutaki) seem to be snapping around with SLRs or SLRs lookalike. So obviously i can't show you pictures that will do Orange Clove's work of perfection justice but anyway, i didn't make an effort to shoot cox the food look so tantalising i went for it once i got there and i didn't stop until like many many rounds. LOL.

So okay, i was busy eating more than shooting. Again, BECOX IT'S SO GOOOOOD! =D

When i was nearing the venue, i was already greeted by the 'angels' flying around. It's actually just the staff there to help with the recept, all dressed in white. They were all so friendly and warm. Makes the whole event really comfortable for everyone. Like a gathering for friends and sort.

Menu of the day:


But i must emphasize on how much i love the Pan-Fried Snapper with Miso Butter Sauce!!! MAJOR LOVE! Omg i want it now again. Who's birthday is coming?! Invite me and cater from Neo - Orange Clove please!! Lol. If not i'd have to wait til my own birthday in June. But sorry, i will not invite you all. HAHAHA. Or maybe i will, but no one is allow to touch my fish =DDD

I had NiaoNiao along with me 8D
I really don't quite like her in this specs cox it makes her face looks small and thus make my face in all the pictures looks big =(

美食當前, 不多說了!!!

Everyone is becoming like me, starting with dessert and pastry first. Cox then the craving for savory food will only heighten even more!
不要問我為什麼這張照片裡笑的跟 "雞狗伯" 一樣 -.-"

Man, this IS good.
Refreshing and tinge of creaminess at the same time. Appetizers like that is GREAT.
That's many different layers of pleasure in one small cuppie like that.

Promise to give you Yutaki, and i will! LOL.
他沒事長那麼票亮干嗎嘛!!! 我恨!
Nothing to photoshop for him!!! SUPER HATE. LOL.


Check out the spread and the way it's presented.
And this is just small part of the whole set up.
I can't take a overall picture becox the event was so overwhelmed by people from everywhere!

And that's Niao Niao meeting Yutaki for the first time.
Shiate, my sister looks like a fan. LOL.

(This picture is here solely for Niao Niao's pleasure)
I do think both of them look quite alike somehow. LOL.
They both got the 可怜小貓咪 look.

And again. This Niao Niao 很情不自禁. LOL.

That's them at the wine-tasting session. I damn sad right, supposed to be invited blogger end up being photographer for Niao Niao. She go terrorize my blogger friend and now dominating my blog space with her crush. LOL.

Omg i don't know who this guy is.. But i so adore him!!!
I mean he's charming and he was so cute! When he's picking out the lucky draw i kept shouting "BLUE ONE! Pick up the blue one!" AND HE DID!!! Awwwww... *自 high*

And ta dang~ I won a bottle of white wine from Wine Mansion!!! =D

If not she stalk Yutaki home! =D

Before we realise, the event came to an end. And everyone received a voucher from the organiser. How generous right! And did i tell you right from the start that in the door gift bag, there were macaroons?! ^.^

And hey, say hello to my leopard prints nails with shiny glitters. D.I.Myself one okay! =D

I think you guys could see that i really enjoyed myself at the Bloggers' Night organised by Neo Group/ Orange Clove. When i look around, everyone was enjoying the food, laughing and chatting away happily with their friends. It was so delightful to just watch, and to be in it, i can only thank Orange Clove so much for the invite and THANK GOD I AM SUCH A GOOD BLOGGER to be invited. HAHAHA.

I think this is the kind of atmosphere you wanna create for your own party and gathering. And a credible brand in the industry with 18 years of experience in the field of catering like Neo Group can assist you in making it happen. With Neo Garden Catering, Orange Clove and Deli Hub, whatever kind of catering style you're looking for, i am sure you can find it at Neo Group.

For more information, you may like to visit www.neogroup.com.sg or www.orangeclove.com.sg

MUCH MUCH THANKS TO Jessie and Jane for the invite and thank Orange Clove for the warm hospitality showered on all the guest!

And must thank all the service staff that day. They were all so friendly and attentive!


Now you know what i meant by 可怜小貓咪 look hor?! =D

P/S If my post is good enough, i will extend a special invite to two of my readers! SO PLEASE TELL ME I AM GOOD! =DDD

P/P/S: Join Orange Clove on Facebook here for Exclusive content and interaction!