30 July 2008

Childhood Sweethearts

Both also apollo chocolate but the gold one taste way better!

Sorry to those who can't seem to get me! I am really tight! And i keep falling asleep in the cabrides everyday! I eat alot! So yes! This is what is happening to me! Eat, sleep in cab and 'work'!

Good thing i can keep the sane.

August please come!!! Sawadeekup~ ^.^

Argh. Bye bye! Got to do the 3S!
Shower! Supper.. Sleep!

In the midst of a mad swirl of time.. Actually.


26 July 2008

Some of my BestFriends =))

I just realised i didn't manage to take any picture of ChanShiYu yesterday =(( It's all MingZhou's stupid face. Haha. See below.

Where got people so dumb go Aston order chicken, coleslaw, mashed potato and lemon tea. MIGHT AS WELL GO KFC, right?! MZ totally got a spasm yesterday. First proof, he flip prata in Aston (pic above). Second proof SY and i can be witness. He wanted to take a sip of water but he poured water at his chin instead. He kept pouring like damn a lot. WHAHAHA. Retarded.

QQ @ Astons

And then we headed around the corner to Obolo
Bored cox SY was VERY late!
And then we had like five different kind of dessert and four macaroons!

After food we rushed for toilets. After toilet we headed SY's place for some intellectual word boardgame (that MZ totally flop in). And then i really wish Coco was there! It's wonderful to have normal and nice friends who'd been around for ages, and you think they'd still be there when you are rather old. Like auntie-old. Haha..

I Love these friends.
And i am so lucky..
cox' they are some of my bestfriends.

24 July 2008


Remember i said i'd tell you about the song PewPew wrote and composed and all?! For my 21st. I wasn't quite smart enough to host it at some angelfire thingy. So i gave up.


Deng Deng Deng Deng..




You know, it is quite something.

Beside some guy who wrote me a song to jio me like dragon years ago, no one was so sweet to do it for me already. Haha.. Anyway, i'm not asking.

But CAN YOU BELEIVE?! I got a song with my name in it!

Haha.. 我红了!!!

Thank you, Sweetest.

Love =)

18 July 2008

So here's it!

So you know it! I rebonded my hair! I shall start by showing off my hair (which is really better looking but still as dry and frizzy cox it's already damaged beyond cure way before i rebond).

First! Say ByeBye to Qmoh!

Making of..
And then i pass the Qmoh genes to this Angmoh. Not funny,
i know. But so weird hor, their cover (what is this called anyway?)
First day. Eh please see, still got wind. Haha..
Next day wake up HAIR STILL SO NEAT! Hahahaha..
No more Pong Sai Gao hairstyle!!!
Next-next day go to work, drink Milo also look neat!
WHAHAHAHAHA!! I am totally happy! I mean, i've been trapped with rubber band, bun and hairpins for so long just to keep those hair together. Now my hair is so flowy, i feel like 我来无影, 去无踪! Just 飘来飘去! 很有趣! Hahaha.. Okay, i am happy. By the way!!! I did Natural rebonding okay, so it doesn't look flat and too straight ^.^

Neeways, i am seeing Melody~~~~ tomorrow!


Tips: If you are the kind like me who loves to find split ends any time, and you can't find a pair of scissors, bite it off =))

This post is getting a lil' messy and disorganized. So.. Ending soon!

You know how it feels when you know there's this someone, who'd always want to be with you. And you know he won't just go, cox' you can be such a bitch, sometimes? If you know how it feels, it's happiness =)

Love, Love and Simple Loves

12 July 2008


Hahahahahahaha.. Happy!

Make sure i post picture soon ok!


You know, rebonding must have saved the lives of many. Especially kids like me back then, who have sb curly hair, and went to school with 一颗小小,受伤的心灵 all because of stupid Q-Moh genes!!!!! You don't think it's so bad?! Lion queen is like the worst name ever, cox it's derived from Lion King that movie which got famous during my primary school era, and the kids around me think it's smart and funny to call me Lion Queen. Like please? Female lion don't have pong pong hairstyle, can?! Stupid.

And then got this 逃学威龙 movie by Jackie Chung and some other guys. Jackie Chung got this broom hairstyle. And then i got called 扫把头. You know, last time kids got no creativity. Everything also copy and use.

Anyway, this is to the person who invented rebonding.

Dear You,

I believe you must have gone through a lot to even think of inventing something like that. Don't worry, i understand. And.. you totally kick ass. Cox now i am ass-kicking pretty. I think. Thank you very much.


02 July 2008

Afterwards, FIRST UP!

Must go out with family first! Showing off my handsome nephew who thinks he is Rain. HAHA. Watch out for his honey-sugar tongue and his nickname for wooing girls is Cai Tao Kway (菜头糕)!!! What?! If it wasn't for my family, i really wouldn't have gone so far.. So strong..

Next must learn how to LOVE LOVE LOVE pretty, simple, CUTE CUTE things!All the pretty candies, chocolates, bearbear and lil tokens that you guys have gotten for me so far, i just wanna say a BIG thank you! Thank you for liking me even when i might be a big bad girl who are mostly busy somehow. Thank you for being nice.. Lovelies or not, LOVE =)

This contest made me feel happy even thou i'm like a big slim fool end of the day. Honestly, honestly? If i'm so bad, you are worst. So, YOU WON~ *rolleyes*

Told you guys not to go eat apples from wicked witches! Your Snow Yellow is here!!! HERE!!! *wave~*Boring..? Don't bet on this!!!