30 December 2011

2012, i'd take you on.

2011 has been.. Awesome.

I've been places.. I ate good food.. I had many many first-times happened this year. I still have the good and nice friends hanging with me, and we only maintain to be closer. My family has no big issues. My bf has been sweet and..

My blog readers have been supportive =)

Every fund-raising event, most of you guys will show support.. Be it by coming down, or by spreading the word to your friends.. Every small gesture counts =)) Thank you.

And for the people who are very generous about leaving comments for my blog, although i don't reply all the comments as often as i should *guilty face* i do read every single one of them! It's just i reply to twitter more actively! =D

Just wanna thank you guys for reading in here.. And special ❤ to these readers/ followers on Twitter who are always nice and supportive and encouraging with your tweets and comments! I do know and remember the handful of readers who make special effort to leave a nice and sweet comment often =)) Thank you. I mean.. You could have easily choose not to. But you did! And you keep doing it! And i LOVE it~ =DDD

I've been really blessed this year.

And i really need to thank Clicknetwork for making Budget Barbie happen. I guess without Budget Barbie, i must be just another blogger. But i'd like to think i'm more than just another blogger. I werk cheap, werk value, werk worth.

And i'd like to think that i work hard when i need to (and only when i need to lol cox i'm lazyttm).

And you know who works harder?

The people at Nuffnang. The operation execs still can email/ wassap/ sms me to answer my queries about advertorial write up details or to help me double-check some information at like 2am, 3am one. I know i'm so rude, lol, disturb people so late.

But it's a part of a whole package. I blog late becox i'm a creative (LOL. Like an artistic artist lol) individual and creative people work best at night. Lol. No need to quote any source, it's i say one.

And i cannot ask them tomorrow becox my tomorrow will be 3pm and when i wake up at 3pm, i have to check wassap, check Twitter, check email. And by the time i'm done, i'd have forgotten to ask for info from the Nuffies.

Not forgetting i also have to do household chores, and play with doggies and continue chatting with people and 9gag and play sims social. And the only time i'd remember to ask what i need to ask, is when it's 3am and i'm working again. Lol.

So thank you to all the Nuffies who worked hard!!! I actually just wanna say thanks for the income =X Lolol. But yeah~ It's been a GREAT year working with them!

I also wanna thank my girlfriends Mich and Zhen for scolding whoever i'm scolding. I wanna thank them for being grossed out by whoever grosses me out. I wanna thank them for filling my phone with wassap messages every day when i wake up! But still, NO SPAMMING PLEASE. 175 is just too much!!! Unless it's juicy gossip =DDD To more years ahead, to Year 2020. When that happens and if 9Gag is still around, i'd make a 9gag post for you two okay. Hahaha. Omg. I just calculated, 8 years is too long i'd be fucking 33 by then. Thank you for finally believing in what i do..? Although most of time you two still take the name "bongqiuqiu" as a joke. And childishly shout it in public. Go die. Lolol.

Big big hug to Wendy also =D She's been really helpful and sharing and most importantly, nice!!! I wanna thank her for sharing about anything from the most randomest thing like cooking mushroom soup, to which makeup foundation to use, to which photo filter to use to get Vivi magazine effect lol. Without her knowledge, the ways i look up to her have evolved in many ways. The respect i have for her from initially still remains cept now it has a personal touch to it. Awesome 2011.

And i wanna thank my boyfriend =)) For too many things that i cannot finish listing down unless i wanna stay up and write this post for dayssssss. He's the most supportive guy ever. Sometimes i think i'm too lucky to be with him. But sometimes i feel like i'm such a good catch why is he not marrying me yet. LOL. Yeah, usually i feel like he's too good for me when i have no makeup on. And then when i put on makeup and dress up and shave, i'm like "DUDE YOU BETTER PUT A RING ON ME COX WHEN I STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE AND ONTO THE STREETS NOW, ALL THE BOYS ARE GONNA COME AFTER ME. EVERYONE LOVES IT HOT YO" Lolol. Yeah.. And i'm thankful we have two cute doggies with us every day =D

The thing that i am most thankful for.. Is my family. My dad.. My sisters.. My nephews, my nieces.. I am thankful this year most of them are healthy. And i thank them for feeling proud of me =) That's one of the biggest reason i feel good about myself. Ahem, apparently, among the 5 sisters now, i'm ranked top on my dad's list megusta.jpeg I shall shake off the competition totally, come CNY. Lol.

I'd try to remember all my blessing everyday!!! Try only! Lol.

Anyway.. This about sums up 2011 for me. The good things that happened you can just keep scrolling and clicking "Older posts" or click on the archives to read about them

I'm only worried i don't get to thank the people i ought to thank, enough. But if you've been nice, silent reader or not, anonymous or not, i wish you a Happy 2012. Maybe not all days but i sure hope most days =D

And i wish for the people close to me, for 2012 to be their most awesome year yet. So long as i'm around..... I guess your wish is constantly coming true. LOL.

Thank you for reading in here.

I wish for what you gave me, to be multiplied in ways i give to whom i may care for.
Thank you.

2012, with all the things people around me gave me, and with all the positivity i have in me, i'm ready to take you on! Unless you are really as what people say, endoftheworld, then i'm not ready please don't take me. Thank you!

28 December 2011

New episodes for Budget Barbie

Hello!!! How? Is it tough going back to work for a few days more, before the New Year party begins? =DDD Lol. Shouldn't be that tough right, although the weather has been very cooling this few weeks and it's so hard to get out of bed. But i see updates on Twitter and Facebook, my friends keep receiving gifts for Xmas and for new year etc, from their colleagues. So nice one!

So far my bf got me a box of 12 pcs macaroons and we both share it (lol so to be exact he got me 6 macaroons) and i got him a Esprit Cardigan, a knitted pullover + 2 boxers shorts from UNIQLO.

And Mich promise to buy me Poppycock original popcorn =DDD And i got her one bag (she chose it herself and it's ugly) and one clutch (i chose it for her and it's nice lol).

I also got Zhen one leopard preens clutch and one handbag for work. And Zhen say she got me ROYCE champagne chocolate and one big tube of lychee Fruitips =DDD
Zhen say in case i suspect she haven't buy yet, she sent me this picture. Lolol.

And i got Geraldine a knitted sweater and a punk-ish-looking bag full of skull studs O.O She chose it herself. Hardcore.

Anyway~ How was YOUR Xmas?! =D I only like Xmas cox i can shop a lot. And not have to keep the stuff at my own house. Cox that's what i do on usual days, shop, keep in my room. Shop, shop, shop, keep keep keep.. But if it's Xmas, i can buy, and give it to people as gift! =D

and i've been using the Essential hair care lotion and treatment and hair mask religiously, so that i can bleach my hair to be ash brown before CNY. I know many of you told me it's harmful and i shouldn't do any more stuff to my hair now and just let it rest.. BUT WO ZHEN DE HEN XIANG YAO MAAAaaAAaaa~~~ *jiggles body to sa jiao* Lol.

Anyway~ Here are new episodes of Budget Barbie on Clicknetwork i hope you enjoy them!

This ep i can haz female guest!!! =D And she's not used to shopping for cheap stuff at all! Haha.
Daiso ep where i bought 50 items =O Most of it are really worth it!!!
This is a New Year video made by Clicknetwork, featuring ALL the Clicknetwork hosts! Everyone super emo one! Must watch!!! Don Richmond really can laughdieme.

26 December 2011

Back to normal and it's good!

Sitting in the visitors' info center at Bugis Street to take shelter from the rain that day while waiting for bf. I was carrying shitload of shoes that i got for Budget Barbie ep. I'm actually super surprised they let me in to just sit and wait O.O I thought it's only for tourists. Hmm. Maybe it's the hat.
At Thai Express for late lunch.
The more i look at this picture.. The more i think i have a lot of hair O.O No really. I think so. Lol.

OMFG LOVE THEIR PRAWN TOAST. Freaking got juice ooze out one. The otah also super spicy!!! As in lotsa flavour kinda spicy, yes, but also really chili-hot-kinda spicy. But the ingredient inside is mad one, like no need money one. Green curry is yums also but a little too saltish. My noodle that day was not as nice as it tasted the other day when my sister ordered it. LOL. I guess food is yummier when you're pinching from someone else. Lol.
- - - - - - -
Went out with Mich and Zhen the other day to pass them their Xmas presents and for dinner =D

We went to Fish n Co at Bugis Junction AND IT'S THE BEST CHOICE WE EVER MADE (for that evening at least haha).

First, we get greeted sincerely and warmly by a few of the staffs who are near us. And it's not just patronizing kind of greeting. It's the "Enthusiastically welcome you to join us this evening and let us serve you dinner and make you happy" eye contact + smile + greet.

Not even exaggerating. I really think they place all the best, most polite, most passionate about good service staff in Fish n Co Bugis Junction outlet. Cox this is not the first time i experience good service there!!! The past few times, out of which, twice i written compliment letter to the staff. One in my own name, another for my sister.

You see those magazines on our table? The staff name Francis offered it to us after we made our order. He even asked if these were okay, if not he'd bring others.

*tears rolling down cheeks*

Yeah i don't visit posh restaurants much, but restaurants like Fish n Co, catering for general public, i gotta say they really top ALL of the restaurants in their league so far, service wise. Food wise, it's a given lah. With all those yummy and wide range of sauce they give out upon request, and fresh ingredients used, they're on the right track for sure.
I cnadid-snapped this two using handphone and then i'm like "Eh help me snap one also leh. I bluff bluff use handphone also" Lolol. Very mature. No you know what's more mature..?
Us three trying to pose like cover girl. Lolol. Mich picked the easiest one. I say "Give me confident eyes. Okay okay, the lips, pout a bit. Ahhhh correct correct" Lolol. So we have that shot.
Then Mich quickly ask Zhen to pick the next easiest one. So as a professional photographer (lolol), i say "Give me the edgy chin up pose, your shoulder, your shoulder.. YOUR SHOULDER LAH!" This Yuzhen, 朽木不可雕 Xiu Mu Bu Ke Diao. Lolol. You'd never be a top model becox..
UH HUH. Bitch please! Top model's here!!! Right here~~ UH HUH~!!! Lololol.
Okay food came really fast so no more playing. Lol.

Anyway, i just wanna do a shout out to Fish n Co!!! Thank you!!! Thank you for hiring these staff! They really really made our evening =DDD

Francis and his colleagues has been really helpful and attentive! He'd come over our table and ask if we need any refill/ top up for our sauces/ iced water. And also few minutes after all the dishes are served, he took the initiative to ask if the food was alright. I wanna tell him, DOESN'T MATTER, YOUR GOOD SERVICE ALREADY WON 60% OF OUR HEARTS!!!!!!

This is how much good service matters. If you haven't already seen THIS BLOG that i set up, to point out the best and the worst of customer services in Singapore, you should =) I also share other bloggers' experiences there. Check it out okay! So far, V8 Cafe at Bugis Junction tops the rest =DDDD FOR BEING THE WORST *serious face*

Nope, i'd never let this go until that fucked up restaurant close down and stop traumatizing people. There was an incident where the ladyboss threw a hard object at one of her customers. It's juicy, you should read it. HERE!

If you wrote about a valid experience reasonably on your own blog, you're welcome to share it (good or bad!) on the blog!!! Just email me! =D
Their Spicy Mango sauce is DABOMB!!!!!!!!!! I used to think the garlic butter sauce was the best, now i think it's the Spicy Mango after Mich intro it to me! Actually i tried it before when i order Sword fish. But now i realise it taste good with everything O.O Lol.
We then went on to eat dao hway (soya beancurd) at Downtown East. SOOooo out of the way!! From Bugis to Downtown East! Just for this dao hway that Mich heard her friend say is majorly yums.
We each chose a flavour. But ended up sharing it all anyway!!!
And her friend is trustworthy COX IT IS MAJOR YUMS!! The first 3 bowls we ordered wasn't enough. So i ordered 2 more O.O One is original which is my favorite and the other is almond longan.
Mich and i both scared we'd take too many of each other's longan so after taking one each, we dig out all the longans so we can split evenly. I expected 4. THERE WERE SIX. WORTH IT!!! Lol.
They never bluff one, it IS extraordinarily smooth. I'd say better than, or same as Lao Ban.
You thought that's all. No~ I bought 2 more cups home =OOO Yeah, also comes in cups so cute. Lol.

If you guys are keen, it's at Downtown East, you know where the 7-11 (or is it NTUC), and the foodcourt and the fast food joints are, right? Just walk to the area right before you enter the chalet area. Where the guards give you chops on your hands. Ah, So-Yea is there.

I will pay someone to get me some now =( So-Yea, i miss you!!!

So yea, anyway~ LOLOL. Okay okay, real one, SO, YEA, ANYWAY, i was gonna say that (hahahahahaha) Xmas if over~! Brace yourselves.. The Happy New Year 2012 wishes are coming. Along with the end of the world warnings lol.

How was your Xmas spent? I spent it playing Kinect and eating yummy food and super yummy shepherd's pie with the CCs (Carmen, Carrie, Carlynne Choysss) family =DDD We also watched Vampires Suck (which i laughed til i wanna pee lol) and Alvin and the Chipettes again lol.

Alright! I leave you here. It's hard to pack up the festive mood. I'm still in the mood of buying buying buying. Don't be like me. Lol.

24 December 2011

My steals from KL and Merry Christmas!!!

So this post will go up on Christmas eve i think! So i hope no one is reading this cox if you are.. Chances of you being foreveralone now is very high. Lol. Unless you're reading it with your gfs or family or bf O.O Which i highly doubt so lolol.

Anyway here are all the clothes i bought from KL. I snapped them hastily so it's all kinda like.. Mirror reflection lol. And yes, i'm still using the compact camera and neglecting the DSLR. Totally don't know how to love it yet.

Most of the clothes are RM10 or RM15 max. So if i remember wrongly, it's just 2SGD difference. No biggie. Lolol. It's either cheap or cheaper. Haha. The exchange rate i got was 2.5 so RM10 = $4 and RM15 = $6

Sungei Wang = SW
Berjaya Times Square = BTS

Alright! Here we go!!!
Milktea long skirt from SW RM10 easy to match with stuff hor?! Chocolate brown pants from SW RM10. This one is surprisingly comfortable!!! But it's a little too big for me at the waist.
Oversized colourful top/dress for RM10 at SW O.O Love the puff at the sides! I sneaked this into my pile of purchase cox i scared Wendy/ Sophie/ Cheesie (Audrey haven't come) will judge me Hahaha.
This off-shoulder super colourful top for RM15 or 10 i can't remember. At SW. Wendy strongly advice me against this. But i thought i could werk it.. Apparently..  I can't lolol. But i tried!!!
Chain and Buckles chiffon top for RM10 at SW.
Blue Cropped top with Knitted flower for RM15 i think! From SW. This is my first purchase!!!
Fake Mickey Mouse tee for RM10 or 15 cannot remember! At BTS!!! Everyone (including my bf at home) said it's very erxin and have no idea why i bought it. Lolol. But i think it's ok-ok so-so leh!
Leopard furry dress for RM10 at SW. Floral dress at BTS for RM10. Top with lace and flare shoulder pad from SW at RM15.
Pastel pink body-hugging dress for RM10 at BTS. The flower brooch is detachable!
Denim Cardigan, Floral top with Puffed sleeves, Blue Checked bubble shorts , all from SW. The and top confirm RM10. The shorts i can't remember 10 or 15!!! Black flora dress with studs and Blue flora with draw-strings at the chest for RM10 each at BTS.
Nude tone bed of roses top RM10 at BTS.
Angry bird cropped sleeveless for RM15 at BTS!!! I know angry birds are so over!!! But i thought this was cute! No matter how Sophie think i'm being erxin lolol.
Blue dress with lace flap at RM10, from BTS!
Happy floral dress for RM15 at SW!
That's all the stuff i bought! Also two glittery nail colour which is really pretty!!! Like extra sparkly and only cost two for RM15.

Alright that's all for KL =) So happy that it happened.

BY THE WAY!!! My gfs, you can choose ANYTHING you like, that's seen on this post. I'd pass it to you when i next see you! Cox most of them are not exactly what i'd buy for myself (only the Mickey Mouse is for myself lolol) but i promise to get you guys stuff so i grab and i grab, you must like something out of this pool.. Right..? Lol *self-conscious with my own fashion sense*

Anyway! Do you know that people say Xmas is one of the days where most people commit suicide? O.O I saw it on some news one. They say cox on the eve of Xmas, and on Xmas, everywhere is filled with happiness and joy, and everyone is surrounded by loved ones.. With beautiful happy music that somehow will sound lonely and sad if you're alone O.O

But i guess the stats might be different now. Cox now if you're feeling lonely.. I suggest you read ALL the blogs!!! Bitch please, bloggers are more lonely than you. Lololol. Forever talking to ourselves. Forever taking pictures with ourselves. Haha. Lighten up!!! Life is fucking good. If it's not, you force it to be. Kinda like a rape your life thing.

It doesn't wanna give you a good time? YOU FORCE IT TO. Think happy thoughts.. Block out the negative ones. Fight back like a gangster.

I also don't know how to tell you how to be happy lah, my way is being extremely forgetful.
So maybe the key to happiness is to be old and senile O.O
Alright! I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! Hug someone today ba! Amazing things could happen when everyone is feeling happier. Only happens in this season =)

22 December 2011

Kuala Lumpur and all the fun

So the second day of the KL trip Sophie and i went on to shop and then join the Nuffnangers at Pavilion for dinner and light show!

So we missed out on the visit to the National Monument, Lake Gardens, Independence Square and also lunch at KLCC.

They also went to tour the National Mosque & National Palace after lunch! Sounds like a lot to intake for those who joined the tour!!!

But Sophie and i only have one thing in mind.. Shop ALL the shops in Sungei Wang!!! Lolol. I know you'd be more keen in me blogging about shopping so i do this for you!!! Lolol. Okay lah, i do this for myself.. AND YOU! Lol.

But first we rewind to the first night! Right after the awards.
One picture of my hair tied up O.O It cannot get more descriptive than this. Lol.
Photobombing level: Eurasian. LOLOL.

I was telling Sophie "Come! Let's do a fashion shoot on the bed lolol. Okay you lie down, okay okay, werk it.. Werk it.. Nise" And the result is..
Nise!!! I think it's cox Sophie is Eurasian. Lol. Of course then it'd be my turn. Let's see how she do this.. Hair up, chin up a bit, both hands raised up also. OKAY!
Close enough. LOLOL.
THE NEXT DAY!!! ^.^ View from our room at Marriott Putrajaya!
Sophie and i in a limo (RM70 flat rate) on our way to Sungei Wang ^.^
First shop we got to and Sophie spent like 30 or 35 minutes in it =_= *yawns* But okay lah, she bought like this pair of really chio shoes.
Before lunch we saw this outside Sungei Wang! I NEED TO TOUCH ALL MASCOTS! Lol. So we both grab a picture each and then i went on to hug the mascot goodbye and then Sophie say "What if inside the mascot is a very gross man?" Lol. Sophie, die.
Posting this pic so you can see my eyebrows.

It's always black but i try to use brown/ dark brown eyebrow pencil to make it less black but it doesn't work, it'd still be blackish mostly. So i tried using concealer on it before filling it in with brown brow pencil, it then become greyish brown which is like old people kinda brows..

So finally, i bought two different kind of brown mascara to try to make it brown.. Still doesn't work. Lol. Only gave me even darker looking brows.

I want it to be brown cox my hair hasn't be black for the longest time. So i want brown THICK, brown brows. Thick cox it's koreanish lol. But then again, Koreans have dark and thick eyebrows.. Hmm.. I guess i'm confused.

I'm telling you this becox.. Later i tell you why!!! =DDD
Lunch while waiting for Cheesie and Wendy to come join us. Can you freaking believe this is only 5SGD?!?!?! I love Malaysia.
Sophie and Cheesie =DDD Sophie's drink freaking tall one!
Wendy and me~ ^.^
Us trying some fruit stick coating with sugar! It's yummy leh!!! And soooo freaking cheap =O I actually like the mini mandarin orange one better. And i secretly think nobody wanna buy mandarin orange cox it doesn't look cute to walk around with. Lol. Whereas strawberry stick looks cute.
Audrey joined us very soon and then we all went on shopping~ Very sad Wendy never buy anything!!! And it was SOOOooooo hard for Sophie to buy something! She ended up buying really normal priced stuff, like RM35 those kind.
Most of the stuff (really really nice and up to date ones) are RM25. And there are like ten thousands shops to shop from so you really have to take your time if you're heading there to shop. But i so giam, i went for RM15 and below. Lol. But i bought the most stuff so i guess i am still a good tourist. Lol.

And the girls were all stuck at Sasa for the longest time!!! Wendy, Cheesie and Audrey were looking at some Japanese brand makeup and they were all going gaga about the lipstick etc. And i thought i saw something like a eyebrow concealer!!!!!!!!

Since i've been trying to find something like that for ages.. I thought i'd buy it ALTHOUGH it's quite expensive. Like SGD14.50 lol. Okay lah i thought it's SGD18 when i was calculating there. $14.50 doesn't sound so bad!!! Given that it's so awesome.
Sophie and i walk across the street from Sungei Wang to Pavilion to meet the Nuffnangers for dinner!
LOOK AT MY EYEBROWS PLEASE! Behind us, all the Nuffnangers!
Look my eyebrows again. We took this picture at Pavilion. They make Xmas REALLY BIG. And beautiful too! Like really make it look magnificent kind. Every corner is worth a picture. Lol. But not for me becox i think it's very tourist-y. Lolol #man #machoness
But since Sophie do..
I also lah. Lolol.
I bought this leopard preens furball rubber band and this white lace-tie thingy from Daiso at Sungei Wang. And tie it to my boring white-grey bag immediately. Haha. How does it look!

Then Sophie and i took a RM10 cab ride to Berjaya Times Square. OMGGGG WE SHOULD HAVE GONE THERE EARLIER!!! They close at 10pm and we only have like one hour left to walk the four storeys (3rd floor - 6th floor) filled with majorly cheap fashionabe stuff!!!
And there's a theme park within the mall O.O So happy my brows match the colour of my hair here.


Cox Wendy told us Berjaya Times Square closes at 10pm and it was already 9pm then and i was afraid we'd miss the time to buy Krispy Kreme donuts if we go shoping first.

So we bought donuts first. Each a dozen O.O Super mafan cox we have to lug it around!!! Shop also have to squeeze through the crowd with it lol. BUT for Krispy Kreme, it's worth it!!!

I bought 12 cox i really thought like last night, everyone (Wendy, Mike, Jess and Sam) will come to our room to party (means: chill out, do nothing for people like us lolol) and Sophie bought 12 cox she wanted to bring it home for her bf's family.

So end up, we have to lug it around the whole time looking like noobshits lol.
Next morning, first thing Huiwen see me, she say i'm ugly again. LOL. HUIWEN, Y U NO SHOW ME LOVE!!!  And since we both wearing dark frame specs, she say lets take a picture see if we really look alike as what some people suggest in a post last time. Take this picture already she say cannot, cox her hair messy.
So we took this one. She also say cannot cox she never chin down, and her face will look bigger =.=
Like this she happy. Lolol. We took picture during iFly and Olay filming! I'm waiting to show you when i compare the lookalike with Huiwen! Now i show you ba!
No photoshop except pulling levels. Huiwen say must tilt head down and smile then look like me LOL. I think she's right!!!!!! How?! Look alike not?!

Another one we took before filming Olay project 360.
Okay lah, Huiwen gen wo hen xiang, hai man mei de. Lolol.
Wanted to show you the pictures of me anyhow-featuring all the clothes i bought in KL but this post is getting too long. So i think i'd show you in another post!

Xmas is coming and i wish all of you have gotten something for your loved ones!!! And don't forget to send a little love to the people you appreciate. Thank you also, for reading in here =))

You guys have been really great! Thank you, thank you, thank you =)