31 March 2013


Click on picture to get to QWeekly site ^.^

DENG DENG DENG! Finally! First 'issue' of the blogazine QWeekly is out!!! =D


There are already a lot of things to see and there's even things to be won so i TRY not to blabber too much here lol.  Anyway~ Here are some behind-the-scene! ^.^

Some of the makeup i brought that day. Lots of the rest are still in my bag when i took this picture lol.
Shio doing my hair ^.^
❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Done the cover haha. Snap a peek of it from Josh's laptop. Josh is the photographer lah ^.^
While Shio do the makeover girl's hair.. Me and Samantha goof around. Lolol. Look at her.
And after i do her makeup.. She's up! YOU HAVE TO SEE HER "AFTER"!!!!!!!!
After all the four girls left, we whip out a surprise for Shio haha ^.^
 Happy Birthday Shio!!!! You're the best hairstylist in Singapore!!!! Hahah though you're really a Japanese. Erm.. By the way ah ladies, Shio is single =X Hahaha. He's been looking for a girlfriend!
Mich help me buy the cake one OMG I JUST REMEMBER I HAVEN'T PAY HER BACK =X I whatsapp her now lolol.
YSL sent me a huge bag of stuff just yesterday!!! =OOO I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!! There's the TOP SECRET UV shield and a nice sweet eyeshadow palette perfect for Spring and..
If you noticed.. At the back.. The ALL NEW, JUST RELEASED YSL Forever Light Creator skincare range! And!!! If you noticed again.. THERE ARE TWO SETS OF SKINCARE!!!! =DDD

Which means giveaway time! Thanks to YSL =D
 Alright i leave you to read QWeekly to find out more for this week! =D And yes lah, you can find out details on how to win these products also! ^.^ Please enjoy.

Feel free to email qweeklyonline@gmail.com if you have any suggestion / enquiry!

28 March 2013

rarebits new collection - Milky Fruity

rarebits just launched a new collection ^.^

The highlight of this collection is a two-piece top and skorts! The top is very cute one ^.^ Especially love the collar part. Makes me look like a.. Goodie two shoes kind of girl. Lol.

So shop away~ =D

Milky Fruity
Comes in Mint..
Pale yellow..
Pale purple..
And baby Pink! =D AND!!!!
This is how the back looks like! The back of the top is really cute hor!!! And it's actually a pair of shorts but from the front it looks like a skirt cox of the extra flap ^.^ Cute bu cute?
This is also another of my favourite ^.^ Colourful polka dots on pink chiffon ^.^
And some cute pastel accesorries to go with it! Spring it babeh!!! =DDD

Shop now!

24 March 2013

QWeekly - QWeekly preperation

So this week is all.. Clearing work since i am done nua-ing after coming back from Korea. I can of course say i am resting, recovering from the fat-grafting and nose job etc.. But no really..

Was just nua-ing~ =D Lololol.

But since this week started i've been busy busy busy. This, is the price i willingly pay to nua for a week after holiday. Haha. Twas worth it. So the nua-week (last week) is over.

This week i'm just clearing leftover work and getting stuff ready for the QWeekly site and it's making me really excited!!!

I'm supposed to be doing the makeup part for the makeover for four girls every month right. But i am not very willing to part with my own makeup lah =X Cox i don't have much makeup and the ones i keep are the ones i very super love so..

Perfect time to go shopping!!!! Haha. Some are for myself lah, though mostly for the makeover for the four girls every month! ^.^ I'd just keep adding to the collection but for a start i think these will be good enough!!! If everything fails, fuck it, i have photoshop *confident* You all cannot trust my makeup skill i understand, but you can trust my photoshop on face a bit more lah lolol.

我靠 photoshop 骗吃也有好几年了. 放心. Lololol.

Lotsa falsies, new sponges, pink / peach lipgloss from SaSa. I think they cost me like $100 ish O.O We share share use okay. Lol. I keep 2 pairs each for myself.
Try to copy Japanese makeup artist, provide skincare before makeup. Lolol. I got makeup remover, cleanser, toner, essence, eye serum, moisturiser, mask sheets etc. LI HAI BA?
Bought lotsa Japanese makeup from JRunway =D I got a shock when the bill added up but lucky i got discount! The eyebag / highlight pencil from Dollywink is new one hor??? =DDD Also got like two different kind of concealer cox not sure which kind will work better for different skin O.O
More new / used once makeup from my own collection. I super love the YSL lippie one but i got one really close to the colour and i've been using that one so.. Good for you! Haha.
All the makeup i bought from Korea that i haven't try but all looks pretty good to me when i tried the sample on the shelf haha!!! =DDD I am sucker.
And some miscelleneous stuff from Daiso. Swear, their eyelid stickers (as shown in the pic, don't get the other kinds they have, those are quite bad. Especially the ones with eyeliner drawn on, lame max) are one of the better ones i've tried! Though 3M Dark Magic still beat other eyelid tape handsdown.

Alright! So that's all for QWeekly. Tomorrow i'm going shopping for some clothes haha. Tops and dresses mainly, for the QWeekly. THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOO FUN!!!! =DDD

I've chosen the first four girls dee and i can't wait to see how Shio do their hair and how they'd look after i colour their faces. Hahaha. Good luck to them! Lolol.

Next QWeekly should be fun =D
- - - - - - - -
My sister entered Baby Yurou for some baby and mummy contest call "Happy Moments from the Heart" Could you PLEASE help her VOTE HERE.

I know i am not her mummy lah =( But focus is on the baby haha. The prize is just 1 month milk powder and vouchers but my sister say when Baby Yurou grow up she can show Yurou and say "You won a baby contest" Lolol. How come my mother last time never think like this =_="

The only prizes i won are.. For obstacle relay (share with 3 other student) on P2 sports day.. And Most Thick-skinned blogger nonsense award hahahaha simi sai.

You can vote everyday! So if you remember.. (i'd remind you on Twitter anyway one lololol) Help her vote lah. Don't win also nevermind but since my sister join dee cannot lose until too ugly lolol.

Okay thank you ah. Bye bye.

22 March 2013

Accident and Emergency

But i thought hey~! This has never happened before! The last time i blogged was on Sunday. You know i blog every 2 - 3 days, right. Rreasons why i haven't been blogging..

No, no, no, i am not getting lazy nor am i too sick in the recovery after the surgeries. Lol. It's just..

Okay you see, i was gonna blog today. About preparation of QWeekly site. I bought lotsa makeup and all, for the makeover for you girls. And i was gonna show you guys pictures of all the items.

Oh by the way!!! I received 280 submission keen for the makeover!!! =OOO Thank you!!!

Don't worry if you're not the first four to get rolling! I'd do four every month so if i don't see you this month, i still might see you next month / next next month / next next next month =D

Each month four! =D

But then my sister had to get to the A&E for dengue fever (Day 5 into it then we realise) and i had to go with her. I hope she'd recover really fast and well. Thank you.

So i just got home after a long day at the hospital and i am quite sure.. I can't be whipping up that post. Haha. So that's why i'm here rambling away.

Anyway~ Wait ah really very sleepy, stand whole day. I go have a quick shower first then come back.

- - - - - - -

Okay back.

What was i saying. Right. The reason why i didn't blog today. Was.. Cox i was at the A&E whole day accompanying my sister. And then i saw a lot of old people. Like really old and frail and sick and..

All of them look sad and lonely =( Some look really.. Dead.. Like a grey-hair Ah Ma was resting beside NiaoNiao's observation bed and i know i should look out for my sister fully but i can't help but to look out for the Ah Ma too becox i'm so scared her chest will stop moving from breathing.

And then i saw her raising up her hand slow-mo i thought she was trying to call out to the nurses. But really lah, those annoyed and busy nurses can't hear her one lor. And they won't notice her in time.

So i tell her "阿嬷 你要什么你跟我讲 then 我跟 missy 讲" But she just smile at me a bit and then went back to sleep. So i think maybe she was just dazing in and out, maybe dreaming. I don't know.

I was standing at my sister's bed the whole time cox they have no chair and i can't squat too long lol. And when my sister had to draw blood / jab all sort of stuff (total of 4 different jabs at 4 different area. She damn sway), she had me to comfort her and tell her it's okay, be there for her to grab and lend her my hand to squeeze lol. She also cried on the 3rd jab and her freaking mascara smudge onto my new T-shirt. Lol.

And then i just feel so bad for anybody who have nobody to accompany them to the A&E. Like.. Where's your parent? Where's your brother / sister? Where's your gf / bf? Where's your bff? Where's your husband / wife? Nobody? Really..? =( Why?

I used to think old people who have nobody to take care of them is becox they are angry and grumpy, and always complaining about the rest of the world and has been a lousy parent / grandparent but then now i think.. Maybe there are indeed old folks who got snooked big time. Who brought up their children giving them their best and yet the child grow up to be ungrateful, they just decide to abandon the parents and leave them to grow old and sick and die. Maybe?

And then i also try to think about how it's like to grow old and what kind of old folks i wanna be. I think.. It's quite safe to say i wanna have kids and grandkids and i want to be the best person to everyone of them so they can learn good values and be good people..

So at least they know it's only right to have someone accompany me to the hospital when i need to be at the hospital!!! No really, nobody should be alone at the A&E!

Only three kinds of people are alone at A&E.

1. The kind who treats people nastily and nobody likes him / her becox of that
2. Kena snooked. Was being nice to all the ones who don't deserve it
3. Construction worker (Foreigner)

I mean.. Even construction worker from Bangladesh will have his supervisor with him sometimes.

Nobody..? Really?

17 March 2013

QWeekly - Out and about

Sup sup sup. Lol.

A few things!!!

First of all~~~ rarebits just launched a new collection =DDD It took a while longer cox i was away in Korea right, and HO HO HO i forgot to bring MY laptop, NEVERMIND, Josh got bring his laptop also.

BUT you know what?!?! HO HO HO!!! On the third or fourth day into our trip.. Josh de laptop CRASHED!!! Really is hoseh liao!!! Lolol. So he had to go get it fixed. Thank god that even though it can't be fixed fully cox ALL the data got wiped out.. He manage to get it working again after spending $200 USD or so at the Apple shop in Seoul. So.. I could still do my blogging work using the laptop.. But all my rarebits pictures are in Singapore.

Sigh.. Macintosh used to be soooooo hardy. Like no virus, no shit. Now it's all crapping up. Don't work on it they confirm lose out the computer desktop / laptop market once Samsung is done whipping their ass taking over the phone market lol. WHY do i care about their multi-billion businesses.

I was talking about rarebits. My business. Lololol. So new launch, right.

Colourful spring is hereeee =DDD So "SPRING IT ON~!!!!!"

Quite a lot of spunk and fun in this collection ^.^
I never particularly fancy anything skull but even i like this pink vain skull! Haha. Dolled up with flowers on its... Skull. Lol. Also the hairband showed in this picture can be worn as a choker too!
Kitty meows hidden in pretty floral prints! =DDD Comes in pastel lemon and blue ^.^
UNICORNS!!! =DDD In multi-colour sprinkled all over these basic tops!
For the ladies who love feminine dresses~ This cut-off shoulder dress would be super pretty for your weekend brunches i think ^.^ Shop shop shop away now~

Shop now:

- - - - - - -

Next thing is..

Can i have you girls send me your pictures if you're keen for a makeover?

It'd be featured in QWeekly ^.^ I really really really enjoy doing makeover for people and don't say what, i might not be very good with makeup and hair and stuff but among all my girlfriends like Gem, Zhen, Mich and among all my sisters, i am the best already lololol. And i LOVE to do makeover for them. Lol.

I enjoy doing it cox i feel good if someone looks better after a makeover and i also feel proud of my own "work" lah lol. And mostly cox it's really fun to do makeover for people!!! ^.^

I am still asking Cleo Hairmake if they wanna sponsor the hairdo part but Samantha is overseas so i'd wait for her to come back and ask Shio!!! =D If they say yes, good for you girls! Cox Shio is known for having 神の手 which means God's Hands. Lololol. Whatever shit hair he touched become chio looking voluminous airy hair like those you see in Japanese magazine. So fingers crossed! =D

So yeah lah, now i also can't take much pictures of myself cox everyday i have the nose splint on except during shower time and i cannot be taking pictures of myself showering O.O Lolol. So.

I wanna doll people up if i can't doll myself up now!!! =DDD I bought soooooo much makeup and stuff from Korea i wanna USE IT USE IT USE IT!!! But i havenn't had makeup on me for the longest time already. Like.. Since.. 5th of March =OOO

So anyway~ If you're keen to have a makeover done by me, please drop me an email at qiutinger @ gmail . com

With your pictures. Erm.. It's hard to say this gently but PLEASE DONT SEND ME PICTURES LIKE THESE.

Picture of yourself in the most zoomed-in + angled angle. Lol. I can't see shit how you look like exactly and Friendster day is over. So you can still send these cox i know they look cute but please also include pictures of your face proper lol. Also..
Please don't send me pictures like this.. I am not doing a makeover on your phone casing lolol.

I know i might sound a bit rude but really.. Over the years i've asked people to send in their pictures, be it to help my friend looking for talent / model, or to search for my blogshop model, i have people sending me these kind of pictures. Like one time, a girl sent me 15 pictures of her self-shots, in different outfits, in the mirror, with the phone casing covering 90% of her face in ALL the pictures.

I was like.. @.@ Whaaaat? Lolol.

Okay so now you know! Please feel free to send me your pictures! Looking for four girls to kickstart this pet project of mine =D I can't wait!!! =DDD Email me! qiutinger @ gmail . com

If you're in Singapore of course it'd be easy but if you're overseas then we'd work on chance okay! Like if you're coming to Singapore for a holiday or something.

I am setting the photoshoot date at end of March! ^.^


14 March 2013

I gotta face it..

In case there are people missing out on my instagram / Twitter update..

I got my surgeries done. Nose job and fat grafting for my face.

I've seen comments saying i look like a pighead after the surgery but seriously, it's still swollen and it's expected to be like that for about 2 weeks and i am only 1 week into it. I am happy to know that there are people who are eager to jump to conclusion that my surgeries will fail.


But i am more happy to know that most people have been wishing me speedy recvoery and sending me well-wishes =))) Thank you guys. I have been very well-taken care of and DocDoc has arranged everything properly and professionally for me =))) I am very thankful.

I'm gonna be showing you guys video and i am sad and happy to let you know that those videos would probably be the last videos i make with my old face and old nose lol.

But for now, for most of you are keen and who are cheering me on, this is how i look during my last day in Korea before i remove the splint. One week after the surgery. Zero photoshop. The bruises below my eyes are from filing the hump on my nose bridge and it's expected too lol. In any case, in case you're wondering, no, it doesn't hurt. But i'd share more on what to expect =D

But yeap~ For now, i just wanna say.. Fat grafting is da freaking bomb!!! Makes you look more youthful, appear more feminine, look less sunken and tired =D Will share more REALLY soon =D

I mean look, without fat-grafting, this one also zero photoshop. There's so many uneven sunken areas especially below my cheekbones and on my laugh lines and under my eyes. Also, my forehead is the worst. One full line of dent =( Anyway~ Will share more again!

Now i wanna update my backlog! LOVE this set of pictures taken on the last day of my Japan trip earlier =) Mainly i think cox i 4 - 5 days never wash hair lolol and the curls became softer and chioer.

All the pictures i never edit my face. No need to edit anymore cox i think we ought to have one blogpost to remember how my face actually looks like lol. WITH MAKEUP at least haha.

Hello me, you look very familiar.
One shot before i head out..
To explore Tokyo with Josh ^.^ Actually we didn't go far lah. Always go same places cox everytime go still got new things to see / eat and buy one ^.^V
Found a cute shop front so i had to whore my Hello Kitty bag there haha.
Went for morning breakfast at Freshness Burger =DDD I LOVEEEE the spam + egg burger!!! Can have two at one time. Lol.
While waiting for Josh to do his stuff. I sat outside Freshness and started camhoring lol.
And another angle.. Haha.
And then we had to head for the airport already =( I miss Japan. I miss Japan. I miss Japan.
Have to have a meal at the airport becox i know i'd miss Japan so gotta milk every moment i have there lolol. Just a very simple tomato sauce pasta with prawns. Simply yummy thou.
Josh's aglio olio and our best minestrone soup!!! I LOVE IT!!! The soup!!! It was awesome.
Have to.
We flew ANA i think. Or was it JAL. In anycase.. I think my 80 cents eyelashes are love.
Josh added a surprise ingredient in my pasta lol. He bought an egg from the supermarket and then add it to my pasta as a surprise lolol. Very cheap thrill hor, but it made me happy ^.^
Their convenient store eggs damn love one lor. The egg yolk is melty one also.
Okay that's me drinking milk. Lol.
And my last picture in Japan before we fly back home to Singapore =)))

Alright that's all the pictures i have for Japan =( I will be there soon one!!! And if i go back there again i wanna visit places outside of Tokyo ^.^ Just to experience another kind of beauty there.

Anyway, now now, i am back at home, from Korea. And it's been a pretty insightful trip. I struggled a lot within myself, at many times. I had to choose between being thankful for there's wayyyy too much to be thankful about, or being extra super violent like want to kill a human-being kind of violent, just becox i have reasons to. And i believe it's all Singtel / SKTelcom's fault.

"You don't wanna mess with a social-media whore's mobile data" My mental threat the whole time, to no one. That's why you see, i was really frustrated. It would have helped if i had something to punch.

Punch punch punch. Kick. Slam. Smash.

Okay good night.

*search online for anger management courses*