30 January 2009

Still FAT-Choying away!

I was at Chinatown on CNYE hoping to grab some dirt cheap bragains like every other CNY. But this year, not only Chinatown doesn't have cheap-charlie goodies up for grab at the last minute, it was also an unpleasant place to have gone to. Let's not talk about some people who can smell quite bad and some people who were dumb enough to push their baby prams with their babies in it (Seriously, you want to kill the baby this way then why go through the 9 months pregnancy?).

Then i had to get into an arguement with the Ang Moh selling suasage in Chinatown.

I queued for about 10 mins and when i got to the first in the line, he thought i had cut the line to get to the front becox i looked like i was squeezing through. That was becox bloody lady in front of me choose to eat sausage even when she is FAT, and block my way to get to the front, then what, MY PROBLEM?!?

So AngMoh refused to sell it to me and took the order of one girl who DIDN'T QUEUE.

I will scold the AngMoh later but to this girl who knew she didn't queue and kept repeating her order to the AngMoh obviously trying to take my turn:

I wish you a properous new year, with GREAT health, and that your family would be free from disaster and ill luck. Okay =)) I also wish that the sausage you ate will be digested properly and not be stucked in your anus til today.

Yours, with Love

So after the first girl sucessfully cut my Q, another girl who didn't Q came forward and place her order. By this time, AngMoh already ignored my order for like 3 times. So here's how it started

Me: Err.. Excuse me, i have queued from right at the back since 10 minutes ago.

AngMoh did a 100%ly spastic big action by spinning his head two rounds and simultaneously wave his hands in the air. Imagine that, i beg of you.

AM: So have you guys finally decided how to Q?!
*super loudly and gucking embarassing*

I was taken aback for say.. 5 seconds. I couldn't even speak.

AM: If you want to buy something here, you gotta Q.

Me: I told you, i have Q from right there. And these people here, are the ones who didn't Q.

The lady in the same company selling bread right beside the sausage stall, whom i bought bread from helped by affirming that.

Me: Like your staff said, i was Qing.

AM: My staff?! She is not my staff! She is my wife! If you are upset about these people cutting your Q, then why don't you tell them off?

Me: I am here to pay you, and to buy somthing, not to help you organise your Q. So can i buy my 3 pork with cheese and 1 mini combo?

AM: Okay. Okay.

By this time, there was no one at my side trying to cut Q. Only people behind me Qing. Nabei, AM making use of me right?!?!?! To help him with some bloody Singaporeans who don't Q. And then everyone looked at me like i one kind of troublemaker, ON CNY!!! But i am very sure the few people Qing behind me was very thankful that i spoke up. So.. You guys can join my fanclub if you manage to find me okay! Lol..

And i said i would scold that AM right. Okay, you, suck. Nothing too mean, okay? Nothing personal, i mean.. Your $3.50-each suasage is nice. As nice as the ones found in NTUC, ColdStorage, Shop&Save, Giant, ShengSiong at about 1 for $1.50 max. And me being so ever understanding, of course i know you just want the crowd to be civilised. I understand. So it's fine =)) Gong Hei Fatt Choy! ^.^

After, i bought 5 panties and one new bra to get my cheena year re-started.

Then on the way back, in the cab, Bong did this.

Hahaha.. Funny if you watch the 9pm drama on Channel8.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

At Fish & Co

Niao & I

My Lovely Daddy & Us

Nothing much, just wanna show you my lucky colour for this Ox year.

Lastly, i hope everyone will try to stay healthy and not eat so much on CNY, don't be like me! For hotdogs go argue in front of a crowd on CNY! A bit Xia Suay! LOL!!!

Lastestly, stay happy, anyway! ^.^


25 January 2009


Told you i photoshopped Xiaxue's picture quite a while ago right?

Here's it.

It still looks like her nowself right? Sweet, cute and abit sexy.

My super chio link list is still adding up.

Please hold your breathe for..



I can't help it, i feel so smart, i am so happy.

So okay, here's Crystal

If you already think this is hot..

Then you must thank me..

For making it hotter for your eye pleasure.


Somebody give me an award also can? Xiaxue can get like the queen of it all, i just want a nominee ticket. LOL..

You don't understand, it's easy to make a ugly picture pretty, but it's very difficult to make a pretty picture prettier you know!!! So i am an expert! =DDD

Who's heading Chinatown tonight? Me! Cheap Charlie goodies! Is love~!

3 0 Five 6 (Cantonese)

21 January 2009

I had already planned for my retirement for today until..


Seriously, what's wrong with you? Did your ugliness scare the shit out of yourself that you can't think straight?

You know what's ugly? Ugly is your mirror with you looking into it.
Okay. In short, YOU = UGLY.
Return inside your mummy and stay an egg.

And DO NOT EVER FRIGGIN JIE ME again. Or I will rip your genital (you know i would have used a better term) into 4 parts. One for Steven Lim, one for Steven Lim's twin brother, and the other two for them to store in their fridge to rot and grow maggots, okay. So if you don't want your ripped genital to be with Steven Lim nor to have maggots on it, you better stop thinking you can get help from anyone and really start to help yourself.

Okay? OKAY YOU HEAR ME?!?!??!?!?!?! *scissors leg + choke slam*

I am not being petty, in fact i was being really kind and helpful to even want to hear it from you when you asked for help. But what makes you think i will smash my rice bowl, and give half of it to you, seriously? And then you still expect me to help feed you even after i give half my rice bowl to you. Oh no man.. I am getting mad again just thinking of it.


Okay, okay, you know what, i am a very beautiful girl, with a very beautiful mind, so really, let's just forget about it okay. But, if you come with this kind of stupid request again, i will go to your house with my tool box.

Wakor.. What is with the kids nowadays..


20 January 2009


Weeks ago i brought the kids to the swimming pool. It didn't read "I went swimming with the kids" so that means i actually sat there with NiaoNiao like Filipino maids looking after the belongings.

Naomi Ling in a not so glam position.

Casper Ng with the water ball covering his bulging tummy.

And Cyrus Ng looking totally handsome, like a real Singapore swimmer representative. Don't you think, our swimmers are are all very handsome, even the girls are handsome!

Beach Ball Babe WANNABE. Lol.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Attended Naomi's graduation ceremony even way longer before. Most of the kids are really cute. So yes, there are kids who are NOT cute. Okay. Please don't pretend to be a saint and say "No lah.. All kids are cute". And i will tell you more about it maybe in another post.

Naomi is second from the left, in blue.

And the girls are all so lovely! Like the way they groove to the music, it's really amusing.

The proud little girl =))

Toot toot.

It's gonna be CNY soon! I have two bags of clothings waiting to prove it's worth to me! Hahaha.. Happiness! Remember to drink a lot of water cox i know we will sure eat whole lots of junk food!


15 January 2009

Print and Sleep

Okay print and sleep with this picture. Cox you'd be missing me for very long.

Til then! Please remember to be kind to people. Really, becox there is no big reason to be pissed with too many people. Unless those people are as annoying and stupid as the few people i met days ago. I'd tell you about it.


TTFN (Cool right, it means TaTa For Now)

P/S: The cleavage is 100% REAL. I SWEAR.

10 January 2009

Here & There

One day i draw my eyebrows so chio, i must show you =D

Yesterday i was at Watson and then the lady queueing in front of me offer this heated eyelash curler to me reason being she already has one similar one at home. What a nice lady right! I mean, one, she is so generous. Two, she has the virtue of not wasting stuff by chucking them in one corner of the house. Three, i think she totally choose to give it to the right person! Me! Err.. Just cox.. I love freebies? ^.^

Few days ago i was popping Xiao Man Tou and i onehunpercently laughed out loud.

How outstanding this Xiao Man Tou is, right?!

So. . . .

. . .

. .


So i try to be smart and photoshopped another Xiao Man Tou into the picture.

You like it? It reminds me of something..

Oh i trimmed my hair. Now i don't get stiff neck that often (or maybe it's just psychological).

Okay gotta go now.

I'd come back again, more composed! ^.^


This was what i was reminded about. It looks like a pair of eyes right?! ^.^
Oh i am so innocent *wide sparkling eyes*

07 January 2009

Okay, this is damn, damn, damn funny.

You know Little Nonya final episode? Older YueNiang (XiangYun) was telling her lifestory to Angela (Felicia Chin) right. And then this part where YueNiang was becoming really sick, Angela said something like YueNiang has to get better cox she still wants to hear YueNiang's story.

Before YueNiang responded, i said,

"Okay, just go to www.yueniang.blogspot.com"


I am still laughing now! This is so funny.

05 January 2009

My Family and I

We had a family dinner the other day with like tonnes of relatives (of which mostly i never knew of) and took a few rubbish picture.

And then yesterday NiaoNiao (Ehem, Emmy) and i brought the kids out to swim. And at dinner, we took rubbish picture again =D

And more..

I am going for my dressmaking class this Weds!
Yay! Yayeeeee~

Til then!


This one sb Chio

Hi, her name is Michelle aka Michie

Don't stalk her. This is not real.
My friends are all natural beauty! Just like me~

Michelle and her 豆豆眼 ^.^
(I do agree with you, those AhMa-ish ling-ling-long-longs on her hp are super taglam)

How was your new year so far?

Me.. *palmfloats*

Okay, bye bye!

I will come back with me, i'd try!