21 October 2009

Coraline in 3D

Thanks Omy for the movie - Coraline.
The graphic was so interesting and REALLY CUTE!!!
Threads and needles, buttons and dolls.. All coming alive in 3D.

You know what's REALLY amazing about this movie, i know, it's just another bedtime story, wondertale and all you might think..

But it is the most CAPTIVATING, REAL-LOOKING and IMPRESSIVE graphic wondertale, EVER.

Carlynn and i were talking about how real the grass (THE GRASS, yes, even the grass) in the movie, and how ICE AGE 3 in 3D most of the time only has the talking character in 3D.. But Coraline almost made EVERYTHING 3D!!! Imagine the sky, the forest, the dollhouse, then Coraline, then the foreground grass ALL in different layers!!!

And i noticed that it was so meticulously made, the white parts of the eyes has veins. Haha.. For characters that hasn't had their eyes buttoned. I know i know! It's A LOT of details. So much popping out in the movies, from candies to cotton candies to flowers and mango smoothies, so much to watch out for!

Then it felt like YEAH~~~~~
This IS a 3D movie.

Same not? =D

Little Miss C was there with me and we totally loved it =D
But sadly Carlynn doesn't want me to button her eyes *snort*

I even went to the website to play "Button your eyes".
This was the original before i start to photofreak it. HAHA.

I has wanted to show you my new Ez-Link card in a better light but i can't control it, i simply button her eyes. And i wanna keep her soul forever, SINCE SHE LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE TO ME, like the real-life me. And that's my new comb =D



Remember to catch Coraline in cinemas on 29th October =))

09 October 2009

The Little Parts of My Big Big Life

This is me. And below will be a messy collection of pictures from here.. And there =D

I was looking for a keychain and got this at Mini Toons. It's a mini Voodoo doll that will help my wishes come true and whip the S out of the bad-rich people. And importantly, it will bring their money to me
*very evil laughter*

Crispy Waffles + Rum&Raisin IceCream = YUMMEI!

This is also me. And i know i overdone my eyes.
And yes.. And my nose. LOL.

Does this look like a guy's face, winking?
So weird right! Ikea meatball very hum sup to be winking at me =D

My breakfast on one fine day =D
Toasted bread + Finger-Digged Nutella & Skippy + Milk = LOVE


I randomly shot this at a Xmas shoot and found it like a peice of art. So i might as well show you.


教大家怎樣笑 =D

Taken from my new toy, KeidiKlum. I just name it like that.
我的新玩具 - 万花筒


Below are all random pictures of me, and purely me,
that i can't think of any caption.
It's very self-adsorbed and self-obsessed.
So you might wanna stop here.

I knew you would view on =D

Actually.. This is to keep your thoughts for me strong. Cox i'd be VERY BUSY soon.
Which is good cox' it means money~


07 October 2009

Do this with your babies (dogs)! ^.^

This, is Chip Chip.
The world's most mischievous, innocent, cute and lovely dog, to my sister Ebi.

And this, is my sister Ebi.
I know we don't look alike. That's good =P
ChipChip look SO happy here!

This is Li En with ChipChip.
And yes, ChipChip look very contented and happy here too.

Sian. This is me with ChipChip. So unfair, he happen to look sian.

Chip Chip looking intelligent

And ChipChip looking like a Royal Prince

Remember like ages ago i told you guys i was at a photoshoot with many many puppies right? This is the one! But too bad i can't show you guys the pictures of other pups. There was this very super cute Taiwan toy poodle, so brown, so pretty! Named, QQ. Haha..

Nikkha the 大眼妹!

So lady-like right? Unlike the monkey Tiffany i have at home *grumble*

For Pet Photography Services, visit HERE

Capture the lovely moments you share with your bestfriend. You can arrange for a shoot outdoor, by the beach, at the dog run or even at your house too! The rest of the people i saw at the shoot, they came with their bestfriends and their bestfriends brought their dogs too. It was so much fun just watching the dogs frolicking around!

I can't wait to have my family portrait done with Tiffany & Drago =D


05 October 2009

Hua Song Museum

One more trip with Omy to Hua Song Museum! I totally hart Omy now cox every time it's something exciting! But i miss the Halloween trip today you know =(((

Anyway i'd flood you with pictures this time cox REALLY, the museum is so well done, i don't think i wanna be a spoiler by trying to say something intelligent or knowledgeable. For more information, please visit their website here. Alternatively, you can always join Omy as a blogger and get super good lobang everytime and then you don't have to read other people's blog to find out about good stuffs. Lol..

HAHA!! What did i just say?! I REALLY should not try to caption the pictures!!!

當然也讓 Uncle 幫我寫一張 =D
Can you see my name? 洪萩庭

穿錯 uniform colour 的紅頭巾小姐很搞怪

My favaourite set up besides the old kitchen which i will not show you guys.
Go see yourself! When's the last time you visited Haw Par Villa?

Can you spot your childhood candy? I can leh!! Does that mean that i am very old?

怎麼樣? 有沒有很 fit in?
這裙子很 "長娥", 呼?

Back to the area where it's filled with lovely kids, lantern, happiness and...
MOONCAKES!!! My super love! I ate so much mooncakes recently but i don't even feel a bit sinful. Cox.. I am going to digress.


Anyway. More on that next time.

Haw Par Villa sure brings back a lot of fond memories of my childhood =)

Visit the museum to have a understanding of the chinese heritage in the most fun and amazing way!