26 October 2013

The random pictures from my mobile phone album

HELLO how's your week been!!!!! Mine was alright! I've been doing stuff everyday O.O Not sure if i like it becox you know.. Sleep.. Is REALLY important to me.

Like.. Equally important as food is to me. And food..

Is VERY important to me. Lolol.

My idea of a perfect day would be a day i can sleep til whenever i want, wake up, and eat whatever i want. And then nap til whatever time i want.. And then sleep again.

And in between, i can skip shower and all O.O Perfect day.

Some days when Josh gets me Mcdee breakfast, and i wake up at 3pm to eat it, i count my day 50% perfect already haha. But usually after that i gotta get out of bed and do something and then shower.

Lolol am i asking too much?

Samantha, Masashi (Cleo Hair boss) along with Josh and i went out for dinner. Actually before that i had Mcdonald's with my friend already. At like 5.30pm. Then 7pm was dinner.

So i saw this salmon roe with salmon porridge and i was like "OMG this is my FAVOURITE!!!"

I finished the pot of porridge by myself. It's not too big lah. Maybe good enough for two person. After dinner I ask if we can go for dessert cox Ma Maison is just downstairs.

When we got there i was asking for grape tart and then i say "Huh so sad no more dee!!! Their grapetart is my FAVOURITE!!!!" But we had pancakes and two other tarts. Twas good too.

Then i wanted to go toilet right, and i saw some Hong Kong / Chinese cafe and on the menu there is BUTTER TOAST WITH CONDENSED MILK OMGGGGGGGG!!!!

So i ran back to Ma Maison to take my wallet and then go buy two sets (4 slices lol) of the toast. And then i started to eat it at the taxi stand. Being super generous, i got share one slice with Samantha lah. Hahahaha. By that i mean, i too out one slice and share that very one slice with her, me and her hahahaha.

Josh was like "I thought you say you're full already?"

Me "Yeah but this butter toast is my favourite!!!"

Then everyone kept quiet for like 5 seconds..

And then this cao Josh very sincerely ask..

"你很像有很多 favourite 的 hor?"


YAO NI GUAN AH!!!! Hahahahaha!!! He say i seem to have a lot of "favourite" lolol.

Anyway!!! I finished all the 3.5 slices of my FAVOURITE toast!!! Haha! Okay lah here are some random pictures from my phone.

Continuing from my previous posts on random pictures in my phone..

Pictures from Hong Kong ^.^

Me and Josh went to the 24 hours hypermarket (we just happen to see it!) and i went a little crazy with the snacks and cup noodles!!! Turns out.. THE CUP NOODLES WERE ALL DAMN GOOD!!!! But it's all from Japan lah! Quite expensive (like the smaller cups $2.50 the bigger cups $3-4) but i say it's worth every bit of money!!! =D

Then also Josh went to every station also snap the station name like some tourist haha. And you can also see what i'd always order in Hong Kong! Confirm is either Can Dan Min or Can Dan macaroni PLUS a toast with condensed milk ^.^ Also leh.. On my last day i tried roasted goose for the first time!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. I kinda think i told you guys about the roasted goose already.

Finished the second tub of moisturizer in my life. Previous one was the Lancome Visionnaire one!
Got Yurou a tiara for her birthday back in July and when she's in a good mood she'd bring it out to show off. Hahaha she ownself go put it at her waist and say it's a "Biao" LOLOL. Belt lah. Very creative hor hahaha. I love her so much! =)) Hope she don't grow up so fast. Every week i see her, she'd learn new phrases. Mostly to scold people O.O Hahaha! Naughty!!!
Also one day i open up the fridge and i see all these snacks and i'm like "I made it in life" lololol.

Really one, last time my goal in life is to always have a filled fridge. I tell myself i'd never have an empty fridge, my fridge must always have lotsa snacks and tidbits and chocolates and packet drinks and mango O.O Cox it's my favourite fruit other than banana which you can't put in the fridge.

And i can have so many slices of awesome Bakerzin cake in my fridge becox.. My husband is an awesome photographer haha. I hope he shoots for more and more companies O.O Then i can have more and more food and jewelry and whatnot hahah!

One night me and Josh went for supper. Really is damn havoc cox we never ever ever ever take a cab out at night just to head out for supper one. If meet friends okay, but never the two of us. Cox it's just like.. Erm we don't drive, also we can just cook instant noodle or call Mcdee!

So we went to Bedok85 right. OMG i was sooooooooooooooo disappointed!!!! First, the BBQ chicken wing Josh ordered was like.. Yellow? Like it's not even brown or golden brown. Then got three chubby ladies eating beside our table, their chicken wings were all golden brown and looks like got crispy oily skin one~!!!! And when i look at them eat anything, i also think it looks damn yums lol. But then i look at my chicken wing.. I reluctantly take a bite.. And then the skin was like chewy and rubbery and inside got like red blood curd like this i'm like omg vomit. Super spoil mood for me lah.

Also I went to order BCM from the red signboard one! The soup, minced pork and meatball and pork lard is DAMN GOOD BUT!!!!!! Their noodle can use to kill someone!!! So hard and stiff i took one mouthful and i'm like no thanks. So i ordered one more bowl of meatball soup =D But i thought i remember it to be nicer..

And then i check Twitter everyone tell me the authentic one is the white signboard one =( I thought i wouldn't know how it taste cox i already left! BUT THENNNNN~

Me and Wendy went back there for supper after event~!!! YOOHOO~!!! This time i ordered big bowl meatball soup from the white signboard and also they gave me extra pork lard i'm like *spasm* Lol.

You know what the white signboard did wrong? To make me doubt it and went for the red signboard the first time. I mean i was seriously considering between them both, who i should go for.

1. The white signboard says AUTHENTIC blablablablabla! Super lotsa nonsense text on their signboard. It makes me think "why do you have to try so hard to convince people!"

2. The red signboard staff look more happy and like chirpy when taking orders. The white signboard look a bit grumpy so i think "Confirm is the red sign board one nicer so they look successful lol"

3. Red signboard is the corner stall, sort of gives it an edge cox.. It can even have side advertisement?

But after trying both (thou the red one is the only one that has dry version but whatever, the noodle so hard even when it's in soup version, i don't trust the dry version!!!), i conclude that..

The white signboard wins hands down.

It's just.. They have to smile more hahaha.

And also~~~~ MY BFF IS BACK IN TOWN YO!!! After 3 months in Japan! =O She come back to start a mama shop one i think hahaha. Look at all the stuff she got!!! Also when she was in Japan she showed me the picture on the right and ask me if she should buy the Celine bag..

My reply was.. "Where is the bag?"

Then i zoom in and see from my phone then i saw that bag and i was like "WTF NO? It looks like a paper bag lah!!! So small i can't see shit" Tsk tsk tsk.

I posted this one but i have to show EVERYONE! Do you see a hamster in the cup???? Mich was drinking from the cup and i was like wtf what are you drinking there's a hamster in your cup! It's actually a reflection of her nose. Hahaha!
This was from me and my family going to the Sea Aquarium. I personally enjoyed it quite a lot! Especially the huge tank and the dolphinesss!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY ARE SO HUGE AND CUTE!!!

I wanted to book a table for us at the (stupid) Ocean Restaurant where we can have a better view of the marine life while we dine and celebrate my sister's birthday. It was meant to be a surprise but the restaurant was SO DAMN STUPID.

They say 8 person is consider a large group booking and i have to fill in and sign some form and fax / email it back to them with my credit card details along with the photocopy of front and back of my credit card before they can book the table and the birthday cake for me..

Birthday cake was cox they don't allow outside food. Which is fine, i can live with that.

But i told the person i am not willing to do that just to get a reservation cox it's way too much trouble and work??? Like you might as well as me to write you a 3000 word essay on why i think i deserve a table for 8 person at Ocean's Restaurant and why i die die must go there even when i have to pay a huge sum to dine there. Huh, why not right? Since i already have to fill in forms, fax / email it back to you and then also photocopy my credit card front and back etc.

You didn't have to go through a lot of trouble to earn my money why i have to go through so much trouble for you to earn my money? Ridiculous.

So i spoke with the manager and he insist i have to at least email him my credit card details along with a short paragraph to tell him that i promise to have the table (he say cox if i don't turn up, someone has to be responsible and i think maybe have to pay them for holding the table) BEFORE he can help me book the table. So over the phone i'm just like "Sigh.. Yeah. Okay whatever i just think you guys need to work around it. It's just too much work. I don't see why i have to"

So i didn't send my details right. He say i have to send all the details before he can help me book the table. So i assume i didn't get the table. On the day itself when me and my family was having lunch elsewhere, a guy call me and ask me if i'm on my way as it's already passed 1pm. I told him no i refuse to send in my details therefore i don't think i actually booked the table. He say they still booked it for me so i said no that's not what i was told by the guy. Then he say "Yes, that guy would be me. You said you would want to book the table, you did not inform us that you'd like to cancel it"

OMG i'm thinking like WTF ROTI PRATA FLIP HERE AND THERE THE WORDS CCB. I would LOVEEEE to go there and dine with my family lah! But i refuse to give in to their stupid requirement to make a reservation what!!! Also is he say one "The only way to make the reservation for you is that you send in blablablala"

If they are worried about opportunity cost of holding a table for 8 then i'm sorry lah, you're running a business, you just have to take the risk or be so damn good that you will always have people queuing at your door that you don't have to give a fuck even when a group of 8 didn't turn up!

Don't behave like some whimpy insecure girlfriend "I NEED ASSURANCE I NEED ASSURANCE THAT YOU'D COME AND LOVE ME EAT ME LOVE ME EAT ME" Go and die lah. So anyway i explain to him on why i didn't think i got a reservation and he ask me..

"Okay. What about the cake?"

?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Ah then i can't dine there i want your cake gumlan?!?!? If you would use it to slam your own face then yes i'd gladly pay for it. You know what i mean. A fine restaurant with a fine view serving up fine food but runs such horrible policy and hires such inflexible staff.

You think i would plan so long in advance and talk to your staff repeatedly over so many email correspondence and make so many phonecalls to you guys to take in my reservation, all that for what?!?! To not turn up?!?!!? It's YOUR FAULT that i didn't go in the end cox you didn't wanna give in with regards to your stupid policy!

Omg i need to calm the shit down i know. But you have to agree with me.

That I am right. They are wrong.

Lol. Seriously. It was meant to be a happy occasion. they totally spoiled my mood during the planning stage *rage*

After Sea Aquarium we went shopping a bit at Candylicious haha! Their mini trolleys so cute hor?! Baby Yurou gone a bit kuku hahaha. Look at how crazyhuge that lollipop is!
And then we went to snap some pictures with the cute statues lah. But then got this big bunch of like maybe 10 - 12 aunties from overseas.. Crowd around one of the statue so we couldn't get a full picture. Like they snapped maybe 20 pictures around that one tiny statue. You know what's so funny? Hahahahaha. All 12 of them already cover and block the statue fully. So they look like a bunch of half-squatting / half-leaning / half tip toeing aunties taking pictures with NOTHING. Hahaha!
Some of the cute things i got back from Hong Kong for the Nuffies and my friends and family.
I have to show you guys this not to tell you about how i treasure peace and quiet time with Josh nor to tell you how we are so in love =X Hahaha. It's cox i wanna tell you that Josh and i will do this (only our pinkie finger touch) in the car cox i have sweaty palms but we still wanna "hold hands" lah.

So it's been what, almost 8 years we've been doing this everytime we're at the back seat. That a lot of time i hop into a car with my friends / family i also do this. I will just place my hand there wait for the other person to hold my hand O.O

Lolol. A lot of times already, i place out my hand waiting for my friend's pinkie lolol. It's not awkward for them cox i'd usually quietly pull back my hand when i realise it. But then it's awkward for me cox i've been waiting for them to touch my hand O.O Hahahaha.

Okay lah last picture~! I tried to dye my own rainbow roses that day. Fail until don't know where. Lolol. I put very little colouring cox i thought it'd give me the pastel effect. But it gave me.. No effect. Lol. Except the blue one which i accidentally added a lot more colouring. Meh.

I was almost confident i can make a living out of dying pastel rainbow roses. Lolol.

Now i have to get back to work. Bye bye.


24 October 2013

Gearing up~

Hello! Just a quick update about what i've been up to lately!

After the blogpost of GIRLY Make's first counter at THE CATHAY (Space Invasion), i've since placed GIRLY at two more counters! And a few more in the talking! If you'd like to host GIRLY Make in your shop, please drop an email to girlymake@gmail.com =))

Also to those who went down to The Cathay but couldn't get the lashes you want cox it's out of stock, SORRY! =( I've topped up the stock (No.1, 2 and 3) but No.4 and No.5 are all out at this counter. You may find them at the other two counters as mentioned below! ^.^

The online shop is in the making but it'd take a while!

I'm also looking to work with a reliable company who can do packaging / printing / hot plating! If you know someone who is up to it please feel free to drop me an email also! Thank you!

Alright first up~ Where better to place GIRLY Make at than a hair salon where people walk out looking good and pretty! =D And where the whole shop is filled with Japanese O.O Hahaha! On the left you have new Cleo Hair hairstylist Sasaki, and then Shio and Samantha you already know lah!
GIRLY Make can now be found at Millenia Walk (CLEO Hairmake, PARCO Level 2
If you happen to go do your hair, you might wanna check it out okay! =D

Next location~

It's a cozy shophouse at 48 Haji Lane (#02-01) and it's really popular and highly raved by many bloggers O.O I went once before the placement just to check out the place, it was 9pm plus. Still super packed O.O And then this was taken 4pm plus, still packed. Hahaha.
If you're keen to book a slot you have to check out their Facebook page! They constantly update their available slots one! Also their new designs and inspiration =D
And if you're wondering who are the big brains behind The Nail Artelier.. You met them on my blog before one!!! On my Hen's Night blogpost!!! =DDD You've seen some of their work on QWeekly also!!! Ying (on the left) and Jenrine on the right are truly dedicated to creating unique, trendy and cute nailart!!! =DDD Thank you for hosting GIRLY! =D

Alright! So if you're around Millenia Walk / Haji Lane, remember to go check out GIRLY lash for yourself okay ^.^ I am really happy with the progress so far =D

More exciting plans to come! Really thankful =)

Also ah, i managed to have a lot of fun at barter trade. Lolol. I started this instagram account call Bread and Barter, just to trade stuff for fun cox i am super inspired buy the show Barter King!!!

You know hor in the show the dude can trade up one hundred plus item, all the way into a $8500 item!!! =OOO I am very inspired!!! Hahaha!

It's about what people want VS what people have but don't need!

If you have too many precious gem and diamond rings and sports car, feel free to trade with me. LOL. I have lotsa shit. Like..

I've traded a Panasonic Camcorder that i used once and then the other time i used it to zoom in on the moon on Mooncake Festival cox the moon extra bright and round that day haha!! I got that for $699 but to me it's worth about $100 cox.. It's three years old and i lost all the cable =X Lol.

So i asked to trade it for anything with a value over $100. And then finally i traded it for a S95!!! It's like my favourite camera so far??? I bought one at $699 (after discount $640) before!!! Although i have one myself, i just think it's a good camera and it'd be easy for me to trade it for something else! I'd trade it for anything i want that's worth $200 and up. I know there's no money for me to make but..

You know, just to keep the barter trade going hahaha. I also traded a hair curler (worth $70 - $80) for a Tiffany and Co necklace (worth $150 up!)!!! Of which i am going to trade for something else!

IT'S SO FUN RIGHT??!?!?!?! =DDD In time to come i will finally trade for a big house =DDD Hahahah!!! Like this guy that Rachell showed me, who traded a red paper clip for a house in the end!


*continue to flip my house over to find things to trade that are just sitting in my room bai swee-ing*

22 October 2013

Just hanging~


This week's been pretty chillax i am super happy!!! Cox settled the first three sales counter (more on the two new counters soon!) for GIRLY Make and now to doing up the online store ^.^

Past few days i can wake up anytime i want and i am super thankful for that O.O I also went to get my own P.O Box so now it's easier for advertisers to send me items to feature and advertise for. Previously it's all sent to my parents place but now my parents are moving up and down between my sister's place and their own place so.. In short..

YAY i can haz my own PO BOX! =DDD No more needing to wait for my dad to collect all the mails from his house, and then bring up to Yishun, and then i go up to Yishun to bring the stuff back.

I jokingly tell my friend "Yay now people can send me shit and stuff i am very sure my PO box will be flooded with lotsa love don't be jealous. Maybe my admirer will send me a bunch of keys to a car and a house"

My friend's reply "They'd just send you shit. Like shit-shit hahaha"


Not funny. Lolol. Please don't send me shit-shit, i will track you down and send you my shit. It's so lethal it's biomedical weapon. Lolol. Anyway my PO Box address is on the sidebar. To the left ^.^

Here are some pictures from hanging out the other day! With Yong Ming my best buddy since poly time lah. I don't know why he still is my friend cox he's seen the ugliest side and hear the most toxic things i say about people.. And about him. Lololol!

Last time he very fat right O.O Then in school i think we wanna buy some snacks and tidbits to munch along as we walk but then i tell him don't do that. Why not, he ask.

"Cox the world is cold and harsh"

And then i explain to him i say.. When you see a skinny pretty bitch walking down the street, eating a bar of chocolate, what would you think?

"OHHHHH SO UNFAIR~ She eat so much still so skinny!!! So lucky one!!!"

But then if a over-sized lady does that?

"Wtf so fat still eat eat eat. Walk also wanna eat omg"

I am not saying this is how i judge people i am saying this is how i think people will think lolol. So i told him, "Don't. Just don't, okay?" Lololol. But we still remained friends till today. Pretty sure he either has no other friends or he just really is waiting for a good time to plot my death =D Hahahah.

My jacket is from LOVE BOAT @ rosebullet! =D I love it so much!!!
A shot of Yong Ming and Otah brushetta from Bakerzin. I really pray hard that they will have their Truffle Ravioli in ALL The outlets lor!!! It's sooooo super yummy!!!
And then i got home and continue to camho some haha. Shades from F21 Hong Kong $4 only i think. As you can see i forgot to remove the S tag from my top. But i remember to photoshop it away in the below pictures but then i didn't notice this one until now so let it be. Lol.
Using Laneige lipstick colour. Kinda love this cox it makes me look sharp!
Also using GIRLY Lash in No.3 =D It's call Mascara-ra! Cox it looks like mascara cox it's so intentionally messy in criss cross ^.^


Also ah, the other day i was with Josh at IKEA cox i wanna buy a laundry basket so that when my maid comes i can just bring the whole basket out for her. Cox she's never been into my beauty room. Cox.. There's no space? Hahaha. Too much stuff lying around.

Anyway! It was maybe in the late afternoon and there were at least 30 different group of people queuing up to pay at IKEA. So we went to the first counter, the lady say move to the next counter cox her counter closing. So we move to the next one.

Of which the counter auntie tell us to move to the next one cox she is also closing.

Which we did.





Then we just go queue at the last one lah. Half way through queuing we saw the counters that told us closing previously had started to accept more people in the queue. I think they were trying to balance out the queue THEN DON'T SAY "CLOSING" lah stupid? Make people damn angry you know.

And why the new people who come and join the queue later can join i cannot join earlier?

Doesn't make sense. I come to realise how big and smart companies can hire really stupid assholes to work for them. Who don't wanna spend another second to explain more on why and what.

And that can really enrage people. But whatever. Ikea is still mostly awesome when it comes to furnitures to make-shift when on budget. Though they do have crazy expensive items that nobody should spend at IKEA lol. Like say a $4000 sofa. I rather take my money elsewhere.

Also their food is getting from bad to worst. It used to be yummy a long time ago! Seriously. Now they serve fishy stinky salmon. Cold hard bread roll. Lumpy meatball with big yellow mushy potatoes instead of the small milky colour ones with good firm texture. Not sure what went wrong there.

Am i the only one who realise they are not consistent with the potatoes they use???? It used to be always the small firm ones!!! Then they change and change until i no longer wanna try it cox i hate all potatoes unless it's firm and small like the ones they used to use or if it's french fries ^.^

Anyway so i was talking about the queuing thing. Like 15 minutes into the queue.. The cashier manning our counter said something and i didn't catch it so i don't know what she's saying to everyone. So i ask Josh.. "Omfg what did she say?!?! IS IT SHE WANT US TO MOVE TO ANOTHER QUEUE?!?!?!"

"No lah, she said something else. Not sure what"

"Phew. If she also ask me to move to another counter, i am afraid i have to be away from you for a while. Becox i want to use this *hold up laundry basket with metal leg stand* and smash it right into her face. I will go to jail but it's okay. It'd be worth it"

Lolol. This is how angry i am. You think lor. 4 working counters, three say closing, but then later all three started allowing other people (who came later than me!!!!) to queue.

And then in between one new counter open and instead of asking the people queuing first in the other lines, they allow the people queuing from the back of the other lines to go to the newly opened counter.


I wanted to tell the cashier who just open her counter off but it'd really spoil her mood for the rest of the day and also i don't wanna appear like a mean bitch who is only spending less than $20 buying a laundry basket and some lint roller but creating a huge fuss hahaha.

Alright that's all bye!

20 October 2013

Baby Jude, Baby Judie and Baby Dashelly

Went to KL to find Audrey and Baby Jude ^.^ Tim blogged a whole lot about Baby Jude also so if you're a fan of BB Jude please feel free hahah! Very funny one his blog.

Four of us went up (Josh, myself, Wendy and Mike!) on coach and we had wanted to book a better coach with food and bus-steward kind haha but it's all booked =( So end up no food on board =O

But it's okay cox Tim and Aud brought us to a VERY SUPER YUMS nasi lemak store and apparently their Prime Ministers of different time all love to patronise this shop one =DDD Really is super yums.

And then after makan we finally can go see BB Jude =DDD

And then cao Wendy keep calling me babyzilla ask me to pass her hahaha.
Let's put Baby Jude down! "OH-AIR OH-AIR"
Okay okay let's keep carrying Baby Jude!!! "Chick here got tricked ; )" Hahaha. Look at the accidental wink!
And then after milk i ask if i can burp him and Aud and Tim say okay okay but in the end both also watch me like a hawk lolol "You gotta like this.. There, ah, like this.. Yes, no no, like this.. No no no, yes ah okay like that.." Lolol i'm like "Oh man you wanna do this" Lolol. Parents. Hahaha!
One of me, Wendy and Audrey ^.^ And Baby Jude of course!!! Nice meeting you for the first time, Baby Jude.. You're a wonderful miracle boy and you're very blessed with lotsa love, from all around the world! =))) Grow up quick and strong and healthy!!!
"Oh shit.. Not again.." Why, you ask Baby Jude..
"There" Lolol. Auntie Qiu take over~~~ Hahaha!
Mummy got withdrawal symptoms from not carrying BB Jude for like 20 minutes cox me and Wendy keep taking turns hahaha. So i offer her..... Erm, i offer her own son? LOL. To carry. Hahahaha.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" BB Jude gotta go shower and he.. Doesn't quite like it as you can see!!
"But hey~ I do think i feel very good after a shower~" Hahaha. After shower so damn happy don't know why he must struggle so much during shower hahaha. Yeah you know why i know what happened during his shower? Cox i was there. The whole time (while the rest are in the living room). And then Aud came and say "Eh you are here ah. No wonder you are call babyzilla" Damn rude ah people nowadays. Lolol.
Good boy looking all smart and preppy ^.^
I think BB Jude really looks like Audrey!!! The big eyes, round cheeks all..
"Nah.. Auntie Qiu please don't anyhow say. I'm a macho boy how can i look like my mom"
No meh, you see. Lololol. Baby Judie.
"Okay T.T"
Okay lah return back to Audrey who is looking good real fast after delivery! Her and Wendy both really make pregnancy-recovery seem quite easy and fast O.O
One last picture of Baby Jude ^.^ The macho boy in his sleeveless onesie looking real manly. HAHA. Can't wait to see him again soon hopefully!!! Alright that's all!!!

And then who is Baby Dashelly?!?!?!

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


There. Hahahahah. Wendy saw the picture i did of Baby Jude and then she say she also wanna see one of Dash. So.. There you go. Please both give birth to girls next time!!! All the tutu skirts are waiting for us crazy aunties to buy!!!

18 October 2013


Not sure if this is too big a word to talk about. I have done a lot of things in my life that i'd need to beg for forgiveness for.

Bad things. I do to people, thinking they don't hurt as easily as i can make them. But i did so with every intention of wanting to hurt them.

Sometimes i wanna hurt people becox they hurt me first.

Sometimes i wanna hurt people becox they hurt me back.

Sometimes.. I simply wanna hurt people cox they cut my queue.

Food queue especially. Haha.

But anyway.. We all hurt and inflict hurt.

But then when is it we call stop and say sorry, and forgive. I think it's only when we realise.. It's not hurting anyone else but ourselves..

It strikes me today especially hard cox it's my sister's birthday.

We've had good times.. Bad times.. Through the 20 over years i've spent with her. And i can't believe that i disowned her in my heart for the longest time (like 6 months).. Until today it really strikes me.

I am a horrible person. We've done things and said things we shouldn't to each other. More so me. Cox i in particular am an ultimate nasty bitch when i am crossed =X I don't deny.

But whatever it is, i was just trying to get my point across and in my heart of hearts i only want the best for my sister. No hidden intention, no ulterior motive, it's just.. I want her to be with good people, do good things and lead a good life.

But now that time has proven (and diluted strong aggressive feelings haha).. She's good enough to be on her own.. Living life to her standard then who the fuck am i to tell her what's okay and what's not.

So for the longest time though we're chatting in the sisters group chat, i never forgive her. Not that she needs my forgiveness, it's just in my heart, i void her off. I only talk to her when she sends Baby Yurou's pictures and video O.O Hahaha. Anyway that's just how bad things were.

But now when i look around.. Everyone who was involved is now happy each on their own.

So what was my point back then exactly..? Trying to forcefully make unhappy people happy?

Some point of time we all have to back the fuck off and close our eyes and tell ourselves..


I am too eager and impatient for my own good. It's like if there is route A and route B in front of us.. And i know route B is the harder longer route to get to your destination and I KNOW IT cox i can SEE IT. But if you insist to take B route (instead of A as i suggested), i'd be like OMG THIS IS SO PERSONAL DO YOU NOT TRUST ME?!?!?! WHY WOULD YOU DOUBT ME AND GO MAKE STUPID MISTAKES?! Lolol. But fact is.. Route A leads to many routes and so does route B.

Everyone don't just have my suggested path and the path they wanna chose to take for themselves. I get it now.

But still, the hurt was done. Me to her, her to me. And i always feel a missing piece in me when i void her in my heart. And i hope she can forgive me for having done that. Cox now i know i have my faults too (that means she too lolol) and i forgive her but not as much as i hope she'd forgive me.

She probably already forgiven me cox she don't think of things that much O.O Haha. Today is her birthday and when i was wishing her Happy Birthday.. I was feeling like a bastard. Like.. How could i have done that in my heart, to void her for more than half a year. She's my sister.

I learnt from this incident that.. When you hurt someone intentionally.. You don't get to fix it.. You can only forgive and move on. And there are many ways to move on.. Some people simply don't care anymore. Some people ignore. Some people try to fix it and succeed eventually.

But heng, my sister is my sister, we both run no drop one. Lol.

Happy Birthday Niao Niao. I am sorry.

I guess we can never really stop learning from incidents.. Good or bad. Usually the bad ones teach you the most valuable lessons. But that's mainly cox it's so damn expensive, the money / sweat / blood / tears you have to go through.

Whatever it is.. Forgiveness feels so damn good. I can haz my sister back O.O Though it's all really one-sided cox like i never really tell her anything in her face. I might have told her..

"I don't wanna friend you anymore"

She thought i was joking =_=" Lolol.

So if you can.. Maybe think of someone to forgive or to ask for forgiveness from.. Sometimes even when it's only happening in your heart, it gives you the peace you need.

Ah boh damn gao wei.

If there is Love, it can never go wrong. Just gotta be fucking patient, hang around, wait and see.

And if i can learn better the next time, i'd remember to shut up and be quiet while waiting.

15 October 2013

GIRLY Make FIRST counter!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

HELLO!!! ^.^

As you can see from the title i am super excited to share with you that GIRLY Make's first counter is up~!!! =DDD I head down to set it up with Josh the other day ^.^

Actually i thought things wish things were gonna be easier than this O.O Cox i really like GIRLY things like makeup and lashes so i didn't think it'd be tough to put up a brand counter!

But holy shit no, every supplier i met expect me to have ten thousand billion dollars backup funding like this lolol. And NEWSFLASH~ I don't~ Hahaha. But the good part about the past few months of doing up GIRLY Make.. Make me appreciate Josh even more =)))

He help with EVERYTHING. I think maybe GIRLY Make is more his baby than mine. Haha!

And also really supportive friends who didn't hesitate to say YES to the online store launching event this year end =))) Thank you guys =) I am quite blessed with nice people i think! =D

Wearing GIRLY Lash (No1) Brown and Black Mix ^.^

This is actually my personal favourite!!! Though the rest are great for other occasion, this black brown mix is my toppest choice cox it's awesome for natural and young looking makeup!!! =D

And if i may add, all the lash bones are super flexible and the lash strands look really natural ^.^

AND~!!! You can rewear them quite a lot of times! For me i use each pair for 5 times max lah cox i damn rough-handling one haha.

On our way to THE CATHAY #03-15 Space Invasion! THE CATHAY is right behind Plaza Sing, a lot of people keep asking me which Cathay. Only got two, correct? One is Cathay Cineleisure the more fun and young one, one is THE Cathay, the more grand and grey one. Haiyah it's the one behind Plaza Singapura lah okay =D

Erm. How about i am totally in love with GIRLY Lash (No1)!!! Really got look younger right. Not i delusional hor hahaha. I guess it's the way it droops down at the end!


Can tell i super happy hor. Lol. First time first time.
Act serious only. Very easy to sort out one hahahaha. Jiu one to five er yi ah.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Hey comes Josh the handyman my candyman~

My god i was gonna be funny and try to link the previous caption "Josh the handyman my candyman" to the song by Christina Aguilera - Candyman. So i googled the lyrics and it goes like this..

"I met him out for dinner on a Friday night
He really got me working up an appetite

He had tattoos up and down his arm
There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm

He's a one stop shop, makes my panties drop
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman, ooh, yeah.."

So gross one the song also say the guy got tattoo, Josh also really also got tattoo down his arm. And then i was like "Omg this song is just right!" and then i read on the lyrics and it says what make my panties drop. Okay that's where i draw the line. Lolol. It's not funny anymore *cue Jack Byrnes face*



AND WE'RE DONE~!!! More items to be added of course but here's for a start~ =DDD
GIRLY Make first sales counter at THE CATHAY #03-15 Space Invasion

Space Invasion is a multi-label shop where you can find your favourite blogshops listed there!!! They also have imported beauty products / accessories from various stores so if you're a shopper, be sure to check it out if you're around the area shopping / catching a movie! =D

If you're a online storeowner and would like to list your items for sale with Space Invasion, you'd be glad to know that their terms and conditions are really flexible and affordable for startups and really, the location is rather prime! With lotsa arts and tertiary schools around the area and i mean that is where the nicest theater in Singapore is located so.. Give it a thought! =D

If you're keen to get listed there, please visit their site HERE!

Sorry gonna spam a lot of pictures of this counter especially!!! Hahah! Cox the rest of the counters will just be a counter due to space limitation. This one got a lot of space, can zng a bit.
How do you like the design of GIRLY Make!!! Josh designed it ^.^ The old design is all booked for consignment and collaborations already, i am sooooo happy cox if not i'm gonna have to mix them together and Josh will vomit. Lol.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Okay okay about enough!!! Hang in there! =D
FYI i also placed the eyelid glue i swear upon for sale! It's not under GIRLY but it's my favourite eyelash glue cox when i use it don't ever have to worry about my eyelash coming off.

I also use another one that is long and white in a bottle i can't remember the name but it's from Japan one but i use that only cox it's damn easy to remove but that means it also drops quite easily =( I go Hong Kong Disneyland i should have used this one instead! Never thought i'd go on a roller coaster ride so i wasn't prepared haha. Anyway these are good! Comes in black and white that turns clear.

You can get it at $7.90 from the counter! The cheapest i bought it outside was $9.90 so if you can find cheaper in store elsewhere, please feel free! I paid a lot to ship them in cox they are liquid T.T So when they are gone i'm not bringing them back in lah.

Also mainly cox.. There are plans for GIRLY Make X^.^X

Me and my first born lolol.
And again..
Alright~! If you're around THE CATHAY, drop by Space Invasion #03-15 okay! =D Tag me on instagram if you got anything! I'd love to see what lashes you got! The brown ones are really pretty too! No3 looks like mascara when you put it on! Love!
Thanks to the nice people at Space Invasion! Jason, Jasmine and Kent =))) And your staff as well!!!
Alright after thanking so many people (Thank You all again!!!) and feeling thankful mostly..
Here's a big Fuck You to those who ignored my emails and to those who refuse to help me PLUS wanna make a fool out of me ah, you all can queue together go eat shit!

GIRLY Make is up and running WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!!! Wanna pay you and give you business you still like this. Wo cao. Heng i have my Candyman O.O

Lolol. Why did i even go find out the lyrics. I never knew what she was singing about exactly i just didn't bother to listen and thought she was singing about a Candyman she's really crazy about.

Like a man who really sell candy for a living you know.

So uncool. Never google lyrics.

Alright! If you wanna host GIRLY Make sales counter in your store, please email girlymake@gmail.com ^.^ Would love to work together~! =D

THANK YOU, if you've already gotten something from the counter =))) It means a lot to me! =) Thank you!