17 June 2019

SeniorCare - Assisted Living

If you have an elderly or a middle-age loved one around you, this introduction will be very helpful to you if you don't already know! It will save you lotsa trouble sourcing for the necessities to care for an elderly, or the best supplements you'd need for middle age and old age.

On top of it all, it SAVES YOU MONEY.
(Or you can read till the end of this blogpost, i'm giving out $10 discount code haha)

TBH i am just about 8 years away from the age group term "middle age" and the thought of it.. Does scares me a little. Not becox i am scared to be old and have my skin sag and all.. But it's just.. How do we age with ease? Money is one thing. Comfort? Quality of life? It will take a while to figure things out for the bigger meanings of life as we age.

But one thing for sure, if there are things to make our lives easier, we should be known of it, and we should share for more people to be aware of. And here are some awesome jio for y'all, especially those with elderlies and middle age parents / aunts at home.

With my papa. Happy to know of SeniorCare.com.sg so now getting supplements, daily healthcare necessities like elderly milk powder and tool assistance like foldable umbrella chair etc, has become a MUCH easier task!!!
If your papa / mama / grandpa or grandma are taking this milk powder daily, you can now get them at a cheaper price + free delivery on SeniorCare.com.sg

ENSURE ORIGINAL POWDER is a source of Complete, Balanced Nutrition® for supplemental use with or between meals. It may benefit patients who have malnutrition, are at nutritional risk, experiencing involuntary weight loss, or on modified or low-residue diets.

It contains vitamins that support bone health and contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals! So our loved ones taking this don't have to worry about not getting enough nutrients from the food they take!

I'm holding the TriOCare and my dad's holding the JointCare. Of which both are bestsellers on SeniorCare.com.sg

A little brief about SeniorCare, they are a very caring and passionate team, who believes in bringing the best quality at the best value for their customers. You can see their dedication in easing the load for elderly from the crazy deals they offer on their website. Sale can go as low as 92%. And typically ranging around 30 - 40%.

My assistant was liaising with the team and she kept telling me they are very nice. For sure. Only nice people do underrated work like that, bringing comfort and convenience to elderlies, and to people like us, who provide for the elderlies.

JointCare is a bestseller on SeniorCare.com.sg for good reasons.
JointCare helps maintains and repairs cartilage, reduce cartilage wear and relieve pain caused by osteoarthritis. Elderlies who take this will experience increased joint mobility and reduced joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis! Best part, it's made from all natural ingredients (derived from seafood). It's free from yeast, gluten, wheat, milk derivatives, preservatives and artificial additives.

TriOCare is known for its manay health benefits thus making it a bestseller on SeniorCare.com.sg

Heart problem, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure - All these are major concerns as our bodies age. So it's one of the best present you can get for papa and mama and your grandparents ❤︎ 

As i'm typing, i already got distracted and went to SeniorCare.com.sg to buy a few more bottles for my parents haha. Becox right now (as i'm drafting this blogpost) there is a whooping 46% off TriOCare!!!

TBH i'm also getting this for myself becox can also improve brain function and supports mental health. Plus decrease liver fat and help prevent dementia!!! I tell you after i live this blogpost, my sisters (they are much older like early to mid 40s) CONFIRM ASK ME TO BUY FOR THEM ONE LOL.

And more things on SeniorCare.com.sg that people of my same age group can find helpful.. Other than beauty-support products, there are also essentials like wet wipes!!!

SeniorCare.com.sg carries the popular Tena range but i also noticed they carry another brand - Cantley.

Cantley Wet Wipes is one of their top-selling items! In many ways, caring for elderly is like caring for babies. Their skin are also very delicate. And for those who are not mobile.. Sitting or resting on their bottom all day, can be very bad for the skin. So extra care is needed. Thus making wet wipes one of the biggest necessities for elderly.

Cantley wet wipes are also infused with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E making it extra gentle and soothing for the skin. It is also dermatologically tested in Singapore, is free from alcohol and has a ph balance of 5.5! The ingredients included also has anti-inflammatory effects. So the quality of this wipes is definitely of a good standard.

And again, best part? Cantley wet wipes are 30 - 40% cheaper than the leading brand for elderly wet wipes in the market.

SeniorCare.com.sg shared with me that mummies love to get Cantley wet wipes too for their babies too haha. And they buy in bulks okay. I will understand that HAHA. The wet wipes i buy always comes in carton boxes one HAHA #Kiasu

30 - 40% cheaper nevermind. Bigger somemore haha!
Super thick also!!! Very functional!

Go check out the very wide range of products, mostly for elderly and middle age. You may find some beauty items and supplements for kids etc, all available at very reasonable crazy affordable and competitive prizes!

Sometimes caring for someone can be very simple.

SeniorCare prided themselves to provide competitive pricing on their milk products, offering a lower price as compared to major leading supermarkets.

And they provide free shipping for orders above $150. On top that, they give out CarePoints that can be used to offset future bills on various platforms other than SeniorCare. You may check out their partners Honey City and Pet Food Care.

Thank you guys for sending the Comvita Winter Wellness Strawberry over for the kids!!! You guys are the nicest team of people!!! Continue to do what you do!!! A lot of elderlies or people caring for elderly will benefit from what you guys bring to the table! ❤︎

Enjoy $10 off every $90 on SeniorCare.com.sg when you enter code QIUQIUSC at checkout. Orders more than $150 gets free delivery so be sure to make use of that!