08 March 2017

❤︎ Happy 2 Years Old, Meredith Tan Zhi Ning ❤︎

Today is your birthday again! As you would say.. "Hurray!!!" =')

In the last two years, you've taught mummy stuff that i would have never learnt.

You've taught me how to give, how to love kindly and how to forgive.. Just from the way you innocently, purely give, love and forgive..

The kind of love you've shown me, and the way you tell me you need me, makes me feel worthy everyday. You've given mummy a good reason to hang on, no matter how hard life gets sometimes.

You made me strong, Meredith. And everyday i thank you for giving me you, for keeping you healthy, for letting you grow in a place and time, surrounded by loving people. This is a blessing we shall never take for granted..

Thank you, Meredith.

Here's some good times you've made for yourself, and for everyone around you.. Keep on smiling, keep on being you, baby.. =')))

Papa bringing you to see the "stars" Haha.
Teacher J sent mummy this picture of you, being so proud of your art and craft in school =D
Mama was overseas for work so you sneaked a lot of snacks!
Video call with mama for the first night mama was away.. You cried so badly after the phonecall ended so we didn't videocall for the next 3 nights T.T Your papa say it's too heartbreaking to see you crying for mama.. I would know..
But it's okay cox you have yeye and Yuxuan jiejie while mama is away =D
You're such a happy girl in school.. =)
You're a happy girl anywhere, actually.. =D
Putting silly things on yourself and then coming to me and ask "Mama, i pi qi?" Lol. Yes you're always pretty in mummy's heart!!!
Christmas celebration in school. HURRAY!
Always stay so fearless!!! You love dinosaurs and animals!!! GRRRrrr~ =D You also really love makeup and dressing up so go ahead and be anything you want to be!!! Be an explorer of what life has to offer you!!!
Papa and mama will always be behind you, beside you, around for you! =')))
I feel thankful even when i watch you sleep soundly and safely, right beside me everyday..
On New Year's Eve.. We did this.. It was simple, we just blew some bubbles.. And you gave us a lot of laughter and joy in return.. You're the best kind of investment papa and mama make.. You give us so much more than we can ever ask for..

You love slides.. That's about the only thing you go for at the playgrounds.. I guess since you can't find a see-saw like the ones you saw in Peppa Pig these days haha.
Thank you for loving mummy!!!
Thank you for choosing me over anyone else =')))
Each and every of your smile and laughter, makes the world a better place for so many people..
So i guess this Valentine's Day gift i gave to your dad 11 years ago was a good move. I woo-ed him like a gentleman. LOLOL and that's how we have you!
"Hurray!" =D
You're a star, baby!
But more than that, you're a sister to Yurou and Yuxuan and soon, your own little sister. These pictures of you and Yurou jiejie looks just like Siyi and mummy.. Haha.. Please grow up well and take care of each other.. =')
You love the "seeming poo" LOL.
You love to pose for the camera..
Yes you do haha.
You really, really do. HAHA.
Your first tricycle ride on your own.. When you're bigger we can get you your own little bike!
Always remember to find joy in little things okay. Like how you play with straws for hours with Er Yi..
But preferably not find joy in taking out mama's bra from the drawer and telling mama "I wang wear blah"
And after i help you with it, you exclaim "I wang xio papa!!!" O.O =O =X HAHA.
"I angih!"
Also don't always bite a poop and feel happy about it hahaha.
Reach high, Meredith..
Peel as many eggs as you like for people.. Haha..
Sneak on chocolates if you have to..
Eat durian when there's durian..
Always be mesmerized by the beauty of the little things in life..
Love meimei and teach meimei like how mama taught you.. Be kind, be polite, be loving, share..
And please maintain with the auntie-fashion LOL. Pearls and gold omg. Lolol.
You're a big girl now.. Cut down on the tutu okay? Hehe =D
"No way mama. Tutu is life"
Also, this is just one of the many ways papa show you he love you.. Look at him.. 44 years of being a serious, dignified and composed man. Took him only this much time to turn into a dinosaur mascot for his daughter.. ='D Hahaha.
Remember to love your family.. Love your jiejies..
This is you at 2 years old, Meredith.. You are a little big girl =')))
Papa mama will always love you..

And if there are times mama made you cry..

Know that mama is learning, know that it's for your good, know that it could be my fault and if it is i will always apologise, know that no matter what it is, i still love you every second of my life.

And if there are times you made mama cry, know that it's becox you showed me how precious life is and how lucky i am to be able to be here, to witness it, to witness you growing up, learning new things everyday.. I truly am very proud of you.

Just two days ago you picked up your toy broom and mop and started cleaning your nursery floor.. I smiled, and i cried. Whatever mummy is dealing with outside is not nice.. But whatever happens in the house, is the biggest gift i'm given. And that's you.. So thank you again.

And if there are times mama can't be with you.. Know that i am always thinking about you, looking at your pictures and longing for the next moment i can hug you. I will work hard to be better, to give you better. Mummy love you, Meredith.. Happy Birthday..

This video was taken when i left house for a meeting with the lawyers.. It sent me away in tears but i told myself, one day, it will all be okay.. And soon, i'd really be where i belong fully.. Where i want to be, that is to be a mom to you, baby. I will be better.
As you learnt and would tell people.. "Doh cry.. Doh worry.. Ish okay" Remember to remind yourself that each time you feel sad.. And each time mummy has to be away from you.. Be strong. And only grow stronger as you grow up! JIAYOU BABY!!!