30 September 2015

Meredith and Mummy Week 27 - 29

Hi~!!! I'm back so fast this time with an update of Meredith and me updates cox i don't know how these pictures accumulated so fast this time omg!!! It's only been two weeks and i have 400 pictures that i want to post out of the 1500 maybe LOL.

And then out of the 400 i manage to shortlist to 150. There you have. 150 pictures of the most random, silly, small but meaningful things in my life..

I enjoy being a mother.. And these days i'm also slowly learning how to enjoy the time when i am a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a wife or a friend.. =)))

But i'm still not juggling work well! I've been accepting lesser and lesser jobs but i still find time to be limited hahah! Maybe i'm just really too obsessed with my baby =O Maybe i'd get better, maybe i'd just be full-time mom and leisure blogger haha. Josh, please work double hard from now on LOL.

But things are starting to feel lighter! I've learnt how to enjoy the moment and to not think about what some people are trying to do to me. They are not me, they don't have to think for me. I am not them, i don't have to try to control what they wanna do to me.

I just wanna be good on my own, with the people i love. I don't need people like that in my life =) And it's a matter of time they will have to exit if i don't give them space to stay =)) Although most people tend to think they can do whatever they wanna do, say whatever they wanna say, truth is, they are not god.

Even right now when i say i wanna cut them out of my life cox they make me sooooo unhappy, but i am not god. I know they will still keep trying and there's nothing i can do about it.

So i can only pray. And i will. And i am very blessed to have people watching my back, lifting me up, and guiding me forward. These are people i could have never ask for, i believe they enter my life for good reasons, by the force of The Universe. For that, i am thankful.

So how's my life now? On the whole, it definitely can be better! Just a few more steps away from being perfect but every moment that i live, surrounded by the people who think for me, is perfect!!!

Look at this face hahah. She's my source of joy EVERYDAY. When i look at her, i feel like i've done a good job. HAHA. I feel thankful she's healthy and happy ='))) Her dress is from FOX Kids.
Godma came to bring us out for hi-tea hahah! Erxin both of them wear denim haha.

Super awesome to have a bff who drives and loves your daughter so much HAHA. Even if she loves you way way way way less and sometimes she even hope you don't exist, it's okay!!!

HAHAHA. Cox at least we get to go around shopping and eating and just have our own girly day out! No helper, no husband just us girls~ =D

Then again. Pretty sure i will be ditched soon cox Michelle already made it clear that when Meredith is bigger, she won't need the car seat (me) to tag along anymore.. =OOO

Another night my parents and Ah Bong and NiaoNiao and Bong's friend Weiyi all went for dinner at Sun Ray cafe and then dessert at the cafe right beside! It's super hipster omg haha. LOVE IT.
Can you check out the chair please. My ah gong used to have one!!!! When i was just a little kid! And the table top is made from old-school tray!!! I can DIY that!!!
Wanted a picture with my dad and then stupid Niao photobomb. I scold her to get out of the frame..
And then another shindig came in HAHA.
The haze has become soooooooo freaking crazy i wanna die. Thank god for my Philips Air Purifier and Humidifier!!! It's a 2-in-1. Recently only i started to use the humidifier function.. IT'S LIFE-CHANGING OMGGGGGG.

Cox the haze is soooo bad i wake up with dry throats and dry mouth and dried up booger in my nose cox i'm sick right. And then we went to the peds cox Meredith got rash thanks to the haze, and Dr Eugene Han told us many many kids went to him recently for rash.

So he suggest other than purifying the air, we also have to humidify the air cox if not if we sleep in aircon room, the air can get very dry. And dry skin can also cause eczema / rash in kids or even adults.

SO OKAY LAH WHATEVER I JUST USE THE HUMIDIFYING FUNCTION SINCE I GOT 2-IN-1 RIGHT. Though i never thought much of it cox years ago i bought a humidifier from another reputable brand cox i always wake up with dry eyes and dry throat and nose etc..

But then after i on the humidifying function for my Philips 2-in-1, I WOKE UP THE NEXT DAY WITH COMFORTABLE THROAT, EYES, AND NOSE. OMGGGGG. It's been a while i ever wake up feeling comfortable hahaha.

Genius. Meredith skin also got better but of course with care from the topical medication as well lah!

So if you're gonna get a air purifier, you can consider this!!!

Went for work early one day for Moshi Moshi Nippon event and fashion show!
So much waiting time backstage so i camho lah haha. I am embarrassed by my phonecase lol.
Outerwear from INGNI Japan (bought it from SHibuya 109), cut-out plain white top from EMODA, pants from Toki Choi Tokyo fashion on Rakuten Singapore.
During the interview =D Thanks to Yutaki for helping me snap all these pictures!! =D
Omg my ptosis damn jialat haha. I already tried my best to photoshop to balance the eyelids haha.
With the Japanese models..
Outfit for the mini fashion show =D
After work! A picture with Hermes from Malaysia, Kelly who is soo so so so so so nice cox she help make sure those who don't understand Japanese (mainly just me backstage LOL) translate what's going on. Cox all the backstage crews and coordinators are Japanese T.T Also a picture with Japanese singer Anna! =DDD She's so pretty and cute!!!
With Yutaki while waiting for Sophie to come! =D
Went to Charlie Cafe at the top level of Cathay Cineleisure and the view is pretty dope haha.
Home after a loooooong day to a nomming monster. Haha. Everything also wanna chomp!
Omg this love.. Is so pure. You can think the worst of me, you can think whatever you want of me.. But she thinks i am nice and that's really good enough =)
The next morning Yuxuan, Yurou stayed in with my parents cox my helper is back in her hometown for urgent leave for TWO WEEKS OMGGGGG.

I'm not worried about juggling the baby cox Josh and i are good with it.

But i am so so so so so dead thinking about how not-so-clean the house will be.

Thank god josh took the initiative to take over some of the chores T.T While i take the baby! =D Teamwork pass with flying colours!!! We also successfully juggle all the people staying in!

I ask Pearl to let my parents bring the kids over to stay for a week cox more people more easy to pass time ma hahaha. Two weeks with no helper to clean the house, is really can die one.

But we did it =DDD

Everyday is fun fun fun with my family around!!! Twinsie style with Xuanxuan and Meredith! Haha!
Rivalry starts young HAHA. Thank you Sam for their dresses!
Meredith: What are we gonna do?
Meredith: What are you doing?
Yuxuan: Can't you see? I'm already stealing the limelight HAHAHA.
Found these pictures in Yurou's phone omgggg. She lovesss to help people take pictures!!! And she took a picture of the building (i think it could be KTP hospital haha) cox she told my dad, that the building is so beautiful =OOO What a talent haha!
These are also taken by her!!!!! Super pretty or what?!?!?! She told me she took these pictures of Yuxuan cox Yuxuan is too cute T.T My Yurou grow up already..
Another beautiful shot Yurou snapped of Yuxuan =)))
And then of me and Meredith haha.
Went out with everyone!
And Yurou saw this bunny and she was like "IT'S SO ADORABLE!!! LET ME PHOTO YOU!!! YOU STAND HERE. YOU STAND HERE, HERE!!!" What the heck damn bossy hahaha. So she took these pictures of me and my dad!
And then she say "Okay now you photo me!" HAHAHA. Cute dao yao si. Erm then later she went to the mooncake fair and took like maybe 6 servings of durian mooncake samples from Homes Favourite. LOL. 有其姨必有其女 LOL. Like auntie like niece. HAHA. But i got buy lah okay!! I bought two boxes lol.
Meanwhile someone is very happy with the chocolate sauce that godma passed her hahaha.
With my naughty Yurou..
Always say she wanna do silly face in pictures =.="
And then at night.. It's playtime before bedtime again! =D Meredith turn 6 months old today.. And she seems happy about it haha.
Play until she got so tired she fell asleep on my lap.
Woke up with her head nudging me hahaha. Tucked right under my pit LOL.
Meredith will you always always always want mummy so much! =D
Meanwhile in the other room..
Hercules Yuxuan ask who wants a pizzaaaaa! Haha!
Play drawing with Yurou and she drew me..
Woah.. I don't know why i'm pulling such a long face.. HAHA.
Twinsie style again~ Matching outfit from Petit Bateau.
Two angels.. =)))
Playtime with yeye..
Later Mich came over with her mom and sister to visit Meredith.. Yup, she made it pretty clear. It was to see Meredith ONLY. HAHA.
Make shift Paxuan hair salon. HAHA. Check out the video at the end of this post.. Got Yuxuan shampooing Meredith LOL. We are bad adults.
Both play until sleepy haha.
We are a very very blessed family =)))
And the next day begins. Xuanxuan wearing Anna Sui mini =D With Meredith's toy in her hand, of which i can't find it anymore.......... O.O
Meredith wearing dress that Yutaki got for her!
Them: What? What do we have to do? Just smile?
Xuan: But i'm not in the mood!
Meredith solo lol. Merelyn Monroe special hahaha. My daughter really think she damn chio or something LOL.
"Yup that's right, mom" *thumbs up*
She was so joyful so when her godma say wanna bring her over to godma's place, i said yes! But who knows later she major terror at her house =X Haha. I think she's starting to regconise faces and places! Plus teething!!! Cox later when Mich brings her back, she's completely normal and joyful again LOL. Sorry Mich!!!
"All packed and ready.. But godma is late.." Haha!
So i brought the rest of the family to Tampines while Meredith spends the day at Mich's place.
Carolyn came to join for lunch and then treat us dessert omggggg this is soooooo good!!!!!! I WANT IT AGAIN NOW!!! T_T
Yurou and Yuxuan =))))) This is just so sweet.. When i saw this i quickly snap and show si jie =))) I was just being nice okay. End up i get nagged at by her to quickly plan for number two =.=" HAHA.
My hands tight up with Meredith and Yuxuan was with my dad, so Yurou got no other choices left so she ask for Josh (usually her last option LOL) to play with her HAHAHA.
So smiley these days =D
"Better to kidnap your heart with, my dear.."
Kept doing this face cox she's trying to rub her itchy gums with her lips haha.
绮梦来了 LOL.
Baby this is the first time you fell asleep while playing with your toy =)) Mommy is very lucky cox i can witness so many of your firsts in your growing up days =')))
Wake up and look at me like that.. Haha.

You might be thinking how i'm able to capture so many of Meredith moments lolol.

Like i said these are just a small small fraction of what i manage to snapped, right?

Nevermind, the fact is..

Whatever i snapped, is just a small fraction of what i saw and feel =)))) HAHAH.

It's like if i'm home all day, i'd just be with her.. And we talk.. I mean i talk and she eh eh eh! Hahah.

I am not sure if i'd ever get out of this crazy mom zone.. O.O It's like whenever i can, i wanna be the one she wakes up to. And be the one she last saw, right before she close her eyes to sleep for the day.

I love it when i shower her, cox it's her favourite time of the day.. I love it when i feed her cox she opens her mouth to each spoonful of food so enthusiastically haha. I love it when i change her diaper full of poop cox that means she is not suffering from constipation. I love being a mom =)))

Maybe i need help. LOL. Maybe this is not normal. Maybe i should set up a help group, for mothers who just can't help it. LOL.

One day before election, Mich sent me this picture of month old Meredith and say "Oh hor.." LOL.
"Was that really me, mom?!"
"Thank god i look better now hahaha!"
After showering her.. She play rubber duckie not enough wanna play with rubber mommy wth. Really zero respect for my face that was engineered with precision in Korea HAHA.
"I do what i want, mom" *pout* Hahah! Told her to do pig face and she'd do this =DDD Amazing hor, 6 months old only suddenly become so interactive one!!!
Arm goals. Hahaha.
Leg goals. Haha.
Omg.. This is how she video call her godma these days. Keep wanting to chomp on the phone!
And then it makes a love story..
Her little arm on my arm.. She's still sleeping when i took this picture.. Haha. So i waited 1 hour plus for her to wake up O.O SHE DIDN'T UNTIL I LEFT THE HOUSE FOR WORK T.T
Josh then send me this picture and say "Mommy you forgot to stick double eyelid tape for my other eye" Hahaha. Yes i know, Josh should throw away his phone.
"Do you not believe i can nom this down in FOUR seconds?"
"I'd really show you okay!!!" *ROAR!!!*
Frozen banana to soothe her gums! I bought this Philips AVENT silicon bib from ToysRUs it's pretty awesome!!! Catches food bits and also prevents liquid from sipping through and it's so easy to clean!
"Plus don't forget! It's pink! Which is my favourite colour, that my mom picked for me!" LOL.
She love the soft toy Si Jie bought for her so much that she will wiggle her way to it and then just hold it and play with it. So i decided not to throw it away. LOLOL.
Brought my parents to another hipster place Kombi Rocks. Hahah. For dinner. I LOVE their mee goreng so much!
Frozen blueberries omg. SOOOoooo messy.
"Excuse me, could you help me send this for dry-cleaning please? If not my mom's gonna start nagging again~"
Bong walk in to us napping and snapped this for the family group chat haha.
Guilty face after getting scolded for peeing when there's no diaper. It's really just the 2 or 3 seconds when the diaper is taken away for a new diaper change, she'd pee on my bed lol. But okay lah her face like that, she has no faults, okay? Lolol.
Yurou say she wanna "photo me" and then she even brought all these props for me to hold with Meredith for the picture.. Errr.. Okay..? Lolol. Her framing a bit sengat hor hahaha.
Later she snap this and told her mom "妈咪你可以走开吗 我要 photo 啊庭阿姨还有 Meredith" Lolol. ah Pearl kena ject hahaha.
And then we selfie~!!! =DDD I love Yurou so much hahah.
We adults were having lunch and someone simply finds that too boring lol.
Sent Meredith to Si Jie's house for a day cox i had to leave for work and Josh have to clean the house thoroughly cox our helper was still away T.T so Pearl sent me this picture and say only Meredith's milk bottle accessories have this treatment LOL. the rest is just put on table means put the whole thing on table lolol.
Filming in Bangkok and almost rubbed my face on a vine full of thorns cox i wanted to act chio lolol.
Update from Si Jie haha.
My airbnb host was soooooo warm and friendly omg. She's so sincere and she not only open up her house for guests, she also open up her kitchen, her friends and her kitchen to whip up a table full of authentic thai dishes for me and the Clicknetwork crew T.T I hope that as i grow older in life, i will be like her, to only be surrounded by kind, sincere and genuine people.. And to only do good for others.. =))) She home and clothe and let three young girls who are sisters, to attend schools, they also live in her house as helpers. And i see how she treats them, it's really like treating her own kids. And how awesome, she took the three of them in together!!! I'm thinking it would be very heartbreaking if three of them at that young age have to be separated and go to different houses to work.. And the house, from what i see, definitely do not need three helpers lol. So it's just very kind of her. And her warmth can be seen around the whole airbnb apartment. She have beverages and fruits and coffee machine and snacks free for all her guests omg. 
And then arrange for breakfast to be cooked for all the guests and she changes the menu everyday so that if the guests are staying for a period of time, they will be eating different breakfast everyday T.T
It was hard for me to leave a teething Meredith who cries every now and then, for work. But this hospitality and niceness i received from my airbnb host, was worth it. If you're travelling, travel deeper, and consider airbnb for your accommodation! If you sign up using my link you can receive $36 SGD off your first trip with airbnb! =D Good luck!
Next day in Bangkok.. Werk werk wtf lol. Crazy mom on the loose. Lol.
Yup, this makes me a fashion blogger. Lolol. Whatever.
Thanks to Gillian for all the pictures!! =DDD
HOME TO THIS~!!!!!!!
"Bet you miss me, momma!" BET I DID!!! Hahah!
Next day, went to the supermarket to buy ingredients with Michelle for steamboat at her house!!! And she saw this and ask us to snap a picture with our Merries poster. HAHA. Later she tell me "你没有化妆 以后还是不要酱比较好" WTF HAHAHHA.
My friend bought ALL THESE MUSHROOMS BACK FROM JAPAN. They are all premium grade. I don't know why the heck she does this. You see the middle dua bong one?! It's $20 for ONE mushroom. My friend tell me it's truffle. I thought she was kidding. She wasn't. She really thought it's truffle. I have no words. HOW CAN TRUFFLE BE $20 ONLY?!?!??! And the whole plate smells like fungus and soil. I really gagged after this picture LOL. But hey, since Mich made the effort, i should be appreciative. She say she's utterly disappointed nobody seems to like mushrooms as much as she thought we do. I told her the only kind of mushroom i ever love is the cheap button mushrooms in cans. Okay. And i love campbell mushroom soup, okay. LOL.
Maybe she not happy, buy so many biscuits for my daughter.
My daughter eat and eat, eat until after that four days cannot poop. LOL. So cute she bit out a heart shape from her biscuit!!! =DDD
OMG I AM SO IN LOVE. Hahaha. All my favourite stuff Mich prepared for the steamboat!!!!!!! Kani, mushroom meatball, mentaiko and fruit beer~!!!
On her second biscuit.. "Oh god this taste like ****" But Meredith, it's the same as the one you had just now!
"Oh really! It's not that bad afterall.."
Advance birthday celebration for Josh's birthday from Mich and Monkey =D
So thankful to have good friends =D And my own little family! =DDD
Went to find Si Jie for her birthday here's a selfie with Yurou and Yuxuan before we head out cox.. Cox Yurou say "Let's take a photo!" Hahaha! Think she very photogenic is it lolol.
Yurou wanted to go to the arcade.. See who's her little follower and supporter hahaha.
Hao Yuan came to visit with Alice =D With yummy mooncakes from Chocoelf of course! =D Hao Yuan soooo gentlemanly and caring one! Haha! So cute.
Can't believe the first time i saw her i was only preparing to get married lol. More nice people enter my life please =DDD
At night we celebrated Josh's birthday again! Thanks to the cake Carolyn got! Hahahah shit this year damn jialat. I never buy cake never buy gift for Josh T.T SORRY DARLING!!! I neglected you =X But thank you for being a awesome supportive husband who is always behind me for all the decisions i make and for being a super dad to our child =))) To better days ahead!!! =DDD
Finally get to try out THE highly raved Philips AVENT Steamer / Blender 2-in-1 =OOO It's damnnnn fuss free and easy, simply throw the cleaned vegetables / fruits inside, steam if you have to, and then flip the container over to blend it into puree!!! =DDD As the baby grow older you no need to puree it lah, simply make it more chewable! Please don't boil your baby's vegetables anymore lol. The nutrients all goes off with the boiling water.
"Thanks mom!" Hahaha! Greedy baby is ready to eat!
Baby can mommy keep feeding you until you turn 21 years old~!!! Hahaha!
"Yuck, mom.. Don't be gross!" Lol. Bought this Philips AVENT sippy cup from Kiddy Palace. She's not very good with it yet but she's trying! =D
Need to be so happy everyday. Hahaha.
Went to Cleo (Tel 63385250) to change my hair colour!
To something dark =D Sio did a pretty good job right! Haha! Lip colour from Laneige. Double eyelid tape from Daiso. Eyebrow pencil from Urban Decay. Eye make up using KATE Tokyo.
Sorry one more camho shot haha.
Sweet potato for lunch! =D
For non-drippy food i let her feed herself if she wants to! =D Drippy food i'd feed lah haha.
Classic jiak ba bo sai bang. She really just had lunch, she really a bit constipated (due to the change from milk to food) and we really got nothing to do cox of the stupid haze. Lol. So i put on a baby wig for her hahahaha.
"How do i look?"
"Really?! Pretty?!"
"Okay i'm posing, snap a picture of me~ Okay thank you! We done?"
"Phew. It can get stuffy in there~" HAHA.
Her face when Mich say she's not coming anymore.. Lol.
Three kids in the house waiting for Josh to come back in to the house haha.
"ALL BY MYSELLLLLF~ Don't wanna be.. ALL BY MYSELF~~~"
*sniff* Hahah. She's not afraid of the doggies wor!!! She wants to get close to them to sayang (more like pull their fur lolol) them haha. I think it's so nice to let kids mix with animals and pets!!! It really teaches them to be kind and responsible! And caring and doting =)))

Actually all the fears that we might have, are highly likely to be instilled in us by other people.

I used to fear dogs and i fear cats. I still fear cats. I used to be afraid of dogs cox when i was younger the adults around me always say "OHR OHR OHR 我叫 woa woa 咬你啊!!" (I ask the dog to bite you ah!) So naturally i was afraid of dogs.

But then as i grew bigger and got exposed to them, i begin to like them. Some of them. Lol.

And then i fear cats becox my primary school classmate de mother told me my classmate's fingers are shorter than normal cox a cat chewed it off.. O.O I can't believe i actually believe her. Another friend also told me cats will eat their owner's bodies if the owner die in the house and there's no one giving food to the cat. LOL. So yes, regardless, i am still scared of cats.

Went out to work for filming with Clicknetwork one day and i was expecting to end work at 7 / 8 pm. In the end i ended early at about 6pm and i immediately rush back home to see Meredith.

End up Josh sent me this picture and ask me where am i cox he brought Meredith down to give me a surprise =OOO I feel so bad cox i was already nearing the house! T.T

"Too bad, mom~"
Black hair not bad ah, really make me look younger hahaha. Self praise is no praise.
Woah i woke up at 7am and worked til 6pm, i also not SOOOO tired. What you do Meredith?!
"Heehee i'm a bummer" Lol.
Josh bought these for me and later a set of 24 colours ink pens to destress! Hahaha!
"I'm different mom! I chew really angrilly to destress!" *ROAR!*
Her face whenever she's calling her godma for video call..
In memory of my miserable artistic talent lol.
Wah wah, got so tired again lol.
"Mom.. You think it's easy to be this cute everyday?" LOL.
"Answer is NO! It takes hard work! Now you do your work and take over and feed me~ And clean my nose ah thank you hehe"
Thinking about life and such.. On a random afternoon..
Really love to video call her godma this one. Haha.
A video of Meredith growing up week 27 - 29 =))) Look out for the one Yuxuan and Meredith wash each other's hair and sayang each other haha. That's my favourite part.