29 January 2013

rarebits - New site + CNY Collection ^.^

Tadang~~~!!! New site for rarebits!!! Me, Mich and Zhen have been waiting for like two hundred years for this change to happen! The old site just have wayyyy too many problems!!!


I'd like to announce.. That..

rarebits now offers..



Lolol. Okay you got it. Haha. So i was talking about the problems we faced previously.

From checkout, to payment, to the tabs we wanna categorise our products with, to even the way we want our products to appear in grids / list, to even our logo, we had problems =___-"

Seriously. Not fun at all. Especially not for Michelle who has to do stock take and all.

And yes, the stock count. Big problem. The old site put up was just bad bad bad in many aspects.

So we've been working on a new site with a better backend system, it's now great for us backend user and you consumer =D But really, it's much better now for us. Even uploading pictures now is sooo much easier! =DDD And we couldn't have do this without the help from Chloe our web designer!

Chloe Design (http://websitedesigns.sg) specializes in developing e-commerce shopping cart websites and corporate websites. Chloe is very helpful all the time!!! Fix any issues we have along the way efficiently and each time we need to contact her, she's always contactable.

Please, no more dodgy designer for me =X No no no thank you please. Chloe works with many companies and blogstores and she knows exactly what you'd need to get a blogstore running!

Good news to all blogshop owners!

Chloe Design is offering a special Blogshop Startup Package at $2899 for a fully integrated E-Commerce Website, great for new start ups or livejournal blogshops converting to e-commerce.

Quote QIUQIU and you can get $250 discount off this package! =D Please do consider! It's a good investment becox if you're doing this business for the long run, a good backend system that can take care of your orders, stock count and client's database is very important!!!

With so many blogshops out there, and right here lolol, you just gotta have the basic lah! =D



It's still the same, nothing above $20!!! =D Yup even the bags! =D

CNY 2013
For those who don't wanna wear something too "ching" haha, these would be great for you! =DD I especially love the navy studded dress!!! =D Makes me look fairer don't know why.
Get this golden lace collar necklace to doll up your simple outfits ba =D $7.90 only!
If you like something more oriental! The peekaboo back is nice with the lace oriental cutting in front!
Some bags we launched this collection! The black one has a big bling as the catch it's quite nice! =D Haha. I also love the bucket bag ah! Very easy to match.
If you love floral!!! The poufy skirt and skater skirt super nice to match to cordinate your CNY outfit! BUT!!! My favourite is the deep wine shorts!!!!!! It is for real comfy + soft + can anyhow sit lolol. So please! Feel free to browse the new site and looksee the new collection! =D Thank you!

January promotion still on for last few days! Spend $80 on rarebits and stand to win one of the THREE SETS of beauty items! They are all raved / my personal favourite beauty items! ^.^ You can join orders to chalk up the sum with your friend and checkout together! Can share the items haha.
THREE SETS of these beauty items FOR FREE, FOR YOU! Left - Right:
Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream - Good moisturizer that gives you slimmer face in ten minutes
Biore Cleansing Oil cotton Facial Sheets X 10 sheets - Removes makeup conveniently + quickly
SENKA Perfect Whip - This mochi cleansing foam is so good it's one of the top selling in Japan
SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion - One step toner lotion to moisturize your skin daily and make it glow
SEXYLOOK Hello Kitty Brightening Mask - Brightens and rejuvenate your skin!

For those who are worried about not being able to get your CNY outfit on time, don't worry~! =D

We have two meetup-session for collection, one on weekday and one on weekend! It will be at a convenient location! Simply check your choice of day during checkout =D

You can also opt for registered postage if you wanna make sure you get it on time lah! Also got normal postage but this one a bit risky now cox peak season mah. But it's up to you =D

Okay lah! Thank you for shopping on rarebits. Mich, Zhen and i wish you Gong Hei Fatt Choy first ah! Haha! ^.^ Wish you and your family 身体健康 合家乐融融 =D


27 January 2013

QWeekly - Taiwan Japan Trip Last =(

Hello!!! As the title suggested.. This is the last post of my Taiwan - Japan - Taiwan trip with Wendy, Cheesie and Audrey =( Not sure if i'm feeling more happy or sad i guess both!!! Happy cox i really enjoyed their company and they were all so nice and zidong and helpful on the trip. But sad cox i miss us on the trip!!! =O Then again.. When i'm away i miss home and miss Josh O.O

Okay i am just a confused and fickle-minded person lolol. But yeah!!!

I really really miss this trip!!!

You may check out my previous posts on our girly Taiwan - Japan - Taiwan trip lah. Sigh. Not on the trip anymore but at least got pictures to remember the good times ^.^

Taiwan Day 1 - Of Taiwan street snacks and our super lovely hotel right in the heart of Ximending

Taiwan Day 2 - Hello Kitty Cafe and Taiwan night market (including famous Shilin Night Market)

Taiwan - Japan - Famous wholesale shopping in Taiwan Wufenpu and Hello Kitty baggage check-in

Japan Day 2 - Hokkaido food fair and us girls shopping ah ^.^

Japan Day 3 - HELLO KITTY SANRIO LAND!!!! =DDD Hello Kitty lover heaven omg!!!

Japan Day 4 - Tokyo Disneysea ^.^


Big big big BIG thanks to Expedia, EVA Air and Nuffnang for hooking us all up for this trip and for making it happen =')))

So we got to Taiwan from Japan and Expedia arranged for us to stay near the airport at NOVOTEL Taipei Taoyuan. It's right beside the airport only! We just have to take a shuttle bus from the airport to get there ^.^

My pink polka dot luggage and Wendy's pink luggage and furry bag and jacket. Hahaha ^.^ My luggage is obviously way too small for a 10 days trip but i die die also bring, WHY?! Becox you see at the corner of the picture? It's a black luggage. Belongs to Audrey ahahaha. Didn't make the cut for "What is worth a shot" lolol. Really no picture of her black luggage.
We got to NOVOTEL Taipei Taoyuan airport hotel. Look at this ah siao pregger lolol. 很开心 hor? Hahaha ^.^
Nice grand lobby.
Our room!!! ^.^ It's really nice and comfy and cozy! Thank you Expedia!
Our beds. You see to the left of the picture. That's the bathroom / shower tub. Haha. The glass very cool one. You press a button it'd turn opaque. Press the button it'd become clear see through. Although i am still quite scared what if i showering and singing halfway accidentally the glass door fault and then Wendy will be traumatised for her whole life lolol.
Slack outfit of the day lol. Floral leggings is from Don Quixote in Japan for about $8 SGD. Bag even more love, from Daiso Japan. Lol. $2 SGD only defug. Cardigan and top about $4 each from Taiwan.
Hungry so we went down for hotel buffet dinner. OMG I LOVE!!!!!
Can't remember exactly how many quail eggs i ate that night. But i don't want to remember. It's just soooo good and simple with the minced meat sauce and white rice!!! =OOO HUNGRY NOW!!!
One camho shot only cox a bit give up liao lol.
Then at the lobby there was some golf challenge thing. Everyone suck at it except..
Tiger Auds. Lolol. She help team Malaysia win this golfing challenge. Lol. We also got competition between team Singapore and team Malaysia when we go KTV. Lol.

And then after that i think we went up to the sports room and play ping pong hahaha. One of the most fun things i did on this trip!!! The fun was mostly from looking at Wendy and Cheesie struggling to hit the ping pong ball but end up hitting / touching themselves with and without the bat hahahaha.

Then we go to bed and wake up next morning to the hotel complimentary breakfast trolley at the lobby for ALL guests!!! =DDDD So nice hor!!! Just very quick breakfast lah. Got a selection of croissant and bread, coffee, milk, tea, etc. I think cox a lot of business people stayover there.

Or mostly people like us who touch and go.

So it's very thoughtful they prepare something quick and fast and wth, FREE for everyone ^.^

And then we got to the airport and the feeding room we couldn't snap pictures of earlier cox too rush..



Didn't wanna caption anything just now cox don't want black letters to ruin the nursing room de feel lolol. But hey!


And then later we go home already lor =/

Here are some of the stuff i bought on this trip!

Collagen strips that were supposedly number one hot-selling in Japan!!! It taste just like lychee jelly? Yeah. Super expensive please =( $90 i think =XXX I buy cox Japan cast a spell on me when i was there lor. Lolol. Go there just wanna be prettier by any more percentage also can. Lol. Come back only i nua until can die. Haha. Everyone should visit Japan more. The two green packs are free gifts. They are diet powder mixture you add into your drinks and you will lose weight lah.
Random stuff i got. L-R: Lycee eyedrop cox Wendy say it's very good and tasty when it drips to the back of your throat somehow haha. Knee peeling cream i got for $30 but really freaking peel until like mad i don't dare to use again O.O It looks like i fell on my knees and pua peh for a week =.= Biore bathing soap wipes i think haha. Just thought it might come in handy O.O Doraemon tissue paper i bought in Taiwan ^.^ I really quite love them leh i use finish all liao.
Lashes from Don Quixote ^.^ Mickey Mouse ones looks good but the lash bone is sooooo hard!!! But Wendy say they are the best lashes she got! So i a bit regret i gave it away and one went to the flea! Also number 1007 is DAMNNNNN GOOD!!! I regret not buying more!!! $6+ only!!! For 5 pairs!
Bows i got from Daiso and a shop at Harajuku ^.^
Hello Kitty and My Melody lip balm and handcream i got for sisters ^.^ and Hello Kitty and My Melody brush and mirror compact haha. Got them from Sanrio Land! Boh liao hor?! Haha.
All the Hello Kitty hanging charms i got from Don Quixote!
Hello Kitty snacks from Sanrio land! =DDD I doubt they taste fantastic but their packaging so cute you just have to buy lah!!!
Little Twin Star stuff i got for Michelle.
All the notebooks i bought for myself =X Erm i really siao one i have at least 20 notebooks at home i think. The Chip and Dale one is for my sister ^.^
Diet chocolate. The only chocolate that supposedly makes you skinny. AND IT ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD. Mad one. Only in Japan. Lol.
Pretty floral prints toilet paper lolol. 有花的大便纸 lolol. You know how ridiculous this is? BUY! AND GOT NICE SMELL ONE ALSO!!! =OOOO
And all the Kit Kats i got my sister and Zhen!

That's all from me! Now you all can go and bug Wendy for her posts hahaha.

I really miss Taiwan and Japan a lot =( Taiwan cox i just LOVE the people and food and language they speak there and also the shopping quite cheap!!! Japan cox ALL the food is soooooo yummy and all the things soooooo cute and all the people there so good-looking they make you wanna dress up better, look better, be better.

Alright! Thank you, Audrey, Wendy and Cheesie for making this trip fun and nice and easy =')))

Thank you Expedia for sponsoring this trip and Nuffnang for liaising for us!

Thanks to EVA Air for the trip up! Hello Kitty air is the cutest thing in the air =D

Expedia is having a special promotion for various countries and packages (hotel and airfare included) starts from $169!!! Travel period is 4th - 18th February. Especially good for people who wanna get away during CNY. Haha for some reasons, a lot of people actually do that O.O

So if you're getting away for CNY, you can take a looksee HERE for the packages and countries!

If not you can always follow Expedia on Facebook! They always got promotion one!!!

On top of that, they have a "Best Price" guarantee so you know you are in good hands when you book your holiday through Expedia! They work with 400 airlines and 150,000 hotels so i'm sure wherever you're thinking of flying to, and wherever you wanna stay, you can book through Expedia!

Fly away! =D
- - - - - - - - - -
TINT coming your way. More updates and promo on their Facebook Page! Stay tuned..
- - - - - - -
Visit Sandy Joy for unique, sweet and feminine pieces for this festive! Love, Lace, Floral!

25 January 2013

Slap it on

You guys might not know but recently i've been kept really busy cox of all the deadlines and Josh is shifting studio so there's a lot of things going on right now!

But i am happy lah becox one thing leads to another so i'm just learning to take it down one by one.

And becox i am quite bad at multi-tasking, i tend to neglect a lot of things if i am kept busy with something else. Like if i am busy, i tend to neglect skincare and haircare =X But but but!

I am trying!!! Especially so when Secretive.sg send me like ten thousand pieces of mask to advertise for O.O I gotta use them all!!! Hahaha. 不要辜负他们一番好意嘛 lol.

And i actually buy masks and other beauty products from them a few times before!!! So it's quite a good thing they contacted me to ask to send me masks =DDD 省了我好多钱啊 =X Lolol.

This is me looking grumpy at my dressing table @.@ Becox really that day i rush some stuff rush until i want to sleep so badly and have to wake up early next morning to go do some stuff =/
Lolol. So zhun, 4 hours of sleep only. Actually 3 hours and 55 minutes becox i set alarm for 10.30am
Thanks to Queen Of Mask for sending me these boxes of mask from But, Becky! They have a variety of masks for different results!

The blue one for Mochi-Mochi skin!
Enriched with Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid for long-hour hydration! Keeps skin bouncy soft!

The pink one for Fair-looking skin!
Concentrated Job's Tears essence helps clear up dark spots and patches! Fairer skin after each use!

The lime green one for Younger-Looking skin!
Rich in vitamin C and E, wild yam delays aging process! Also keeps skin hydrated!

The turquoise one is for Bling-Bling skin!
Pearl and Ginkgo essence are rich in Vitamin A and C which helps soften and whiten complexion! Skin stays young and luminous!

Here's a quick beauty diary i recorded over the past 1 - 2 weeks to share with you guys! ^.^

I was saying i super lack of rest and skin feels like dull and tired right.

Day 1 - Extremely tired skin and tired me!
Chose the Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask from But, Becky to slap on!
Then i nap. Cox after that got movie date at night @.@

One thing about But, Becky masks is that it is highly stretchable as a 3D double lifting mask! Cox most 3D masks can get really tight on your face / under jaw area which might feel quite uncomfortable. But, Becky's masks uses a new knitting technique! It is double woven! With it's good elasticity, your whole face can be covered easily =D Just gotta stretch it wherever needed! =D

Also, there's a unique diamond pattern emboss on the mask! So the essence is more efficiently absorbed plus your skin gets to breathe =D  And deng deng deng, as you can see! But, Becky ambassador is Aaron Yan (炎亚纶), a member of the super popular boy group Fahrenheit 飞轮海!

They all have individual performances and career too and Aaron Yan is coming to Singapore babeh!!! Read on to find out more! You can get a chance to meet him and receive limited edition merchandise! =D

While napping i think i pull off the mask after 30 - 45 minutes. Not sure how long exactly hahaha. But i think it's awesome lah! As i sleep, this mask fills my face with goodness ^.^ Maintaining healthy skin can be quite effortless! =D This picture is after i wake up 2 hours later! 怎样! I only edit my dark eye circle =/
Ready for late night movie with Josh and Laomoo! =D
No make up but at least skin not bad lah =D Hahaha. Gotta cover dark eye ring with thick frame =(

Day 3 - Need to hydrate and soothe this choked up skin!
And then two days later~ JB Day trip with family =DDD It was lotsa fun but the places we went to for food ah.. Omg.. Especially the pasar malam.. =X Whole day really is breathing in oil + fume one. Plus the sun really is scorching until cannot @.@
I got home to shower immediately! Skin feels very dirty, oily and dehydrated cox of the scorching sun!!! So after shower and after toner i immediately slap on this super duper awesome silkmask.

LOVEMORE Loofah and Aloe Vera Hydrating silk mask!
Quick guide! Just peel off the white part, stick on silk mask with the blue part, remove the blue part.
AND THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!!! The silk mask is sooooooo thin and awesome you can barely see it!!! And it feels so light on your face!!! Cannot describe how much i love silk mask! Why didn't i give it a try much earlier on!!! =OOO
30 minutes later! Done~! =D Actually 15 minutes enough liao but i kiasu ma =X =D The Loofah and Aloe Vera hydrating mask made my skin feel refreshed and hydrated ^.^ Thank you!!!
Skin feels sooooooo soft and smooth i love it love it love it! =DDD Have you got that feeling?! You touch your skin and it feels so soft and supple ^.^ This is the feeling after silk masking lah!

And i am very very super happy that LOVEMORE came up with a Oriental Series! Timely for Chinese New Year hor?! =DDD I read through the ingredient used in the four limited edition masks, all sound super good!!!

Happy that Secretive.sg sent me a few to try =D But i am saving it for Chinese New Year hahaha. What. I have so many masks now i can use it whenever i like =DDD

LOVEMORE is endorsed by Jiro Wang (汪東城) also a very famous member of Fahrenheit! =DDD

Why do i find the packaging for the Oriental Series very appealing! 很像古代的武林密集 but this one is 美丽的密集 ^.^ I love it!!! Bet it will be as good or even more potent than the standard series!
If you're keen! These three along with one more call 天山雪莲 (Snow Lotus Revival Mask) are the Oriental Series from LOVEMORE Silk mask! I can't wait to try it nearer Chinese New Year! If i feel generous i will share it with my gfs who come over for mahjong lah. Haha. They play mahjong and mask at the same time. I play line pop and mask along side. Lolol.

After LOVEMORE Loofah and Aloe Vera Hydrating silk mask

Day 4 - Before photo-shooting
Had to snap pictures for adverts in the middle of the night cox it was quite a last minute one on tight deadline so at 3am, i had to prepare! And i thought slapping on a 3D lifting mask would be great to look more firm (hopefully more tight and thus smaller face haha ^.^) with no fine lines on picture!
What better to plump up fine lines and look firmer than Hyalaronic Acid!!! It's the IN THING now popular for "filling" your skin to look firmer, bouncier with no fine lines PLUs is super hydrating!!! So i mask for 20 minutes while i work on the computer!
Done! =D No makeup. Only clear some of the dark eye circle =/ Sigh. Still got a lot of dark circle. Lol. WHO WANT, I GIVE FOR FREE. Nobody? =(
With just BB cream and concealer undereye! =DDD I really envy people with good skin lor! No need to pile on much make up still can look very pretty and fresh! I made a resolution this year to achieve better skin =DDD I think i am on good track now!!!
And here're the photos for that shoot! Slapping on a mask before picture taking really make the makeup go on much nicely ^.^ I will always do it from now on lah! Before makeup, slap mask on! Haha. So easy some more. Just go do other stuff while mask stays on for 15 minutes.

Day 6 - The night before a filming day outdoor
My choice of mask to slap on for the night before filming the next day, Wine Yeast Whitening Silk Mask from LOVEMORE! This mask is great for whitening effect =D
I love how LOVEMORE namse their masks! Just now the loofah one was 水当当 this Wine Yeast Whitening mask is 百泡泡 ^.^ Hen cute hor. And so i went to sleep with it again and take it off i forgot when. Lol. Definitely sometime in my sleep.
Me the next morning ^.^
Sorry ah just woke up so havent brush hair lolol. And i apologise for all the iPhone pictures but as you can see, i try to pen this beauty diary down as close to what i did as possible so if i have to run to whip out my semi-pro camera it is very not candid already lolol. ANYWAY! My skin how?!?! =D
I think really quite nice lah lololol. Given that i am someone really lazy.

LOVEMORE Silk mask also comes in two more types! One of which, the Pearl Barley and Milk Smoothing mask is to help you achieve smoother skin with radiant glow and not oily shine! =D

I think masks are really helpful to maintain your skin's youthfulness and suppleness! The Wine Yeast Whitening mask i tried is awesome for right before a video filming or great before a special night out with your date! =D Fair fair white white one, confirm people love you and want to protect you lol.

And the whitening effect last the entire day so it's very worth it! Haha. Mask is not do one piece then get it over and done with one! Mask i feel is a very convenient pampering time for your face!

And the effect is very much instant =DDD So it's great to have the habit to slap on a mask before your big day, before your important meeting and date lah! =D You'd feel refreshed and relaxed also!

Makeup for filming done~ =D With better skin you also pile on lesser foundation makeup.
Tadang~ Filming done and easy peasy! =DDD

Alright!!! Just wanna thank Secretive.sg for all the masks!!! =DDD

You can buy all the LOVEMORE Silk masks i mentioned from selected Watsons stores and on secretive.sg

And get But, Becky mask from selected Watsons stores! =D

Now!!! If you remember!!! We talked about..

Meeting Aaron Yan + watching him perform LIVE!!!!

And receiving limited edition merchandises at the event!!!

You can go to the event for FREE!!! =D

Plaza Singaura Level One
This Sunday 27th Jan
3pm onwards!

Be there to support But, Becky and Aaron Yan ah =D Can see famous pop star + receive free goodies i don't see why not haha.

For now! If you're keen to try these masks from But, Becky from Queen of Mask, you can go to the event to get them, or get them from selected Watsons!

As for LOVEMORE, you may get it from selected Watsons stores and even easier, buy it on Secretive.sg

Here's another reason why you should buy these masks NOW.

Only for my readers, enter promo code
"qq18" for 18% OFF STOREWIDE
Valid for two weeks from today.

The masks and all the beauty products on Secretive.sg are already very cheap considering how good and premium they are!!! Another 18% off is awesome!!! Buy now buy now! I am going to stock up also. Using the promo code hahahaha =X

Trust me, you need these masks! Especially the LOVEMORE silk mask =X Don't say i biased i am just really really amazed by it! =DDD And extremely love how soft my skin feels after that! The 3D lifting mask from But, Becky is great for looking firm and hydrated and refreshed! Cox the lifting effect is really quite something! And no tightness around the neck cox it's highly stretchable!

Alright! You should try both! Haha ^.^ They are all great for different purposes!

Buy all the mask =D CNY coming you all confirm tired with all the visiting and makeup on face and hanging out late to gamble all haha. Gear up with beauty mask on Secretive.sg =D

Check out their facebook pages for updates on promotion, events and maybe even skincare tips! =D

Secretive.sg - fb.com/secretive.sg
LoveMore Singapore - fb.com/LoveMore.sg
But Becky Singapore - fb.com/ButBecky.sg