31 December 2012

2012 Summarry

Sup!!! Year 2012 has been the MOST awesome year in my life so far! And here are the highlights!!! You may click on the event links to read / re-read those posts if you're free and keen lolol.

January wasn't too good and i don't wanna talk about it anymore but if you're keen you can just go through my January archive.

Visited KL a few times with Wendy to find Cheesie to do acupotomy. It is awesome. I have been healthy for VERY long. And every now and then i think about it.. Holy shit i must have been introduced to 华佗神医.

Went to Thailand for botox and alarplasty. Eh.. I think it's still consider a nose job even though there's no implant. I didn't do implant last minute becox i saw the exterior of the clinic that i went to and i got scared. Lolol. When i actually do the procedure, then i realise okay lah, inside is not as bad as it looks on the outside. The exterior really is rotting paint / wall, and then it's all like dirty looking =X But my nose looks okayish now although one nostril is slightly bigger than the other lolol. But for $160 i think it was a blessing i didn't die in the op. Lolol. The operation was just to reduce the size of my nostrils. Like they slice wedges off my alas and then sew it back. Actually ah, i watch alarplasty procedure on Youtube so many times i feel i could do it on myself or on someone else. Lolol. But i won't know how to stitch it back becox the only stitching i know is cross-stitch lolol.

Went to Phuket with the nicest bunch of people at the MOST AWESOME beach resort!!! =DDD

Booked a yacht trip to celebrate my dad's birthday and for good friends and family to gather =D

Got mad enthusiastic about The Secret after Wendy introduced it to me in March haha. Now i'm not fanatic about it but the concept is already deeply etched in me so it's all good!

GOT PROPOSED TO =DDD With big thanks to these friends for helping Josh plan the proposal!

Visited Japan for the first time ever to watch the EMODA A/W fashion runway show! And at the same time went to Tokyo Disneyland and cried a lot lolol cox still crazy about The Secret then.

Celebrated my 25th birthday with family and friends at a very humble corner of our void deck =))

Took part in the movie filmed by Jack Neo and then it finally aired on the big screen and last heard, the movie broke the record of Singapore's box office =DDD Congrats to the whole team!!!

Also went to Penang for Audrey and Tim's wedding =DDD

September ah..The hell i really don't know what i did i think it was just busy clearing work stuff and celebrate Josh's birthday!!! =D Oh oh oh and preparing for the wedding!!! @.@

Went to Taiwan and Japan with Cheesie and Audrey and Wendy!!! =DDD We visited Taiwan Hello Kitty Cafe, Tokyo Sanrio Hello Kitty Land and flew on EVA Kitty Air!!! =DDD

And i also started my blogshop with Mich and Zhen!!! rarebits was born late October! =D

Close girlfriends and sister did up an AWESOMEST hen's night for me!!!

I GOT MARRIED TO JOSH after seven years of pator haha.

And this is our wedding album.

And i can't be more happy about this year.. I mean dude, i got married. Me. Like, erm.. Me?


So that's the Summarry. Lolol. I got married in the end. And i am still married. And we are in the midst of trying to live happily ever after and i'm trying not feel so awkward saying "My husband".

Phew~!!! 2012 has been a super awesome year!!! Did lotsa things i wanna do, went to places i've never been before and travelled quite a fair bit!!! =DDD

Very very thankful and happy for nice and helpful people around me, my friends, family, Nuffies and Josh =') Never knew how awesome life can actually be, until i started to believe that good things can happen to me. And it's a very very nice feeling when you see nice things happening to your friends.

My gfs are all getting a flat with their other halves or getting married and Wendy is expecting a baby =DDD Next year i can play with him already!!! =DDD

2012 has been great, and i have to thank you readers for it also =) Thank you guys for the support and thank you guys for being nice and thank you guys for leaving me nice comments/ tweeting me/ snapping pictures with me when you see me outside. Haha.. I feel like a superstar but we all know i am really just another human typing stuff on computer and posting pictures from my phone lol.

Alright.. I hope 2012 has been good for you too.

What i learnt is that if you're not feeling good about things/ about your life for the longest time then maybe it's time to look within yourself instead of looking for others and waiting for chances to solve your issues. Things will work out but not when you don't work yourself out. Good luck!

I already got a feeling 2013 is going to top 2012 =D

I WELCOME YOU WITH BIG ARMS 2013!!!!!!! Muah muah muah!!!

29 December 2012

Japan, Japan

Flew to Japan in late October for EMODA S/S fashion show ^.^ Yeah it's very backdated but i've been busy blogging the Expedia trip which also includes Japan, haha, and mainly the wedding ah!

So here you go! This is a relatively short one but it makes me feel very happy and touched cox it reminds me of how.. Light-hearted, cozy and chillax it is to just stroll along the streets of Japan with Josh =))) Just walking, and looking at stuff.. And this time babeh, i didn't trip and fall knees-on-floor.

Hahaha. Yeah the first time i went to Japan i somehow trip and ended up with both knees on the floor at Harajuku =_=" It was embarrassing and funny lolol.


Had a surgical mask on in the first picture becox i fell SOOOoooo sick. From the night before i fly, all the way through out the flight to Japan. So sick i didn't even eat the airplane meal can you believe it?!


When i touched down in Japan, I SWEAR AH, i got out of the airport, and i was sitting there waiting for the bus and there's still like 20mins before my bus will come, SO!!! I started doing makeup and..

THEN I REALISE. MY GOD MY FLU, SORE THROAT, BLOCKED NOSE AND ITCHY EYES ALL GONE =DDD Maybe someone should start marketing Japan like this. Lolol.

"Feeling sick? Feeling blue? Come to Japan! Our air alone can solve all your 疑难杂症!"

Dinner with the Apparel Web bunch taking care of EMODA, at a restaurant on high floor and we can overlook the streets of Japan while we dine!!! =DDD Quite romantic one!!! Spot Cheesie!!! =DD
EMODA and Apparel Web people put me up at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel and it's awesome =D Here's me with the convenient store right outside the hotel! Actually in the hotel also have lah!
Totally love convenient store shopping in Japan!!!!!! A lot of miscellaneous things to shop one! Like makeup, notebooks, stationery and stuff. Haha.
And of course, their bento boxes wide range of microwavable food! =D
Next day~ Me and Josh went out to stroll before i head for Cleo Hair Make in Japan to have my hair done for the fashion show event =D And this is one big big big reason i love Japan....
Every few steps you take, you'd see somewhere/ something beautiful =))) And yeah, photogenic. Haha. My pastel mint green furry top is from EMODA =D Maybe you can find it at JRunway @ Plaza Sing new extension! They stock plenty of EMODA stuff! ^.^
Then we went into a random ramen shop. Of course the one with egg is mine haha ^.^ It's not bad but i prefer the white milky kind ^.^
Erm.. Me. Haha.
The direction there is pretty easy. Take the subway to Omotesando, walk along the street where Franc Franc is, spot AVEX TRAX building, walk in the street on it's right (you'd spot a 7-11 near the street), see a 高野洋服 tailor shop, turn right into that alley. I mean, i honestly doubt any of you would visit Cleo at Japan really =X Becox you guys would probably do your hair nice nice and THEN visit Japan if you're visiting Japan. So i am very thankful the boss of Cleo Hair Make still arranged this for me!
After hairwash ^.^ Hair curling almost done!
I asked for EXTRA volume hahaha. Cox i need the hair to last til evening to attend the show haha!
With Shindo ^.^ Who told me to tell Shio (my hairstylist in Singapore Cleo Hair Make) よろしく (yoroshiku) which I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS *proud face* without having to ask. He mean to send his regards okay. Yeah i know!!! You can ask me anything about Japanese so long as it's within the syllabus of the first 3 lessons of my Japanese class =X Yeah i sort of gave up on the class already. BUT DON'T WORRY, i still have keen interest and i am learning from iPhone O.O Lolol.
Josh snapped this when he was strolling on the street while i do my hair haha ^.^
Hair done and there it is.. One of the uncountable beautiful parts of Japan =)) Just waiting for us to look at it and appreciate it. Haiyo.. Japan is love!!!

Alright.. Hope your week has been good. It better be! It's like the last week in 2012! =DDD

Be back real soon! =D

28 December 2012

Close to You

Hello!!! Hope you guys had a great Christmas ^.^ And is still enjoying the Xmas festive spirit! Haha.

Yes, eat more. Sleep in more. Haha. And SHOP MORE! =DDD

Here's a quick video i recorded just now just cox i think i look pretty neat today lolol. And yes, MY HAIR IS DARK PURPLE NOW! Don't know after washing will become how! I think will become lavendar ash brown. Thanks to Cleo Hair Make!!! I am loving it!!! Share more again!

Nah, just a video of me rambling the same stuff and then singing Close to You haha. Enjoy~ ❤

My new hair colour nice not? ^.^ NICE RIGHT I KNOW!!!! =DDD I am in such a good mood now.

Video filmed using the Casio EX-ZR1000.

24 December 2012

Wedding Day Part 1 ❤

Before i flood you guys with pictures.. For brides-to-be and for people who might be keen in the services you see on my wedding, i just wanna tell you guys, Josh and i had the best teams of professionals and putting it together for us. For that, i'd like to thank the below sponsors!

Florist / Decor designer - Assemble Happinest
Thank you for making the whole venue look like a beautiful garden filled with romantic feel =D Hahaha! And thanks for bringing a whole bunch of hardworking nice smiley people to work with you, Lydia! They really did a great job with the decor! They did up my Hen's Night decor also! See my hen's night post 1 and post 2 ^.^ Need to send a nice bouquet / decorate a place, find them! =D

Wedding favour (Chocolates) - Chocoelf
Thank you for the favours! Everyone loved your chocolate and thank you for the kind thoughts of sending me and Josh an extra box of macarons for our wedding =D I share more about Chocoelf and their online chocolate shop / store at Taka HERE!

Hairdo of Josh and i - Cleo Hair Make
Thanks to Shio @ Cleo Hair for making me look beautiful all the time and on my special day =)) Thank you for extending your niceness to Josh also ah =DDD Looking forward to my next visit!

Wedding Planner services - Eternally Yours
This one i mention ten thousand times already. Josh calls my wedding planner the Martha Stewart of all wedding planners becox Clarice our wedding planner is so best! Thank you Clarice again!!! The wedding preparation was tough (for you, not me lolol) but you really tough it out till the end and on the wedding day =D Thanks to all your assistants too!!! =D I miss you!!!

Instant-Print photobooth - Hello Forever
Thank you for letting my guests have a fun time snapping away and for setting up the most beautiful backdrop for me! =D Was definitely a fun experience for the guests who are not camera shy! Haha! A photobooth would be fun for your event and what better than instant print to capture moments! =D

Wedding gowns / Josh's suit - LaBelle Couture
Thanks to ladyboss Peiru and my superb designer Almond from LaBelle Couture for picking out and altering the dresses and gowns to fit me! =D Thank you guys for Josh's hamsum suit also! =D

Bridemaids Dresses + Wedges - Love Bonito
Thank you Viola, Velda and Rach for the months of designing and altering and fitting and for being patient and nice through out! =D If you're a bride-to-be and you wanna get affordable bridesmaids dresses for your girlfriends, you can check out Love Bonito's bridesmaids collection! =D

Event Photography - Moments by Edmund
Contact (momentsbyedmund@yahoo.com) Edmund really never sit down the whole night one!!! Damn hardworking and zidong (got initiative) and very enthusiastic about what he's shooting! If you need an event photographer for any occasion, please contact him! =D All the pictures in this post are taken by him! Thank you Edmund! Even my dad ask me why you never sit down whole night! Lol.

Dessert bar and Candy station - Mr and Mrs
Thank you guys for the beauitful dessert bar and candy station! =D All my guests were very very mesmerized by how everything looks soooo pretty and cute! And they love the mango pudding and snacks!!! Thank you guys for being so professional and quick-hands when setting up! =D If you're throwing a party/ celebrating a special moment, you might wanna check out Mr and Mrs dessert bar and customise one to fit your theme! =DDD Check out their page, plenty of ideas!

Wedding Live Band - Sparkle Live Music
Thank you Kexin for your beautiful voice that evening =DDD And thank you for bringing nice sporting band players who play along with my singing hahah! Congrats on the debut of your first EP album! WHAT?! I have a singer singing at my wedding!!! *honored* ^.^ I've blogged about Kexin and Sparkle Live Music before if you're considering a good live band for your event!

Makeup of me + Bridesmaids - YSL
Thank you Zling for sending Francis and colleague! They both did a good job for my girlfriends! =D And thank you for the super wonderful makeup and skincare products!!! =DDD Do visit YSL flagship store at ION 01-25 if you're around the area! Most of the lip colour you see i'm using on my instagram pictures and blogposts are all from YSL =DDD

Me and Josh saved a huge huge bomb thanks to you guys! Haha! I estimated the total sponsorship fee to be at least $25k =OOO And this is base on the lowest estimation my god. Thank you guys ='D We only had to pay for the dinner and miscellaneous stuff like angbao, printing, wine and beer etc!

You ask Josh lah!!! Marry me is it the best!!! Lololol. "You pi you qih" althou no have DLN. Lololol. Only crude Hokkiens will get this joke ah! Okay okay!!! Pictures!!!

The cozy gathering was set at Skyve @ 10 Winstedt Road =)) Josh DIY-ed these easels and went to print my pictures and do up this signboard as direction guide. Lol. Nubad.
Beautiful set up and decoration done by Assemble Happinest ❤ Theme was pastel / floral.
Table setup also done by Assemble Happinest =))) Each table has a different colour theme and they took the effort to find flower of matching colour to the tables =) Really great job done!!!

Setting up the dining place..

Wedding planner assistant from Eternally Yours doing their job to make sure everything's in place!

Crew from the Hello Forever team setting up the backdrop!

The Mr and Mrs team setting up the dessert bar =D

Helpers from Assemble Happinest working really hard..
Down to every detail! Thank you Assemble Happinest =))

Deng deng deng~!!! The glorious dessert bar / candy station done up by Mr and Mrs!
Sumptuous candy list ^.^
Handmade cakepops with love from Mr and Mrs =))
My kitkats are prettier than yours haha.
Hokkaido cupcakes with pastel pink frosting
Sorry the dessert table is too pretty i just have to! And i never mention them in my blog before becox i have never seen any dessert table served in Singapore before!!! So if your party has one, you must be very unique lah =DDD
Everyone loved the mango pudding =((( I ALSO NEVER GET TO TRY ALREADY FINISH LIAO!!!! What is thisssss. Lolol.
Full set up. It's beautiful, thank you Mr and Mrs!!! =D
Resting at the outdoor area before the thing starts and even this place is nicely decorated by Assemble Happinest! Thank you so much really, Lydia!!! You guys made me and Josh very happy!
Then guests start to flow in. Here's Jialing and Dotty ^.^ And Jialing brought like really thoughtful gifts for me lolol. One is a dry spray shampoo what the hell lolol. Say i no need to shampoo just spray that one will be clean liao. Another is a bracelet handmade by her mum! Show you guys again! =D
My parents =))) My dad was sooooo tensed up that day @.@ I think he never been to a so not "traditional" de wedding before. I guess he expected a 10 by 10 sit-down at roundtable dinner lol.
One more with my parents. Under the sunlight you can see the details on my gown =D Pretty hor! Thanks to LaBelle Couture ^.^
Kumiko San and Nami San who came in pink just for our wedding!!! Haha. Usual time she is a black / white / red person. But hey~ look who came with flowers on the hair =DDD Haha!
Josh and her lover, my 4th sister. Lololol. She damn erxin one. Need to hold so tight?
Part of my new set of family =))) Joshua's second sister and family! Jerry with CC2, CC3 and CC1! Haha! And mother of all CCs in the middle! Carrey, Carlynne and Carmen and i are going to Science Centre i hope it happens soon!!! O.O
The Nuffies looking at their printouts from Hello Forever. Each will get a copy of the best picture =DDD In customised enveloped some more!!! So considerate one!
And when the guests get to their seats beautifully decorated by Assemble Happinest..
They'd also see a special note from Josh or Me =D Along with the awesome wedding favour..
A box of chocolates from Chocoelf!
And this table belongs to me and Josh of course =D
Our three tier cake.
DENG DENG DENG!!! MY BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS!!!!!!!!! Technically all single cox all not married yet but all attached or involved in relationships except Yellow =X In case you're keen! Hahaha! And they are wearing the bridesmaids dresses and wedges from Love Bonito!
Pretty pastel pompoms (i feel like the secretary in Mr Popper's Penguin lolol) Assemble Happinest set up to match the theme =DDD Thank you!!! They are soooo pretty!!!
Assemble Happinest also got each of the bridesmaids a bouquet to match the colour they are wearing =)) Very thoughtful hor!!! Which one prettiest!!! Hahah. Blue (NiaoNiao), yellow (Gem), purple (Huiwen), peach (Zhen), pink (Sophie) or green (Mich)!
I hardsell yellow lah. Yellow Gem here is single hahaha.
Mich the midori leading everyone in the march in =)
Gem can't wait for her turn..
NiaoNiao my sister think today she jie hun, smile until so happy. Lol.
My dad and us =))
Ready for rehearsal~!!!
The wedding planners from Eternally Yours prompting us and working out the details for the first march-in. Really not just walk one lor! Gotta watch out for the speed and the dress etc O.O
Forward.. To a new stage of life =)
My dad and i..

Passing the baton..
To my then boyfriend, Josh haha. Okay rehearsal done! But you won't see the march in again becox it was too dark when the actual thing happen!
Wah wah.. Act shuai.. Hahaha.
Us chilling before the actual event starts =D
The bridesmaids looking really beautiful that day =))) Happy to have nice people in my life.
With Wendy who got really busy helping me!!! From my makeup to my hair to my dress to getting me snack =))) Thank you!!! Sorry you had to move around so much!!!
One with the not-pretty Baby Yurou. Lolol.
I LOVE this picture of Wendy touching up my makeup!!! I think she was asking me this "你今天早上有没有刷牙" cox she is using her lipgloss on me ma. I must have replied *shift eyes* Lololol.
Alright.. That's all for this post! Next will be the solemnisation and vows exchanging =') Thankful for everything and everyone involved in this =)
Alright thank you for reading! You don't read i also will have to post one ^.^ To thank the sponsors, thank the people who came to share our joy and to remember better.. This day =)

Josh and i
- to be continued -