28 February 2012

Happy Birthday, Nuffnang!!! =DDD

Nuffnang is 5!!! The birthday bash was held at Swissotel Equinox. Awesome venue!!! Great food!
Wendy and i meet earlier cox she brought a dress for me to try on cox i bought a black dress the night before and that was the only decent choice but i a bit sian to wear black again lol. So yeah!
This shimmery lacey dusty pink dress is she pass me one =D Thank you thank you!!! Us camwhoring outside the ballroom. We were early!!! Very good.
Hi i look like chihuahua here. Lol.
The sunlight super nice when we got there (6pm like that). So it means.. CAMWHORE MORE.
Seated at Table 1 ='(


You don't know one lor. When Wendy and i walked in we didn't know our table number and we were like "Think we don't sit here lah, this one is for VIP one" and then i was like "Yeah yeah, we sit on the one behind!"

And then later when the whole Table 1 is filled i realise all the awesomest bloggers are sitting together.

So i was actually really touched and feeling very very thankful.

What have i done to be so lucky and have all the good things happening to me.

I know lah, you all might think i'm being over drama lol. But sitting with all the people who had the recipe to be awesome in life, make me feel proud of myself too.. Wo hen kai xin! =)
The venue. Cozy and atas!
The view. The sky.. The sky is high.. And we're getting nearer to it everyday =)
With great sunlight, comes a great camwhore shot.
There!!! Picture of the dress =DDD Mei hor???
Wendy, Ming and i ^.^ Congrats, Ming! Your baby is 5! Congrats to Tim too!
Wendy help me take one =D Look at Jayne at the back hahahaha.
My heels a bit ta-match thou. But it's okay! I can haz chio dress!
Welcome to the party!!!!
FOOD!!!!!! Lots and lots of good food!!!
And a HUGE variety of desserts!!!!

The party haven't really start at this point and i was just at the table talking with Wendy and Valarie and then someone came to our table and then nudge me and say

"Quick, quick"

It was Huiwen.

I was like "Huh, quick what huh?"

She was like "Quick lah! Use your camera take picture with me!!!"

So i was like "Oh okay okay okay!"

And then Wendy was like "Where got people so buay hiao bai one!!! Ask people use their camera take picture with you!!!" HAHAHAH!!!

INDEED. I didn't even thought of it. HUIWEN, YOU THINK YOU SUPERSTAR?!?!?!? Hahahaha.
Na na na here here here. Take also want to take until three. But to be fair she do look good that day!!! =D But the center parting thing.. Hmm. I gotta think about it. Lolol. That's for calling me ugly all the time becox of my hair!!!
 Wendy, Valarie and me =D
Deng deng deng! Showtime!!! =D The two emcees super hilarious!!! And drama!!! In this picture they were doing a duet singing. Hahaha. All the hidden talents working as Nuffies.
Founder's speech by Ming! Only shot out of the 5 that i took, has him looking into the cam. I fail lol.
Personnel from Swissotel welcoming us, awesome performance by Jack and Rai, stand up comedy by Chua En Lai and SUPER GREAT PERFORMANCE by Ling Kai!!!

There was also games and contest going on so we had great fun, laughter and music through the night! ^.^ I really love the whole mood!! Everyone is happy and i particularly feel extra lucky and thankful.

Like please, Table one? LOL. It's just most part of my life i'm usually not one of the better ones. But somehow i guess when you find a place you belong to, where your efforts are recognised, you'd wanna work harder!
Got asked on stage. Probably not the best thing that happened that night. Lolol. Gotta do some sort of dance thingy. And i hope nobody video-ed it down O.O Please. And Wendy super zidong!!!! She used my camera to snap these pictures for me one. Hahaha. Very good!!! =DDD
Another contest! Each table have to draw a rendition of Ming. Wendy super serious one O.O And very talented at it. So we dumped the whole thing for her to do. Hahahah.
AND OUR TABLE WON!!!!!! =DDD Not sure what's the prize thou. But doesn't matter, had fun!
What's a birthday without a birthday cake!!! =DDD Tim and Ming on the cake. Hahaha. Cute!
❤ ❤ ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUFFNANG!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
Spot Sophie (Next time please sit beside me so we can camwhore more!), Yutaki, Beatrice and Peggy!!! Everyone's looking good!!! =DDD Okay except maybe my hair a bit messy liao lol.
Wendy, Me and Yutaki ^.^ This one i take one, hand is long but still got limitation.
Four of us!!! This one Yutaki take one, what the fuck he can self-shot a 10 pax family portrait for himself, no problem. Lolol.
Sophie, Me and Yutaki =D Yutaki every shot also cool cool one! Lol. Smile yi ge leh!
MICHELLE, LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!!!!!!! I shamelessly ask for a picture with Nat Ho JUST FOR YOU ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDDD YOU HAPPY MA?!?!?
One more, for myself. Trollolol. Nat Ho is SO GODDAMN FRIENDLY and totally nice and positive! We were seated on the same table!!! Mich, JELLY MUCH? Lolol.
With some of the pretty Nuffies!!! ^.^ BIG BIG thanks to them for making the party awesome and for working their assess of for us bloggers =') MUAH.
One shot with Ming. Thank you for bringing Nuffnang here and further.
Thanks to Wendy for sharing with the world about Nuffnang 5 years ago =) With you guys + all the Nuffies around the world, i'm sure we all can grow well!

26 February 2012

QWeekly - Life's good going great

February will end really soon! How's it going for you!!!
I need to plan for things to happen, FAST!!! And i only have a few days left before Feb ends! So i have to quickly plan when to go to USS with my family and friends (Date tentatively set on 3rd March) i'd liaise with ALL the love soon! ^.^

March will be an exciting month, fast -paced. I have a good feeling about it already =D Feeling so much gratitude and thankfulness i don't even know how to start. Hai~

Maybe i won't attempt to then. Haha.

Soon, great things will happen.

Soon, my life will be even more great.

It's all a matter of time..

Yes i'm going to dominate the world. Lolol. Simi sai. No lah, i'm just gonna do more things. And be a even better person. Hopefully be more hardworking ^.^ Eh i already stop playing Sims Social (kinda) and the only thing that probably still has my soul is 9GAG.

Don't know leh, just feel like life has a lot more to offer me but i whole day wake up at 2pm, continue lying and lazing on bed, flip Vivi magazine, use computer, eat and sleep again O.O No wait, WHY DO I NEED TO DO MORE?! =OOO

This sounds like the perfect life already. Lololol.

yaoming.jpeg I think i'm fine like this. Hahahah.

I collected the cheque from Feecha ^.^ Also transferred $128each to 8 winners ^.^ Remember you can still try to win the $1000 cash prize from Feecha! Download Feecha on your iPhone to find out more!

So many good things is happening to me and recently i've only been meeting nice people. Actually since the start of the lunar year, everything has been great.

Except maybe the fact that i put on weight =X

Like i'm 50kg now =OOOOOOOO

I've been 48 - 49kg for a looong time!!! Last checked was at my dad's place like two or three months ago, i was 48kg!!!

And then i check two days ago at IKEA, i'm 50kg. IKEA weighing machines zhun one not?!?!?!? =(

And fml it all goes to my thighs, tummy and face and arms when i gain weight. NEVER MY BOOBS. Scumbag boobs, body wanna give you fat tissue you no want. A 2kg pair of boobs will make my life perfect you know or not!

So now i shall work on shedding 2kg. Challenge accepted with two eyes close. I lose weight as easy as i gain. No biggie. Just eat slightly lesser than usual, get more occupied with stuff, confirm will lose weight one. Not sure if it works for all but for me right, if i get very drawn into doing something, i'd forget that i'm hungry one. And it's great. Haha.

Okay i go prepare another set of items for March Giveback!!! =DDD HAO MA?!?!

And in case you're worried that i'm anorexic, don't be cox i love food, A LOT =D I just cannot be on the 50kg and up scale! Cox i have big bones and square jawbones and i'm kinda tall (172cm) and if i go beyond 49kg i'd look like a man. Or a ah gua.

And i cannot go below 48kg cox i'd look like a drug-abuser, a male drug abuser that is. Lolol. Cox the jaw and cheek bones will look even more protruding and i'd look sick and hallow.

So 48-49kg is my perfect weight. I know it best. So good luck to me =D

24 February 2012

Happenings you'd want to take note of ^.^

Hello! I made it here =D the sore throat i had two days ago is still here and is not yet improving. It leads to slight fever and muscle ache. What's new! But it's okay!!! Cox i am 100% sure i will get well pretty soon =DDD With tonnes of plain water, liangteh and 3-legs cooling water.

Anyway here are some random stuff that i hope you'd be informed of!

1) Nuffnang is FIVE!!! =DDD

Happy Birthday! Thou i only joined for a year plus, i could feel the love already. And what's a birthday without a birthday bash?!

Their birthday bash will be held at some atas hotel O.O *thinks of the food* *drools* And yes!!! You may join us too!
Click to see how!

And yes, ALL the awesome bloggers you might know of, will be there! So of course, you'd see me.


Alright, good luck! Hope to see you there ^.^


2) I'd be selling my stuff at a flea!

Tomorrow, at City Sqaure mall, 11am - 8pm! Remember the last flea? Yeah that went well! Tomorrow my stuff (all  brand new) will be sold at the flea again! My friend is helping me sell them (along with her stuff, also nice one ^.^) and i've asked her to sell my stuff at REALLY low prices. So buy ALL the stuff!

3) SMRT Makan Session

IT'S FINALLY MY TURN!!! Happening tomorrow! Excited to see all 20 of you at Holland Village and go eat, eat, eat with you guys!!! See you ^.^ I'm still contemplating if i wanna ask my bf to join me at the makan session and help me snap pictures. He'd have to pay for his own food thou. LOL fhl.

4) You can find a new friend, a friend for life!

Been reading Gentle Paws' blog and feeling all fuzzy inside. So many happy stories happening to the families/ couple who adopted a doggy. But it's still not enough.

If you're looking at getting a doggy why not take a look at these stories first! The doggies at the shelter can love you back as much as any other dogs if not more. Look at their adoption gallery if you're keen!

Alright! That's all! Ending the post with my camwhoring shots O.O

Who o who are you! Why o why are you so pretty, me??? Lolol.
Everytime i photoshop brownish hazelish contact lens people confirm ask me what's the brand.
I say one last time okay, the brand is PHOTOSHOP. And i don't dare and don't know how to wear contact lens. Lolol. But i'd learn how to wear it like maybe in 5 years time. Maybe by then no need to wear contact lens liao, just use a machine, aim at your iris and then click a button to choose the colour, click another button to laser your eyes for the colour to last 24 hours. OMG i have genius ideas.

Okay lah! That's all!

My life is really quite awesome =) Thanks to all the people around me.

21 February 2012

KL is love!

Love from bf

It's my ring and he ling ji yi dong, use it to coil my earpiece so they won't make le passionate sex and get all tangled up in my bag, like how earpieces are described in 9gag. Lol.

So Wendy and i set off for KL for acupotomy again!!! And Cheesie very kindly shou liu us at her place lol. Yohoo~ This time i a bit more hardworking, got put makeup so here you have, pictures!!!

On the coach, on our way up ^.^
Wendy was sleeping if not i'd ask her to snap a full length picture of me and caption this as
"Draw me like one of your french girls" Lol.

We were too late for acupotomy that day so we went to do hair at 76 Style (Cheesie's hair sponsor) instead!!!! =OOO I've heard Cheesie raved about their magical treatment for hair so i was excited!!!
Some people got straight teeth now, haolian.
SEE. Really one. Must purposely smile to show ALL the teeth!
My hat on her head. And Wendy haven't put on much makeup so she no want camwhore yet. Lol.
Hikky ku xiao-ing at my hair condition. Actually to be fair, i think it'd be a lot better if i comb it more often O.O But it's so tangled most of the time, i don't bother to comb/ brush it cox it'd hurt a bit so..
It's a flat iron but it's not a flat iron O.O When it clips to your hair the blue light beats all the goodness of the treatment deep into your hair O.O Something like what the blue ring light at my hair sponsor does! Except this one is direct contact to your hair =D
All three of us done ^.^ My hair colour how?!?!?! Nicest ever right?!?! =DDD Ashy ashy one!
Wendy, Cheesie and Me ^.^
BANG. Okay. BANG! Lolol.
Is love.
Cute ma - Peace peace peace. Lolol.
I look like a giraffe beside them both =O
Somehow Wendy look like Hebe here O.O Somehow.
Lol she smile so happy also no use, got flash can't see her face.
"What what~ Where is the camera~"
"Wooo it's pointing at us~ We so fabulous~!!!" Lolol!

And then we head for KTV with buffet one!!!! =D

Wendy and i got a cheese cake for Cheesie (lol) from Singapore and we were afraid the KTV people won't allow outside food so we lied and say it's for a birthday.

Totally thatawkwardmoment when they ask who's birthday is it and we're like "Sui bian la" Lololol.
So nice they got us a candle and dedicated a birthday song for us to sing. Lolol.
Cheesie singing us a malay duet haha.

Both of them also can sing one and i hate it. LOL. Cox erm...... If i go singing with my gfs like Yuzhen and Mich, I AM THE BEST SINGER. LOLOL. Now i go sing with them my standard is just like meh. Lolol. Yi shan hai bi yi shan gao. SUPER FUN NIGHT anyway =DDD

Next morning before Cheesie brought us for YUMMIEST CHAR SIEW I EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE, for breakfast, before acupotomy. Me camwhoring with one of the many mirrors in her house.
Cheesie dressed like a hipster.
Okay excuse me, Cheesie, i want my solo. Lolol.

Hah~ So much so much shiokness this time round. Just lacking of a full body massage. I love KL lah!

And also to Cheesie for bringing us around and to Wendy for being so nice to hang out with! =D And i never told Wendy how funny and ridiculous it is when she play goldminer right before bed time and keep mumbling and scolding the pig and all. Lolol. Hao xiao.

Okay that's all! I don't have to go back for acupotomy until my next migraine happen =D For all i know, it might never happen again =OOO *fingers crossed and twisted and tangled*