30 March 2016

Bit by bit

I have almost two months worth of mummy and baby update that i haven't get down to clearing.

Was in a very bad place and i couldn't do a lot of things.. I lost passion in a lot of things..

I don't enjoy food anymore, i eat not becox i am hungry.. I don't remember feeling hungry..

I eat becox if i don't, Josh will be upset..

But fast forward to today.. I've accepted my feelings and i've been opening up to people to seek help, in the sense, to feel better. To open myself up in the sense.. I accept light in..

I mean.. It's nothing shameful to borrow some energy and light from others when you've been cheerful and happy around them all the time previously HAHAHA. Borrow lai, borrow qu. Okay what! Why was i feeling so guilty and ashamed and the whole "Don't wanna worry them" concept..

It's so wrong. I got it all wrong. The more i keep things to myself, the more they worry becox the more i will collapse and that will really worry them. So yes, i'm trying my best to be better bit by bit each day =D

I spend time with my family, friends and i spend time doing more constructive stuff!


Guest singing at Starker Music.

I've always find joy in singing but for the longest time, i haven't really sing and feel happy..

Sometimes the things that you have always loved but lost along the way, will be the things that you realise could bring you back to when times are simpler.

So i feel.. 一定要记得常做自己喜欢的事..

Don't get too caught up with unhappy things.. And forget to give some attention to the things that can bring you joy.. Yes yes yes, i know i am just telling myself that as well, and i know sometimes we all forget, but i hope that everyone can remind everyone to be a little kinder, be a little more patient with everyone else.

One of the things that brings me joy - Spending time with family. Sijie brought all of us along for her food tasting session @ Pizza Hut! Just nice family bonding time haha plus can try out their new Seoul Sensation menu. But actually Pearl ask me along just to help her take pictures lah =_____=" HAHA. 我几时沦落成这样. 曾景何时 i was the only "star" in the family LOLOL. Now i am the photographer cum assistant cum advisor cum pao kopi one for Pearl 姐 LOLOL.
First thing that come - Yuja Chamkkae Wings! Two plates not enough LOLOL. I mean seriously, Ah Bong alone already took 5?!?!?! Then Yurou also can eat cox not spicy. So we buay paiseh-ly asked for 1 more plate *cover face* LOLOL. Sorry this is what you get when you invite PearLang and her cuu lai lang (family member) HAHAHAH.
Really too good lah this one! It's like savoury and citrusy cox got Yuzu sauce! Very juicy inside also cox it's baked to perfection~ OMG I CALL DELIVERY NOW LAH WTHHH NEED SOME NOW.
I ask Pearl to pose for the camera she ask me how, i had to show her. 让前辈示范一次. Learn well, my disciple LOLOL. Anyway this is their freaking good Hut's Caesar Salad. Got soooo much liao inside omg. Really it's so good as a starter for sharing but honestly i don't mind having it as a main cox there are always some days I need a "cleaner" meal and its so satisfying!
Okay sorry changed my mind HAHAHA. I take pasta anytime LOL. Their new Spicy Chikin Pasta! What i love most about this dish is the different textures in it! Got lots of mushroom, chicken and capsicum in it! Everything goes very well with the Yang Nyum sauce they use!
Prawn Aglio Olio, i only had a bit of this cox erm *stares at Ah Bong* LOL but it was really good!
Everybody makan~!!!
Yurou enjoying her FREE KIDS MEAL from Pizza Hut haha. Pizza Hut serve free kids meal during weekdays, all day!!! I didn't know until i saw Pearl's dayre post wth! https://dayre.me/pearlang/CKAEabfslx - Just have to have a paying adult and it excludes eve of and public holiday. So good one whyyy!
Little Miss Grumpy and me haha.
Josh took this picture, i had to share it. The all new Seoul Sensation pizza looks soooooo good here!!!! The base is also Yang Nyum sauce, with chicken chunks, mushroom, capsicum, onion and pineapple! I ESPECIALLY LOVEEE PINEAPPLES ON PIZZA HAHA. My weak spot.
主角 with 主角 of the day! She also appeared in Pizza Hut FB page leh hahaha 红了咯! You guys can see the pictures here https://www.facebook.com/PizzaHutSingapore
Meredith, the menu cannot eat one. "Oh, sorry" Haha.
My face when i can't eat until i help Miss Popular here take finish alllll her pictures lolol.
Everyone do one #SeoulSensation pose haha. Even my papa also volunteer to join hahaha.
How about the sweetest way to end the meal!!! I LOVEEEEE THEIR MANGO PUDDING WITH ICE CREAM!!!! T.T It's really really refreshing and comforting for me cox got mango pudding, got lychees, got ice cream T___T ALL MY CHILDHOOD FAVOURITE DESSERT IN ONE..
Thank you Pizza Hut for being sooooo nice to host Pearl and her family which includes meee~ =DDD It's very refreshing to go to a food tasting session and not be the one invited LOLOL. You know, just eat, no stress. LOL. I have now till 26th April to eat all I want in the Seoul Sensation Menu! You guys also go check it out lah! It's really good. Read from sijie's dayre she say can win Pizza Hut vouchers also. You can go check it out to see how to win! =D Good things must share.
Family time = Good time =)))

And other than singing and family time.. I also have started to love makeup more and more haha.

I mean previously i was always going for one or two looks. The "barely there" look where i have light makeup, or the "panda inspired" look where i just took things a little further than i should LOL.

These days i try to take joy in colouring my face. Playing with new lip colour from L'Oreal. It's a CC lip balm. The colour is crazy intense but still super duper moisturizing for the lips. OTTOKAE?!
Wore this for my guest singing session at Starker Music and i was feeling really pretty and confident in my $5 dress so i took the effort to walk to the restroom and snap a mirror selfie and then post it on instagram. But then right after this picture was taken and posted.. Josh spill a whole cup of water on my crouch. SO MUCH WATER UNTIL MY UNDERWEAR WET WTHHH. Hahahaha. Sorry if it sounds any bit sexual but it really is not, it's very paiseh. I had only 20 minutes before i go up to sing so the whole time i was just trying to la liang my underwear to dry it by flapping my dress fmlllll.
Also wanna share with you guys how i've been obsessed with Pitu LOL. Really can make any no-makeup selfie chio untilll.. Can change hair colour, put contact lens, draw eyebrow, make nose bridge higher, tilt your smile to be more smiley, add blusher, add foundation, draw eyeliner, add double eyelid, add Korean cute eyebags etc LOL. Endless. The possibilities of the things you can do to make yourself look chioer in Pitu, endless lolol.
Also, i'm 1-2 kg away from my goal weight. Way to go~!!! Bit by bit, i am becoming better in every aspect of my life, bit by bit, i will be super duper formidable again =DDD
Also did the chioest manicure i ever did with Oh Nails for my Japan trip coming up! You can whatsapp 98627122 for appointment! Will share more on my instagram!

Okay lah i thought i should come back here with some happy light hearted updates becox you guys have been so supportive, you ought to know i'm coping better!!!

Not good yet, but i know i will be very fine!!! =))

Thank you for all the emails, snapchat messages and instagram messages.. And comments on this blog.. I read them all.. Thank you =')

17 March 2016

Penang Penang

Hello! Almost a month later, i'm finally putting down our Penang trip on pictures and words!

Wanna thank Carolyn for jioing us all over to bring us around for food and sightseeing! Haha.

Meredith falling asleep cox we woke her up a little too early that day haha.
View from above.. Actually.. I am already very lucky i can get to see this view.. Some people haven't the chance to fly and to realise how big the world is.. And how in between this crazy bigness of the world, everything is still functioning the way they should. There's a kind of peace you experience when you look at the world from a further, higher point of view.. Your problems become very small..
Arrived at Hard Rock Hotel Penang! We got the Roxity Kids Suite and it was quite awesome!
There's a kid's room within with awesome amenities such as their own TV, Playstation 3, soft toys, kids books, kids-focused mini-bar, and special kids in-room dining menu!
YAY chocolate truffles ^.^
They have rooms that is right by the pool so if you're visiting you should totally check those out!
Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe! =D Loveeee the platter! The anchovies sauce is so good omg! AND THE ROCKIN' WINGS ALSO DAMN GOOD. Please try it when you're there!
With Mich and Meredith who totally knock out.
Mac and Cheese =P HUNGRY! By the way the portion they serve is damn huge so if you're not a big eater please share!!!
More food that Hard Rock Cafe kindly prepared for us! Josh loves the Original Legendary Burger!!! If Josh loves it you have to try it hahaha.
Waking up to noms.
Thank you Hard Rock Cafe Penang!
At night we went for supper! Meredith gives five toes up lol.
More more more hawker / roadside food Carolyn brought us for!!! So awesome to have a local friend to bring us around if not we totally don't know where can find yummy food!
Went to Brown Pocket Cafe @ Paragon! They very nice insist on treating us desserts and yogurt and coffee T.T Penang people all so nice one ah haha!
Some of the nice people we met at Brown Pocket Cafe! Thank you guys for coming by to say hi to Meredith! =D
Ohr Jian (Fried Oyster cake) is my favourite of all. Although i don't eat the oyster haha. Omg this was so awesome, especially with the chili sauce!
Went to Macalister Mansion cox my sister raved about and swear by their truffle scrambled egg and also Yutaki raved about how chio the place was.

Turns out, truffle scrambled egg only available for breakfast so we didn't get to try it. And then the place was just.. Alright, not sooo nice until must go there just to camho. Lolol. But since we were already there, we decided to order their cakes and tea.

Tea was TWG so it's standard good. BUT THE CAKES TASTED SOOOOO HORRIBLE AND CHEAP (Cheap sponge cake, cheap cream, cheap chocolate, cheap jam in between, like worst than HDB cake shop cake lolol) that we couldn't take more than a small mouthful each.

Moral of the story, don't be too excited over hypes and raves hahaha. You usually end up disappointed. Just go everywhere and do everything with the thought that it'd be just.. Okay. LOL.

They do have a outdoor white themed garden outside the cafe!
Ganma place the doll there..
Doll notices camera..
And she smiles! =D
Went for street art after that.. Where Meredith totally knock out again lol. I think the humid weather make her sleepy.
This be how we roll lol.
Haha Mich so stupid she say "Let's take a picture, you look there, i look there" LOL.
BEST MEAL IN PENANG IS HERE~!!! Thank you Carolyn. Haha. I had one of the best carrot cakes i've had here. It's salty one, not like ours which is slightly sweet!
Makeup foundation!!! REAL ONE YOU KNOW. Add water to these foundation powder chips (shaped like chocolate chips lol) and you have your liquid to powder foundation LOL. But i think it will probably form a cast on your face. LOL.
White curry noodle, Ah Pong crispy crepes, dry Bak Kut Teh!!! And Lor Mee!
Went up Penang Hill for sightseeing and to check out David Brown cafe! Even though the hi-tea set was very very bad ((the fruits tier was like oranges, grapes (got seeds kind LOL), apples, you know all the cheaper range fruits, and then the savoury tier was badly done sandwiches with tiny bit of tuna / cheese inside, and then the bottom dessert tier had fruit cake that looks like it was sliced from fruit cake loaves you can find in convenient store, tasted quite bad) i would still suggest you guys to go up there, just for the cooling weather and the view! Be armed with mozzie repellent okay! Even with anti-mozzie patch we still got bitten so maybe go with spray even!!!
Although the food fell wayyyy below par, the view made up for everything.
Girls be girls.
Goodbye Penang hills!
Meredith while waiting in the car for Auntie Carolyn to go buy char kway teow haha.

Penang was a nice and short getaway. We need more short getaways. Simply cox reality is too stressful lol. So we need to run away to catch a breather..

But baby sleeps only at 2am every night in Penang fml. Now i don't know if i can handle her in Japan LOL. GBM. Hahaha.

No photography on the airplane runway tarmac? LOL #Rebels #Bad #Badgirlrere
Woah totally love our group wefie together =DDD EXCEPT WHERE THE HECK AM I =__=
Let's do it again! STILL not a sight of me.. =____=
Much better! Haha!

Flying off again this month end. Super looking forward!!! Till then~!!!