30 August 2010

Okay this is serious.

I will be doing something to my hair mid of end September.

So i have at least three weeks to decide.

DO I PERM my hair? Big waves. Not curls.

What do you guys think?

Last time i tried i was 16 and i look like a 60 year old hooker.

Yah yah yah, this is me.

But now i have Artica and Juno to take care of my hair, so i am not fearful of the result at all. It's just that.. I bought a curler from Watson yesterday. And i can curl my hair if need to, but the result will be loop-sided. Like this.

One side curl inwards, one side curl outwards.
So end up i very skewed to the left. Lol.

HOW?!?! Do i just keep and touch up my straightened hair or do i perm it? I think i'd look like Karen Mok (above picture) if i perm my hair. Like tall, rather slim, yellow and crazy.

But she's only crazy in the movies, and actually very elegant IRL. But i'd look crazy EVERYTIME with permed and messy hair.

HOW?!?! Lol.. HOW?!?!

What would i do without Artica......?!


27 August 2010

Usagi Headband

You know My Hair Queen for their wigs and fringe pieces. Now they carry these too! ^.^

I don't dress very outwardly but i love to doll up a little bit and take pictures at home, and then later photoshop them to death. Lol.

Here you go!

The heart shape light blue denim wash =D

LOL!!! What, these are also buns.

Tell me why. Why do i always make something that's supposed to be just chio, into something totally turn-off, irrelevant and lame!!! Okay i'd just show you CHIO pictures okay okay okay?! =D

One more of the light denim with little hearts!!!

You might have seen this in the post below. LOL.
I was too excited to show this so i put it up just now in a separate post.

This is the final one lah. The dark denim wash with little hearts!

Bf figured this out. So if you think it's a crappy way to wear the Usagi headband, it's not my fault.
He was trying to make 牛角尖 using the band and i bend it more to turn it into a heartshape. LOL.

Like safety headlight. LOL! Okay okay nevermind!

The flora ones!


Get your Usagi headband! It's never too late to follow a trend! LOL!

Becox it's always later, cheaper.



Shameless me. Lol..

Do hair need money (not for me i know, and this super chio curls here is done at Artica)
Eyelash extension need money (but i am not that keen cox very leychay)
Contacts lens need money (but i don't dare to put it in nor take it out)
Blusher need money (but the camera flash always kills it)
But photoshop is free! ^.^

So photoshop rulesssssssss!


Bye bye ^.^

How do you know who's nice, like really.

One of the thing i really enjoy is meeting new people. But it's so tiring sometimes, becox being so friendly and quite harmless (unless being stepped on first), people REALLY do wanna be friends with you (me in this sense). Say whatever you want, but there are nice people who wanna be friends with me. Like NICE, NORMAL people. You know, not the kind that met you once at carshow for work, and then leech on to be your sidekick without even really knowing you, and just wanna hang around cox you are somewhat, popular. And confirm will end up bitching about you and backstabbing you once they know you. So what's the point, they might as well don't know you from the start and continue reading looking at your blog.

It's like c'mon lor, that girl doesn't even really own a blog.
Lol. It's like a pornsite, budget pornsite.


I'm just gonna move on. NO LAH. I lie again. I am not going to move on. NEVER. I am forever gonna joke about her while she gets all pissed becox Don't pretend like you don't give a shit, i know you are pissed. I got informantsssss. LOL! See, i STILL CARE =)) WHAHAHAHAHHAAH.

Okay back to seriousness. It's like.. After doing Budget Barbie and reading ALL the comments (yeah i do that, becox i am so free, so? Go work your ass off) I don't know lah, call me naive or whatever, but now it feels weird walking on the street. It's like i NEVER, never thought that there could be so many people out there that could be so mean.

Like what if, okay, what if the bugger that calls me a CHEAPSKATE LOW CLASS DISGUSTING AH LIAN WHO SPEAKS LIKE A AUNTY AND SHOULD GO FOR ENGLISH CLASS WITH RIS LOW, what if that bugger just walk pass me in the subway of Orchard MRT to Scotts when the blind man there is singing something really romantic?

How can that happen, like WE SHARED A SWEET LITTLE MOMENT and then next he/she goes home, log on to clicknetwork.tv and then watch me and hate me instantly.

There are some really nice and encouraging comments too. But those i don't know how to answer except Thank you Thank you Thank you. But i can't keep doing it right. Lol.

Thinking of it in another way.. If in real life, people around you could do little things to hurt you, or bring you down, or affect you negatively, how are those people making nasty remarks on the internet guilty? Those keyboard warriors don't try to know you, they just wanna say something mean. Simple.

But the people around you, they try to know you.. They make effort to go closer. So you think they are nice, so you're nice to them. And then later they'd say and do something mean even when all that you've ever been to them was, NICE. Which one more guilty?

I am really very friendly and nice. I like to see happy people and i like to be with them. And i hate crying ugly babies. LOL. Okay that one not very nice.

And mean people just really.. Turns me off. What's your point? Is there a reason why you're alive? And adding on to the length of nice-food queues?

If all the mean people just die, like one day they all just die together, the world will be a wonderful place! Long queues cut by 1/2, air turn fresher by one fold, MRT 50% less crowded, number of meaningless nehnehblogs - ZERO.

The whole point of my life is just to die (at least til i am 65);
and be remembered by the ones i so love when i was alive.

Eeeer. Why i think i so cool to make up something that rhymes. Haha!

I am just going to sleep. Whole point of my life, mentioned.

Whole point of this post, NIL.

No lah, just to remind myself that it's right to be nice.
And not stupid to be nice, for a start, at least.


23 August 2010

Lan Jiao Lang

I think i am a genius. I just figured that every who tweets, is a Lan Jiao Lang.

Becox the Twitter BIRD is BLUE.

And we are human.

So that literately makes us, LAN JIAO LANG.



20 August 2010

Second ep of Budget Barbie is out! ^.^

Yong Ming went with me shopping at City Plaza to shop for Budget Barbie and IN CASE some of you guys don't already know, if you visit City Plaza, you must also queue for Arnold's Fried Chicken! JUICY TO THE MAXIMUM!!! Even the breast is juicy and tender!

While queuing..

Food! I always order extra deep-fried buns becox they are so yummy with the coleslaw or just chili sauce. Haha!

Okay back to Budget Barbie! Show you my best buy first!

A pair of $10 boots!!!

I wore it for Avebelle photoshoot!
The top is not launched yet but you can email them at avebelle@gmail.com to enquire.

 And the item picked for giveaway is the super chio Lulu inspired outfit!
I look so shocked and all becox i was having A LOT of mixed feeling after picking up "FUNKY CLOTHES"!!!

First, i was confused which is FUNKY CLOTHES referring to.
Then i realise it's Lulu's outfit and was a bit sad why Jessibaby named it as FUNKY CLOTHES. It should be AVANT GARDE. LOL!!!
Then i was a little guilty to be giving away this becox i don't know if anybody would know how to appreciate it.
Then i was sad again becox i ACTUALLY do like this outfit, AS A SET!!!

I know, you think it looks like buang and shit.

This picture is just to show you how HAPPY i was to have stick to my choice of buying this despite when deciding to buy or not, Yong Ming was like..

"不要想不開, listen to me, put it back. Calmly.. Slowly.. Put it back.. C'mon.. Put it back, okay? JUST PUT THE FUCKING THING BACK!!! EVEN THE REAL PRC WON'T TOUCH IT!!! PUT THE FUCKING THING BACK NOW!" 

Lol!!! WHY!!!

By the way, this is Lulu from The Noose.
The real lovely lulu 2

The real lovely lulu 1
Click on picture to watch her weideo. LOL.

So this is how it looks like if worn by the right people..


What, it looks good on me what!

Leave your comments on Clicknetwork to win this set of outfit! It's not just clothing, it is a outfit that shouts, ME! LOL!!!! Fuck you all who say it's horrendous, fuck you Yong Ming! LOL!!!


19 August 2010

After this post, i am going to kill myself, then kill all of you.

Becox no one should see this, AT ALL.


You'd think this would be a forehead of somebody like..


But no, sadly, VERY SADLY, it belongs to somebody like this.


Things keeping me alive and stopping me from killing myself altogether:

One: Makeup, but i don't put makeup on the forehead becox it'd only make it worst

Two: Photoshop

Three: Those fringe Juno decided i should keep

Four: Very optimistic disposition

Without all that, i might as well be dead since i look like this.

No photoshop on forehead, no makeup, taken with flash

Taken without flash

I know, i should go and die right now.

Bye world..

Bye to the AWESOME fact that i have my own online show but can't continue to do it becox i am going to end my life.

Bye to my AWESOME pair of legs i am sorry i don't epilate or sandpaper you often.

Bye to my perky butts, you have been the only AWESOME asset i ever had, i wish you have no birth mark on you.

Bye Daddy who deep fries AWESOME prawn fritters

Bye Tiffany and Drago, mummy hope that daddy will find you a AWESOME mummy like me.

Bye AWESOME MacDonald.

Bye Xiaxue i can never get to read your AWESOME post no more.

Bye you readers, you can read my AWESOME post no more.

Bye Bye..

But seriously,  you think someone with such a awesome life like me would go and die? LOL. Somebody help me out here with The World's Most Er Xin forehead.


Don't bite it!

Past few days i have been watching the Youth Olympic Games from time to time. And i saw something that i REALLY don't quite understand.

 Why do they all bite their medals?!

So i asked the peeps dinning with me, and they told me they don't know but for the normal Olympics, the winners also pose like that. Now i ask you, why must they bite? Is it to show something like, "GRRRR! I OWN THIS!" or like "Biting is Believing". Help me out here! I tried to google it but nothing convincing came up.

Only found this somewhat like an answer but not convincing enough for me!

And then also found out that a German Olympic athlete chip his tooth while biting the medal, posing for a picture. LOLOL!!! Must be super paiseh!

So end of the day, i reckon that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the athletes are either too busy training most of the time that they have no idea how to pose/ camwhore or simply be interesting in front of the camera. WHICH, is okay for them becox they don't need to know all these to earn them the money. OR, they are just too elated and too overwhelmed at the point of time to pose interestingly.

SO. I came up with a few slightly MORE interesting poses than biting medal.

You know this. Typical bite with a GOOD sign. Lol.


I'd do this. LOL!

This is good! Make your face/jawline looks slimmer and sharper! Lol.

What, you own the time if you win. Lol.. Must show off right!!!

Or something simple like this but look more vain and hiao. Haha!

If the winner beside you is boring, and doesn't pose much, take their medal and pose! LOL!

YAY! ^.^

Okay bye bye bye! Gonna eat my cup noodle lunch now!


17 August 2010

Why you ALL, should make ME rich.

I figured something REALLY simple to understand. But nobody should be keen to do as i advise.

Simple theory, ME for ALL, ALL for ME!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

TheWiseMe: Saturday the Channel News Asia interview, the questions are something like if i can be SoAndSo (WHO IS A SUPER BLOODY RICH GUY) for a day, what would i do and if i could change the world, i would.. Wah.. Think only i very happy. How?

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: If i could be SoAndSo, i would buy 200 properties, in places like here, Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong bla bla bla.. The Bangkok one is for me to stay when i go shopping. Taiwan one is for my dad to stay when he goes there for lunch. Hahaha!

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: Then i will sign a document on that day to make sure that Ang Chiew Ting (me) is his god-daughter. LOL. Like, make it legal for all the 200 properties to be mine. Then right, i will use his money to set up dog shelters, many dog shelters. And help the POOR AND SICK. Must be simultaneously POOR AND SICK. Either or, does not qualified for my help. Then i'd buy a few private jetplane. And hire a few pilots. Pay them their life-long salary in one shot so they can always fly me around. Hahaha.. Then i never have to work!!!

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: You don't have to work too! Happy???

Boyfriend: Why? I love working.

TheWiseMe: ... Why? Who would even like to work? You love to work?

Boyfriend:: Yah.. I enjoy working.
TheWiseMe: You only like the money from working right? You don't ACTUALLY like to work right?

Boyfriend: No.. I ACTUALLY enjoy working.
TheWiseMe: No..... You want money to do things you like, so final point is, you like money. So if i have so much money, we can do whatever we like, and working just won't fit in anywhere!

Boyfriend: .... But, i like to work.
TheWiseMe: Okay, i'd only allow you to work like maximum once every two months.

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: Sigh. See, everyone should make me rich. When i am rich, i do things for people. And make people happy. So many rich fellas out there but still SO MANY poor, starving, sick, homeless people out there. Plus, so many poor doggies out there. If i am super rich, i think i can save the world. Hor?

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: So actually, everyone should just collectively work in ONE effort, to make me rich. So that i can make them happy and make the world a better place. If we disperse the effort, nobody is gonna be happy. Make sense? Becox everyone would wanna fight for more for themselves. See, that's why everyone is unhappy at work.

Boyfriend: But i like to work.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Haha! So i think you all should consider. You can still go to work, but you MUST remember that the money comes to me, so i can spread the joy. It'd come to you, eventually, TRUST ME. LOL!

13 August 2010

My Daily Wish

I can't give you 365 pictures in year, like Yutaki.

Nor do i always have something funny to share.

But wishes are free to be made =D It's like dust of happiness.. You might catch it, you might not. It might already have been blown to your back, following you, and you still won't realise. It might come true, i believe!

Tonight i feel hopeful. And i wanna make a wish everyday from now on.

I tweeted something like this today.

Hehe =))

So first wish, is for all the people who are building me! And are genuinely nice to me. I am Loved by a very powerful being up there, and he will take good care of you too =)) No shit, i am not a Christian. But i believe that there has to be one God in our beliefs. Like the superhero who'd always, always defeat the villain in the end. Maybe your God is your confidence, maybe your God has long beard, maybe your God is your pair of big boobs. You know, you never know.

Why do i sound so intelligent sometimes?
You know, i don't know. LOL!!!


12 August 2010

I love Singapore!

Okay i know it's a bit late to say this now becox National Day is over but everyday i love Singapore! For all the things we take for granted. Today i am going to show you who love Singapore MOST! LOL. You know i am going to say me. Yes it's me!

 I dress up like that to celebrate National Day with HTC!!!
 I the Samsui woman!!!

The term Samsui women broadly refers to a group of Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore between the 1920s and the 1940s in search of construction and industrial jobs. Their hard work contributed to Singapore's development, both as a colony and as a nation - Wiki says so! =D

I know i don't look glam or anything near good-looking but it was SO FUN! Like everyone was looking at me. Okay, not me, my outfit! =DDD I told peeps from The Right Spin that i want to have soil-looking makeup on my face to make it look more real but not allowed! They ask me to go roll in REAL soil =((( LOL!!!

Little Nonya - Crystal
Me - Samsui
Julius - Sir Stamford Raffles

Stamford Raffles very 入戲!!! Super into character! Haha!
Samsui act chio by tilting face 45 degree angle, FAIL! LOL!!!


Sheeeeenaaaa~ ^.^

 Fareeeeenaaaa~ =DD HAhahaha!
All the cool people from The Right Spin!!!

We had to go around asking people to make a wish for Singapore and have it noted down using HTC Footprints function! It's really fun and easy! We also went up on buses to give out free Nets Plash Pay cum EZlink card with credited value! Why HTC so good!!!
If i have more pictures of us in the action i'd show you guys here!

Then it's lunch time!

Half a second before this shot was taken, i looked like that.
With sphag and mushroom dangling out of my mouth. LOL!
What! I AM A SAMSUI!!! Being in TCC won't bring me out of my Character!

This is moving into the future but not forgetting the past with Singapore.
LOL. Whatever this means, it looks weirdly funny! Hahaha!

But point is, i do. I love Singapore! And is especially proud of it this year becox we are the host for Youth Olympic Games!

 You must have seen this already!
Merly and Lyo!

Apart from being able to own a piece of history, the card has dual functionality and can be used as both an ez-link card as well as a Visa card. With the ez-link card, you can travel around town at ease, be it on buses, trains or even taxis!

In addition, use it as you would with a Visa credit card to pay for your dining, retail and other purchases. The only difference here is that, unlike ordinary credit or even debit cards, you can use the DBS Visa Prepaid SYOG card without meeting any income or age requirement. You can use up to the stored value that is in the card, and top-up the card again at any AXS stations or online once the value depletes.

This card is great for young kids as it allows them the flexibility and freedom to pay with their very own Visa card, at the same time limiting expenditure to the value in the card. In addition, parents can also track past transactions made on the card online.

More information on the DBS Visa Prepaid SYOG Card can be viewed here:

Okay, if you don't like to read in chunks! Here's why you'd want one for yourself!

- Dual functionality, a Visa card and an ez-link card in on

- Usage for public transport as well as at Visa merchants

- You can own a piece of history with the SYOG card, as this is the first time that a card like that is being used for an Olympic event

- No age requirement, anyone can own this card, including the kids

- No income requirement 

- Security, especially when travelling abroad as you can only use up to the stored value in the card, unlike a credit card where the risk is higher

- Can definitely be used for online shopping! (WEeeeeee!)

- A great gift for your loved ones

- Can track expenditure on the DBS website, allowing you to still keep a tab on you’ve spent on

Here's what i did with my Merly card so far!

Merly pays for my cab ride..

Merly pays for my shopping =D

Merly pays for my doggies shopping ^.^

 Merly chooses the best seats with me at the movies.. And,

Merly pays! Hahaha!

And Merly travels with me around Singapore!
^.^ Merly is my best girl friend now!

So go get your Merly / Lyo card now!
Own a piece of Singapore History!