29 November 2011

Sponsored post: Say NO to buying medicine/ pills online

Gonna share a little bit on how you should be cautious about what you buy online, particularly buying medicinal drugs and supplement on the internet. At the end of the post, i hope you make good choices and don't go through the same sufferings i went through for buying drugs online =O

I blogged about my online buys about two years ago.

This was the horror.


It's a bottle of bust-enhancement pills, that i bought online.

NO MATTER WHAT PILLS YOU ARE BUYING, bust-enhancement, weight-loss, weight-gain, pills for better skin etc. SO LONG AS YOU BUY IT ONLINE without proper understanding of it, you're in risk.

The most misguided time of my life was when i decided to buy what they sell online. I understand the pull factor when you see something online and it promises you the world.

It shows you testimonials from random people, with their pictures of before and after. And how the product made their lives better.

And if there's the part about MONEY BACK GUARANTEED, it secures your confidence in the product before even buying it, and it seals the deal.

Afterall, it's not THAT expensive, really. Most of the time, what you buy online is cheaper than what the stores are selling it for. Sometimes slightly cheaper, sometimes, it's only a fraction of what you have to pay for in the stores.

So i bought it. And i spent the next three days in misery. I KNOW RIGHT. I should have stopped on the first day when i noticed the horrible side-effects.

I took the first pill in the morning.
First thing that happened was STIFF NECK. It started to get bad in the afternoon.

It felt like my whole neck turn into solid lead. It was so dense and so heavy.

Night time i took my second pill and by then the stiffness spread to my shoulders.

I went to bed in hope that i'd sleep it off and then!!! Day two! Took another pill and went out with bf in the afternoon.

By the way.. I hid the pills from him and took it secretly lol. We went to Vivocity and the whole freaking day, i walk around with my head tilt backwards cox it felt wayyyyy too heavy. WANTO DIE. But still didn't tell boyfriend why i feel unwell. I say "Maybe weather too hot" Lolol.

So i went home, took another pill at night and then sleep it off.

Came day three, i took the pill in the day time and the side-effects only get WORST.

It was really hard to breath. Like my neck is not just stiff, it now feels tight. My picture very drama hor? "Heeeelllp meee... I'm dyyyying..* Lol.
And then i felt giddy and i stopped taking those pills =((

It really gave me hope. That's why i persisted for 2.5 days even thou it felt so horrible. For being naive and careless and neglecting the importance of my own health and for wanting fast result for the lowest price.. I DESERVED THAT HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Later when i went to google the ingredients of the bust enhancement pills, i found out that they contain this certain ingredient, which is a natural ingredient, yes, cox it's a herb BUT it can cause severe liver damage if taken over a period of time.


One tip i got from the Health Sciences Authority website

“Natural” does not always equal “Harmless”:"Do not assume that all products claiming to contain only “natural”, “organic” or “herbal” ingredients are safe and “milder” than western medicines.  Some plant products can actually be potent.  Also, some “natural” products may also contain substances that can cause adverse reactions when consumed with other foods or products."

So i went back to the website that sold me the pills and i left a comment in hope that people who read it will wake up in time and stop themselves from buying. But the online store owner didn't approve my comment.

So i sent them an email, no reply, no surprise. I wasn't gonna ask for my money back although that'd be nice lol. I wanted to let them know that they are doing something wrong and harmful to people.

Now i learnt that buying medicines, supplements and health drugs online is a BAD idea.

Very bad idea. Be it slimming pills, bust-enhancement pills, collagen pills, whitening pills, ANYTHING, so long as you're putting it into your body, and so long as you're not 100% sure where it's from, and how it's made and from WHAT it's made of, IT IS A BAD IDEA to get it online.

What do the people who sell it online have to lose? If anything goes wrong, they shut their websites down. As a matter of fact, the company that sold the pills to me has already shut down haha. Yeah i just went to google search them lol.

And what do we have to lose? If we're lucky, we fall sick and we recover and we learn a lesson. If we're not lucky, we can cause permanent damage to our body or even die from taking these stuff bought from random online sites.

Here's an article i was interviewed in, during the time three 16 year old girls fall badly ill after buying some supplement online to consume.

So from now on i must REMEMBER!!! You too!!!

 I will NEVER buy health products from dubious sites online anymore!!!

To convince you:

From Health Sciences Authority Website
"According to the World Health Organisation, one in two medicines sold over the Internet is fake. A 2008 report by the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines, a community interest organisation, also noted that three in five medicines sold over the Internet are either counterfeit or sub-standard."

Do you know where the medicines are made? Do you know what's the manufacturing process? Do you know if stringent tests have been run on it before it's pass to you, the consumer? Do you know how to contact the seller/ company if anything happens to you becox of their medicines/ supplement pills?

If your answer is NO to all the above.. Then i suggest..

You be strong-willed!!! No matter how enticing they make the product to appear!

I will not risk my health for the sake of convenience, lower prices or greater privacy by purchasing health products from dubious or unfamiliar sources such as random Internet websites or persons postings offers on auction sites, discussion forums etc!

Especially forums!!! NEVER TRUST THEM FULLY!!! Here's why!

When i was googling for the ingredients and the brand of the pills i took (after i stop taking), i discover not one, not two, BUT THREE different forums, having someone raving about it, WITH THE EXACT WORDS. 

I can safely assume that it's the seller/ company that's posting those in forums. To make it more convincing like it's posted by someone who actually tried the product. 

And may i show you again..

Over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard1


1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 20102, and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 2010
Products purchased from above mentioned sources pose very high risk of being counterfeit or adulterated with undeclared potent substances that may cause serious harm to consumers like us!

The dangers are especially high if the substances are prescription drugs which should only be taken under close medical supervision. 
One other risk when buying medicinal drugs from online is that your package may be detained by the immigration authorities when it arrives in Singapore. Possible reason is, the drug may be approved for sale in its country of origin, it might not be approved for use locally.

I leave you with this paragraph i read from a case study shows some serious side-effects victims of people buying weight-loss pills online.
"The patient experienced hallucinations and palpitations, both symptoms of psychosis. Sibutramine is known to have other side effects, including insomnia, headache and anxiety. Patients have also been reported to have suffered from other complications such as high blood pressure and a faster than normal heart rate."

If you need to know more about the dangers of buying health supplements online, click here.
1. World Health Organization on Counterfeit Medicines: Fact sheet No 275 (2010).
2. Ops Pangea III global results.

Erm.. Yeah one healthy-looking picture of myself. Sort of. LOL. There are many other alternatives ways to lose weight! So please don't buy weight-loss pills online!
Buy your health supplements from a licensed clinic, registered pharmacy or established retail store!

27 November 2011


So this week alone, Bf and i cook twice, which is VERY rare. We usually order takeout or eat out or delivery. So Mich was telling me how my bf will love me even more if i cook for him LOL.

That's how it all started. After Mich gave me the recipe to the world's simplest soup (fried eggs and tang hoon soup), and i ownself thought of some other stuff to cook like french bean with garlic and dried shirmp, and bencurd chicken etc.

I thought of good stuff.

But in the end i made the soup (which turns out FAIL TTM cox it's SOOO BLAND and then i accidentally added too much soya sauce to it and it's not Mich's fault cox my bf say the recipe is right but i cooked it wrong) and i improvise it by adding in fishballs lol, and ready-made otah (just need to steam) which turns out sour probably cox it's been in the freezer for 20 years, AND!!!!!! THE BEST DISH OF THAT NIGHT!!! Luncheon meat!!! No french beans, no chicken lol.

Oh, i also cooked the rice perfect =D

So my bf say "Never mind, tomorrow i cook" Lolol. I don't even know what he meant by NEVER MIND. Lol. I didn't even mind anything until he mention it. LOL.

So i guess i'm almost like doomed in the kitchen when i comes to cooking chinese food. Becox ahem, i'm pretty good with Aglio Olio (as you can see here) and i'm really good with scrambled eggs and i also can bake.. With recipes.

Shan't go on listing all the thing i can do in the kitchen becox if not it's like i'm getting very defensive BUT I CAN. Lolol.

And then the next day it was bf's turn to cook and me being TOTALLY KIND AND HELPFUL lol, i offered my help. To see what i can do for him. He say i can help him dice the carrot.

I'm thinking, this should be easy!

BUT FUCK NO. A carrot is ROUND!!! How do people cut it into half at where the diameter is?!?! So this is what happened.

So i screamed "AAAAA!! HOMG!!! I'm injured!!! I cut myself!!!"

And my saw the 'wound' and he's like.. Nothing. He just kept quiet and took over the cutting lol.

And i'm like "Omg.. Omg please, please don't be too deep. Please. Omg i really hope the cut won't be too deep"

Then i'm like "Oh, okay i don't think it's very deep. God thank you, thank you thank you. Thank you god. I mean like, really, i could have chop off my own finger?! Hor? Omg thank god"

And bf's like, "Hai.."

So anyway.. Erm.. In case anyone's worried about me, WHICH IS SADLY, hardly anyone cox i tweeted about it but NONE replied *stare*, don't worry cox it's a very very very shallow cut. Hahaha. Thank heavens we have been living with this lousy knife =D

So anyway, afterwards, with the spirit of a warrior in the battlefield, i live with the injury (lolol) and i pluck the french beans, WITH the injury. 我是一名勇士 #MeGusta

Anyway this is what bf whipped up WITH MY HELP. Lol.
Major love =))))

25 November 2011


Online shopping just got sweeter (yet again!!!)!

Jipaban.com is holding a BLACK FRIDAY SALES

“Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season” quote from Wikipedia. Yes, listen to Wiki and begin shopping now.

If you no want listen to wiki, you'd still wanna shop on Jipanban becox the discount you're about to get, is madness.

25th November 2011
12.00am to 11.59pm

Here's what i manage to source out from Jipaban. You know, the best stuff i can find at affordable prices.

So i'm sure you can find a lot more nicer stuff on Jipaban (by just increasing your budget by $2, $5, $7, you can get choose from a WHOLE LOT more of selection on Jipaban!) but i'm budget-barbiesh like that. Lol.

You can click on the name of the items to be linked to it directly ^.^ You're welcome!

By the way ALL the items i picked out to match the item, can be found on Jipaban. So just browse through the whole woman's fashion section! Lol.

After 25% discount, it's only about $14.90 =DDD So affordable plus i love heart prints!!! This one so colourful somemore.

I also found some of the stuff from Jipaban that i could match the hearts sweater with ^.^ Must especially mention the crossed Laced-up Leggings!!! After discount it's only about $11.90!

Oh and don't forget to match it with a cute accessory ^.^ This Cakecake Ring should be good!!! After discount, it's only about $3.60 =OOO BUY!!!
- - - - - - -
I love this tee cox it's so adorable! Got doggy one lol. Plus, after 25% discount, it's only $14.90 around there!!! You cannot miss the Globe Trekker bag too, to add on to the earth tone dressup!!! ONLY $14.90 after discount =OOO

Some rings to complete your earthy look haha. 4 Vintage rings for $3.60 after discount!!! FOUR RINGS FOR $3.60?!?!?! MADNESS. One ring would only be 90cents!!!
Picked this simple and smart-casual dark grey dress cox i like how it already look super nice on it's own! But if you'd like to accessorize it, the Metallic Tiny Brick Cuff will be a great choice for $4.40 after discount!

OMG SO MANY THINGS AT SUCH AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!!!! Oh wait, there's more that i want!!!

This 9 in 1 Bangle set! After discount only $6.60! How can i miss this!!!

AND THIS ONE PLEASE??? SO KE AI!!!! All your non-living stuff will look alive with the INANIMATE Stickers!!! It's only $4.50 after a 10% discount!

And this handsoap also cute!!! It's the Wishy Washy soap! It's shaped like a magic lamp, rub it when you clean yourself. Haha, like what happens when a magic lamp is rubbed, your wishes will come true. Lol. No, not really. But you can have higher hope it will! Haha.

25th November 2011
12.00am to 11.59pm
Remember the sale is only ONE day! Shop with Jipaban now!

23 November 2011

Video of my most commonly done makeup routine

If the freeze-frame is still me with closed eyes, showing ugly teeth with a eyeshadow palette and didn't update to change to something more humanly as i have selected it to be, i'm gonna kill a teddy bear.

Have been asked several times, to do a tutorial on how i usually do my makeup, this is it. Nothing change drastically, except the eyeshadow and blusher and lip colour. Everything else, almost all the time, all the same. Haha.

I get goosebumps when it comes to this part at the end where i slow-moed myself . Lol. It's a bit gross. But i love it lol.

Lotsa love (again!) to Xiaxue for urging me to get onto Youtube! I enjoy playing with the video editing part, a lot!!! Can do act chio smiling and slow-mo all. Hahaha.

Would you guys mind if i just ramble in vlogs? Or better to type ramblings here? Lol. I CAN DO BOTH EQUALLY GOOD. HAHAHA.

No really, i mean typing on and on and on, or talking on and on and on, to myself? That's about the only thing i do fairly good in life #foreveralone

It's like i'm all talkative here.. But when i hang out with real people, i get all shy *coy smile* Hahaha.

It'd be great if you could leave me a comment on what you'd like to see on the coming videos? Leave me a comment here on my blog or on my Youtube page!

Anything but braiding hair cox in case you haven't noticed, i have been VERY upset with my fringe cox it's so OVERLY thick now. And it cannot be braided anyway cox it's bangs.

And here's the latest episode of Budget Barbie =DDD Bath and Beauty ep! Please subscribe to Clicknetwork on Youtube!

21 November 2011

Ad: sloggi’s “Love World” eco-program

Love World

Let's see! Let's share how we LOVE the world! I start first okay!

- I don't litter
- I hardly shampoo my hair LOL. Like i shampoo maybe once every 2 - 3 days. And i see this as conserving water resources!
- I take VERY SUPER SHORT shower!!! 5 mins max if not shampooing and 10 mins max if shampooing.
- I carry reusable bag a lot, LOL. Too often for my friends liking actually.
- At my place, we use only energy-saving light bulbs. It seems like it only makes sense to do so.

Off hand these are a few things i do.. Not particularly becox i love the world but happens so, it's eco-friendly!!! =D

Okay maybe not the not-shampooing part haha, but yeah, you get my point. Being a little bit more eco-friendly is not that hard really. It can be..

As simple as putting on a set of lingerie O.O No really!!!
Look at this sweetest pair of lingerie from sloggi - Rustic Rich series!!!

It's part of the sloggi's Love World program!

The fabric used to make these lingerie are Eco-care fabric. It's part of the program featuring sloggi and Sensitive Fabrics and International non-profit organization for the protection of the rainforest World Land Trust project, the purpose of this project is to conserve the rainforest through "one meter of fabric for one meter of forest"!

For every meter of sensitive fabric sold, the fabric company will donate a % of earnings for the area's protection.

Through the production process, the supplier is committed to respect to our environment by consumption reduction, recycling optimization throughout the entire cycle and; use of electricity from renewable sources. Check out http://breathe.sg/liveitup for more details!

And with all the effort consciously put into this program, HERE'S WHAT WE GET from the process of manufacturing the sloggi-es haha:

- SAVE 20% OF WATER used in it's production
- SAVE 10% OF ENERGY used in the making of it

And it's 100% made in Italy with the highest certified quality!

You know how i know?
Cox it says so in the little card labels that comes with the lingerie set lolol.

There. Haha.

High quality Italian fabric ensures maximum comfort thanks to its softness and comfort touch.

The material is SUPER FINE + SOFT!!!!!! It feels so smooth against your skin!!! And it comes in different cup shapes that will be suitable for any occasions! Doesn't matter if you wanna wear low-V dresses, or teeshirt or bustier top, anything, Rustic comes in different cup shapes to make you look gorgeous in! Find out more from the sloggi Facebook page here!

I say first, QUICKLY go like their Facebook page then come back and continue to read this post lol. Cox they have REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good stuff for giveaway and they throw great promotion very often. The coming giveaway, is gonna be the most awesome.

What i love is how it's sweet but not toooo sweet haha. You know, not too over the top.
The light blue lace adds a sweet playful touch to the country-style print. It will be great for young girls. Okay fine, i'm not a young girl but it'd be great for ladies of all ages who love to look sweet!!!
Here's a close up on how it looks.
In case you're wondering how my filler boobs are doing.. They are almost gone. Still some left but i have the in-built padding to help me out LOL. Yay! One more plus point for this set of Rustic. PADDED CUPS! Haha.
Look at the prints! So sweeeeet!!! But what i love most about this is the softness of the material. Go check them out in store and feel for yourself okay. Comes with a halter strap also!
This picture shows the halter. It also show me what "FML" truly means. Lolol.

Another lovely series from Sloggi - Frills

It's gonna be one of the most popular selling item becox of the material used.

And the material is..



And the material is.......


Super fine cotton.

Hahaha. I know what you're thinking. It's JUST cotton, you think.


You'd know the difference only when you wear it.

Here's what happened to me. I was told Frills uses super fine cotton, and that it is its unique selling point. I'm thinking.. "It's cotton. Dude. Cotton. How can that be unique?"

So what i thought i like more about this set from Frills is that it has no under-bust support wire thus it'd be perfect for me on a casual day nua-ing at home lol.


Yes i still love the fact that it's comfy to the max and it's so light and flexible cox there's no underwire, BUT, I LOVE THE MATERIAL MORE!!! It's sooooo soft!!!

Now i see. Here's why.

It's made from organic cotton. These organic cotton makes the material stretchable and the yard count is super high, that's why it's so silk soft and smooth!

sloggi Frills. Love the planet. So chic!
That's right! Being eco-friendly can be easy and stylish too! ^.^

Love how it feels on my skin!
Do you see the "❤ SLOGGI ❤ SLOGGI ❤" at the waist line? =D cute!


sloggi is running a giveaway of sloggi charm bracelet on their Facebook page!
Simple steps to stand a chance to win a limited edition

 It came to me in a box like this!!! Awesome! I take it as my first Xmas gift. Lol.

Atas not!!! By the way, i took these pictures myself *ahem* Which i think it's not bad. Lol.

Yes you can stand to win this sloggi bracelet with Swarovski crystal!!!

Here is how easy it is!

- Join sloggi’s Facebook page here (click)

- Post a comment on "What does sloggi means to you"

THAT'S ALL! Simple not? Good luck to you! ^.^

Remember to check out the Rustic and Frills collection in all sloggi outlets.

20 November 2011

QWeekly - Bunnies

FLUFFY the papa bunny!!!

Went to see baby bunnies with Wendy the other day and they are all SO CUTE and fluffy and just so..

They were all like fighting to be the cutest so Wendy would pick them. Haha! SO UNREAL right. They look so unrealistically cute. They are not real!!! Guess which one Wendy chose the day after?!
"No not me" *grumpy face*
DIZ ONE!!!!!!!! Hahaha! Can you please see what she's doing! She's chewing on everything! Hahaha. Very silly one! Chew guava, chew Wendy's blinged bb, chew her iPhone. Later go chew remote controller. Hahaha!
"Haaaaaa~ Leaf me alone" Ahahaha! I don't know what's her name yet thou!!!

I think bunnies are such cute stuff!!! Like they don't crave for your attention like how a doggy will do so i really don't mind having them at my place but i don't wanna cage it but if i don't cage it they'd die cox Tiffany rips anything small and furry, apart. Lol. And bf say cannot get anyway =/

He almost got me a hamster thou!!! O.O For my birthday earlier in June. Cox he say hamster can keep somewhere away from Tiffany. Haha. But it didn't happen cox i wanted one hamster to play with Tiffany mainly and i don't think it sounds right afterall O.O
- - - - - -
Went to remove my gelish at Milly's! I went to Far East this time. And i also asked for removal of dead skin for both hands and feet!!! MAJOR SHIOK. These are the things you never wanna DIY. They even do a lotion massage for my legs and hands =DDD Love.

Rebecca from Milly's Far East, THIS ONE I HIGHLY RAVE. Freaking FAST, and GOOD!!!

Her hands work like bullet train madness. And she's freaking focused!!! I can't even get her on a picture lol. Plus super duper nice and friendly all. They have outlets in Bugis and Far East Plaza. Call 8383 5395 for appointment!

18 November 2011

A very random update

You guessed it right. Random means no chio pictures of myself. Lol. And mainly words.

It's not like i haven't been doing anything! THIS TIME SAY REAL ONE. Hahaha. If i'm lazy i'd tell you guys. Yes i still play Sims Social but i'm not (so) obsessed with it anymore.

I've been playing with video-editing software quite a bit! It's very fun!!! But i get very sad when i see so much of my flaws that i can't photoshop. Haha. Yellow teeth for one, big pores for two, small eyes for three. Sibeh sian. Oh oh oh, and my nose very super fleshy in close up shots!!! =(( I know, i whine too much about my looks, like a irritating teenage girl. Sigh~ So much work need to be done on the face and teeth!

Sometimes i wonder how many people reading my blog is happy. Like.. When i blog, i blog thinking that everyone who's gonna be reading it, is in a good mood. It's like no post is dedicated for the heart-broken ones.. For the disappointed ones.. For the unmotivated ones etc.

So this is for you!!! The people who don't feel appreciated at work.. The people who then become unmotivated and disappointed thinking life is a chore. This is for you! Okay lah, bluff you one lah, this is for my girlfriends haha.

I hope you all go to work feeling motivated! Just think of the money!!! =D With the money, we can do lotsa things!!!

Haiyah, i also don't know how to advise anything about work. Cox i forgot how to work with people in a common enclosure already O.O Hahaha. But I work with bf and two doggies everyday. It can't be that hard.

The trick is to give them some treats, praise them every now and then, day pass easy.

"Tiffany~!!! You're so cute!!!"

"Drago~!!! Why do you look so handsome today?"

"Darling, our dogs are so cute hor? I love you!"

Hahahah. You probably can't use the same lines at work but the idea is the same. I guess if you make an effort to let people know which part they are doing great at, and make them feel like their effort is being noticed, people feel good, they will then make an effort to inform you why you're so awesome also.

In a nutshell, love makes the world go round. Haha. Not really. More like.. Niceness. Niceness makes the world go round.

You treat people nice, people treat you nice. No matter what.. At the end of the day (after work hours), everyone is rushing home to join their family.. Rushing out to meet their friends.. Rushing off to meet their other halves. Everyone wants to go find what makes them happy. Nobody's world revolve around the office just becox they love it. Becox i deduced HERE, that nobody likes to work. Lol.

But if you have to work for money, then be the one to make your work place a awesome place to be!

Everyone is just trying to make a living. Be nice! You all gotta camp there 8 - 10 hours a day! 5 - 6 days a week! 4 weeks a month! 12 months a year!!! Definitely worth it to TRY make it a better place.

Jiayou ba!!! If there's a major bitch that refuse to accept the positive energy at work, you can only try this much. Plan B is to try get rid of her. And if that is impossible, Plan C is you da xi jia (jump ship). Lol. Good luck. I love you two!!!

15 November 2011

One video to show off depth-of-field and who i'm rooting for!

The finalists for the Nuffnang Blog Award 2011 are out!!!!!!!!!

You can start voting for the bloggers HERE now!!!

I'm not one of the finalists *hold back tears* lolol BUT here's who i'm rooting for! =DDD

Most Influential blog - Xiaxue
No need to elaborate, right.

Best Lifestyle blog - Xiaxue
Hmm.. Becox waking up late plus doing things on own-time, own-target, plus having all the chioest, cutest pink stuff, flying from countries to countries every now and then.. Yeah, that's the lifestyle lol. And i really picked up and learnt a lot of things from her blog leh. From products, to food, to places, to weirdos lol. OH PLUS, her new blog design super chio got bunnies one. Lol.

Best Fashion blog - Cheeserland
Not just the runway pics and what's-hot-this-season and next season. Cheesie's blog shows how she wears the clothes and the style! Plus her blog got personal touch cox it's really not just a fashion-fashion blog. It's her blog but she's fashionable like that

Best Food blog - Ladyironchef
Good pictures + Good balance on posts of atas food/ best of your local fare. And Brad gives you the most honest opinion + useful information about the dishes/ makan places he blogs about. He once told me he hardly blogs about the food he doesn't enjoy becox there's not even enough time to blog about all the food he enjoyed. Philosophical not? Lol.

And and! Best Parenting blog - Motherinc!!!
Daphne super duper duper nice during the filming of Olay Project 360!!! I don't know what makes a good parenting blog but a nice mummy sure make it happen haha ^.^

Okay lah i'm very super biased as you can see, i'm only rooting for people i know personally lol. BUT i do wish all the Singaporeans in all categories good luck =DDD
- - - - - - -

And so i've been thinking of doing videos cox typing chunks and chunks of ramblings makes a post really wordy like this. Lol. So here's one video my bf and i did one day we were at home.

Confirm rated PG lol. It's his first "workpiece" so please be nice, and watch it. There's no meaning to it thou O.O It's just me fake sleeping, fake waking up, fake looking into the mirror. Lolol.

Will try to vlog more =D

Only cox video-editing is QUITE fun. Haha. So please subscribe to the channel lol. Just seem like the right thing to ask for since i can't ask for your vote *loserface* Lololol.

13 November 2011

QWeekly - Not feeling well

Was at the Elizabeth Arden event the other night and really enjoyed myself!
Look at the stuff they had in store for us!!! Happy much!!!
- - - - - - -
So i've been really sick. Okay, not really sick-sick, i'm only trying to get some sympathy here lolol. But it's true i have REALLY, REALLY bad flu so i sneeze like a mad sneezer..? Also got a blocked and runny nose, sore throat and all that's yet to come, is fever.

But i feel lethargic most of the time cox of this flu BUT HEY, look who's here blogging~~~ Look look! Me!!! Yong gong ma?

I wanna eat. When i get well, i wanna eat that two packets of Tai Sun wasabi potato chips, that box of Almond Roca, the two 8inch tarts in my fridge (omg the mango one, is YUMMY TO THE MAX I SWEAR), the super cute jelly beans i got, and the long long long candies i got with Mich at Vivo =((

I wanna eat all these. Sigh. Have been having porridge for like three days. THREE DAYS. I did sneaked a meal of McDonald's with Mich when i was out thou =DDD But it was horrible to down it cox the throat was SO horribly dry and sandpapery. Lol.

Ho lah, mai goh gong liao. I go rest. You guys have a great Sunday. By the way, here's a good news for a lot of people =)) Super wonderful news.

Okay bye bye!!! ^.^

Okay say really, you want a picture of me ma?
*shy face*

You wanit. Come getit. LOLOL. Very erxin i know, my nephew teach me one. I ask him for one candy only he also action-packed and say "Yeah, yeah? You wanit? Come getit" Hahaha. He super gross one.

Yeah, maybe it runs in the family. Kthxbai.

11 November 2011

Red and random

I hope you can figure out that this post is a super self-absorbed post and at the end of it, i just wanna get nice comments lolol.

But then again, red is really not my colour so i'm not sure. I got this flora head piece from the Elizabeth Arden event the other day. There's gonna be a great giveaway going on soon, here on my blog! So keep a lookout for it!

I'm so self-obsessed, i even did a another colour treatment to the same picture. Lol.

How? This one really too artificially fair liao lol.

OMG. I suddenyl realise i can answer random questions like i mentioned the other time!!! Like how celebrities get interviewed in magazines.

Okay i shall go see which questions i'd answer now. The rest i'd still answer but maybe another time when i camwhore for no reason again okay. Lol.

So this is the blogpost where i asked people to ask me random questions. I'd keep checking back. Fuck formspring. I can haz my own corner for people to ask questions. Lol.

Okay ready?! I'm a superstar now~!!! I'm gonna answer questions like the whole world CAN'T WAIT to know the answers!!! Like everyone cares about everything about meeeee~~~ =DDD Hahaha.

One stuck-up looking picture to get the ball rolling.

How to have legs as long and slim as yours?
I have long body and short legs in ratio but i guess you can do a lot of stretching when young? Lol.
Would like to know how to make eyeliners stay w/o smudging our eyes like nobody's business.
I think it depends on the type of eyeliner you use. Liquid kind, when dry doesn't smudge as easily as the pencil kind. And also depends on whether your eyelids gets oily easily. Mine does. I heard Elva Hsiao once said she will pat a light amount of loose powder over the applied eyeliner to make it stay longer. But i think you can really use eye primer now. OMG i am so long-winded and i am no expert lol.

If a fan of yours approaches u on the street for a picture with u, would you agree?
YES! *snatch camera over and snap self* lol.

When are you going to post pictures of your boyfried?
Maybe if we ever get married i will. Otherwise.. Never i guess. Lol.

How many ex boyfriends do you have?

How did you start out in the blogging industry and how did you become so successful (even before Budget Barbie)? 
I was a nobody in the blogging scene before Budget Barbie. Was blogging for leisure and to kill time i guess. And i really got lucky. Even now, i'm not like successful or anything in the scene but it's just more people reading my blog.

So what are your favorite drink(s)?

Shall quote myself randomly, picked out from the 'interview', to caption the pictures. LOLOL.
"And i really got lucky"
Describe a time when u were really, really REALLY pissed at someone.
Omg. I haven't been REALLY angry for very long. But i'd tell you that when i'm REALLY pissed, i'd cry O.O Yeah i have no idea why!!! It's so fucking embarrassing sometimes!!! Like OMG okay i remember now!!!!! LOLOL. This one fucking angry omg.

I was at Shin Nichi (a Japanese restaurant at Punggol Riverside) for dinner with my bf and my guy friend and then their food all came. Except mine. So i waited for another 25 minutes (I KNOW, I AM SUPER NICE AND PATIENT ONE), checked with one staff, who repeat everything we ordered, one by one cross out the food items that has been served, and then ask me what hasn't arrived. So i told her all the items that i ordered that hasn't arrived. Two different kinds of sushi and two chawanmushi.

The girl went away, came back 5 minutes later, say it's coming. So that's about 30 minutes gone.

10 minutes later, i asked the guy who took our order initially, why hasn't my food arrived. He repeated our whole list of order, and then ask the SAME FUCKING QUESTION, "What other dishes are you waiting for?" So i repeated the items missing to him again.

He came back, say it's coming soon.

10 minutes later, NO FOOD FOR ME STILL. So i asked another lady, who seem to be the manager, if my food is coming. She ask me "Sorry, which are the items we haven't serve?"

OMG OMG OMFG I WAS SOOOOO FUCKING HUNGRY AND ANGRY, I SHOW HER MY PALM, AND IT WAS SO DRAMATIC that few seconds. I was like "Uh, no no, don't ask me this again. I told your staff SO many times. SO MANY TIMES!!! Could you please go find out yourself, please?"

She was super taken aback and i don't blame her cox she might not be aware of how long exactly i waited. At that time it was about 50 minutes wait since my bf and Yong Ming has been served already.

So she say "Okay i'd check for you now?" and i said "YES PLEASE. Just get me my food"

Then i quickly look down and shake my head to pretend like i'm really disappointed, actually at that point of time i wasn't disappointed lah, i was really tearing up cox i was so angry. HAHAHAHAHA. Omg super paiseh please.

Anyway, i'd suggest NOBODY goes into that restaurant ever cox they made me wait for one hour all in all, without serving me my food.

Thing is, when i repeatedly said i'm missing my chawanmushi, the rest of the tables who CAME LATER than me, were still being served chawanmushi. Why?

I'd say it once, "SHIN NICHI at Punggol Riverside, FUCK YOU" Take this and keep it, you deserve every bit of it =)

"Just get me my food"

How tall are you? And how do you manage to stay slim?
I'm 172cm. And as much as this sounds grossly unbelievable, i have tummy and cellulite from all the camping in front of the computer. So i don't try to stay slim and i don't exercise for that matter. Hmm.. Okay truth is, i have worms inside me. No like really, i've seen worms crawling on my poop, when i was much much younger. I guess they eat everything that'd make me grow majorly fat?

"I've seen worms crawling on my poop" LOLOL.

Will you be having more of the charity events like last Sunday's flea?
Yes! There are still quite a lot of items with the shelter now, so i'd probably do one more flea in Decemeber.

When are you getting married?
If you meet my boyfriend please help me ask him. Lol. I can get a chio $5 dress anytime, as my wedding dress, if he wants to marry me. This is how hardcore-ready i am. LOL.

What's your ambition when you were young? Is it a very big difference from being a blogger to your childhood ambition?
I've always wanted to be a singer/ kindergarten teacher before i turn 17 years old. Then when i was 17, i came to terms that some kids are SO FREAKING IRRITATING, i might end up in jail if i ever have to handle them. But i still wanted to be a singer until i turn 20 and felt like i was way too old to start anywhere.

Somewhere along the way, i became a blogger and i didn't have to decide on it. It just happen. But i wanna be a singer mainly cox i could wear super pretty clothes and hold concert and have everyone look at me and listen to me sing, and appear on magazines and have my own CD album cover. Lolol.

I guess spamming you guys with random stuff on my blog like this, gets me the same kind of attention too so i'm good, i'm good! Lol.

"Somewhere along the way, i became a blogger and i didn't have to decide on it."

Qiuting, what do you want to see yourself to be in 1-2years time?
Optimistically, doing the same things, but becoming prettier. Logically, i should have my own small little business. Gotta do something other than blogging alone cox i don't expect people to be keen in me forever. Although i think i'd still be interesting 1 - 2 years from now LOL.

"Although i think i'd still be interesting 1 - 2 years from now"

QiuQiu, how long have you and your bf been in this relationship, how did you guys meet?
We're gonna be together for 6 years come 10th of December this year =D He's a photographer. Before we ended up together, he's a friend/ ex-business partner of my ex-boyfriend so i guess two long posts can't finish the story of how exactly we met but maybe i can describe how we decided to know each other better.

I ask him out for movie first. Hahahaha. BUT, that was PURELY a friendly invite. And then we started texting each other more and then i guess i was too cute to resist after that O.O LOL.

"I guess i was too cute to resist after that"

Phew!!! Okay so far that's that! There're a lot more questions but like said, i'd leave them til next time =DDD Drop more comments HERE and i'd check back =D

And i urge all narcissistic bloggers to do the same thing as me!!! Lol. Drop formspring for christ's sake, SOPHIE!!!!! I'm calling out to you, you hear me??? Lololol.