29 June 2014

Day of cuteness in KL

Went up to KL to find Cheesie and her newborn baby again ^.^ Also to see Aud and Fighter hahaha! Can tell i am superrrr happy cox one time can see two babies HEARTEYES!!! ^.^

While everyone is eating.. I'm all like YOU GUYS GO AHEAD I AM NOT HUNGRY. Hahahah. And then i grab the baby. MY TURN BITCHES~! Hahahaha!

Actually cox Wendy made me promise i cannot carry the baby hahahah jian huo. Cox she say i already went to see the baby on the first day he was born (cox i happen to be in KL with my family!) hahaha. So i just said okay lah whatever! But of course i AM GOING TO carry the baby lol!

This was baby Jun-Question-Mark when i first met him on 11th June.. =))) Cox Cheesie haven't decided yet but only decided on "Jun" Please read her blogpost about the baby's name ='))) So sweet. I am sure the baby will grow up to have a pure heart.. And it's so touching how her danna changed her so much over the period since i know her. Which isn't very long but long enough for me to realise that she's become a much more zen person who is really considerate for the people around =')
With the girls who were there that day!!! Wendy, Hui Wen, Aud, Shuyin and BABY JUDE!!!!!

Sigh! I wish all the babies i like stay in Singapore!!!!!!

But then again.. If they ALL stay in Singapore then i no need to work already hahaha.

Today see Yurou, tomorrow see Dash Dash, next day see Fighter, day after see Junya.


BUT OH MY GOD.. That is quite a heaven =DDD Hahaha.

One with the mum who simply took this baby out of her pouch and then shrink back to her original figure like immediately. And then still dress up so fashionable some more hahaha. Guo fen.
With Baby Jude whom, according to Aud, only lets only pretty girl carry ; )))))) Thanks, dude. LOL.
After i snapped like 5 pictures with him (which all turned out with motion blur cox he very curious keep looking around lolol) i manage to get this tired face. Hahaha "够了吗?"
"Can we talk about this calmly?"
"Hai.. 讲不通 I give up"
YAY~ My turn again~ Hahaha! But this Junya don't give me face, he look so scared / annoyed haha.
Cheesie's shiba! Champon. Very well-behaved and cute haha. But i cannot play with him yet! Wanna carry baby until i happy then play with him haha!
Wendy tried tearing up paper to make Jude laugh and he really is laugh until cannot hahahahah!!!
"Omg LOLOL come lemmie try lemmie try!" LOLOL!
Hahaha i tell Wendy she very rude, first time go people's new house then make until the floor like that. Josh say it's okay just blame it on Champon when Cheesie come out. Hahahaha. Cox she was pumping milk when we were doing this mah lolol!
Ooooh~ Look who's gonna be awake~~~
His tiny hands...... ='OOOO SO CUTEEEE!!! And excuse me he is so hamsum!!! The chin so sharp!!
He has two dimples but here he's only showing off one hahah~
HEY GOODLOOKING~ Being burped on Wendy's shoulder.
Went back to the hotel room after KTV and buffet with the girls before they go take their coach back to Singapore and i check into our awesome hotel room!!!!! Which was booked on some discount site and was booked at 40% or 50% off!!! =DDD Major wu hua!!!
Ordered room service and i loveeee the red velvet cake!!! =DDD Super moist.

Okay lah i end my post here!!!

Cheesie's place got too much CUTE going on already!!! From the babies to the doggies! I got more pictures but there's really A LOT of pictures so another time lah! The baby so freaking cute i cannot delete anymore! Lol!

Will put up more stuff soon! I'd spent my weekend at The Sultan again~~~ With friends and then family ^.^ To celebrate my birthday on the 28th! So if and when you're seeing this..

It'd already be 29th i guess. The celebration was decided in a rush but i guess a getaway at an awesome hotel is always good! Can catch up and just spend time together ^.^

Will share a lot more soon~ =DDD For now..


26 June 2014

Short term hair for long term goal


I am sorting out picture from my KL trip to find Cheesie and her newborn baby!!! So meantime here's some pictures from the day.. My hair was cut shortest ever for a long time.

Me and Sio both agreed to not bleach nor rebond my hair until the healthy hair fully grow out and the "abused" hair all gets snipped off. Hahah! Actually those hair still can save one but i just don't want them anymore. I find that i've been relying on rebonding for like what..

Since i was 13 years old. That's omfg.. Almost 14 years @.@

I have never had a full head of unrebonded hair since i was 14!!! And the thing is.. Rebonding at Cleo hair doesn't spoil my hair or anything cox their rebonding is healthy rebonding. But my original hair is DAMN curly and frizzy, so i really cannot cox once i rely on rebonding, i will have to keep doing it. normal people can rebond and have neat hair lah.

I rebond only, maybe in 1 - 2 months time, there will be unruly curly roots growing out.

So now my new strategy, after 14 years of futile fighting with the curly roots (by rebonding), i decided to grow them all out!!! And at the same time, snip off all the rebonded ends!

This way i will have no more straight spikes at my hair ends from rebonding when the rest of the hair looks curly. Lol. SO~!!! That's why i've been cutting my hair a lot hahaha.

More cut more short fml. But heng turn out chio lah O.O Hahaha! THANKS TO SIO!

Then when all the rebonded parts are off my head.. I will just keep my curly hair!!! And blow straight only when necessary! =D

Went slightly earlier and bumped into Samantha who was there to have her hair revived by Cleo Hair. Cox she went to medan and had her hair wash there. The results of her shampooing session was.. Hair worst than mine on my bad hair day. LOL.


❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Kena photobomed by Sam and her ramyeon.
Ahem? You wanna know who braid one? Why? Very nice ah? No big deal lah, don't mention it =))) I learnt it in 10 minutes and anyhow braid one lah! =)))
LOLOL. Humble brag much~ OKAY SAY REAL ONE I AM A GENIUS!!! ICE HOR?! Though yes lah, Sio did the colour, Hitomi shampooed and blow dry her hair.. BUT.. I BRAID IT. Hahaha. So it's going into my portfolio.
Front of my model. Hahahah. Wanna ask her to smile is like ask her eat shit. Equally hard.
Sio was really tight up with appointment so i ask Ryo to help me shampoo ^.^ SHIOK DAOOOOoo..
Ryo's delicate hands touching my delicate scalp. LOL.
Half way through, Sio's done with appointment and came to take over my hair shampooing session. Actually the shampooing session is quite long, enough for me to fall asleep 3 times hahahaha.
Woke up to clean hair and scalp. Along with a relaxed mind cox i had a good comfy nap (or 3)!
Sio cutting my hair~
Snip snap snip snap.
And we're done~
You don't see like it looks quite normal length! Actually that's only the side~! The back is still relatively short AND SURPRISINGLY, I LOVE IT!!!!!! So sweet + cool at the same time!!!
 My photographer was another person that day hahaha. I am training more and more OOTD photographers hahaha. Top from Bugis Stree, $5.. Bottom from Bugis Street as well! $10!
 Pang sai. $6 shoes.
NO NEED TO PHOTOSHOP MY FACE THESE DAYS ^.^ Thanks to REGEN and their awesome team of doctors and nurses who took care of me during my surgery recovery (Email infoglobal@regengroup.co.kr), if you're looking for reputable surgeons with a good resume and are highly recognized for their skills in cosmetics surgeries.. Then go to REGEN =)
Side of my hair.. Olive ash green. It was a wash off from the previous hair colour i dyed before i head to Korea 1.5 months ago for surgeries! From dark chocolate to this olive ash green.. NOT BAD, SIO! Hahaha. VERY GOOD IN FACT!!! I haven't retouch my roots since then but i will soon!
Sorry ah keep spamming my face hahaha. AND WE CAN'T STOP~ And we won't stop~~~ Lol.
This is how i look.. Even from this angle. Hahaha. VLine and zygoma reduction is fucking awesome.
New profile picture. Hahah. Anyway as you can see hor, this hair major fucking loveeeeee cox if i tuck in, it looks cool and chic. If i don't tuck it in behind my ears.. It looks soft and girly still!
SOMEMORE NOWADAYS WEATHER SO HOT AND HUMID OMFG *ANGRY FACE* So if you're thinking of having a good hair cut to battle this crazy warm weather.. You know who to find!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Tomorrow onwards my birthday celebrations and dinners and lunches starts. Lolol.

Can't be more thankful than having people remember my birthday and making an effort to spend quality time with me =) Becox i read somewhere.. It's nice to be important.. but it's more important to be nice. I guess i must have been rather okay to people.. For people to wanna spend time with me.

And for that.. I strive to be a better person to people who really care for me and who wants the best for me. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you!

22 June 2014

Gummy Bear Charm accessories ^.^


Cox i saw on Instagram RinRin (Cheesie's friend) had this gummy bear earring and i went online to search for gummy bear accessories and a lot of them are either clay or some kind of fake looking plastic. But hers looks like resin.

But then it's quite costly to buy!!! So if DIY also can do resin one lah but i don't wanna spend so much money buying different colour of resin material and then buy the gummy bear mould and then later i am not interested anymore they will all just collect dust in my house hahaha.

So i went to search a few ways to DIY gummybear charm and a few people did the real gummy bear way!!!! =DDDDDD HOW CUTE!!! But you need to use gloss glaze (which is better cox it won't flake) or clear nail polish (this one might flake especially if you try to press and squeeze the varnished gummy bears for fun haha).

So i was determined to try for myself cox the gummy bear charms just look too cute!!!!

I could actually get haribo bears cox they are so yummy but the haribo bears in packs are usually a lot more oily. So the best ones to get are from those from like candy-mix!!! Cox they are put out to air dry for a while already i suppose. Hahah.

Try mini toons or something. I got mine at those giam-sng-dih tidbits shop. The colour of the gummy bears are very limited T.T I wanted to have blue and purple gummy bears but they don't have.

BUT ANYWAY! I was too eager to try!!! So i didn't wanna insist on finding mini toons. Lolol.

Stupid Sam probably mock at me again or something. But hey~ This is me saying I AM HAPPY TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE! Hahaha. Anyway i watch tutorials to learn one also lah. But it's just i mix and match the methods and then simplify the steps. So everything is most cut-short. LOL.
Things to get:
1. Gummy Bears
2. Styrofoam (Any would do. It's just a platform for you to poke your glazed gummy bears to air dry
3. Gloss glaze (It's said that you can use clear nail polish too but i won't recommend)
4. Head pins
5. A brush to glaze the bears

You may get all of these from Art Friend ^.^ Except the gummy bears of course haha. Okay here we go!!! WOOHOO~!!!!

Poke a headpin through the gummy bear and leave the head of the pin at the bottom of the bear.
Proceed to glaze the gummy bear, avoid glazing the bottom.
So that you can push it down to air dry on the styrofoam. THEN only, you glaze the gummy bear bottom. Like this you won't have your finger messy and sticky and glazed haha.
Continue glazing..
30 minutes between each layer of glaze. I only glazed two layers. So after that, you could let your glazed gummy bear air dry over night. 24 hours is what the instruction on the glaze says.. But i think so long as it's overnight it's good.
A few other things you'd need. A chain (it can be for necklace or for bracelet) and plier that looks like that. I THINK it's call the nose plier, you need that to turn and twist the head pin, to make it hook around the chain.

Actually after the glazed gummy is done.. You don't have to put it on a chain one. You can put it on earrings.. Or keychain or handphone charm. Or hair clip!

But if you don't have to hang it then just use a sewing pin to hold it for air dry loh, don't need to buy headpin anymore. Then when it's dry you can just use glue gun to attach it to your accessories.

Back to charm for chain! So use a cut plier, to snip off the remaining head pin, and leave at least 1.2cm - 1.5cm for you to twist a hook.
Like this~ Twist half the hook first, then hook it onto the chain, then close up the hook. Very easy one!
And ta dang~~~ You have it~!!!! =DDDDDDD I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
After being glazed they are no longer sticky nor oily haha. Just like cute gummy bears being time-freezed hahahah. Sounds bad. But it's cuteeeee!!!! ^.^

Imma glaze more things!!! Pasta.. Popcorn.. Jelly bean maybe! Things that will not crush and break into a mess. Also maybe i'd make rings, earrings, bracelets next time!!!

I already bought the earring back from artfriend ^.^

Next i wanna buy ring-back!!! =DDD And hot glue gun whatever shit i want to it. Haha. DIY is fun..


Lolol. You know.. When the mood comes.

I present to you my gummy bear charm necklace ^.^
^.^ It's a great gift idea also don't you think!!! Like hello~~~ HANDMADE SWEETNESS THAT STAYS BY YOUR SIDE FOREVERRRR??? Hahaha.

Okay thank you for humoring me while i entertain myself hahaha.

I told Josh i wanna glaze anchovies and salted eggs and ba you pok (deep fried pork lard) cox they are my favourite food. He ask me to stop being crazy. EXCUSE ME~??? Wait til you see all my creations on Paris fashion week. Lololol.

BONG!QuirkQuirk shall be the brand.

Glazed giam cai.. Glazed giam nng, glazed tau pok, glazed bak kwa, glaze cai xim..

Glazed wanton..

Glazed char siew..

Glazed kong ba..


LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!