22 December 2016

Amelia, Meredith and Mummy 1 Year 6 Months

Hello!!! Sorry i took ten thousand years to carry on and catch up with Meredith's growing up diary cox you know now other than Meredith and Mummy, there's also another little one growing inside.

I am sorry my second child that i didn't keep a pregnancy-growth diary for you but i mean, i am the one pregnant, it basically have nothing much to do with you LOL. But then i will be sure to keep a diary for you and jiejie from the day you will be born lol #SecondTimeMomSyndrome

But i must say this pregnancy really not easy, especially as compared to when i had Meredith. Having Meredith was awesome, no morning sickness, no evening sickness, no food that i dislike or induce me to gag etc. This pregnancy, first trim i see or smell seafood i want to puke omggg.

Once we went out for dinner and Mich was digging and savouring crab claw beside me and the whole time i just really want to puke LOL. So later i texted her really diplomatically. "I don't wanna sound rude and demanding but can you don't eat seafood in front of me until i say it's okay to do so again?"

LOL. Pregnant big is it? HAHA!

Anyway these are all tracking back to months ago. But still great memories too precious to be missed.

We baked mooncakes again =DDD
Cox total cost is a fraction of what you buy outside but taste just as awesome =DDD If not better!!!! Hahaha! Cox homemade always have that extra omph (aka saliva, sweat from palm and hair LOL KIDDING. Or not O.O).
Went filming with Jia at Little India.

Little India is a place i love very much and where i bought most of my makeup growing up hahaha. I stayed near there for almost 18 years before i shift out to stay with Josh. It's nice to revisit.

It's really amazing, the things i do with Jia in The Checklist, becox they are things i'd never usually do at all. Very thankful to have a crazy and annoying partner like her wth.

By the way this was me, no makeup and everything but if i may say so myself, i look so preets LOL.

It was a very simple and fun day filming but the only sad thing was, i had to take a lot of phonecalls and whatnot from my lawyers regarding the lawsuit. It's really 很烦心.. I thank god cox i'm very easily distracted and i will forget bad things very quickly. So the whole day i can pick up one call, feel moody for 10-15 minutes, then i'd get on with filming and forget about the lawsuit for a while.

Until i was told to check my emails again and then i'd have to crack my brain on how and what to reply etc. Then i'd be affected for a another while.. And then i'd be okay =)

I am no longer angry with the whole situation already. I am just sad, sometimes. Sad at how things can turn out this way. I guess when you accept that sometimes people CAN control situations, and people can control other people, and that people can change anytime, then only you can accept changes as it happen. Sometimes changes are good, sometimes they go for a bad turn. You never know.

If you're not trying to control people nor situations, i think that's when you're really at peace with your own situation and with who you really are now, dealing with whatever in your way, getting pass them. And that's really important. Instead of trying to control other people and situations, and getting controlled or influenced by other people, and by the situation. I think that's when you simply choose to live and not suffocate your soul to death.

I truly wish for everyone going through a hard time, to feel better even if you're not getting better.

With Jia who got poisoned. Lol.
Back home to do filing for the case after putting Meredith to bed. Carcove laoban laobaniang came over to drop off the best cereal prawns i ever had haha. 爱心牌! I am thankful!!! =D
Next day Josh ask me to take a short break from filing and just the two of us, we brought Meredith out to the east. She was happy, so that makes three happy beings =)))
Agnes cooked ma la xiang guo over omg~!!! IT IS GOOD!!!! She should totally charge for this haha!
Mooncake festival celebrations at home haha. Got these costumes months ago for Mooncake festival, finally can use them!!! I was so excited the whole time waiting for the day cox it's like THE festival i'm really into. LOL. Halloween, CNY, Xmas, all very fun but very mainstream lol.
Meredith looking real legit 民国 lol.
"喂? 到你啦!"
MY YUROU SO CUTE HOR?!?!?! She look like Ajisen Ramen the logo girl hahaha!
Of course her favourite person must matchy with her hahaha.
Looking so guai beside yeye like this haha. My dad damn happy okay. It's like bringing him back in time hahah.
One for the lao hero haha.
女孙满堂 haha! I hope the little one in my belly is a boy! My dad will be over the moon i think. Remember how when i show him Meredith's scan pictures and told him super happily IT'S A GIRL!!! His reply to me was "Nevermind lah.. Can try again next time.." LOLOL. Whaaaat?!
Erjie and Meredith haha. Meredith look like Erjie when Erjie was younger. Please don't grow up to be CTB okay Meredith hahaha.
Meredith and Mummy =D
Wah this one, 我见一次 打一次!!! VOMITS. 几岁了!!! 跟我装少女 lol!
After dinner we have mooncakes =D This is why Mooncake festival is my FAVOURITE!!! If i rule the world, i'd first make mooncakes available all year round. Yup =D Very happy this year so many brands send over their mooncakes and Carcove peeps sent me and my family Homes' Favourite durian mooncakes wo de ma!!! 我好爱月饼!!!!! Btw look at my erjie wth, she looks like a poodle.
And my next favourite thing to do - LANTERN TIME~!!! I remember as a kid i was always happy to bring out the lantern and walk around the blocks. I hope these little things will make happy fond memories for Yurou, Yuxuan and Meredith as well.. =')))
一家大小提灯笼去! =D Ah Cas is on the trishaw cox he night blindness lol. So he gets special sedan treatment lol.
And then firecracker time =DDD I never really dare to hold them. There's always a chance it can hurt me LOL. So i'm just passing them out to these daredevils lol. It was a really good night =)))
Group photos from my camera! I really need to start whipping out my camera for better pictures hor hahaha.
Yurou emoz liao haha.
爸爸和五千金 =D Or more like 3 千金 and 2 poodles. LOL.

亲一个!!! My papa look so happy here omg everything is worth it!!! Haha!
Ang sisters. We joke that dajie is beside erjie LOL.
Sijie's family =)))
Yup, papa and his favourite daughter =) Lol.
Next day we got flea~ =DDD And the people who turned up to help and support. All of the money from Meredith's items that were sold, were donated =D Which is not a lot, but still something! =D
Few days later Josh's family came for mooncake festival celebration =DDD With Carmen, Ashly and Carrey =D
Getting ready for the lantern walk. Meredith very zai okay. She never give up, never say die. Just kept walking with everyone. Even when i think she's a little tired, i ask if she wants me to carry her, she told me "No need. I walk." LOL. You big girl lah you okay! Haha..
Everyone went down to her level to take a picture but she still turn out blur lol.
Josh's sanjie makes the best agar agar =D Pretty and yumsie =DDD
Our every night affair =))) I wish things will always be this simple..
13th September 2016, Meredith's first day of school T________T She was really excited. It's been 3 months. She still is very excited about school.

Grateful that this very school near us, turns out to be a good school. But also VERYYYY sad that right now, the school is in the midst of being taken over and we'd have to find Meredith a new school T___T Whyyyyyy.

The teachers here are really awesome, i wish they would last!!! But i guess for parents it's really a conflicting decision. Do i want my child to be in a less crowded school (like this one Meredith is in) and keep it a hidden gem. Or do i hope the school hits the minimum intake and be slightly more crowded. Which might also mean each kids gets lesser attention.

But i guess there has to be a good balance. Cox now the school enrolment rate can't catch up with the running costs T.T 太少学生不行, 太多学生家长不喜欢. 学生少 but 学费高, 家长也靠北. 难.

Lol. Running a school with only good teachers is really hard. Having to deal with administrative and running cost is even harder T.T Respect to all teachers and educators!!!

Now i have to headache where to put Meredith T.T

But anyway~ First day of school~!!! Papa carry =D
She loves her little red back pack okay haha.
"Where are we heading, mom?"
Got to school way too early haha. So she mix with the older kids. See people reading at the library corner, she ownself walk closer to the gorgor, gave him a look like "is it okay i sit here?" and the gorgor smooch one side to make space for her, and then she sat down and started reading like she know =__=" See the serious face, she so well-read until hold the book up-side-down LOL.
"为什么拆穿我?!" Lol. Baby 为什么你的脸那么扁?! So cuteee! =D
Then it was breakfast time, this was when a little, sweet and pure friendship started ='DDD Sierra went to her and held her hand and told her "Eat in the kitchen" and she held Meredith's hand to the kitchen. Haha.. Please always remain so sweet, little ones.. =')))

Later i became friends with Sierra mummy and i must say, what kind of mummy brings up what kind of kids! Sierra mummy also very thoughtful and helpful and friendly!

I was so excited when Felicia (Sierra mummy) and i started chatting becox it's almost like a dream come true to become the kind of moms who make friends with my kid's school friend's mum!

HAHAHA. Last time i feel i not much friends becox my mother don't know how to make friends okay LOL. Then again, i only know one mummy friend from Meredith school, so i guess i also suck LOL.

Anyway supposedly the parent can accompany the child for 3 days. But i was told it's okay for me to go, on the first day cox Meredith is doing okay. So i left, Meredith saw and said byebye to me okay.



But okay lah, later the teachers tell me she got find mama for a bit. Hahaha.

After first day of school =D Papa and mama were already waiting outside for her 30 minutes beforehand haha. Second day i didn't even stay for 15 mins and was asked to sneak off while she's playing with her teachers and friends. LOL. My daughter is a winner =)))
Tried to tie her hair to see how she'd look if she goes to school with hair tied up. Cannot accept becox she looks like a big girl so i decided to let her have sarm sarm helmet hair lol
Last mooncake festival celebration was with friends! On the actual day of mooncake festival haha. Meredith be like "够了吗?" Lolol.
With the fun ones. Haha!
Pattern zueh gueh badminton sia hahaha.
With some angels in my life haha.
Just kidding. I find all of them very annoying. Look at Sean's face. 我想揍他. LOL.
Weekends are for family =))) The three kids having their art jamming session on mahjong paper lol.
And then water playtime =D
And then tevo time haha. Look at Meredith copying Yurou jiejie. She really looks up to her.
SELFIEEEEE~ =DDD THE BEST PICTURE I'VE GOTTEN ALL TIME!!! With three little baobeis of the house =DDD
Papa eating mooncake with tea in a quiet Sunday morning.. But suddenly a lot of friends crowd around him lol.
你一口, 我一口 =D
Yurou and Meredith sharing a durian cake =))) These sweet little pieces of memories.. They shall never be forgotten cox they are so so so precious!!!
Went to Number76 Singapore to do my hair. Dropped by I.T Singapore to check something out and saw this full-length mirror. Took a picture but didn't realise it will be the last time i fit into those high-waisted pants that i very proudly don into, after i weightloss success. LOL. I was finally close to goal weight, at 54kg.
Steve as usual did a great job for my hair =DDD I LOVE THIS COLOUR SO MUCH OMG.
The hair curler they use to curl everyone's hair is also quite some magic! More curl more healthy the hair gets, got hear before or not. Lol.
One with my hair buddy Carolyn and stylist Amy and Steve =DDD Thank you for always making people look good =D

And then on another note..

Becox i was late for a while by then, i was getting a little worried if i could be pregnant. But i was thinking i can hardly be becox since legal proceedings commenced, i never you know.. 

SORRY TMI but seriously since the day i received the writ of summons in mid August, i really 没有欢喜时分 with Josh LOLOLOL. So even though i bought the test kit to test, i was 90% sure it was just due to stress from the lawsuit that it's so late and my period was still not here.

And then life has a way to surprise you.

It wasn't the most joyous thing i found out at that point of time, i am not proud to say that =X I am sorry, second baby, you are still precious to me T.T

But truth be told, the first few thoughts i had were..

Why now omg..........?!?!??!

What a bad timing with the lawsuit happening right now......

How much money do i have to set aside.. Shit..

Is this even real?!

Maybe i'd buy another kit to try maybe this one spoil one.

Wait let me text Michelle Thian to ask for help.

*sends over picture to Mich*

"Michelle Thian, can you be godma again?"


Mich very steady she say she 包. LOL. 她一个人, 不懂养得起我两个孩子吗 hahaha.

Carolyn was outside waiting for me, i think she more gan jeong and excited than me please. For a fact i wasn't excited but i was more in shock and a little bit scared of what to expect financially.

But hey, friends are always there to share and amplify your joy. Like this one..

We were in Orchard so Cheesie ran down just to give a congratulatory hug and squeal together hahahaha. I guess i should be happy! With so much help and support around. I didn't let Josh know first hand becox the next day was gonna be his birthday and i wanna surprise him when i get home.
But before i get home, i need to eat first. I was super hungry lol. Carolyn's treat to celebrate the start of this pregnancy ^.^V

Got home and show Josh his birthday present lol. See video at 21:00.
He thought i was joking becox like i said, we never 缤纷万千 since i got served so he was very surprised also LOL. Maybe it's leftover WTH lolol. Saving the wrong things for rainy days O___O

The next few days i had a photoshoot with NUYOU magazine. Feeling the pregnancy glow i must say haha.
All no edit okays. Compliment me, thanks.
Josh's birthday celebration =DDD Michael, Adlin and Mich brought Meredith out so we could go have dinner and then they came back with a birthday cake =D See Meredith how happy haha!
"Got cake i of course happy lah!"
With Laoda and Dasao haha! The Tans.
On Josh's actual birthday day, we brought Meredith to the indoor playground. My birthday also she go indoor playground, Josh birthday also. I think our happiness really is about her happiness now haha. You see she so silly, trying to sit on the dollhouse sofa lol. Later she also tried to climb up the dollhouse stairs. LOL. Giant.
Snack time is her favourite time.
Updates from her favourite teacher every other day T.T I am sooooo grateful to have her update me about Meredith!!! Becox this way when i ask her about it, she can recall and tell me about it! =D She was a little upset the first week at school, sometimes missing mama. But nothing outdoor playtime can't fix =D
KPO help the teacher water plants lol.
"你讲谁 kpo?!" Hahaha.
Came home one night after work and supper to find the two of them fast asleep like this.... =')))
Next day after sending Meredith to school.. We went to see our other baby =D I am back with Dr Law Wei Seng cox we had such a pleasant and great experience with him during my last pregnancy. And my birth experience in the labor wards was really really made calm and steady with his presence and assurance. So here we are again!
Evening time is to go celebrate Laoda's birthday! Haha! Pokemon theme! Check out Meredith and her favourite boots hahaha.

Her godma did a good job with her hair haha.
With Ehran gor gor and Xylia jiejie.
Woah woah slow down, girl. LOL.
Oh i am so cutez lol.
Carolyn made food and i THOUGHT i would like mentaiko so she made mentaiko onigiri with EXTRA mentaiko filling for me but i smell liao i'm like O.O" =S *gag* Lolol. So in the end i wasted her time and effort lolol. But so far we are still friends so i guess this friendship is real. LOL.
Cheeky face during snack time..
Went to A&E cox got blood spotting.

Actually i didn't think it was a problem cox i have been spotting dark blood for like maybe 1 week plus liao. But i wasn't so worried cox i assume maybe it's just the old blood coming out or whatever. 

So i still happily packed for Meredith and i to join Number76 on their company trip, Cheesie had arranged it month ago, so i was really excited for a long time!

About evening time i even went to do eyelash extension for the trip. The flight was supposed to be at night.. But later i was peeing and then got like bright red blood and i really freaked out a little bit.

So i quickly text Dr Law's clinic assistant.. With a very graphic picture of the blood on toilet paper.. =XXX FHL i hope she don't buy 4D O.O Okay lah at least i didn't show her blood on my undies lol.

She say it doesn't look so good so suggest i go to the A&E now for their partner doctor cox Dr Law was overseas. I went and tried to ask the doctor to give me greenlight for the flight tonight but he say if i want to go i may, but he strongly discourage cox the baby is still at a very early stage and very unstable given the spotting.

So he strongly advice me to cancel the flight and do bed rest at home until the spotting stop..

I was a bit disappointed. But not as bad as when he told me about pregnancy blood spotting and what it usually means. He told me in his decades of experiences.. 50% of pregnancy with blood spotting goes on full term and become smooth delivery and the other 50% usually ends up in early stage miscarriage and it's not an uncommon thing to happen..


Was quite speechless becox i didn't think things could get so worrying.. Guess i took things for granted cox expecting Meredith was such a breeze..

I felt so guilty becox now that the doctor told me this pregnancy stand a chance for miscarriage, that's the first time i felt like i really want this baby.. Previously it was a mixed feelings.. As i've said, with the lawsuit and financial burden that comes with it.. I wasn't sure if this baby was happening at the right time..

Maybe you only really treasure something when you know it's so precious and fragile, almost like a miracle, and that it could go away just like that, anytime..

But the only good news is.. Now i know i want the baby, against all odds =') Life really has its way to teach you lessons.. Yeah?

Another good news is, becox i was resting at home mostly, and was advised to stop carrying and lifting heavy things (Meredith included), i was basically doing nothing much at home, so a lot of visitors came to bring me food and to play with Meredith.

It's quite hard to explain to Meredith why mummy can only hug her and cannot carry her.. But eventually she understood.. I mean, sometimes, at least. Haha.

Sanjie came with the nicest mee hoon kueh everrrr and soup from Jie =D Feeling the love =DDD
Dr Meredith checking on Sanyi..
Meredith getting happier and happier at school. Teacher J say she plays with big gorgor and jiejie really well also! =D And that she laughs a lot more in school now. Settling in really well =)))
After checkup, i went to find erjie with Niaoniao haha.
Mookata night with the sisters.. Look at Meredith's smile hahaha.
Guess who's clean enough to remind me "Brah teef. I wang brah teef" LOL. She loves to brush her teeth okay.
When i was back from work and errands, i saw this angel napping..
Random stalkers popped by my place while i was out, to drop off lotsa toys and gifts for us haha.
Thank you Rach and Sean =D So nice to be surrounded by all these nice souls.
What are you doing Meredith? Haha.
First trim i only loved vegetables, vegetarian beehoon and.. BLACK CARROT CAKE. Hahaha. Erjie went in search of different black carrot cake to let me try every other day. Feeling the love..
Godma and her sister bought soooo many animal balloons for Meredith that we have nowhere to sit haha. To let me rest more, they kept bringing Meredith out..
Sanjie bring us out for brunch hehe. Hips sia.
With my little partner in crime haha.
Papa kept making me these black and tasteless soup with Chinese herb he got from Chinese medicine hall O.O Say it's good for my pregnancy.. But.. =S =X
Things only yeye will allow her to do lol.
My favourite lunch, vegetable and rice. The egg was there for show. If not the cai bng uncle confirm scold me. Lolol.
Water play with eryi while mama is out for work..
Bonding time with Niao Yi..
The very afternoon i broke down.. Sat on the floor in shock. Realising how expensive this battle is.. Haha.. I don't know what to do so i simply voicenote Josh who was still overseas.. And then i painted this in tears.. Things i'd remember.. To be thankful of how i walked through it.. =')
Dinner was thanks to erjie and Agnes homecooked food =DDD IT WAS SO GOOD I CAN DIEEE.
Went for work and then i show Cheesie this haha. Baby bump so big so fast!
Seeing Dr Law puts my heart at ease again!!! He gave me meds to stablize my pregnancy and consultation with him really calms my nerves!!! So i see him every week you know, just to be sure the baby's good and growing and has heartbeat and all. I feel like he's an angel what the heck. Helping to nurse me and my pregnancy back to normal T.T Thank you Dr Law..
Meredith came back from Children's Day celebration at school haha. And these are all the gifts she received from teachers and the principal!
With Sierra! Meredith is learning how to do "Peace" for pictures haha.
Little happy kiddos with their gifts haha.
Hahaha! Smile until so happy with the classmates!
Mini beach babes ma? Hahaha!
With eryi..
Always up to no good when with Eryi.. Sneaking ice cream while mummy is at work!
She finally can fit the shoes Jia got for her for her first birthday! Hahaha! Auntie Jia damn kiasu buy so big. But hey, at least Meredith is very blessed all these nice aunties and uncles =))

Alright! You guys have a nice year-end wrap up! =D I've been sitting too long at the computer i need to go. Haha. Byeeee! Maybe if i can find time i'd update something again soon haha. If not, i'd see you in 2017.