30 December 2013

KFC Korean Craze - Photoshoot with winners ^.^

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Miyake, Yutaki and myself working on the winner(s) of the #KFCKoreanCraze contest the other day! We all gather really early with the people from KFC Singapore and the Nuffies!!!

Miyake did their makeup and i really really think she did a great job!!! All the girls look so ulzzang after her magic touch haha. And Yutaki also did a good job by giving advice on the styling and..

For cheering everyone on on a Sunday work day with his groovy dance moves hahaha!

Big thank you to the winners for coming down, Nuffies who took time off their Sunday rest day to come help out and take care of everyone =')))

And to the people from KFC for having us AND MOST IMPORTANTLY..

FOR BRINGING US LUNCH FROM KFC!!!!!! I was sooooo happy i keep hulking around the food!
Since Miyake is still doing the makeup for Lili, and the photographer is still adjusting the lighting..
I not shy i start first lah! Hahaha!

After Miyake's makeup and MY HAIRSTYLING!!!!!!!


Hahahaha *proud*

*very proud*

*still very proud*

*call Shio to tell him to watch out*

Say real one! That day a lot of people (like Miyake and Jayne my manager ((who is obliged to tell me nice things to motivate me hahahaha)) praise me say i very talented in hair curling!!! Uh huh!!! Hahaha! They say i must have gotten my "power" from Shio.

GOT MEH~~~ Taoyan lah! Hihhhh~~~

Three of us camho none-stop that day hahaha.
The golden deer of the year.
The Nuffies and the KFC peeps prepared soooo many props!!!
Lili totally looking like a Korean after our makeover haha. The contestants took their turns to be photographed first. THEY ARE ALL SO NATURAL ON CAM!!! =OOO
With my hero of the day, Jayne!!! MUUUUACH!!! Thank you for helping me take all these pictures!!! Though most of it we are caught in unglam acts like shaking our bombom and my peeling dry skin off my chapped lips and Yutaki.. Let's just not say it at all. Lolol.
Goofing around V^.^V
Yutaki going solo~
Here we go again~
DO YOU LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING THE PICTURES EVERYWHERE~~~ What the heck though, this picture Miyake look like she is wearing a haute-couture long gown in Christmas theme.
Us doing the "WOO WOO WOO WOO!!!!" And burst into a dancing frenzy hahahahahaha!!! It is sooooo fun to work with them i hope i have more chances to!!! They really is siao one! Hahaha!
How siao you ask? You see, i am being very professional here helping Angie adjust her Santa cap..

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


This two suddenly cheong in with styrofoam boards and started fanning me upskirt hahaha!!! Tsk tsk tsk! Then later hit me with the board. Immature! Hahaha!!!

But then later i also use the board to hit Jayne O.O Lolol!!! #saypeoplesaymyself

The contestants were all really nice and patient and cooperative that day T.T So happy. And they were all so game to do any poses even if it's funny poses!

One with everyone! Hellven, Lili, Angie, Yutaki and Miyake ^.^
Our OOTDs that day =))

Sorry interval from the blogpost.. Some selfies. Haha. Yutaki was tipping me that if i do backlit, i can get this effect. Will look like Angelababy haha.
So.. How lah? Got look like not. Lol.

Miyake's turn to do her solo shot ^.^
And then one of all of us before we change out for the next set!
The KFC peeps were really nice and thoughtful to get Hellven birthday cupcakes cox it was his birthday that day!!! Everyone sang birthday song for him =DDD Happy Birthday Hellven!!!
Yutaki took my phone to snap this picture of him and the Christmas cuppies other than Hellven's birthday cuppies!
And we're all changed for second set! This set is more Koreanish and pop!!!
So we dressed up like that ^.^
Lai, one with the most lovely people~
Lai, one with the most lovely girl who blogs on qiuqiu.sg ^.^V WHY?!?!?!? GOT ANYONE ELSE BLOGGING HERE MEH *defensive* I am the chioest girl alive who blogs here. Lol.
Really got very Koreany pop feel hor!
My favourite picture turned out blur haha! Miyake was so easy to lift.
Our second outfit for the photoshoot ^.^
Got look like 2NEhow? N - E - how. Geddit geddit?! 2"Anyhow"! Lol.
YAY~ That's all for the photoshoot ^.^ DENG DENG DENG~~~


With Angie who was sooo nice and friendly and patient the whole shoot ^.^
One with Lili who look absolutely Korean after the makeover!!! =DDD
And one with Hellven in the pop set! ^.^

These are just some of the pictures! To view more and to look at funny behind the scene pictures please visit KFC Singapore Facebook Page! ^.^

Thank you again, nice people from KFC for having us in on this fun photoshoot ^.^
If you haven't try the KFC Spicy Korean Fried Chicken / Burger yet.. Do it before it's gone =OOO

Also when you buy a KFC Spicy Korean meal now you stand to win up to $30,000 worth of great prizes!!! Get 1 Peel and Win card with every purchase of Spicy Korean Crunch Meal or Spicy Korean Box! There are still many prizes to be won including a pair of return air tickets to Seoul!

Alright! Go see more of the final pictures on KFC Singapore Facebook page!

We spent a whole day werking it! Haha! I hope got candid shots of Miyake and Yutaki dancing hahaha!

29 December 2013




Last year i introduced the yummiest Chinese New Year goodies to you HERE, and this year it's back~~~ More choices and YUMMY AS EVER!!! ^.^

Before you get them for actual Chinese New Year goodies stock-up, you could get one bottle to try first. Confirm chop you / your mother / father / sister / brother / neighbour will wanna buy more one!!! Haha!

They are all handmade by my brother-in-law's sister =))) If you are too lazy to read the previous blogpost i did on this last CNY, these cookies and tarts are my family's favourite =))) The sister's neighbour and relative all love it a lot too!!!

And why they are sooooo good?!?!? Expensive butter O.O That's one of the reasons!

THIS . IS . THE . SHIT =OOOOOO I LOVE THESE CEREAL COOKIES SOOOO MUCH I CANNOT. Crunchy as it is but soon as you bit on them they become melty and then the whole combi of cereal and super fragrant butter cookie blob.. Omg.
Also one thing i love these cookies is becox the sister is VERY generous with the ingredients!!! SOOO MUCH CEREAL IN JUST A TINY BLOB OF COOKIE!!!
New contender this year!!! RAISIN COOKIES!!! They actually beat the pineapple tarts and took the second place in my heart this year =XXX I STILL LOVE THE PINEAPPLE TARTS A LOT!!! But it's just i love raisins to start with!
And these are so extra crunchy with lotsa oven-baked raisins that becomes really chewy and candied!
Almond Coffee sables!!! For the ones who love almond!!! I didn't try this cox almond is not a nut i fancy most =XXX But it does smell really good and aromatic!
A different one from all the others cox this is savory!!! Salted Seaweed Rolls!!!
Roll up crunches taste plenty yummy!!! But the most love for this is the texture!!!
Just damn shiok lah. You start you cannot stop one. I always pour some on the cap and inconsiderately leave it open but confirm very soon it'd all be grabbed up. Lol. No need to scared lao hong. In fact all these goodies are so tasty they'd all be much appreciated, FAST.
Sunny Pineapple Tart!!! Open-tops are always good!!! And please will you just look at the butter cookie base and look at how melty it is. It's tough enough to hold up of course but soon as your tongue touches it.. It melts in your mouth....!!!!!! OMGGG I AM HUNGRY HOW.
HEAVENLY. I bian pai bian chi lolol. Life is good like that haha. Eat while you work.


I HAD 5 IN ONE GOAL AND IT'S STILL NOT ENOUGH *run to kitchen eat some more*
Can't decide if i love the crust more or the pineapple more. Pineapple i love cox it's chewy and moist and not too sweet plus it's not biting on the tongue. I hate those that's biting on the tongue one you know what i mean??? Crust is buttery and so melty.. You just have to try them for yourself!!!

Was supposed to take a group shot of all the goodies but realise i finish up 6 pineapple pops before i can take the group shot =XXX Lolol. Too good.
Call or text my sister at (Mobile No.) 8139 7676 for orders! It will be delivered to you. Of course collection is also possible, my sister stay near Bugis.

You just text her and liaise ba! All bottles are $20 except the pineapple tarts and pops which is $5 more! But i promise you for this quality of CNY goodies you are getting.. It would easily cost a lot more outside. The sister of my brother-in-law only use the best ingredients!

So enjoy the goodies! Buy some to try before you order more if you like! But if it's me i'd just order one shot a lot more becox confirm not enough one. Especially the Cereal Cookies and Pineapple Pops!!! AND RAISIN COOKIESSS!!! Omg and the seaweed rolls. I want everything.

Get in the mood for Chinese New Year already~!!! HUAT AH~