26 February 2011

QWeekly - My Tonged Fringe and i

To start the week i went shopping with Mich at Toa Payoh and Bishan for Budget Barbie after their trip to the fortune-teller. Turns out all both of them (Zhen and Mich) will only have 2-3 and 1-2 good friends in their life, respectively. LOLOL.

So i buay paiseh assume that i must fill in one slot in each of their miserable 1-2, 2-3 good friends. Therefore, they have to be very nice to me ^.^V If i don't friend them, their life would be very miserable. 1-2 friends would become 1. 2-3 becomes 2 only =((( Hahaha!

Bishan J8 really was kinda *yawns* the only good thing is Nature Republic is there and their nail colours super SWEET!!! =D

 Lunchner at J8 and durian at TPY =DDDD Michelle i love you!

But don't do it! Uncle very old already. LOLOL.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Highlight for the week is i happen to discover how to tong my fringe. Lol. You know how rebonded fringe ALWAYS, after a while, ends up straight and stiff? And flat.
 Like this.
Okay say really, main point of this picture is i don't know where to put it in, but it's quite chio so i just bluff bluff say "oh, like this, the fringe so ugly" Lolol.

I've had this problem for years, since i started rebonding. SO! This discovery is actually a big part of my life. Lol. Curled-inwards, pong pong fringe = make my face seemingly smaller. Nice!

So nice i must camwhore with it. My virgin tonged-fringe. Lol.

 This is me not long after makeup.

Still got falsies on.

 Drop already. Lol. Less than like 2 hours.
I really suck at doing it or my cheap eyelash glue is really lousy.

 I didn't bother to PS on eyelashes for this picture becox flowers plus top light (whic sort of resemblance sunlight) so i reckon i should act au-natural also. Lol. 有沒有在花園奔跑的感覺? LOL.
Got home and camwhore somemore. That's when i took the picture on the top of this post.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sophie and i were invited to a four-course dining experience organised by McDonald's and i was really curious what's it gonna be!

Soph and i thought they were trying to be funny you know, like appertizer = apple dipper, main = burger, one side = french fries and dessert = McFlurry. Lol.

Both of us really quite hardcore McDonald's fan. Okay i'm hardcore fast food fan to be exact.

Our belated VDay dinner. Lolol.

Look at the effort put in! Okay the ones you'd get to try is the salad, and the burger which is the NEW, YUMMY, JUICY, Chicken McGrill! It'd be launched on the 1st of March so wait for it!

 I was so happy that night with all the live jingle-singing and dance i want to cry ='( Lolol.

I very self-centered. In my thoughts i tell myself, "for all the childhood years that you wanted a McDonald's party like your other friends but never had, and for all the McDonald's parties your friends had but didn't invite you, THIS IS FOR YOU"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
For that dinner at Macs, i brought along my new bag from TheBlogShop =DDD
They have super stunning designs for their apparels and bags!
For retails/ wholesale, you would wanna check out TheBlogShop!

22 February 2011

Dee Tee Eee

No good title to start the post becox if i really do, it'd be "XIAXUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lolol. Then i'd sound psychotic. Which.. I am not....? Lol.

So i thought of the names, Wendy, Sophie, Qiuting. And i feel left out. All the name that ends with a "ie" or "eee" sounding, just sound good.

Then again, when i was waiting in restaurant years ago, i was addressed as Q.T.
So i am QTeeeee YAY!!! ^.^V

YAY~~~ Sophie and i arranged to meet at TheBlogShop to collect some clothes but we both forgot City Plaza outlet is only open on Monday, Saturday, Sunday! We are pigs. So we still end up at City Plaza.

But highlight of City Plaza trip is that some shop owner say Soph and i look like sisters *do river dance*

Lol. I don't care how Soph feels at all. Lol. I don't care if the feeling is not mutual. I AM HAPPY TO LOOK LIKE SISTERS WITH HER. Lolol. And i don't care if the shop owner has serious eye sight problem.

Then Soph and i head town to get something for her friend.

And i swear that after this post i won't post anymore ugly fish-eye effect shots of the people around me. If not i might lose everyone around me, plus i will lose readership becox everyone on my blog suddenly become very ugly. But hahaha.. Look at Sophie!!!

 LOLOLOL!!!! How, Soph! You should be proud to look like sisters with me!
I look chioer than the you in this pic!

Hahaha!!! Sophie ugly!!!

Shameless female adults camwhoring on MRT.

And then Wendy join us for dinner in town! At some Cantonese cuisine restaurant.

But it's not there anymore~ The duck drumstick bottom. Becox..

 The most professional blogger grabbed it first, THEN, take picture. LOLOL.
SOLID PROOF!!! Blondie, Snowflake tattoo, chio white bb, chipped-off pink nails. Lol.
你跑不掉的!!! Lolol.
 I feel like she might hate me for this. Okay nevermind, i have a cuter one.....

 Say: Ta dang~ =DDD Lolol.

 No other big-eye contact lens can beat this one. Lolol.

Remember how i take secret snapshots of Sophie and do pervy captions?! LOL.
Now i'm doing the same thing to Wendy!

I like her fair lol. Don't care if she always go sun-tan.

They ask why i go out with them every time no makeup. The truth is i go out with anyone (bf included) also no makeup unless i feel hiao that particular day. Lol.

But becox i love both of them i promised to put on FULL makeup (minus colour contacts cox i don't know how to put!) and dress up hiao-hiao the next time we go out.
But even without makeup, i do think i am the fairest of them all in Fisheyeville.

 Haha.. =D

 Sophie doing personal attack on me, somehow.

 Yes, cover it up., we're friends again. Lol.

Random shot of birdcages in the restaurant. So that i don't insult my quater-pro camera by using it only to take self-shots and fish eye shots.

After food, some go poop, some go pee, some go floss. Lol. And all done in toilet.

 Only Sophie despise girls taking pictures in toilet =(( She never even yisi yisi take out her phone to snap pics lor! Can tell she despise us, from this picture. Lolol.

One more..


 Oh my.. Life's reality is, YOU NO MAKEUP, you go behind. Lolol.

Wendy look so young here it's scary.

 Closer together!

 Dark, brown, blonde.

 Good bye shot in toilet!

 While i was on the phone with bf, they did this..

 LOLOL. Chou!!!

 Wendy thinks my boob job was redundant. Lol. Just use fish-eye effect.


My life is hereby complete. Bye.

Lol. No lah, i still haven't take pictures with them WITH makeup on lor!

I end the post with..

Care to intro? ASL?
Nudge Nudge?

21 February 2011

QWeekly - Nails, Dogs and people i made fun of =D

Dropped by my dad's place almost every other day during CNY period. And i told Ah Bong (my nephew) to snap pics with me, it all turn out pretty nice and after i gain his trust to take nice pics..

I say "來, 啊姨幫你拍一張放在 Facebook"
Then i took this. LOL. That's Naoki my niece. LOL at the fringe!!!

Deep fried suckling pig! Cooked by..

My dad! Hahahah!!! And his chioest daughter is..


My sister force me to snap pictures of what pigpig (her soft toy) can do.
"Hai~~~ My lame is PigPig!"

"Whachiu mean i'm fat?! Huh!"

"I am your sexy pigtress~ Ooooh~"

Then we visit the Choy family and..
Make their husky (baby of Tiffany and Drago) look like a Chihuahua. Lol.

I did this for Carmen. Sweet right the colours?!?!? =DD

Hahaha! Carrey, Carmen, Carlynn ^.^V

Then this is what i did for Carrey. I call it the Mystical fairy dust of Jean Paul Gaultier island.
God knows i'm the best at irrelavant name-giving.

Adonis had a booth at SMU and i dropped by for a bit!
Daphne and i ^.^
And the chocolate biscuit Daphne got me as VDay gift. Lol.

The day i visited the Adonis booth was also the screening of I am Number Four, which is also VDay. And i went to catch the screening alone cox my bf was sick beyond sick. But i totally didn't regret watching the movie alone! I was actually thinking if i could just watch just a bit of the movie (like maybe 45mins) then leave early to go home and take care of my sick bf and just spend more hours of VDay with him.

But i'm sorry the movie too damn exciting and captivating i cannot leave. Lolol.

Whole time i'm ready to fight somebody especially when the bad guys in the movie very super ugly!!! Lol.

Omg please have a sequeal to I am Number Four!!!


"She is number five"
"He is number six"
"It is number seven"
"They are number eight"
"Together, we are number nine"