28 November 2015

Beautiquekorea Medical and Beauty Consultant ❤︎ Claire ❤︎

I went to Korea recently thanks to Beautiquekorea's arrangement. Claire is the lady behind Beautiquekorea! She's been a beauty consultant at reputable clinics and hospitals before and now she's doing what she does best, but better becox she's doing it by her own standards!

Which is to provide even better care for her clients that is beyond what typical medical concierge does! Typical medical concierge translates for you, that's the most basic and they also help you negotiate a good price with the clinic, which i understand is a big concern for many people.

I don't know but if i were paying i'd be very concerned how much the medical concierge agent is earning from me in the sense, how big a cut he takes. Cox sometimes if they manage to push down the price, what if the clinic dulan anyhow do LOL or what if the clinic agree to do but after you knock out from GA, they change doctor and let a less experienced doctor takeover? Don't be surprised okay, it happens in Korea in dodgy clinics and if your agent doesn't take good care of you.

I've heard horror stories of male medical agents being quite a handful with female patients, touching their boobs after boob job in the excuse of wanting to help them feel if it feels real or not. So i don't know about you but i'd will never have a guy be my medical and beauty consultant *EEEkkkk*

The doctors touch me okay but who is this guy volunteering to touch my boobs wth.

That's also why i feel very comfortable with Claire cox she's like a good friend whom i can trust and share everything about cosmetics surgery and also get advice from. Like i wanted to do hair transplant but later she see that my hairline is slowly making improvement after the post-natal hormones set back, she suggest i don't do it anymore. I love how helpful and honest she is at giving advice instead of the common practise of psycho-ing patients to do more.

A lot of people have emailed me over the years for advice on plastic surgery procedures, i can't answer you professionally becox i'm not a doctor / consultant and everyone recovery different and have different concerns and there are MANY different ways to fix everyone's different issues.

So for those who are thinking to do surgeries in Korea, i suggest you contact Claire (beautiquekorea@gmail.com) and let her answer your doubts and advice you! I chat with her for 3 months on and off, before we finally decided to go ahead with it haha.

Each time i contact her, i'd have different questions for her and she's always so patient with me =)))

Thank you Claire!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Arrived in Seoul at ungodly hours lol. Still Claire arranged for transportation to pick us up at the airport =DDD Come out of the gate only see our names on the board, quite shiok like superstars lol!

Becox it was too early we couldn't check in to our apartment so Claire even help us find a baggage-drop area near our apartment what the heckkk!!! She's very very thoughtful!!!

By the way, everything that Claire does for us, she does the same for ALL her clients okay. We don't get special treatment. She takes care of ALL her clients the same. So yes she can also take care of your transport and can help you arrange for lodging. So you just have to bring yourself and your luggage and leaving the planning for your surgeries (consultation, operation, checkup etc) to her!

Speechless on her service really. Along the way she touch us with her sincerity again and again and we were all like "OMG WHY YOU SO NICE ONE!" She's not even at all taking our amazement seriously becox she does this for all her clients and she thinks it's just very basic. It's not T.T

It's far far beyond what i've experienced before. Claire is really like a friend who takes care of us while we are in a foreign land T.T Thank you Claire!!!

Too much time before our consultation so we went to chill at the airport. Yutaki looking good! So does the little rag in my arms haha. Meredith slept soooo much i'm surprised.
No photoshop to all my pictures cox erm, no need lah, gonna perfect my face soon liao LOL.
People always tell me "You so pretty liao why still need to do?!" Hahah, bitch please, with such photogenic friends like this one beside me, you tell me. Lolol. No photoshop for us both!!!
Bye bye saggy lower cheeks, bye bye inner eyelid folds, byebye~
Saw this at Banobagi clinic and i think my case is damn small case LOL.
One with cute Claire and Yutaki~!!! =DDD After this picture i pushed Claire down the staircase becox she damn buay zidong, face so small still stand behind make my face look big. LOL.
Much better. HAHA.
This is why you need a medical agent. HAHA. She takes care of ALL the paperwork and make sure everything is done properly and translate everything nicely for you, while you camho LOL.

No but seriously though, it's good to have someone proficient in English and Korean language to take care of you and to bring you through the clinic and the standard procedures.

And most importantly to accurately and properly translate what you desire from your surgeries, to the doctor, during your consultation. And this is why you need to have a Claire with you.

She was there with us through the whole day of waiting and was with us at every consultation and every big and little miscellaneous activities we need to go through before we do the surgeries. Big clinics are usually more careful and professional therefore there will be more pre-surgery preps. So i'm happy Claire was with us throughout! =D Cox most of the staff speaks only Korean.

Later Claire pass us this care-pack. There's SOOOOO much stuff inside!!! From food to snacks to full size skincare from reputable brands and LOADS of facial masks and miscellaneous items you'd need to go around Korea!!! Like lotsa travelling info and guides and multi-usage card that you can use for taking the train / pay for your purchase at convenient stores etc! She's soooooo thoughtful and she project all her thoughtfulness into her way of caring for her clients =')))
There's even a data card if you don't have wifi!!! And a universal travel adapter in case you don't have one.. T.T Omg if i'm a guy i wanna marry Claire O.O *girl crush*
Contents in the bag changes so i won't show you everything but it's all awesome stuff and there's A LOT of stuff inside. Look forward to it when you meet Claire hahaha!
Happy us with our carepack overflowing with goodies~!!! =DDD
Yutaki at his consultation.. I was just accompanying him. And that's Claire helping the doctor explain everything he just said to Yutaki, in English.

Thought i'd let you guys know what exactly i wanna do and what are my concerns.

You all know i did V-Line small face surgery and also reduced my zygoma last year in March, right?

The recovery was fantastic, in 3 months, i have V-shape small face and everything was back to normal. BUT THEN RIGHT AFTER I GOT PREGNANT LOL.

It's a happy thing, of course. But i gain 35kg during pregnancy and my face became like this..


So when i lost 25kg (yes fml until now still got 10 more kgs to go) the skin on my face already became saggy and loose T.T And the fatty deposits on my underchin just won't leave.

That's why i ask for procedure to lift the saggy lower cheeks and to remove the underchin fats.

Unedited no makeup no filter picture of me lol.
Circled problem area for you to see.
Also my eyelids are always hidden inside and it looks like monolids! Plus i have very mild ptosis. So one side (right) of the eye area muscle is weaker than the other.
I've already become skinner but the fatty underchin doesn't wanna go lol. So yup, i've relayed these concerned to Claire for her to help me translate it to the doctors!
My newfound family member and i hahah.
This picture is in memory of my latest version of face before the S comes out. Lolol. You know, 5s, 6s. Lol. A picture with Josh in memory of the older version of his wife. Haha. Josh not bad ah, every one year change one chioer wife LOL.
Right before my surgery!!! Claire and Chloe with me to right outside the op room! =))

Thank you Claire, for all the care and effort you've put in for me, my friends, and all your clients in the past and future. Everyone is bless to have you care for them!

Looking at Claire and her smiles really can brighten up your day, she's sooooo bubbly, positive and cute!!! I don't wanna sound to creepy but she really is like ice cream on a summer day LOL.

HAHAHA i am creepy. But i'm not alone. Yutaki, Rikeru and even Josh (=_=) agrees!!!!

It's like it's always a joy to see Claire. Cox she's just this big ball of sunshine!!! Always smiling and happy. Look at her also can recover faster i think lolol.

If you have any queries about cosmetics surgery / beauty treatments (like facial laser / whitening jab, skin brightening laser etc) in Korea, drop her an email and she'd get back to you~ =D

Beautique Korea email is beautiquekorea@gmail.com and their instagram is @beautiquekorea

You may also whatsapp her at +82-1035533669

Now that i'm done with the surgeries and back in Singapore, Claire still checks on me and if my recovery is well. I am happy i went on this trip with Beautiquekorea becox i truly understand how nice it is to have someone local in another country, to take care of you. We really look for Claire for EVERYTHING.

Yutaki's luggage spoil, where to buy new one?

I wanna go wash hair but got the liner wound, how to tell the person?

I can only eat porridge for the first few days, where should i go?

I ran out of milk powder for baby, how?

Cab drivers don't wanna take us due to language barrier. What are we gonna do? Claire help us find the address in Korean and then make it into a big font picture lol. Taxi drivers later no longer feel annoyed for having to squint at our tiny English address and try to figure out what is it.

And she took care of every of our problems T.T

Thank you Claire! Thank you Beautiquekorea!!!

10 November 2015

Meredith and Mummy 7 Months

As you can see.. I can't even keep track of weeks for Meredith liao. So i'm gonna go with months. It's  crazyyyy how a little human like that can take up almost all of my free time and all of the data space in my phone.. And in my brain.

Tomorrow night we are leaving for Korea and it'd be our first trip together =DDD =OOO

I am happy and anxious at the same time cox i don't really know what to expect!!! Will be travelling for the first time with Yutaki and Rykiel also and quite excited about this~!!! Usually friends go overseas there's only two outcome when they come back, they see true colour and they don't gel so much after that OR they see true colour and they gel even closer LOL.

If i come back you see me and Yutaki unfollow each other you know liao lah HAHA.

Will be filming for Meredith's youtube channel so i'm extra excited for that!!! My tiny baby have like 14 coats, 8 headwear, 15 inner wear for 10 days LOLOL fashion show much?!?!?!

I only have 10 coats for 10 days LOL. Josh has like 2 coats.

"Thanks for giving us your luggage space, dad!" LOLOL.
"You mean we are flying now?!?!?!"
"Don't hold me back!!! I WANNA GO NOW~!!! NOW!! LET ME GO~" Customised onesie from Labels Of Love Studio. Thank you guys! =D
Brought Meredith for a school tour at Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall 

the Heguru learning method is a right brain development method that's founded in Japan. I wanna talk a little bit more about this!!! Becox it's too amazing!!!

When i first learnt about right brain development for kids i thought it was just gonna be creative playing to bring out the creative side of our kids.

When i read more about Heguru's way of developing the right brain for little children, my mind was blown away. How would you like it if your child can have photographic memory, be able to do speed reading (Heguru developed hado reading, where they can give the kid a decently thick book, and have them browse it within a minute and be able to understand and write down the content of the book =OOO), appreciate music and rhythm, understand concepts without struggle and still have the creativity to imagine and be carefree as a child should be.

Seriously with all the extra-curriculum classes that parents are sending their kids to these days, i find it so stressful as a parent, i can't imagine how is it for the child who have to keep up with it.

You can read more about right brain development HERE but i suggest you look out for school tours or email and contact Heguru Singapore to understand better!

I met the principal at Heguru Singapore (City Square Mall) and she shared with me her experience as a teacher for more than 10 years in Singapore. She had taught the best class, as well as the opposite..

One thing in common with students regardless from the best or the rest, the students will all wanna throw their textbook away once exams are over. Not literately but figure of speech lah hahaha.

So she realise for herself that that's not what she wanna do as an educator. She wanna let the children learn in a fun and effective way, so that they will really like learning. And not find learning a dreadful thing to do. And that is why she went to be trained to be an educator for the Heguru teaching method.

I gotta agree with her. Safely put, most kids in Singapore don't like to study. I'm sure they like to learn, every child is curious and of course new knowledge is always (sometimes only actually LOL) interesting. But if you go to class so many hours a day, learning different info from soooo many topics, plus exam stress and then later tuition and homework stress etc.. All of these put together, you get a child who have to go through a lot of things cox boh bian, if not how to get good grades right.

And to be honest, out of let's say 10 topics, how many are you really interested in right? Even for adults we have preference right? I'm sure kids too. They will have their favourite and least favourite subject haha. For me last time my least favourite is History and Chemistry.

What do i do?

MEMORIZE IT BY HEART AND BY BLOOD LOH. HAHA. What the heck, really is die also must force self to memorize cox i don't understand at all!!!

But now what if, i have photographic memory and i am able to grasp concepts and inter-relation of topics at the my finger tip?! Learning would then be soooooo much more easy and enjoyable cox now i don't have to kill my brain squeezing info that can't fit in!

And it's Heguru Singapore's commitment to help unlock and unleash that potential in our kids!!!

Meredith with one of the teachers at Heguru Singapore (City Square).

You ever heard before, that a little child's brain is like a sponge. They learn SO MUCH within the first few years of their life. How to blabber and mouth words, how to sit, how to crawl, how to cruise from one furniture to the other without falling haha.. And so much so much more..

This period of their life their brains are developing and growing most actively.

Do you know that an average human only uses 10% of his / her brain?

Most people even lesser.

LOLOL FML I FEEL DAMN PAISEH TO SAY but i am probably only using 5% if the average is 10% LOL. I really really really don't like to use my brain =XXX

And if you go pass the stage where your brain stops developing, then you are unable to unlock the growth of possible usage "space" in your brain liao. So the Heguru Method is only for kids up to 12 years old. If you look at this video, kids who stick with the Heguru Method all the way can all be called geniuses i feel!!! I would never be able to do Hado-reading in this lifetime, sad to say lol.

The best thing is.. They only do this until they are 12, it will help them greatly along the way, but it will also help them all the way in the future in their lifelong learning process.

Not bad right, being able to think and comprehend stuff faster and better than everyone else.

Meredith have gone for two lessons so far and i must say she's really well-behaved during class!!! For her age it's a 50 minutes class of which includes 60 activities to stimulate the little brains and for them to be accustomed to receive information at this speed.

It's amazing isn't it, imagine next time she wanna pick up any musical instrument also can learn faster, wanna solve formulas and study for exams etc, all the dreadful stuff, all she can learn and absorb and execute faster and easier.

You know really, my baby is my precious and i don't need her to be the best out there doing what she do but i need her to be happy doing it. I personally dreaded school sooooo much until today i've left school for more than 10 years, i still sometimes have nightmare about exams hahaha.

And she's gonna be studying in school for about 18 - 20 years at least and since it's a must, it's my duty to make it as smooth as possible for her.. So i'm excited to follow through with the Heguru teaching method =DDD Will update along the way!

"Mom, mom, mom!"
"You talked so much my right brain hurts.." Lolol.
Every night their bonding time = Baby watch papa play candy crush =____=
Baby that's you first learning how to crawl hahaha. Why you like a bridge.
"I guess i'm the cutest bridge in the world~"
Omg what am i gonna do!!! Waking up to this happy face everyday T.T THANK YOU BABY!!!
We are so in love =)))) Hahaha. Yup, i am very very sure the feeling is mutual..
Wanted to take passport picture for her. End up she look like a little sad tortoise lol.
Need to so sad ah baby T.T
Manage to get one after that when she's feeling better haha.
Brought her out to Boufe again. Hipster mummy and baby or what.
Truffle fries and beer, yup, that's how i roll. HAHAHHA. GROSS. I am not that cool lah i purposely ordered cider to look cool only O.O Yup, definitely using only 3% of my brain only lol.
Proudly baked by the friend i am so proud of~!!! Rachell made all these desserts can you believe!!!!
"看起来很好吃 hor, mummy!"
Afternoon playtime with papa haha.
Out for shopping~ Someone give this lady a cup of tea~!
Gearing up for Halloween haha.
Smile at me non-stop =DDD
Brought my baobei Yurou to Hello Kitty Around The World =DDD
She's so.. Big now i feel so touched sometimes looking at her.. And wondering how proud Pearl must be feeling everyday.. She's so sweet and lovely she'd even ask me to go pose so she can take pictures for me after i take for her hahahah
Like this. Hahaha. Since when that little newborn become this control-loving little sweetheart of my life.. We even walk around the carnival together feeling dejected and complaining to each other..

Me: Yurou 这些 game 全部都很难赢 hor?
Her: 对咯! 你看别人都有, but 我们都米有.
Me: Never mind lah 我们再 try lah!
Her: We still have how many token?
Me: Many many!!!

Then she'd do some super silly face hahaha. It's like she's my friend you know. Hope there's more stuff we could do together =DDD

Asked the station person to help us take a picture hahah.
She LOVEEEE this claw machine photo booth!!!
Make the ticket worth it! Hahaha!
SEA Aquarium to fish-watch and to complete some Halloween treasure hunt.
She saw this and ran in for a picture lol.
Pancake time! =D Her taste as a kid is damn weird one!!! She likes anything funny and ugly. I mean she also likes the normal cute and princessy stuff but she LOVEEE funny ugly stuff lol.
Home to a naughty girl~
How she rotate until like this in her sleep, i'd never know lol.
Late afternoon snack, papaya. Apparently not impressed lol.
Loveeeee to do pig face hahaha.
Yurou say yeye bat jiu gor dio sai LOLOL. She begged the brother to let her buy this fake blop of poop what the heck HAHAHAHA.
We drew and colour each other.. Erm.. I didn't know i look so attractive one!!! Lol.
Went to try out new cafe again at our area haha!
Sister brother team staring contest.
Yurou sayanging Meredith =)))
Meredith annoying Yurou LOL.
Silly Yurou hahahaha. She say must pose like that in pictures lolol.
So nice to have brothers hor?
Shopping day with Meredith!
Vaccine day at Dr Eugene Han's! =DD She so big girl now not only get sticker after jab, got biscuits also!!! =DDD
As you guys might already have seen, i started doing cute porridge and all for Meredith. It's really fun and honestly, quite easy!!! Inspiration can come from anywhere!
ANYWHER~! HAHAHAHAHA. Really, anywhere, even if it's out of nowhere LOL. This is Josh's first attempt, i have no words.
Selfie from attending Lenovo event~ =DDD That day my makeup on point LOL.
With Yutaki =D My dress from Lzzie!
Pictures straight from my Lenovo PHAB!
Unretouched haha. Omg still got it LOL.
After event Yutaki intro some awesome Japanese buffet spread to me!!! Quite affordable some more!!! Everything is Japanese so i loveee~! Some more got nice friend to help me snip crab legs lol!
After being mocked for his first attempt, Josh try again..
And made this.. Okay lah not bad hahaha.
"Eh help me leh! My wig is falling off~"
"Now I am falling off~!!!"
Twinsie with my baby hahahaha.
Really is smile then look like me. No smile look like Josh hahah.
Trying to get Tiffany's attention again hahaha.
Another day another event but erm same dress from Lzzie LOLOL.
Home to be bullied. She kept clawing and pinching my neck hahaha.
Snapped this of her sleeping and think it's such a normal shot but how wonderful, to be able to wake up to a baby right beside me =)))
Wake up first thing video call her godma lol. Eyes also haven't open properly LOL.
So sick that day omggggg. But at least selfie look chio.
Family bonding time haha.
Doggies love to nua around my dad don't know why lol.
Another weekend another cafe haha!
Yurou requested for pancakes and so i did.
Cute 不?!
My little lion head hahahahaha. So cuteeeeee!!!!!
LOL. Not so cute hor this one? But at least..
Went to find Xuan Xuan cox i miss her sooooooo much~!!!!!
And somebody got stuck with wigs lol.
Yuxuan is so gentle towards Meredith. Meredith have accidentally kicked her twice in the face before and both times all she did was.. O.O *sayang own face* LOL.

My baby look like a boy hahah.
Thank you FOX Kids for dressing Meredith and Yuxuan =DDD
Hahah kept telling me she wanna do the ugly face =_= Haha!
Happy time with Xuan Xuan and Meredith.
左拥右抱 haha.
7 months old and started to have sleep terror episodes in the middle of the night T.T Until everynight me and Josh will get a shock from her crying. But she's still sleeping. Omg. I read they say must wake the baby up (doesn't solve the problem) or to let her cry it out and go back to sleep on her own to solve the problem. Wouldn't my heart just break into 103839 pieces by then T.T
Photoshoot with Club Pet Magazine for Pooch Image grooming!
My fluffy cushion Drago.
Tiffany you winked!!! Hahaha!

"Did i? I'm sorry!" Hahaha. My top is from Lzzie! =DDD
Thank you Pooch Image for grooming Drago and Tiffany to be fluffy and soft and clean~!!! And for the excellent service always!!! Romper from Lzzie and shoes from Eliza Litz~!!!
I heart Pooch Image ❤︎ Also thanks to Pris for making me look pretty that day~ =D
Meredith waking up looking a little disoriented hahah. Messy hair and all..
Went for lunch with godma.
"Sigh.. Adults...."
Erm.. Obviously there's one person who's not welcomed into the picture that turned out blur. Lol.
Hahaha i suggested to take the train from Lavender to Bugis and Mich was like "Did i hear you wrongly?!" Lolol. So i guess this is worth a picture. I look at this picture and i wonder when am i going to meet Michelle's baby ='))) T____T I will love her so much too!!!
Meredith first train ride =D
Home to this two. One terrorizing another hahaha. Meredith kept wanting to study Junjun's ear LOL. It scares Junya so much hahahaha.
Next moment so sweet!
Hahaha Junjun at first kept calling both my doggies Champon / Ponpon lolol. So cute. Pointing to show us ponpon.
Kiss kiss, love love, hug hug Tiffany on cue. So cuteeeeee and sweeet!!! I hope Meredith can hurry play with Drago and Tiffany =DDD
"Can i push her around?" Hahaha.
Cheesie's here to stay for a few days with her family =D
So young already hold hands ah!
Went out to shampoo my hair and Junjun became Meredith hahaha.
All the pretty fabrics at Lzzie!!! I went to hang at their shop for a while for their instagram account takeover and fall in love with alllll their sweet soft prints~!!!
Also picked something darker for myself from their Autumn/ Winter collection!
Happy to be size S again haha!
Went for lunch with the Lzzie team with Meredith as well haha.
And then we rush off to meet Wendy and Dash Dash for indoor playground~!!! =DDD
Meredith's first experience at an indoor playground! I guess everything was yummy to her =_=" Go in and chomp on everything she can get hold of.
Only picture of everyone at the playground. Although Dash Dash is diving into the pit, Wendy is stopping him, Meredith is not looking, Cheesie is totally cut out and Junjun is partially cut out, i guess you can still see me LOLOL.
Later Dash dashed off to everywhere and it was hard to grab him for a picture lolol. He's damn independent omg. While this two stayed at the nursery age baby area lol.
When bae teaches you how to drive lolol.
The Lzzie team was soooooo nice they specially went to get these mehmeh toys for Meredith T___T I love to work with nice appreciative people omg. Thank you guys so much!!!
Last day of stay Junjun decided Drago makes a good chair LOLOL. And that's him doing "cute cute" right there hahahahaha! SO CUTE DEE STILL WANNA ACT CUTE SOMEMORE~!!!!
Omg i am starting to look more and more motherly hahaha!
Remember two months ago i shared with you guys howwww much i LOVEEEE the Philips Combine Steamer / Blender?! I told you guys all mummies must have that for their kids especially those starting on puree and solids. It is SO easy as you can see from this picture!

All you gotta do is STEAM (you can steam all sorts of vegetables, fruits, meat or fish), flip it over and BLEND! No need to go through the hassle of steaming food in a big pot of water, no need to transfer the food from steaming to blender. JUST DO EVERYTHING IN ONE JAR!!!

Right, just steam and blend and you get a yummy, natural and healthy meal for your baby!!! =D It's a great help to me when Meredith started on puree. We would let her try one fruit or vegetable a day and then after a while we could mix and match different fruits / vegetable. SHE LOVE THEM~!!!

Her favourite is steam and blend carrot, sweet potato, corn and pumpkin. HAHA. Expected right, the sweets ones. So i suggest mummies to try mixing in the greens (like broccoli, spinach, green peas etc) with the sweet ones! So your babies can all the different kinds of nutrients she needs =D

But i haven't been very adventurous when it comes to playing with meat or fish for baby food so i did a shout out to my instagram followers for them to share some recipes with me!

And i picked this particular one from @dylan_mummy and super glad cox Meredith LOVES it. You can watch the video to see how to prepare this simple recipe!

Watch it~ =D In the video Meredith looks so satisfied with her food haha!
See this happy little one =)))
UHM! Haha! Soooo happy to see Meredith eating happily. Knowing that she's eating and growing well and happy is really the best achievement i can make happen everyday.. =))) And i am happy Philips Combined Steamer Blender helps make my life easier! Mums out there should try it =D
Teaching Meredith..
To sayang Drago haha..
Yup very creative, Meredith lol.
Really is sleep her way to class omg lol.
Only woke up right before class start hahaha.
Yeye brought Yurou and Yuxuan to come check out the school haha and he say wanna support Meredith for first day of school also LOL. These two sit together while..
Xuan xuan demands for Yurou's Vitagen hahaha.
Brought Xuan xuan and Yurou to another indoor playground and Yuxuan was SO afraid of the ball pit LOL. Why Sijie's daughters all so gia xih one hahaha.
She love to play with the dollhouse though!
Made friends at the indoor playground. I mean me. Yup, i made new little friends at the indoor playground LOL. And then gather everyone to play together hahaha. The little girl sitting beside me is SOOOOOoooo adorable and sweet omg.
Went for a meeting and then all of us went to Rykiel's place to chill and she's really like one of the best host ever~!!! Cheese platter followed by airfried crabsticks and cheese sausages etc! Thank you!!
Halloween day, woke up to this scary face haha.
My little mousey haha.
Hahahah her face when she's excited lolol. So far she can copy and follow action pig face, xiao mi mi (smile), fake cough, bye bye, hi-five and sometimes she can do angry frown face on cue LOL.
Made a crayon costume as requested by Little Miss Quirk. Used a pillow case to make it, it's easy!
Prepared some pinterest easy halloween party snacks hahaha. Earth worm and soil ice cream (gummy worms and oreo sand), ghost marshmallows, spider and eyeball deviled eggs (olive and colouring) and lastly, finger and blood sausage bun lolol.
Photobomber spotted =__=
My little witch and i haha.
Carolyn popped by for a short while before we all head out for Halloween trick or treat! Haha!
Papa witch and baby witch!
AHAHAHAH. Silly girl was soooo frightened by Final Destination on TV. Lolol.
Next day breakfast~
Happy colours on table =) Little things i'm thankful for..
Yurou showered and dressed by my mom and i was like "OMG totally my mom's style" Lolol. I remember how she would also puff all of us with the powder puff. Arms, neck, body, legs, everywhere. FOL. Lolol. Yurou seems pleased with it though lolol!
Niao Niao came and someone find her too kiam pa hahaha.
So jealous Niao always gets the nicest selfies with Meredith!
My second sister was browsing at old photo albums and send us this in the family group chat.. That's us at Kusu Island..
Oh woah.. Who's the unloved child sitting there! Hahaha.
Niaoniao and i camho time haha.
At Jayne's wedding!!!
With Rachell, Ben, Randy and Sam!!!
Half squad goals wth hahahaha.
Here comes the beautiful bride.. =')))) Jayne look sooooo good on her wedding day and her speech omg make everyone teary T.T
Mesmerizing marquee..
Walking into forever love and blissfulness ='))))
Sneak one during group photo taking!
 I love you Jayne~!!! Thank you for being a nice human all the time i've known you as a work associate and later as a friend~!!! 永远幸福 快乐美满!!!!
Meanwhile at home.. Someone's not very patient while waiting for mama to come home..

Happy cox successfully kidnapped my heart..
"You bet i did!"
Haha she love being surrounded by the cushions. I'm thinking when then can bring her to trampoline park without breaking her bones LOL.
Ganma shopping for toothbrush for her.. This lucky baby..
"You wouldn't mind right, mom?" grabbed the wine menu and refuse to let go.
Brunch on a weekday.. I love it~

Video of Meredith at 7 months old.. Alright i gotta go. Gotta go rest it's almost 2am. Tomorrow gotta fly off and speed pack in the day time omggggg.