31 December 2015


Hello!!! 2015 is coming to and end, tonight.. I just put Meredith to nap that's why i have some time here to blog on the computer.. =) And it's something i still enjoy doing, a lot..At the start of 2015, i was still pregnant and i made a list of things to do. Let's see if i've done them right.

- Give birth to a healthy and cute (very subjective LOL) baby ✔︎ My baby not bad quite cute LOL.

Be a good mom BUT not forgetting to continue being a good wife, sister, daughter and aunt and good friend to the friends i care for ✔︎ Except being a good mom is not judged base on one year, or two.. It is going to take me a lifetime.. And i hope i can always be good even when times are bad.

Stay sane after pregnancy O.O ✘ ✘  Work has been driving me crazy. Mid year 2015, i contemplated to just quit work for until Meredith goes to school. By then i can still clear work in that few hours without feeling guilty of not being able to be with her during her waking hours, cox i know she'd be learning well in school!

In 9 more months she'd be going to school T.T Time really pass so quick. When i called up schools to check out their programs and fees when Meredith was 3 months old, i was told by every school to basically calm my titties LOLOL cox it's not time for her to even go for school tour yet lol.

NOW YOU SEE LAH. In Jan 2016 i'd have to chope slots for school tours and in March go for school tours and she'd be going to school in September!!! Everything is sooooooo fast my baby is growing up too fast!!! I need to spend more time with her NOW!!!!!! Cox it's now or never cox she's never gonna be a baby again.. T.T I regret so much..

I regret the first few months i was so depressed with my issues from work that i cried so much and felt so negative about life and about people. So much that i was caving in a lot..

I regret that i spent so much time in anger and frustrations due to issues with work, that i neglect a lot of other better things in life.

Those precious months when my baby is a clueless little helpless ball of fats and veins are never coming back and i'm not going to spend more time feeling sad, or angry or trapped.

If people wanna lie, then they have to live in the shadow of the lie forever until they do something about it to fix it - By telling the truth, by admitting faults, and by making peace with those who are hurt and affected by the lies. Instead of getting angry and defensive when their lies and mistakes are getting close to exploding into a big pile of shitty mess.

If people wanna be difficult and mean to other people unnecessarily, then they have to be prepared for karma. It's not that i'm cursing, it's a way to comfort myself that for all the pain people put me through, i know someday life will have a way to bring the pain they inflict on people, back to them. Then maybe they can understand why we don't have to be so mean..

Cox for every problem, there's always an easier way to resolve but sometimes people are too blinded by their own ego to realise the need to be kind to others. To live and let live.

I know it might come across i'm evil too, fighting fire with fire, hoping that nasty things will happen to nasty people. But hey, everyone loves a good story where the bad gets punished and the good gets better. So please don't judge me hahaha. I'm mostly good.

But yes, if people choose to be nasty, that's something they have to deal with themselves, i don't have to deal with what they choose to do or choose to be! I am not their mother lol.

I just have to know that my conscience is clear and do my own preparation for in case shit needs to explode at least i can proof that i wasn't the one who filled up the shit bag =))) Sijie always remind me, when one is righteous, he / she have nothing to fear.

No i don't want any public drama, that's why i've been keeping very quiet about all the sneaky things people say and do to make my life difficult. But if forced to deal with nasty people, i am now mentally ready.

No more sleepless nights, no more feeling depressed, no more sadness from things and people who won't matter in a few years. Only clarity of how life should be. No bullshit no nasty people. I have bigger issues to deal with like what i should cook for Meredith's lunch and dinner hahahaha.

So all in all, i didn't stay sane in 2015. But i will be better even if people don't get better. RURAH!!!

Rent out our current flat in Punggol and then move into a bigger rental house smoothly ✔︎

Do something meaningful for baby and me and Josh ✔︎ I think the videos and travelogue i've been putting together makes some sense? =) At least we have good memories against the speed of time..

Continue saving ✔︎ I tried my best T.T Although i'm failing hahaha but i never stop trying haha!

Earn more money  This year i slowed down so much with work that my income reduced but i am okay with it cox i earned Meredith's love hahaha. That should be worth something?

LOSE WEIGHT!!! ✔︎ Not bad, now i am 56kg already!!! I wanna go down to 52kg so i guess i'm pretty close! =D 83 - 56 = 27kg. I lost 27kg!!! Not bad!!! Just four more kgs to go~!!! RURAH!

Thank you for reading me this year even though i update my blog 50% less often T.T Sorry!!! Promise to find more time cox it's so therapeutic to let my thoughts flow even if it's incoherent and even if only a few people will really get it hahah.

I might be the worst person to say this but blogging / writing about my life actually makes me happy.. Although it might be grammatically torturing to a lot of people hahahaha but it makes me happy.

And if reading makes you happy too, thank you =) I think we can go along way!!! I feel it i write it, you read it you feel it. Omg lyrics worthy or what.

Here's a paragraph summary of the highlights of my 2015..

Did the cutest photoshoot with Little Lzzie and Yurou when i was still pregger! Gave birth to the love of my life. Became a mom for one week. Went through the craziest, most painful and most happy three weeks of my life. Gave up breastfeeding with lotsa pain and sadness T.T Celebrated Meredith's first month!!! Shifted house and did a house tour! Went to Japan for my first overseas trip after giving birth and stayed in awesomest Hello Kitty Princess room and Hello Kitty Poptown room! Did up Meredith's nursery room!!! Celebrated Mid-Autumn festival with my crazy family hahaha. Went to Korea to fix my face for the last time!!! APPEARED ON A MAGAZINE COVER!!!

Yup i guess that's that!!! =DDD 2016 will definitely be a better one. 2015 only saving grace was the birth of my baby, and the love we receive from family, friends and my husband..

Wait, i think whatever i have despite the rest, was plenty good enough.. Haha.

Maybe i just need to learn how to focus on the right things. And fuckoff away from the bad things hahaha.

30 December 2015



In case you don't already know, or in case my family haven't bought enough (LOL) of this to circulate yet, Meredith and i are on the cover of Mother & Baby magazine!!! =DDD

Yup yup!!! 我要谢谢我的爸爸, 姐姐, 老公, 好朋友们, 还有支持我多年的读者们, 谢谢公司给我这个机会, 谢谢 Mister 长龙粽, 谢谢你们的鼓励与爱护, 让我有这个机会上杂志封面. LOL.

Actually is only 谢谢 Meredith becox if it's not for her i don't think in this lifetime i'd ever be on a magazine cover what the heck sad life is sad LOL. Nevermind i'm ready to retire to be a 星妈 lol.

Anyway here's a few pictures we have from the photoshoot! Very thankful for the little things and the big things happening for us! When Meredith grows up i sure have interesting stash of things to show her! Haha! How many babies are lucky enough to have their own magazine cover right! =D

I arrived early for hair and makeup and Meredith arrived later not cox she diva but cox scared she wait too long later get cranky lol.
Love the set up! It's so pastel and pretty!
"Alright what is this, i'm actually waiting for someone else to have their hair touched up? I'm outta here" Hahah.
Meredith's got too little hair so the bow kept falling off that's why you see a boy on the cover hahaha!
Love this picture haha.
She wasn't grumpy but she looks like she's very angry haha cox she was blowing raspberries =.="
BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to the team at Mother & Baby Singapore!!! =D You guys were so nice and patient to work with!!! Thank you so much! =)))
Mummy's solo shot haha.
Try again for the cover cox first round she kept blowing raspberries and end up looking angry!
Love our matchy shoes the stylist prepared!
Told her to smile at my camera she like this hahaha.
Meredith's solo shot! =DDD
Take a few more of her in this set cox erm.. We are too cheap to pay for proper photoshoot outside HAHAHAHA.

This should be the second last if not the last post of 2015..

I think i should probably do a wrap up in the next post!!! Not cox i don't wanna continue anymore but i just put Meredith to bed after giving her a nice massage and here i am clearing work right after i publish this post T.T

Good night you guys..

A video of some behind the scene footage for the shoot =D Please grab a copy on newstands to check out the interview =D Thank you thank you!

24 December 2015

Meredith and Mummy - 8 Months

Hello.. Took me a looooong time to put this together cox of the trip to Seoul and also cox Josh's been falling real sick TWICE after the trip. There's just too much going on and i have too little hands. LOL. So i've gathered like 200 over pictures (shortlisted from 600 over T.T) in this long period of absence. It's so hard to be a mom who's obsessed with keeping track of everything little things haha.

These days i no longer try so hard to clear work log. I clear one, there'd be two more. I clear two, there's gonna be one more. I've come to terms with being an irresponsible worker which i really hate hate hate cox it puts so much stress on myself cox i am really not an irresponsible worker. But i can't help it.. If Meredith is awake, i rather spend my time with her if i have a choice..

Sometimes i think i am simply suited to be a full-time mom, then maybe i'd be sooooo much happier. I know many people say i am already considered really lucky cox i can work from home.

But you know, everyone has their struggle. If i have to spend hours on the computer at home to finish work, i can't really BE WITH Meredith.. Can i? Unless instead of 6 hours, i want to drag to finish my work in two days. Lol. As of now working from home has been proven very unproductive for me.

I'd wake up earlier than her in the morning to clear some work, and then feed her her breakfast, and then shower her. Only on days i have to be out to work early then i'd miss a day of showering her..

And then she naps in the afternoon and that's when i can clear some work again but she cat nap a lot (like 20 minutes max) so i can't do much also. And then i'd feed her her lunch and then playtime.

Sometimes i miss playtime to do work and i hate that. So these days i wait til she goes to sleep at night before i start work. But it's just so annoying that through the day i have to take time off to draft captions, edit video / pictures on my phone etc. I really have quite enough..

Sorry for whining soooo much about this whole juggling as a mom T.T It's really a huge thing for me cox it's been making me angry and frustrated and feeling inadequate for such a long time..

Guess i'd have to do something about it instead of just feeling it.. *go buy lottery* LOLOL. Kidding lah. I will have it sorted out i promised myself!!! Hopefully by then i can blog again with regular personal updates instead of cramping them into once a month posting!

I can't bear to let this precious personal blog of mine become a site with ads and more ads.. That will be so meaningless for me and for you guys i believe.. Gotta do up a 2016 resolution list!!! And one of it will be "Blog often like good'ol time" where i share every little random shit with you guys.. =))

We are crazy into cafe-hopping haha. Hopped to Lola's and someone's looking real excited haha!
Godma came back with lotsa goodies for Meredith to prep her for the cold weather in Korea.
Mich's sister Adeline came too haha. Cox we're gonna crash their family lunch to celebrate both Adeline and Mich's brother's birthday LOL.
So happy when she can try some of the food on the table instead of just porridge from her thermal flask lol. We only gave her fruits and a tiny bit of kueh lapis and ice cream. Little bit nee O.O LOL.
BEST TOY EVER. These springey hair tie can keep her occupied for damn long haha.
Seriously baby, 这里关你什么事? LOL.
Walking and Mich was talking about how last time Meredith can fit into one arm of hers but now she needs two arms cox Meredith is so long now haha. My baby is very lucky to have an awesome godma like that.. She will grow up to be a good person like the good people around her =')))
Heguru encourages a different person to attend class with the baby from time to time so that she can learn with different people and even if the main person is not at home, the other one could still play and learn with the child. So this time Mich goes in with Meredith while Josh and i go shop for books for her haha. City Square mall is quite an awesome mall for kids. They have two bookstores, one beside Daiso and one at the basement near the indoor playground. LOVE.
After class = Happy like a toad. Hahaha. Not that she's not happy during class but she's very focused during class and her concentration just gets better and better with each class so i'm happy!!! Out of the 60 activities her favourite has to be super flash cards, song appreciation and story time! Haha. So excited to monitor her progress with Heguru!
Earlier at Mich's family dinner Mich's mom say Meredith look like baby Michelle. LOLOL. And her mom did this collage. HAHAHA. My baby cuter or baby Mich cuter? HAHA.
"Mommy i think i win" Haha. Yes mommy also think so HAHAHA.
Attended YSL Beautè event and loveee the makeup Francis did for me!!! He's also the makeup artist for my wedding so i love him!!! Haha! Always so thankful for Yutaki introducing me to YSL cox the team is soooooo nice and helpful and fun to work with!!!
When Yutaki and i were shopping he say he wanna find a "cap with no top" and i'm like "You mean a visor?" Then he tell me now visor super popular again. And i was like "I was werking it before it was ever popular" Lolol. Last time hair so jialat always hide with visor and still think ownself damn hot.
Celebrated Yuxuan's birthday!!! Actually also San Jie and Jinzeng's birthday hahaha. Thank you Jocelyn Balloons for the beautiful balloon arch!!! =DDD
Tomyum pasta at 49Seats. This was soooooo good!!!!
Held the celebration at 49 Seats and everyone LOVED the food!!!! Si jie with birthday boy and girl.
November babies haha.
Everybody sing a happy birthday song for the clueless little one haha.
Girl power~ Missing Yurou and Erjie!
Godma came late haha but still manage to snap a picture with a proud looking Meredith.
With birthday girl and Niao!!! Holding balloon wand from Jocelyn Balloons!
After that we go swimming at Carolyn's place! =DDD
My koala bear haha. Baby you too long never swim forgot how much you love it liao is it! Haha.
Faces of Meredith in the pool hahaha.
Warm up already and got super happy hahaha.
You make mummy so happy.. =)))
Silly grin..
Home with Ah Bong gor gor haha. It's so good to have someone like Ah Bong at home when there's kids. He's so good with kids and dogs. Yup, pretty much i hope to have him at home to slave him around LOLOL. No lah for real, whoever be his daughter really lucky untilll.
Next day we went to Kusu Island, it's like our yearly affair lah. But lesser and lesser people go T.T The island now even on its peak (which is only one month a year) feels like a ghost town. Anyway i bought all these toto and 4D tickets. Yup, totally queen of gamble wth hahahaha. Spend $60. Win $10 only wth hahaha. I always tell myself i'd quit but i never. LOL #addiction hahahaha. Can someone bar me from buying toto and 4D every week hahah.
On the ferry back i told my dad who was seated in front of me to not move cox i have a new cap for him and i wanna let him try. LOLOL. So i put it on and ask him to turn around for a picture. It's swimming diaper Michelle bought for Meredith hahaha my dad is a pig. So easy to prank.
With Ah Bong on the ferry back!
All of us have been wearing this yellow band for blessing and goodluck since we were young. We wear it after we get it from Kusu Island. We will wear it for weeks to a month.. When i was younger and lazy to cut it off, i'd wear it for even a year until it becomes dark orange LOLOL. My dad will wear it for us every year and this year is Meredith's first haha =)
"妈妈 你也跟我一起练咏春拳吧 练了可以跟我一样永远青春" Haha. Went to gossip cafe for dinner with my family =))) I loveeee bringing baby and my family to check out new places!
Notice myVillage light-up for Christmas.. So simple and beautiful.. Sometimes when i see how beautiful simple things are i just wish the world would be rid of assholes and nasty people in general.. Why can't everyone just be a little nicer and be a little more deserving of people being nice to them.. A little more deserving of the beauty the world has to offer.. A little more deserving to live on earth..
Everyone would be so much more likeable if they stay baby forever. My 8 months old just learnt how to crawl haha..
"You wanna know the secret to crawling? Do you really wanna know? 想知道我爬行的秘诀吗?"
"Booty up hands down! Try!"
Finally can use the passport holders Mich got for us when i was still pregnant haha!
Waiting to board..
Told Yutaki to help with baby for a second and he suddenly look very full of fatherly love so i had to snap a picture hahaha.
Baby you ready?!
Our first family trip together~!!! =D
After takeoff~!!! =DDD Baby you were such a sweetheart on flight mummy have no complaints about you in flight!!! =DDD Let's travel more okay!!! =DDD
On the way to our airbnb apartment! HELLO KOREA~!!!
Touched in Seoul with a very sleepy baby at a quaint cafe =)) Life should be more like this.. Haha.
Went out to snap some OOTD shots with Yutaki haha. My dress from Lzzie! Stockings from Tabio @ rosebullet edit Tokyo!

Travel partner turned 闺密 LOL.
Cafe troopers haha. Meredith look so adult here!!!
Change of outfit for Meredith and mummy for night shopping hahaha!
This fat poufy coat sooooo fluffy until Meredith KEPT leaning backwards!!! Machiam i am her portable bed anywhere anytime! Hahaha Even when i flip her forward she will keep leaning back and give me the shiok face hahaha wth.
Cheap and good Korean BBQ for our first night! =DDD Meredith damn happy cox it was about 11pm or so. Usually by this time we will be trying to put her to bed with lights dimmed.
While waiting for lip tint to dry.. Makeup from Beauty Carousel. They carry a whole lot of brands of skincare and makeup at discounted prices!!! =DDD
No edit to my face cox gonna surgery anyway haha.

Okay last mama selfie haha.
Now is baby selfie haha.
Baby 你在 act chio 吗?
"Uhmm" Haha.
Sorry this picture i took of my shoes, socks and the fallen autumn leaves are too beautiful!!! T.T Socks from Tabio @ rosebullet edit Tokyo! I really should dress up more even in Singapore haha.
Romper interchangeable to pants is from rosebullet as well! =D
Mama still got it hahaha.
Sleepyhead needs to sleep haha. Weather when we were there was damn shiok haha. So this little bear kept sleeping.
Chilling at bistro for lunch..
Off to horse back papa on the streets haha!
The next day someone turned 1!!! Big day for Xuan Xuan cox she went botak, allowed to wear shoes, and eat longevity buns that day!!! My family and i don't let our kids wear shoes before they turn 1 yro cox we believe they will have a good easy and smooth life if they don't wear shoes for the first year of their live. You know, don't need to walk / work so much hahahaha. That's why in all MEredith's coordinates she's either wearing socks or barefooted LOL. And look which big girl upgrade to wear shoes now =))) Can't believe time pass so fast.. It feels like yesterday we celebrated her full month..
When i was staying one night at the hospital.. Josh sent me this and told me not to worry about baby..
My heart T.T
MUMMY LOVE YOU SO MUCH MEREDITH!!!!!!! Looking at her pictures i feel soooo happy and sad T.T Happy that she's looking so happy.. Sad cox i'm not with her for the night and cox i'm doing something for me and not her -.- Moms will know the feeling!!!
Back in my arms the next day =DDD
What the heck this picture she looks like Sijie hahahah. 肥嫩嫩的 hahaha.
One look here one look there.. 拍 MV 是吗你们父女俩!
Took this picture of Meredith with my helper supporting her from the back hahaha. iPhone quality..
And our friend's DSLR quality hahaha.
Why so grumpy baby!
Bear outfit for today haha!
And someone obviously loving it haha. Although this outfit was a little overkill cox end up at 14 degree celcius weather, she was sweating inside the bear suit hahahaha.
"Just popping in to say hi!"
In Korea everyday also must video call godma haha. This is her face each time we call her godma =.=
Someone's cheerful at her pictorial series with the red autumn tree haha.
"Papa! Thanks for carrying me~" Haha.
K-Drama poster umiu!
"Are we done, mom? I'm a little hungry?"
"Alright, last one i'd look away and look pensive"
Meredith when you grow up and if you see all the little diary postings mummy blogged for our memory sake, know that mummy will always love you and wherever mummy go i'd love to go with you. And for the places that mummy go that i didn't bring you along, my heart is always with you. Thank you for growing so well, so happy and so healthy. You are my motivation to be a better person. We will always be okay when we are together as a family. With your papa of course LOL.
Awww look at those paws.. HAHA.
Chilling at a cafe with papa =))) Sometimes i think my life is pretty much perfect =)))
Joshua and mini me haha.
Omg she LOVEEE to people watch. Or more like car-watch hahaha. She just stay like that for so long. Wanna pull her to sit down she will crawl back up.
To another cafe. Haha yes by now you would notice how much a fashionista my baby is LOL. These are just some of the outfits. Some outfits we never even take pictures HAHA. Some days she change two outfits O.O Last time i thought i was joking when i say that if i have a daughter i'd change her into a few outfits a day just for fun...... I guess the Universe must have thought i was serious lol.
Hahaha and my daughter also very cooperative LOL.
"Mom, i think my arms are a little too short" Hahaha no baby, the sleeves are too long if your arms are as long you would be a jellyfish lol.
"Whaaaat =OOO"
Very stunned by the flowers.
So in love with her T.T Sometimes i feel i am a little bit too crazy.. Just a little bit haha.
"Mom, are you sure this looks nice on me?"
"Right right, it looks quite good"
Please check out this cafe if you're in Hong Dae area!!!

It's soooo near our Airbnb apartment i was so happy!!! Everyday we go dabao fried chicken / go to this cafe to chill. Even after we checked out, we simply wait at this cafe for our transport hahaha. Florté flower cafe! The whole cafe is filled with fresh and artificial flowers!!!

The ladyboss will even cut fresh flower arrangements to place on your table time to time through the day. It's beautiful and there's also two cute doggies there haha. But they are totally harmless and cute! Staying airbnb is awesome cox we really get to explore the neighbourhood.

It was so cute the area we stayed in. So many little interesting shops selling vintage Disney stuff, or little cafes or even bookstores etc.. If you are thinking of using airbnb for your next travel destination you can use my link airbnb.com/qiuting to enjoy $35 off your first booking! =D

Josh found the cafe so nice he brought Meredith back again the next day when i went back to the clinic for my final review haha.
"怎样, 怎样, 我是穿回一样的外套怎样?"

So chill hor.. Haha. When did my tiny fragile baby start to look like a little girl.. =')))
"Hmm.. This face don't look like baby anymore?"
"Yo yo, sup?" Her jacket from FOX Kids!
On our last day.. Josh did this to Meredith by the roadside HAHAHA. What the heck. It was in between two parked cars. My baby probably looked like a abandoned baby haha.
But she still very happy about it wor haha.

One last shot in Korea!
Someone's really excited about the plane ride home!
One for memory sake cox if she's pass 11kg she cannot be on the baby bassinet anymore!
First morning back in Singapore! Baby why is your face so wide and big haha.
"Is it, mommy?!"
"But you like it right?" Haha! YES I DO!
It's so sweet.. Cox every morning she will lean in closer.. Lean on me.. Snuggle and then fall back to sleep T.T I am so in love..
With Yurou looking so adultish in this hat!
Can totally imagine her grown up face in this picture!!! I can imagine her and i being bestfriends even when she's much older! Hahaha.
A picture she drew of Carolyn and me swimming...... O.O Looks more like drowning hahaha.
Insisted on doing my makeup..
Got free touch up after completion somemore haha.
Someone's a professional sitter now.
Evening snack time haha. Started to get possessive about her food! If it's hers, you can't have it. If she thinks it's hers, you can't have it too.
Excited to eat! Doesn't mean my food is nice, she's simply excited about meal time haha.
"Better down it before Drago and Tiffany snatch it!"
Dressed for a girly day out with my sisters!
Top from Fox Kids and underpants from Ralph Lauren!
"Mom, by underpants you mean.. You let me wear underwear out..?" No baby, it's just tiny shorts!
"You sure?"
Us girls~
Niaoniao first time carrying her on a carrier haha.
Cheeky or what!
My baby look like a boy omg haha.
Sijie first time carrying baby on a carrier haha.
To Yishun to find Xuan Xuan!!! =DDD Each time she's there she happy like a toad cox all the toys damn colourful hahaha.
After cafe hopping one day.. I realise my baby has become so.. Grown up looking.. Haha.
Out in the evening! So my helper send me these pictures.. Haha. Eat until so dirty!
"Mommy, do i look pretty smiling like this?" No that's a little bit too much haha!
"Like this?" Yes that's perfect!
"The secret to having small face is to own a big hat" Haha. Say the baby fashion blogger lol.
Thank you Hasbro for all the toys for Meredith, Yuxuan and Yurou! Meredith find the giraffe toy box to be the tastiest! Hahaha.
Baked Christmas cookies with Mich!
Dress from Lzzie!!! LOVE THIS DRESS. So simple and youthful it makes me feel like 15 yro LOL.
Don't know Miyake or Rachell told me i look younger now so i did this face. Lol. Got caught on picture being gross lol.
Inspired to be happy.. =))
Christmas hi-tea set at Boufe don't just look cute! they are plenty yummy too!
Edible Christmas tree with a surprise at the bottom of the tree! =DDD
With errone~ =DDD
Josh accompanying me to work the other day.
For Mother and Baby magazine cover shoot! =D Meredith and i will be on their January 2016 issue!
Awesome team!!! =DDD
After photoshoot we head for classes at Heguru City Square Mall! This is our HEHEHE.
And this is our HAHAHA.
"Mom! You serious?!"
"How could you!"
After class Meredith's teacher share with me some tips and simple activities i could do with Meredith at home to let her play and learn easily =D
So lucky every class also got people come and find her haha. This time is Niaoyi!
Baby quick grow up and be crazy with your mommy and aunties! Haha.
Went to the Singapore Flyer with Yutaki =D My treat for ice cream cox he accompany me that day =DDD Haha.
Auntie 你做么?
Family over for the weekend. This two play until so tired haha.
With Sijie! You know you are so blessed when you have people who are more concerned about you than you are concerned with yourself.. =)))
Meredith really loves Drago and Tiffany so much. Each time she sees them she will smileeee until!!!
Like this!!!
*kiss* *blush* Haha.
"Drago! Are you alright?! Can you hear me?!" Drago play dead lol.
Why so grumpy baby! Haha.
Brought her to Orchard to check out the night lights and she was SOOOOOOO happy! Kept laughing and blabbering!!! =DDD
My happy baby.. =D
Just have to. The Christmas light this year is so beautiful..
"Okay mommy, you hold the camera here, and i'd look away and you snap okay"
"Now." Hahahah.
Professional climber =_=
Also a professional smiler haha. Sometimes a bit forced LOL.
Love my face shape omg. Only edited away my dark eye rings!
At Dr Eugene Han's clinic for her vaccine! 9 months old today!!! =DDD
"Okay mommy, i'm ready to show them who can stand like a real adult"
"Omg oh no.. No no no no, carry me carry me"
Here's what a lazy meal looks like =XXX Just fruits and protein and some bread on the side =XXX
Learnt how to clap on cue and learnt how to clap on the exact right beat for "If you're happy and you know it" hahaha.
"Let me count how many times my mom fed me yucky food" Lolol.
Introduction to rice~ =DDD She likes it!!! Cox porridge is too boring for her dee =( The rice ball dropped on her arm and she later tried so hard to eat it from her arm hahaha.

Anyway not tryna be a momxpert but if your baby is not eating well then maybe he / she is bored of the food texture. So far my helper and i tried and tested!!! It's not like the food is awful or the baby is sick or what, same taste with a switch between rice / noodle / pasta / macaroni / cereal etc..

The baby eat it like magic. Even if we just serve the same rice differently, in forms of rice ball, she loves it better than feeding from spoon cox she can hold it.

Almost every meal time with Meredith is messy but so long as she eats and learns how to feed herself along the way, i think we can deal with it! Haha.

So if your baby is not eating well, don't give up don't feel dejected!!! It's not you, you're trying your best already =DDD Erm, giving encouragement cox i totally felt like a failure whenever Meredith reject my food. It can be this meal she eat a lot and i feel SO confident and wonderful and then next meal she only ate a little bit and i feel like i am such a lousy mom why can't i make something yummy and healthy why is it so hard forget it lah i just buy porridge from the market lah.

But then next few meals i'd try again and things will be okay. So don't give up!!!

Although i can't wait for her to be bigger so we can share food on the table hahaha =X

Date night with Josh to celebrate our 10th year being together.. =)))
Dress from JE @ rosebullet edit Tokyo, clutch from Metro!
Dessert after dinner =D
Thank you Darling.. For wanting to grow with me.. And to grow old with me =')))

On the 10th year mark we both reflected on how to be better as an individual, as a couple.. And as parents.. We plan for the future.. We agreed to keep taking long walks and small talks with each other whenever we can.. And to keep up with each other..

Being with one same person for ten years.. I can only tell you that love is not just a feeling, it is a choice. Most days, the choice is an easy one becox you feel the love.

Some days, the choice could be hard to make.

But if you really love the person, sometimes it's about not leaving. Sometimes it's about sticking with each other, until the rain ends. It's about picking each other up. It's about putting each other together each time someone / somethings breaks us. People outside might hurt us where we work, people might hurt us where we go.. But having someone who choose to stick with you, you know you'd go home to your safehouse at the end of the day..

I am not having it easy for my work, i have issues. I feel depressed. I feel trapped. I feel betrayed. I feel a lot of negative feelings for a while now.. And when i am sucked into these feelings, i become a very nasty person. I cave in and when i'm out i behave like a ticking timebomb.

But i have a safehouse so i think that everything's gonna be okay..

And Josh is my safehouse.. I am very thankful.. For i know he will choose me over everyone else.. Even over himself.. ='))) Thank you Darling.. Thank you for having a bigger heart towards me than i have for you.. Let's be better together =) I love you.

And in our little safehouse, we house a little Meredith =))) Meredith at her last class of the year. Godma sat in class with her again haha. While papa and mama go pator (aka go to bookstore downstairs and buy more books for Meredith hahaha).
"Mommy you didn't iron my clothes again!"
"But i guess i look fine. Take another picture of me" Haha. Her top is from Little Lzzie! =D
Ending off the post with a Christmas greeting for you guys!!! =DDD

Meredith has been a Merries diaper ambassador for almost a year now and i can't be happier to say that she hasn't had a single diaper rash episode ever =))) I'd like to say this is a proud mama achievement but really, it's not my credit hahaha. It's simply cox Merries diapers are this good. The diapers absorb really well cox even after a whole day of use, there is no leakage! And the breathability is what prevents Meredith from getting diaper rash!! It’s a mom’s worse nightmare!

When i was pregnant, i remember saying how i need to choose Merries cox i can't tell if the diapers is good or not cox i'm not the one wearing it. I can only choose base on what my mummy friends told me.

Fast forward about a year later, i can tell you that Merries diapers is my one and only choice cox my baby has been a happy baby with a healthy bum since day one =)))

As you all know, sleep is very important to babies right? With Merries, she’s able to sleep through the night without being groggy the next day and babies need their sleep to maximize their development! It is because Merries kept her dry and comfortable throughout the night without me worrying at all!

Meredith is very blessed to be able to grow up with Merries. You can send this blessing to your mummy friends / moms-to-be friends!!! To be exact it's a gift for their babies lah hahaha but hey, the babies' happiness and well-being is the mommy's biggest gift!!! =DDD Haha!

That is why i feel Merries will make an awesome Christmas present also!!! Now that i am a mother i really prefer practical things that i will actually have use for.

Diapers, milk powder, money are all welcomed thank you. LOLOL. What?!

Here's the best Christmas present i ever received, from the amazing force of the universe, wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.. =))) Be kind, forgive and look forward =)))

Here's a video of My Meredith at 8 months old.. =))