29 April 2012

QWeekly - There's always more to see

And do! You know i'm heading Japan in June right. And also i'm planning to head Bangkok in May and/ or June. Just to shop. And eat. And do cheap massage, haha.

Super curious how Bangkok is like now. The last time i was there was 6 years ago =/ And then since i'm on this craze, as what others call it, wanderlust, I also wanna visit Taiwan, China and Korea.

Like soon. Lol. But i doubt i can fit them all in this year. Maybe Taiwan, China and Korea for me can be in 2013 ^.^ MY dad can head China/ Taiwan this year thou. With a tour and my mum.

I am someone really bad for travelling. I travel, i head home, i feel.. Nothing. Hahaha. I'd be in this transition period for a really long time, like maybe even up to a week. I'd just feel nothing, do nothing much (unless i really have work to clear) and live with that bag of worn clothes and luggage for a while. The only things i'd pack out are gifts for people. The rest stays in there for as long as it takes.

After i get out of the transition then i'd really feel like "OMG THE TRIP WAS SO FUN!!!!!!!!" Hahaha. That's when i get down to blogging about it actually. So maybe i should just get down to blogging about things faster. Yeah, even faster than i do now.

I think right, you can say my soul was left in that country for extended holiday and then i only manage to call it back when i really need it. Lol. But despite the transition part, i LOVE travelling!!!

For various reasons. One, you can either dress up really casually and throw on a cap/ thick frame glasses and call it a day and still feel hot. Lolol. Really, like how superstars do.

Two, you can overdress and it's totally justifiable. Cox? You're a tourist!

Three, every country de snack also looks yummier ^.^

Four, for me, everything also seems more affordable overseas. Not that it's really cheaper sometimes. It's just i'm more willing to spend when i'm overseas. Somehow there's these slogans in me when overseas "Make the airfare worthwhile" along with "You can't find this in Singapore" hahaha.

So i am really really excited to spend ALL the money in Japan and Bangkok! =DDD

Haven't been doing much other stuff other than blogging at home, head out for shopping for Budget Barbie (this coming ep that i'm gonna film tomorrow, is gonna be the BEST ever!!!" and eat and eat.

No really, i eat so much. So much. But i'm 46.5kg and i think i know why. Cox i whole day keep obsessing about my bf's diet and cox he wanna lose weight, it affects my thoughts too. I also think about losing weight (for him not for myself). And then poof, from 50kg (which i blogged about here in February) to 47. I think everything i eat just evaporate somewhere. Like there's a incinerator in my body. OMG. Could i have fart it out cox i've been farting so much. Sooooo much i don't think it's funny anymore. Hmm. Maybe it's the fruits i take everyday. Bf and i have been taking fruits everyday for a week plus now. Okay i am so rambling already.

24 April 2012

The good things

I have no idea what to title this post except to name it the post of good things.

So April is almost over and we're moving on to May soon and as much as i had a super awesome March and April, May and June so far seem so promising, i'm not sure if i know how to breath and chill. Haha. It's TOO many good things happening!

May early, Cheesie should be coming to my place and bunk for one day (too short!!!) cox Wendy is shifting house right. And i am so excited!!! ^.^ I am heading out to get dilam (been wanting to get) from Seahorse now!!! Lol. Very kelian her, have to sleep on dilam. But at least it's Seahorse. Lol.

And May will be a pretty packed month so it's good!!! I LOVE BLOGGING

Actually i hope it gets even more packed than this ^.^

Also May got Wendy's house warming or maybe that's in June but still exciting!!! I went to looksee at her new place the other day and it's so huge! Compared to the newer HDB. And she got balcony i iz very very jelly. Lol. And her bathroom can see it's gonna be jellifying also =D

And then June is an awesome month itself cox i'm born in June lol. And Mich is born one day after me. So we can all celebrate our birthdays ^.^ I've been asking her what she wants so i can go hunt for it but this brandwhore keep saying she wants a Prada bag which cost $3k. Not that i don't love her but i don't agree to buying a bag for $3k. Okay maybe $1500 i buy for her. Lolol. That's the max i'd pay for a bag before it crosses my life principle. She's joking of course. But i'm super looking forward!!! Not to getting her the bag but to celebrate our birthday! I even booked cupcakes from Baked By Lace already! The yummiest cupcakes i've ever tried! Only the best for the best people! ^.^V

Oh if that's not good enough.. In June..


So happy and unbelievable i don't even.

Just super thankful for everything =))

Now i'm starting to collect clothes i can wear to Japan. Cannot throw face!!! Haha ^.^

Here are some outfits from Jipaban!

Simple gold mini dress. Perfect for work and night out. Yes i also know i is flat again. Lol.
Werk it.. Werk it..
Apple maxi dress ^.^ This one wear to Japan good hor?! =DDD
Flowy much.
*pout* Ke ai ma o.O
Victorian collar white top.
Perfect for work, right?!
Or maybe for Sunday brunch =D Get all of them at Jipaban!

Was at the press conference for Nat Ho's song release. Song title i bet most of you already know!

"UNLEASHED". It's a pretty catchy song!!! Sometimes i sing and boogie to it in the shower =X That's Nat doing one of the many many interview with the press and media that day.
Wendy and i at the lounge before the thing start. Yes i stole this picture from Wendy's blog. Lolol.
One with Nat!!! CONGRATS, Nat!!!!! ^.^
Look at them!!! Just like superstars!!!! =DD
Wendy's turn to share how she feel being in the MTV.

I was quite touched when Nat shared the process of getting here today, to fulfil his dream of being a singer and to answer to his passion for music. Dehell i couldn't believe he had to do so many stuff behind the scene!!! Even to chauffeuring the crew around to get things done. If i am as famous as him i am not sure if i can live it up!!! I cfm diva one, "Bring me my bird's nest yo! Chilled! NOW" Lolol.

And for all that he's gone through (one of it is to deplete his savings down to 2 digit) and come out of, still a nice, pleasant and positive person as he is today, he totally deserve everything great now!!!

And say really, his MTV is the most professionally done MTV ever produced in Singapore. Nat, this one is definitely yours!!! And your director's!!! =D

The album is gonna be out tomorrow so look out for it!!!

You can also buy the music online in iTunes or here.

Now watch the MTV and enjoy the music! And look out for Wendy hahaha. I always laugh (now i don't laugh already, i smile/ giggle only) when i see her. It's just surreal to see your friend in a MTV!
And don't forget to LIKE this video on Youtube ^.^

22 April 2012

QWeekly - I can be a judge o.O

New Budget Barbie episodes ^.^
Budget Barbie blogshop special! A few of the blogshops i'd always check for updates! Their stuff are cheaper than almost all other blogshops around. Watch where you can find fake eyelash with really soft lashbone, handmade and natural-looking at 10 pairs for $2.90!!! Also where you can brand news outfits for as low as $7.40. Or even lower if you buy just 2 more other pieces! Enjoy! ^.^

Budget Barbie Polyvore ep. See how i use less than $100 to do up an exact same look on Polyvore, that will cost about $2800 plus!!! Nuff said, watch and learn lolol.
- - - - - - - -
Judging for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation
TADANG~! #MeSupasta ^.^ Shit. Side by side i look quite different. Lolol.
Me and Brad arrived earliest and started fooling around with the backdrop. Lolol.
Still at it.
Zoe joined in a bit and that the three judges!
Told Brad to snap a "professional judge" shot for me. Lol. I fail. Professional judge always overdress + dress to steal limelight. My sailor kitty cannot fight with those SYT contestants lolol.
One more.
The contestants and Noah the guest appearance haha. He is actually quite funny!!! Fella dance and swag to music like a todler would, uncontrollably o.O Lolol. No to be exact, like a hyperactive todler.
Soo Wei the host. She is FUNNIEST ever host i've seen!!! Also, she deserves plus points for being pretty, and for being a lady. Usually funny hosts are guys. Also not as funny (and witty) as her!
After like 15 performances from the different teams, the winners are revealed! Second prize goes to Ruth Miao Ru! Congrats!!! Third goes to team Taffi but they couldn't make it that day.
First prize goes to Kitty on a Spaceship!!! Congrats!!! The top three teams deserve everything!!!

Also Ruth who won Cineleisure's Overnight Sensation title, they all deserve to win!!! Becox they worked a little harder than the rest of the teams, and did a little better. Also with a little luck, voter's support and their own 'whoring' out on social media, they managed to win. Simple as that =)

And i'm happy for them! They worked so hard for all the three challenges! I'm happy for all the rest who joined too! And i'm impressed by a lot of their performances that day! Some were really good at acting, some singing, some are just very likeable on stage. Haha. Good for you all~ Keep going! ^.^

But let's not forget who worked the hardest!!! Chris (second dude fro the left)!!! Thank you!!! It has been super super fun and interesting for me! Thanks to the people at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard as well! ^.^ Surely i'm looking forward to next year's! Haha. Promise i'd wear something nicer =X

18 April 2012

How we can be friends ^.^

I've been told by a few people on formspring that they'd love to be my friends (really one, some i never approve only haha) and they'd ask how they can be friends with me. So i randomly thought of a few things that matters to me, not listing the obvious ones like "you cannot be a serial killer" or "Must not be a slut who ONLY date married man" etc. You know, you gotta be a okay person for a start!!!

And if ever the chance come, we cross path and if we don't have to try too hard to talk more..

Here's my checklist.

You gotta be positive!!!

Be happy. Or at least, WANT to be happy. I have to be friends with people who are positive! And together we can only make things good! And we can always make things happen =)

Your favourite colour has to be NOT orange.

The other day i was at some organiser/ notebook shop with Huiwen and there were lotsa pastel colour ones.. The usual ones that look nicest were the blue, pink, purple, green.. Even yellow ^.^ Cox they are all in pastel shades.

So i ask Huiwen CASUALLY, "So what is your favourite colour leh!"

And to my horror.. She said "Orange" ^.^

No really, she gave a smiley face after she say orange like it is nothing wrong.


I mean.. Favourite colour cannot joke one you know!!! It says a lot about you!!! Lolol. How can she tell me her favourite colour is orange?! To me all i hear is "My favorite colour is WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS ANYMORE" Haha.

Don't ask why i dislike orange as a colour.. Unless you're a monk you don't wear orange in a big piece. So you can be okay with orange and you can don't mind having orange as a component of your getup but you cannot say orange is your favourite colour lah! Lol. It's something i cannot.. I just cannot..

You must have your eyesight checked.

Bad eyesight will lead to bad judgement when you make friends. So if you're friends with gross people who spread negative vibes all around, then you guys have a great time ba! =D I'd never wanna share anything with someone who hangs out with a time-bomb. I know you, you know her, she'd know me.

Yes, friendly twitter replies with gross people also put into consideration. LOL.

Let me carry it.

I cannot stand my gfs carrying bulky stuff or hold big plastic bags so i'd always offer to carry. Actually i'd offer to carry stuff for my dad and my bf too so please! If you're a girl, let me carry that shit. I feel like i'm stronger (and usually taller LOL) so it's very gao wei to see you carry until yaosi yaohuo when i can carry it without effort. I'd offer a few times so if you keep turning me down i'd feel like you're being very uncooperative!!! o.O JUST PASS THAT SHIT TO ME THANKS *grab*

Appreciate me.

This is quite hard cox i cannot say until i very nice if not very bhb. LOL. I guess i'd just say i am a positive person so we can rub that off each other and be even more positive. Lolol. And and, i enjoy getting stuff for my friends and family and bf and doggies =DDD

Appreciate my jokes and appreciate jokes.

This is ultimate hardest. I don't even know how to explain. Haha. I laugh the hardest when i am hanging with my good friends. Becox they always crack jokes. And the joke is usually on me.. No like really, i am the joke o.O Not sure if it's a good thing. Still, can't beat Peixi, she's a natural. LOL.

Becox i hope my friends appreciate the jokes (usually unfunny) i crack, i am totally okay with all their jokes even if it's on me! BUT if someone i don't know say the same things "Flat chested, ugly hair, attention-seeking whore" to me, i will flare up like it's war time. Lol. So if you wanna criticize me, we better be friends first. LOL. Like this you say what i also 100% won't get angry. I'd even be very thankful i have friends like you =D "Go eat shit, you piece of shit!" Still friends. Lolol.

If you love KTV, we're on.

If you fit the above criteria we're good to be friends but if you love KTV we are 100% good to go!!! No wait wait, Chinese songs mainly okay?! =D Let's go!!!

So that's that. A short list i made and it makes me appreciate the friends i have now, even more!!! =))

Becox we somehow meet each other, like each other, and somehow choose to stay in touch more often than being just hi-bye friends and somehow manage to become friends and stay so ^.^

I am so lucky!!!

Random also, but i tried to do the nails Shuyin did and shared here. Decided to try it cox it looks like the effect hologram nail polish gives!!! And hologram nail polish is overpriced i feel.

But i fail terribly LOL. It's not really like sponge nail art but she got use sponge!!! But my result is like what i did before here =( Not say super awful but cannot get the hologram effect!!! So in the end i don't care liao lah, i draw some leopard prints over it with jelly pens and call it a day. Lolol.

There.. The mixture of colour i use totally doesn't look hologrammy. Lol.
Mei Guan Xi! Next time i try again =D

Anyway if you/ your company is looking for printing services solution, be it for namecard, company stamp (pre-inked or rubber stamp), brochure, customised company envelope or customised letterhead etc!!! Anything that you/ your company might need printed on, please contact emmy@rjgroup.com.sg

She will give you a good quote promptly! ^.^ Thinking of making a namecard for myself becox the only name card i ever had was when i was a property agent and the picture on the namecard was not chio. Lolol. This time round i want the whole name card to be my face!!! Lolol.

Email emmy@rjgroup.com.sg if you/ your company's looking for printing solution!

16 April 2012

Singing video


Here's the background story.

I've always wanted to become a singer/ kindergarten teacher since i was young.

I wanted to be a singer becox i LOVE how Sammi Cheng can stand on the stage and so many people wanna shake her hands and so many people will die to pass her gifts at her concert!!! Also i love how singers always have the most beautiful clothes to wear ^.^ Mainly, i love the attention a singer can get!

I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher becox i like kids. CUTE KIDS, to be exact.

So when i turned 18 or so, i realise that i do not want to be a kindergarten teacher anymore becox only maybe 50% (or less) of the kids are cute. The rest are.. Never mind. And when i turned 22, i realise i am too old to be a singer if i didn't start getting proper training by 18.

So i moved on with life. Lolol. But now my life also is pretty awesome one! =DDD I also have pretty clothes, and have people telling me nice encouraging stuff! Thank you, Life!!!

BUT. I never stop singing!!!

I sing when i walk, i sing in the cab, i sing in the lift, i sing in the shower. Haha ^.^

I is the legendary 厕所歌后.

So there! A video of me singing =D My attempt to grab some of the attention. Lolol. 5 Songs!

他不爱我 - Karen Mok
人间 - Faye Wong
隐形的翅膀 - Angela Zhang
没那么简单 - Huang Xiao Hu
你还爱我吗 - Jolin Tsai

15 April 2012

QWeekly - Friends, Family and Food

All the fantastic things in life starts with F ifyouknowwhatimean.jpeg

Even "fantastic" itself have to agree. Haha.

And and, French fries. French fries is the best thing ever. Very random.

I don't have picture of food but i have pictures of my friends and family ^.^

Couple of weeks back we went for a yacht trip. I organised it for my dad's birthday but since we have space for more, i asked along some of my friends ^.^

I got this yacht trip from MOX Deals at an incredible price. It's $1116 (can take up to 23 pax) instead of almost $2033. So if you're gonna share the cost each pax pays slightly more than $45 for a 4hour ride! Thanks to Grand Cruise for this good deal!

The view as we set sail. Beautiful =)

Jayne, Huiwen and Wendy ^.^
Sophie, Huiwen, Wendy and Me
Zhen and Me
San Jie, Li En and Me
Birthday boy and me. LOL. My dad lah! =DDD
Me and Zhen again. But this Zack go and photobomb.
Ah okay come lah. His expression super tao zui. Lolol.
Aiming fail. Me, NiaoNiao (my sister) and my dad.
One more~
We spend most of the time just eating, enjoying the view, sitting on the front deck.
Those who choose to stay in the cabin can play with baby Yurou ^.^
Silhouette of Sophie. Nice not?! Quite art right =D
After dinner and KTV.. It's cake-cutting time =D Each daughter give my dad a kiss + ang bao. Lol. I arrange one. My 4th sis very competitive, keep asking me how much i bao. WO CAI BU GEN TA JIANG PLEASE. I confirm win one. Cox i bluff them say bao yige yisi can already. HAHAHA.
Super thanks to everyone who was there! My dad is happy =D So thank you!

13 April 2012

Some pretty pictures

To fill in the blanks =D It's Friday!!! If you're at home, hi five, no life! Trollol.

Super lotsa stuff to update about but i'd leave that to Sunday! Everyday i'm on high, happy-high.

One good news after another, i don't even know how to calm down.

Share more again!!!

Like the title says, pretty pictures.

All outfits from Jipaban, available in various colours.
So i took you all de advice and draw my eyebrows darker. Lolol. How now?! I also didn't use the white liner to line my waterline anymore. Zen yang?! =DDD
"I'm a supermodel" pose. Lolol. Aka "Look at my armpit" pose. I actually really love this top and this skirt especially!!! Love how they are soft and stretchable and comfy ^.^
Deng (瞪). Lolol. Okay all too unfriendly liao.
Tadah~ =DDD Smile~
Blue cape dress from Jipaban as well =)

One shoulder-neck pain pose. Lolol.
If you love elegant dresses with flowy details, get this cape dress! They have it in different colours ^.^

Alright i leave you here! Promise promise i'd come back with something good for you guys ^.^ But anyway, not like pretty pictures are not good enough. Haha. At least i update every other day!!! =D