28 October 2008

Have you guys had your lunch yet?

Go have your lunch already and stop hitting the refresh button like maniac in here okay? If you are dying to see a reply from people pertaining to your insults, then i'd give you one, and then you can stop humping on the "refresh" icon to see if your insults are being noticed, okay, Losers?

You wanna hear something from me?


I am still happily photoshopping my blogshop pictures to make myself prettier than pretty. What, what, what.

You sick of seeing the word pretty, okay.

I am gorgeous. Yummy. Chio. You hooligans prefer Chio?
HAHA. You are so concerned about me you can't take this.

Haiyah, talking to dumbheads is a waste of time. For the nicer ones who reads in here, HELLO GORGEOUS! I think you guys are hot because you are not as dumb as the rest! ^.^

And i am not dumb too, so i am hot hot hot!

Btw, don't ever use my name and post again, i have your IP okay, dumbhead.

Dumbhead, dumbhead.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yesterday NiaoNiao and i had our photoshoot for my blogshop and i think the pictures were GORGEOUS =)) I totally love them.

Will get them up and you guys please save some money and wait for my GORGEOUS clothings to be up okay. Haha.

Okay i gotta run, Lovelies!

Must go and read up more so that i can blog with substance.


26 October 2008

Err.. So if you think 10 cents isn't a big deal..

I'd tell you what it can do okay.

It can earn you a front page advertisement on the newspaper.

And peeps, it's not the reporter's fault. She didn't sit there all day just imagining news. I did write what she mentioned. BUT IN ENGLISH.

Just for a quick example, "You lil bitch!" can mean something very sweet within friends, right?! But if i had wrote that the cashier was a lil bitch, i bet it's gonna come out something on the Chinese newspaper like "洪秋婷还怒骂女收银员是只小母狗!"

You know, so i have nothing much to explaine cept that, i really don't mean that all China people are like that. I mean.. My beautician is a wonderful girl, she's from China. I have a few china friends, they're from China (err, repetitive), they're nice.

My most sincere thanks to the people who asked with concern.

It's actually even a lil funny cox i was just whining some time back to my love that i wanna be on a coverpage of a magazine. And that if that happens, i can die with no regrets. Now it's a front page of a newspaper. That makes a whole lot of difference, you know why?!

COX THERE IS ALMOST NO GOOD NEWS (at all) on the front page of the local chinese news paper. Err.. Except the 星期五周报 and some other chinese newspaper we get when we were still in school. Other than that, since when you see good news on local chinese newspaper? I said in my blog all the places that sells cheap clothings and introduce my very good facial centre to people. You think it'd come out in the newspaper that i was once a good person? No right. LOL.

So it's really okay!

But but but. Pertaining to the part about me encouraging people to slim down and that i promote artificial beauty. What?

I mean, if you are not happy with being slightly on the plump side, slim down lah. Not like my blog got gongtao to hypnotise you right.

And i don't know what artificial beauty the newspaper is referring to. But you tell me if i should photoshop my picture full-force.

So, you still prefer all natural?

I made my point. Not all China people (Hey, we are all chinese, you know!) are bad. You're an individual and you speak for yourself.

P.S, My dad is from China, that makes me half-cheena. So, i am not against any nationality, okay. Think about it, if someone was so rude to your mother, your younger sister who wouldn't dare to speak up, your aging granny who might be too blur to count the money right, would you be angry also? It's about her attitude, not her nationality.

P.P.S, Yes i should bear some respnsibilities for my words. Now i'd tell little young girls/ boys, STILL SPEAK UP. But don't try to inject funny genes in it. And, best if you blog in chinese if you stays in Singapore. HAHAHA. I'd still be me, a little funny.


22 October 2008

This One Stupid China Woman

I was at the supermarket buying my favourite gaga.

I bought two big packs, which would then be $3.40. I gave her $4 (AND I AM BEING VERY KIND ALREADY cox i saw a few $50 notes in my purse, and none small notes left, so for that split moment i decided to be kind between being difficult or being kind. So anyway that's my monologue-motions, LOL) and she should give me back 60cents, right? BUT SHE GAVE ME BACK like..

FIVE 10CENTS COIN. Damn. I should give her like 34 10cents coins in the first place, or like 68 5cents. But anyway, so the main point is she gave me 10cent short. 10 cent.

PrettyQiuting: 小姐, 对不起, 你只给我五毛.
StupidChinaWoman: 不. 六毛.

LIU MAO?!?!? MAO YOUR CURLY PUBIC HAIR LOH!!! Mao!!!! I hate you!

PrettyQiuting: Err.. 没有五毛而以leh. 你看.
StupidChinaWoman: 是不是收到钱包里了.
DamselInDistress: 没有.
Devil: 你倒出来看看呀!

KAN NI MA DE TOU!!!! I got like plenty of coins inside, sure got 10cents. Then what, all from you is it?!?! You dumbhead. FIRST OF ALL, do i look like someone who will cheat you of your 10cents?!

I got fairy wand, flowers, no makeup still look like have (lie), natural orange light glow at my back and one vending machine lol, so tell me, in which way do i look like i will cheat your 10cents.


SECOND OF ALL, if you are not trying to cheat your own company and customers all together (which is not surprising from her, somehow), why you give me back all ten cents? To confuse me right?! Why not like 50cent + 10 cent, or like three 20cents.

HUH?! WHY?! Why all 10cents?! WHY?! ANSWER ME! *slap slap slap and a kick* to send her back to where she belongs, you know, where all of such con-artist unite..

And then the last part of the conversation was the worst i could ever endure from her.

Damsel: 那些是我自己的。
Devil: tsk.. *rolleye ball and gin me before returning me the 10cents*


I GOT VERY PRETTY LEGS YOU KNOW?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

Ah, this post can go on forever, i can curse her and her whole clan. You know, for the milk, and the past many incidents and this morning i saw on the newspaper her clan added some nice smelling stuff to the rotten crab to make them smell like good normal crabs and then sell them. Sigh. They are really weird right? Like cave people living in urban city, they don't mind killing their own people just so long they can have the money to survive. Survive for what, i don't know. If i have to be so evil to just survive (not even to get rich!), i am not so sure if i still should survive.

Anyway, this one china woman is stupid to the max already. She tsk me you know, i can't believe it. She also gave me the face when she rolleyes in disbelief that i will go to that extend for that 10cents.

同志, 10cents can do a lot of things you know. Like going to the public loo. You let me shit in your mouth lah, i give you the 10cents. If not, WHY SHOULD I GIVE IN WHEN it's MY 10CENTS?!

AH. Stop. I should stop. She totally offended me on the wrong day. It's my first day of AV (Auntie Visit) today.

I will go back there again and dress up different, and buy the same thing, give the same amount to be changed. If she gives me five 10cents again, i will call her boss out and then call the police. HAHAHA. Yay~~~~~ YAY!!! Think only i very happy already! =D


19 October 2008

Kusu Island 2008

Off we went to the childhood beach. I didn't manage to figure out how come the things i toally love to do when i was a child, doesn't even seem the least appealing now. So it's true to a certain extend that people always change.

But weird is! The things i love to do as a child, is still done by the kids now! So, I AM NOT THAT OLD RIGHT?! *self-denial*

See AhBong (aka RobertYong) and his girlfriend Baby Naomi (Err.. Yes, in a two peice).
Kids, lovely..

I am still looking forward to every years Kusu trip. But the next time i swear i would bring a bucket of sunblock and three pails of ice, water. And if good, a personal portable toilet.

Some traditions are bad but should never die..

MY TEETH SAGA is almost dyig down! Not THAT painful anymore.



16 October 2008

ChinaSquare quite a while ago!

So i went to have some fun being flea market aunties with the rest of the Ang's sisters. JoeyMa was kind enough to visit with a lot of food! BUT VERY SAD TO SAY, my sisters ate most of it. It's no wonder my bulid is different from the rest of my sisters.

Niao & I, Chili Sister!!! LOL! Same clothing, same hairstyle!

2nd, Me, Geneice and Niao

4th & I on the swing, acting korean. And the brat Naomi at the back!

This is my 4th sister, TANAT, you likey?!

The last few weeks, i started to fall in love with pretty vintage tees. It's really hard to find anything that is cheap and still suits me you know. Cox it has to be.. Slim cut, long enough, and not costing beyond $6! Actually i am already stretching at $6. I usually only go for $5 or three for $10. HAHA. Anyone wants me to conduct a course on savvy shopping? LOL.


I wore this tee to work one day and IT TOALLY GOT NOTICED OKAY. By some art teacher. SEE, I SO GOT TASTE!!!

I love 1980's
Yes, i do do do!

And oh oh, did you notice my pretty pink bag? I found a matching umbrella for it too. AND A MATCHING PURSE!




Bad things do happen..

And only the great people walk out of it, better, stronger.. Than ever..

I am really bad at words, generally.

So simply put, I am sorry for your lost.. Must be so difficult.. I wish you all the strength, wisdom and Graceful thoughts that you'd need.

Just, be strong.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I went for my dentist visit and as you can see, i survived to blog about it. In short, my bigbig molar has been extracted cox it's really bad. My TRULY FELT, EXPERIENCED advice for everyone is to.. Brush your teeth twice a day from the day you learn how to. I must say i am suffering from being a bad child. Who only started to really make brushing teeth a daily routine during my Poly days. Haha.. Must be under the stress from my Polymates who really despise my hygiene standard. And having a boyfriend means you really need to prepare for a smooching kiss anytime. Err, whatever.

Random insertion

Don't know if anyone noticed yet but actually i am in a kinda down mood. Like, i bleed non-stop and blood doesn't taste good. I ate only 5 durian puffs when i can eat 10. I can only eat porridge for quite sometime when i am going to Golden Mile food market tomorrow. I want to sleep but all the Panadol extra has quite a bit of caffeine which is keeping me awake now to vent my frustration. I am writing a long and sort of meaningless entry cox i'd probably be fine tomorrow morning.

So having said that my day was really kinda bad, i want to tell the ones who don't have a life, to.. Hmm, for once, PHUCK OFF. You don't care, actually. So why try so hard to bother me to bother about you? Why don't you guys, go to the library or bookstore, get some self-help books like, "Getting a life, For Dummies" or something like "What am i doing, God?" or like "I need to get a life, Qiuting once told me" or like "What does it mean to get a life, serisouly?"

You know, something along those lines. Cox really, i am tired of how you guys are just out to get something out of me to make yourselves feel better about yourselves. Like.. I am really, quite a nobody. So try your luck somewhere else, okay? Maybe in the library or just with someone else who'd be willing to give you that bit of dignity.

We all try to be kind, i am being kind even now. Cox one fine day, you would have grown out of this, and you'd know you'd wasted so much youth when you were young.

And then maybe you can sell the self-help books to other people.

Anyways. Kusu Island trip is on Saturday and i really hope i'd be able to eat a lot by then. How often you get to eat a lot without feeling bad. AND. Dora's birthday party is on the next Saturday, and you know what is going to help end this post happily?



It's always simpler to be happy or sad.
Whatever, it's your choice.

QiuQiu with no regrets,
anything for chocolate and candies

11 October 2008


Good bye the world.

I am going to visit the dentist on Wednesday.

Just dramaing.

But i am really kinda scared.


07 October 2008

Will be Busy for a few days!

Not afraid to look silly in PINK

I hope you all will always remember to be appreciative for the nice things that happen to you. It doesn't have to be that way, so we must be so blessed =))

Sure i know i am!


06 October 2008

What have you been up to?!

Alright, i really can't think much so i'd just show you pictures okay!

Dating back a week plus ago!

I went to ECP for picnic with my buddies. It was an outing that i planned, and,

it toally SUCK.

Okay to be fair, the food was fine, but can you please see into the picture, you saw a bloody SUN-TANNING lotion right? There, the bottom right of the picture.. I actually told my dear friend here,

Mr Koh Ming Zhou to bring a..

SUNBLOCK lotion!!!!


You all know what is block right?! To BLOCK is to shield, to siam, to SIAM FROM THE SUN!!!

But of course you can see from his picture why he brought sun-tanning lotion.

But he is still my friend because he got this silver-at-the-outside umbrella, which would bounce off the sun and harmful rays, i guess. So the whole time, my cute Tshirt and i stayed under the umbrella. HAHA.

Loser by the beach

So we went KTV at some really cheap place with decently up-to-date songs and everyone paid $5 ONLY. Can you believe? On a Sunday some more!

YongMing with his Optical-Zoomable camera, picture one.

Joo and PeiXi. Err.. Peixi is the one in pink. Joo, i am just helping you make things clear.

And then dinner was at.. Aston!!! ^.^


Miss MongYou. Okay, actually just Madam Kristie.

Little Miss JooSan. Literatelly.

The one in pink is Peixi =)))


And lastly YongMing with his Optical-Zoomable camera, picture two.

Which sadly the camera doesn't take proper picture. LOL. I mean you see it right, all the pictures were taken by my camera. Haha.. And yet Ym choose to mingle with his bulky camera all the time. Don't know for what!

And then we are still good friends.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Moving on to Baby Naomi's sports day!

She is the biggest size in the whole school. Sigh..

As you can see, she really is. LOL.

After three games..

She got a silver medal. And the game that i and i took part together, we got FIRST!!!! YAY~ $20 NTUC voucher. Haha. That's my cup of tea man.

P.S There were only three teams.

Will be back for fleamart with sisters and Kusu Island soon to come!


02 October 2008

I am quite a smartass!

This is my sister, QiuPing

And nope. She don't look like me. I SAY NOOOO!!!







Okay, now we look quite alike.

After XiaXue post the pictures of the people who photoshop her ta-glam picture, then i show you what i did to her okay.

I am quite a smartass!

November faster come and i want to tell you guys my Xmas wish!