30 August 2013


You know how important mood is?


Say one day i go buy meepok, if the auntie is in a good mood, she will give me extra deep fried pork lard as i requested. And then i'd be in a good mood. There will be bonus good mood for my mood bar that day. And then i will be more tolerant to nonsense and i probably will just laugh it off.


If somehow, somehow, i am in a bad mood, thanks to bad weather, thanks to long Q, thanks to whatever didn't go my way, the whole day would go differently.

Like today. I mean large part of it was good, after a long time, Dotty, Jialing and me finally could find time to meet up and they got me lotsa stuff from overseas as usual ^.^ And i had a really good time laughing and laughing with them ^.^

But then we had a foul-faced waitress at P.S Cafe Palais Renaissance, she whole time damn cb face spoil people's appetite, never mind. Gave me something that wasn't what i wanted (thou it did turn out tasting pretty alright) and when we ask for exchange she was like "LOOK, whatever you had at other outlets we don't always serve the same" blablabla and i was like "LOOK, i said i wanted crab cake cox i had that at Ann Siang, you said it's called the crab tart, but now i see it, it's not the crab cake i wanted that i described to you earlier. How would i know what name exactly you guys name the dishes"

So she gave a face like her cat just died (and that i possibly have killed it) and walk away with our orders and starting talking agitatedly to her colleagues. Eventually they didn't want to change the crab tart for us but gave it to us FOC though we declined and say we'd have the crab tart and pay for it.

But the crab tart only came back 15 mins later O.O Me and Dotty didn't really dare to eat much of it in case.. You know.. I just don't wanna take the risk.

And then when i get home i saw an email from a whothefuckhethinkheis asking me if i am keen to join him for a food invite cox the PR company who invited him, told him to bring another (actually i don't know what does another mean, does it mean he is one, i am the another other? Lol, you get what i mean) popular blogger who loves food to join him.

And that if i am keen to join him for the food-tasting invite i gotta text him at his cellphone number ASAP. Below were my first reactions..


"What makes him think i will wanna join him in the first place he is not even my friend and if i want to go to a food-tasting i still need him to invite me to tag along him meh what the fuck is this"


"Omg omg omg i am sooooo angry lah Darling!!! Like ERM HOW ABOUT NO AND YOU GO AND KILL YOURSELF ASAP" Josh was all like..

"Aiyah forget it lah just ignore him lor.."

I am like NO NO NO I AM VERY ANGRY. How can people just think they bo dai bo ji can "Text me ASAP" like who they think they are lah can just get my number! It's like those people who email me asking me to tell them where to buy this and that as seen on my blog, and to text them ASAP.

Like who they think bloggers are, some kind of call center? Ah boh they get bang by car that time or they want someone to go out for supper at 3am, they can email me ask me to call / text them ASAP also lor, since they think my number is so freely accessible like some kind of 1-800 toll free hotline.

Moral of the story, 不要跟我乱认亲 - Don't act all close with me.

I can tell when someone is a nice reader who have known my chao pattern for years, months or whatever. Like some readers can even tweet me / leave me comments to scold me jokingly or to dig fun at me, and i totally am fine with it. They know i am okay with it! You guys know who you are haha. Especially love you guys cox you guys can take a joke as it is and is supportive and sweet =)

But when someone is just "I'd try my luck with her and see if i can get something out of it" then you better save your energy. I don't do niceness for people who don't deserve it.

ESPECIALLY NOT WHEN I AM IN A BAD MOOD. Like. The other day last month my gfs were out with me and i told them jokingly "Eh 不要弄我 leh 我要来那个了" - Don't mess with me, my menses is coming. Lolol.

Then they ask me, "Is there any week in the month that you are in a good mood, can you tell us"

I started to count.. Two weeks before my menses come, i have PMS. That's when my temper is the worst, which is like NOW. Lol.

One week during my menses, i am irritable and moody but not so angry.

And i feel BEST when my mense is over so that's about one week in the month left.

Lololol. So they say next time wanna meet me have to set date during that one week. Lolol.

We call it the Golden Week. Hahaha.

So you see. Mood is very important. If i was in a good mood today and have nothing trigger me off to a point, there won't be this blogpost.

And there won't be a reminder to tell you how to get people to do things for you at the right time.

When you can master this art, you can achieve great success and possibly..

Avoid many wrath from your girlfriend and wife, if you are a man. Lolol.

28 August 2013

My skincare regime

Alright~ I've been asked quite a lot of times how i improved my skin, what skincare products i use and how i deal with acne etc.. So answers are all in the video! =D

Subscribe to me on Youtube lah, once i reach 15,000 subbies i will do a MASSIVE giveaway =D

You can start thinking about what skincare, makeup, bags, clothes and accessories i will include in the giveaway haha ^.^

Here's the video of the skincare products i am using for now ^.^

Now without makeup i look something like this.. Haha.

My skin is definitely not perfect, and i still have old acne scars but overall it's pretty good enough for me! And also the dark eye circles just won't go away one lah, given the time i sleep =(
As you can see, thou not very clearly cox i use iPhone camera haha, that i especially have scarring on my forehead and on my right cheeks.

You might not think much of this and think that my skin still suck or whatever but i haven't had good skin in most part of my life. It got very bad when i was in poly hahaha. You know, love relationship really stress the shit out of you. And to be fair, i haven't done skincare properly until just 2 months ago. Before that i start and stop, start and stop.

And when i start after i stop, i get sicked of the products i used or i just don't think they are good for me. BUT!!!!!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN..

The VISIONNAIRE range of products from Lancome is the FIRST EVER product range that i finished =OOOO I used it up in two months. This is their polishing cream moisturizer, i also finished up their pre-corrector (toner) and corrector (serum) =OOO I am so proud of myself.
There. First time ever i finish a routine skincare product. It's great, when i was using it my skin feels overall brighter and more evenly-toned =DDD Thank you Lancome for sending them to me!

Don't say mask lah, i am on my second tub for the Laneige sleeping pack mask, it's finishing up soon, going on my third haha. But cannot count that in cox that is used in big amount and only used once or twice a week =D

So the Visionnaire range of products are the first ever that i used up til the very last drop O.O Haha.

Now i started on Laneige waterbank gel cream as you can see in the video and some other products that i highly recommend! You can watch the video to find out ^.^

A filtered otherwise untouched picture of me on another day.

If you still think it's nothing impressive.. You probably didn't know i go through this phase in life where i feel very very depressed and unmotivated and feel so ugly that i don't go out.

And i think i cried once or twice looking into the mirror and i'm thinking "WHY THE FUCK WON'T YOU GUYS LEAVE ME ALONE"

Long story cut short, bad skin will only make you feel more stress and with more stress you get more pimples and with more pimples you get more stress and with more stress?

You get my point.

So with bad pimple outbreak, you tend to hate makeup on your skin but there's a need on them.

I have one advice for you, don't totally go without makeup if you have very bad skin. I know you'd keep feeling like you should let your skin breathe and all but think about it!

The dust outdoor and fumes and all,if they get into direct contact with your skin, it's even worst lah i feel. Still put, but choose a light coverage one and don't get cheapass ones that might clog your pores.

And, get a good cleanser. I feel hor, cleansers are more or less the same, but it works differently for different skin types, so you just have to find a type that you feel most comfortable with.

In any case, if you're wondering how bad my skin was exactly.. Brace yourselves..

(my long time readers already know lah, so don't need to pretend shocked hahaha)

This is me in October 2010 ='(

Okay i tell you how i got better okay.

NUMBER 1 - Feel better.

Feeling depressed didn't help me cox i snack to feel better. And all those chips is no good. So i just have to believe it will and that it can get better lor. It's damn hard but you gotta try.

Number 2 - Go for a one time extraction

Be it a laser treatment to let them acne burst and dry up and drop off your face, or if you can take the pain, go to a reputable beauty salon and have professional extract those shit out for you.

Having said that, regular extractions also is not good lah, it tugs on the skin and stress out the skin quite a fair bit. And three days after extraction you really is look sore and red one.


After extraction, you might feel your skin get better on the third day BUT DON'T SLACK! You have to do your skincare regime EVERYDAY, TWICE A DAY.

If you do only during night time, and then leave it on the whole day, you gonna regret also, cox all the good products will get mixed up with the oil and sweat you secrete during the day. And then it'd all be a oily mess and then it'd clog your pores and then you're back to square one.

On what products you should use, i say go with your feeling.

If you feel the product works, and so long as it doesn't feel too tight / dry / oily for you, then i say go ahead. Even the most expensive products don't work for everyone. Cox we all have different skin types. So go out there and try. But one good tip is, always let your friends be guinea pigs hahahaha.

Only spend on what they say is good. Lolol. The beauty junkies that i listen to are Wendy and Michie. Michie listens to her other good friend, Cam. And Cam is a hardcore beauty and makeup junkie.

So whatever they say is good, i'd go try if i feel intrigued enough haha. In this case i don't spend too much trial and error-ing =X

All the products in the video above are of what i'm using now, some sponsored, mostly bought. Out of which, one of the pimple gel that i included in the video is the best shit ever.

You know what i hate about most pimples cream?!



I don't want that!!! Why you push this annoying bastard back into my skin!!! I don't feel good about this! I want them out! One time i used a pimple cream and it push my huge pimple back in within 4 days and i was like "NOOO i've been waiting for it to be ripe for four days!! Now it's gone back in!"

I want it to come out! The pimple cream i introduced in the video all dries up your pimple ultra fast and depending on the size of your pimple, you can expect to see a hard dried up pimple seed and it'd drop out with a light scratch at the end of 1 day or 2 days *thumbs up*

Alright! I hope if any of you guys are going through a rough patch (for real) with your skin, have faith and be diligent! I've had girls telling me they have bad skin and asking me for solution..

And when i ask them what skincare products they use, they say they don't.

Well bad news is you have to put in some fair share of effort, but good news is..


- You will save A LOT of time spent in concealing flaws on your skin during makeup =D

- You will feel sooooo much better about yourself when you look into the mirror during shower, without makeup =)))

Good luck and have fun trying out all the products that have affinity with you

25 August 2013

Sunday is for feeling better

Past week i met with a couple of obstacles while trying to get things started and i can't help but to think that i am just not good enough.

But i stopped myself right there and i think.. I am pretty good enough for many people!

But then i think again..

I am not good enough for myself.

And that's true.

Underperforming, underworked but over-motivated.

But it's okay! I have decided to just keep it going =D Holiday break is coming! =DDD

Sunday is for feeling better about yourself =DDD To new beginnings, to more exciting projects!

Gonna head out to go find Wendy and Baby Dash now. It's great they jio dinner in Punggol cox that means i get to see Dash Dash without feeling like i disturb on their family weekend haha.

Also, yesterday Baby Yurou tell me "我不要你了啦" and then say sorry sorry sorry when i pretend to cry hahaha. She is soooo talkative and grown up now. She had a bar of snickers yesterday and she was told by her dad to go offer to others and see if we want a bite, she did, go to everyone with her bar and she told everyone "这个你不要吃的 hor?" =_________=" What kind of sincere offer is this.

Hahaha. Babies and kids that you like are the best things.

24 August 2013

You touch my heart

It's 6am and i am reading through the entries from DocDoc.com "Tell Your Story" contest.

Actually i am reading only 26 entries, painstakingly shortlisted by the team at DocDoc, from 1600 over entries.

I am happy to hear your stories. I really am.

And i thank you if you ever said you feel happy for me, for the changes i did to my face. Becox a kind heart and a kind wish from you to me, means a great deal.

Reading through the stories gave me really mixed feelings.

For one i feel happy that so many people wants to be better for themselves, for their family, for their spouse. Some of them write in in hope to win the $5000 for medical usage for their family members.

Another part of me feel really helpless cox you realise there is just one prize.

But most part, i feel thankful. Thankful that DocDoc made it happen for me. And is now making it happen for someone else. One very special person.

We don't know who yet. But i have a few in mind.

I was briefed to put into consideration the story behind each submission, and to factor in if $5000 would be sufficient to solve their concern.

But i feel that in life, no matter what you do, happiness should be the key.

So i am going to think about who would be happiest with that cash prize.

No matter what the outcome is.. I just wanna thank you for sharing with me your story.

I had the honor to read the top 26 stories.

And you guys really touch my heart. I truly wish for you, that your wishes will come true and i hope in good faith that you will not give up before it happens. Becox it will happen.

Remember, to hang on? =)

I had wanted a nose job when i was 13. I finally had one when i was 26. 13 years is not too long a wait for a good job done haha.

Thank you.. You.

Thank you, DocDoc.

22 August 2013

Just hang on lah!

I want to ask you all something.

I've been asking people around me. And i always force / guilt trip them to giving me the answer i want. And i hope they will also choose that option IF that scenario ever happens. WHICH.. Is highly unlikely.


Okay. Think about ONE dish / food that you HATE.

Nothing gross like raw intestine / kangaroo balls. Nothing too Fear-Factor-ish okay.

Like example, i don't take beef for many many reasons (nothing religious) and i can almost say i hate it for the smell. And i also feel a  bit uneasy when i see the blood in it on people's plate. All i can think of is the documentary "Monsters Inside Me" O.O =X

My bestfriend Mich HATES all diary products. Especially the non-discrete kind like cheese, milk, butter and yogurt. Lol. But things like cookies (also got milk in the recipe right?) or like ice cream or like chocolate, the discrete kind she is neutral to it i guess? Like don't hate but don't love.

She can gag at cheese and milk stuff. For the smell, the texture, the whatever i can never understand i mean I LOVE MILK AND I LOVEEEE CHEESE!!! Okay.

And then my other gf Zhen, HATES almond jelly. Like maybe when younger she tried and puked, then she hated the smell of that and now she can't even really stand the sight of it.

And then my other gf Gem don't take pork and same thing lah, she can puke if she taste pork. Recently i had a realisation that.. She can't take Bakwa during CNY =OOOO So i'm like "OMG that's damn sad then what you eat?!" She say chicken bakwa. That's like eating chicken Bat Kut Teh. No kick. Lol.

So i ask them..

If you are stranded on an island.. And the purpose for keeping you on the island is purely to annoy you by cooking the food you hate most, for you, EVERYDAY, THREE MEALS A DAY, for 3 months, and to see if you would eat the food and survive.. Or just die?! Cox of starvation.

You will confirm guarantee chop be released back into your own home and life after 90 days.

The meals will be cooked nicely and it'd be of decent taste but it'd be of the dish you dislike. Example if you hate pork, it'd be like breakfast HAM (pork one ah don't say can turkey or not lolol) and scrambled eggs, lunch Bat Kut Teh, dinner Pork chop with mushroom sauce. Lolol.

You can't miss a single meal and you must finish it. Lolol.

All my friends say they would rather die.

I ask Josh (he hates cheese) the same question and he's by far the only one who say he will eat cox boh bian. VERY GOOD. I think i marry the right man cox if my husband tell me he'd rather die than to eat a food that he dislike, and forsake coming home to see me in 90 days, i don't think he's sensible enough lah hahaha. Like what a wimp!

So i somehow manage to pressurize Gem and Zhen to choose survival over choice of food cox somehow you'd get used to it no matter how yucky it taste and smell at first.

Also, YOU CAN LIVE after that!!! And just go back to your own life, and see the people you love.. And everything will be good. So why not just suck it up!! Lol.

I tell them "WHAT?!?! You'd rather die?! I mean why would you choose to die!!! You so damn weak omg. If you live on you can eat all your favourite food after 3 months!!! And what about your bf? You don't want to meet him ever again? Huh? What about your family? You'd rather die?! Omg you're so ungrateful to the gift of Life"

Lololol. So they're like "AH OKAY LAH OKAY LAH I EAT I EAT" lolol.

Very good.

But i can't convince Mich to eat cheese and drink milk to survive =((( She say she'd rather die cox she just really can't. I think she say say only lah. I mean if the island organiser give her HL milk (which in my opinion is the best milk ever lolol) and Brie (my favourite cheese) with fruits everyday, she don't want meh?!?!?! I want! Lol.

So i ask myself.. Would i survive if i am on that island and i have to eat beef dishes everyday and i'm like.. BRING IT ON!!! I'd probably try to be on good terms with the chefs and ask them to make my beef totally fully confirm guarantee well done instead of rare / medium rare / medium well.

But i mean if this is non-negotiable it's also okay lah, no matter what death is not an option.

I mean if you're dead then there's nothing to fight and look forward to anymore. Totally game over. You know what i mean. But so long as you're still alive..

Who knows?! You can plot against people on the annoying island who fed you your most hated food for 3 months. Lolol. You can

1) Capture all the organisers of the annoying island and put them in your annoying island and serve them food they hate

2) Set up a more annoying and more challenging island with more annoying programs like 90 days with someone you hate most, doing the most romantic stuff hahaha.

Imagine that. Maybe then, there's a chance you'd like that person. Just like how annoying island is trying to make you be okay with the food you are fussy / picky over.

Oh my god. Let's capture all the kids who don't take their vegetables and throw them on the annoying island!!! And force them to have vegetables!!! Yeah that's a great idea!!!

If i am the president i would set up an annoying camp. No eat the food you dislike, no leave camp. Lolol.

Actually my point is.. No matter what hardship / problem you face.. You should just hang on!!!

Cox better days is always ahead =D

Okay i hope you have fun finding out who are the people who treat life lightly *rage face* around you! Lolol. And have fun asking yourself the same question and have fun trying to persuade people to make the same choice as you.. To live or to die! Lolol.

Okay enough about hanging on. I rambled a lot but i think this is my strategy to encourage my friends to choose.. LIFE~ Hahaha. I can't believe so many of them are quitters *rage face* YOU ALL ARE NOT FIT TO BE MY FRIEND! Lololol. But okay lah, after a lot of pressurizing from me, i think all of them will choose to live lol.

Here are some pictures of me hanging out with some of my favourite good people! ^.^

With Wendy and Cheesie ^.^ Cheesie came to Singapore the other day =D And then we had some shopping (but she never ever contribute to Singapore economy one this one lolol) and then dinner and then before we head back to Wendy's place to see Baby Dash, we camhoed in the toilet lolol.
And at the elevator lol.
And another day with Zhen (L) and Mich (R) before Mm flies off =D This was quite long ago! Japan is sure a nice place to be but I can't wait for her to come back fast =(
Gem and i! ^.^
And this was on another day after Furby event! Me and Yutaki ^.^
And with everyone at dinner!!! Miyake, Rykiel, Wendy, Shuyin, Sophie and Yutaki =D
When we were in the car we were joking about how if the car crash, Singapore will lose a lot of great bloggers at one shot. Lololol. Ahem.

Okay lah don't say dee. I shall go think about what will make me give up life.

Actually have leh. Like if the question was harder, like, "Eat shit for 90 days or die" then i really rather die lah. That's why i damn cannot understand why anyone would choose to die when i got say that the meals will be cooked nicely and won't be gross like raw / bloody.

Hahaha. I am not sorry if this sounds damn boh liao to you cox it means a lot to me haha. Like i enjoy talking people out of suicide in the imaginary scenario i created for them.

You see, this is passion for life. Lolol.


20 August 2013

I love myself

Sup~ This is a very self-involved blogpost and serves no meaning in making mankind any better.

But i just wanna tell you I AM IN LOVE WITH MYSELF AND MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!

Tomorrow i'd be having a meeting with my favourite beauty store buyer about GIRLYlash =DDD

If i can have my products at their store(s), i'd be over the moon!

And my schedule for the rest of this month is more or less fixed. It's mostly work work work, but i think it's all good cox next month i am heading for Hong Kong Disneyland thanks to Nuffnang!! =D

On a roll~!

Below is nothing but my self shots. And a singing video. So you may go now. Lolol.

Using one of my favourite lip product - Revlon Lip Butter + Shu Uemura lip gloss. I have it in like 6 or 7 shades O.O Bought them in Bangkok cox they have newer + more shades and is much cheaper!

Don't know how to caption my self shots and "Omg i look here" is a bit too much hahaha. Kidding lah. And "kidding lah" doesn't make it less buay paiseh.. So..

Don't caption better. Lol.

This is my cover of 天黑黑 a song by Stefanie Sun =) The front part i really went off tune hahaha.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel lah, i'd be planning a big giveaway video when i hit 15,000 subscribers! =D Next up will be my skincare routine video! =D

Alright~ Anyway, quick update about the DocDoc Tell Your Story contest, the winner is going to be announced on the 24th of August!!! =OOO This Saturday!!! I am excited also!!!

Okay don't say liao! Bye bye.

18 August 2013

What a week ❤

Hello! Here i am mobile blogging again =DDD I hope i for real figure out how it works becox previously it screwed up my blog view on phones.

Thanks for informing me, those who did! I informed Lionel from Ripperwerkz and he fixed it really fast so now i am trying again to determine whether blogging on mobile Blogger app is the culprit lol. So if my blog screws up and can't be zoomed out on your phone again, let me know! I don't know how you can read this paragraph if it is screwed up but if you are patient enough to come to the desktop to load my blog again maybe you will. Haha. I got too long-winded again right.

OKAY WHATEVER. Haha. Alright some snaps from my phone again!

Went for radio interview with the Nuffnang bloggers and the DJs were all really funny! Here are some people i manage to snap a picture with! Clockwise..

Ridhwan (From Ah Boys to Men) lepak one corner with me lol, he was very nice lah, go prepare foor with Jian Hao who invited us all on the show and who was really really nice and hospitable he and Ridhwan prepared like lotsa food for everyone but the only one.. Who ate them non-stop was Peishi lolol. Don't see she small size small size O.O She eat like a.. (As one of the DJ say, beast) lolol.And one with Rachell who just had a major haircut =O It's crazy, no need transition one, from duper long to ultra short. Haha. But it turned out nice so good for her!

A picture with some of the girls who came down to say hi and let me style them at the GUESS event ^.^ Thank you guys soooo much!!!

Here's some self-shots haha.

Full outfit from GUESS.

The denim shorts make my legs look longer hor haha. Very good.

Okay last one.

Some cuppies at the event.

Haryani a reader who looked super damn good in her perfect fit of GUESSjeans and totally working it. I think she bought it in the end with a $30 discount ^.^ by hasgtagging #GUESSjeans of yourself trying on the denims you can enjoy the discount too!

Me with Siu Qi ^.^ Who is only 13 years old! She's soooo cute and polite and her got her mum to bring her to the event ❤ And her mum waited really patiently for her while she try on the outfits! Thank you ah ^.^

With Caren!! I think she super super great in those denims!!! The jacket and the jeans both! Thank you for the gift also ah next time don't need get me anything but thank you ^.^ And help me thank your sister for letting me style her also! ^.^

With a reader Agnes and Shamin the REAL denim specialist! I don't know what i'd do without Shamin that day!!! Thank you Agnes for dropping by and for letting me throw on so much clothes for you hahah. Fly high babeh~ ^.^

One more with Shamin, superhero of the day. If you wanna get help in finding your perfect fit, you must look for her =D She works at Paragon GUESS store ^.^ Any denim specialist will be good too but i see how enthusiastic, truthful, helpful and knowledgeable Shamin is about denims cox whole day she help me and the readers so much! So big big thank you!!!

One more that i manage to find in my phone! A readers from Malaysia ❤ Thank you for popping by!!! ^.^

Sorry if i missed anyone out cox too busy couldn't get a picture on my phone with everyone! But thank you if you took tome to drop by to say hi =)))

Here's one with two other bloggers doubling up as denim specialist that day!

Jayne and Fay! Nice working with you guys!!! We are all decked up in GUESS outfits haha.

One with the GUESS people who were all super helpful that day ^.^ Thank you guys!!! Everyone so energetic and fun, makes the day so enjoyable haha.

One with the Nuffies ^.^ Thank you guys for burning your Saturday to accompany us and work alongside and be out assistants ah hahaha. We damn pro, denim specialist for one day only got like 6 assistants to be our 左右手 lol.

Okay one of me! Do you want another one?


Me! Haha. What, another one?


Okay lah really last one of my self shot. Anyway i REALLY love how fat-grafting is working on my face =D DocDoc will have more updates so i'd share again! For one we're meeting the top entries from Singapore and then shortlist their stories along with the top entries from overseas before we finally pick the winner of the $5000 cash =O I am excited to go through the stories with the DocDoc team!

How about me + Baby Yurou? I don't want call her baby yurou anymore i call her Naughty Yurou! Cox that's what she is!! Haha.

I was forcing Ah Bong (her brother) to snap a picture with me, he refuse so we struggle and wrestle a bit =__= Why he refuse to snap picture with me i don't know but one day i will make him *rage face*

Then this Naughty Yurou come and smack my thigh and say "Oie! Gor Gor 我的嘞!!" =__=

你的就你的啦! 要打人的 meh! Lolol.

Then WHATEVER she wants you must give her. If not she will fake cry (but fake until very real) and then complain about you to the WHOLE family. "那个臭爷爷咯!" And try to get you on her side. Haha. Sibeh manipulative.

Me with Naughty Yurou's mum, my 4th sister, Dirty Pearl. Lol. We don't look alike hor *谢天谢地* lolol.

I love days just spending time at her house with my dad and Yurou and my other dirty sister will drop by sometimes cox she stays near to my si jie.

So she often goes over for free food and free electricity cox she slways talk about bringing her electronics to Si Jie house to charge lol. Gian bng.

The other day at si jie's place we were all watching UFC boxing match on TV and i ask around.

"Why men can go topless and show their nehnehpok to everyone but woman cannot?"

Some answers were like..

"Cox men de nnp is smaller, girls bigger"

I'm like, "Not true. That guy topless on TV for example, has bigger tits than me"

Then more answers were like "The guys show it cox they wanna show muscle and show how strong they are" or like "the guys npp shape is different than that of the girls"

Weak. All the answers are very weak. Lol. I'm thinking there's no answer to it. So i shall forever put on clothes and bra for a msyterious reason.

Ending off the post of the dumplings / gyoza / wanton my sister and brother-in-law handmade. That they are very proud of.

Soup version.

Deep fried version. This i much prefer! Crispy and golden brown. With a bit of juice ❤

They were so (overly) proud of it they prepared like portion for 80 - 100 people at least i think.

Each portion has like 10 - 12 pieces.

FML. I am going up to her house to eat dumpling again today.

16 August 2013

Impression Lingerie

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Hello~ If you're a guy you better quickly click away~ If not whole year no need buy 4D already haha.

If you're a lady, please read on~ You'd find amazing bras and panties that will do you (and your breasts) good! I was at Impression Lingerie counter and i tried on soooo many bras that make me go


I was shock that i (back to my original AAAAAA cup, which is basically nothing) can has cleavage =OOO Still shocked. Lol. Later you see ah! You will be impressed too! Last time i use "filet" and squeeze and use tape to pull, push, hold, all also no use =(

Impression Lingerie
Website: www.impression.com.sg
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/iloveimpression

They don't sell their items online but you can find them at various places! I'd put them up later!
I went to the new counter at John Little Plaza Singapura! Okay so let's try some bras on!!! Haha.
My normal.. Chest. Lolol.
After i put on a seamless Push-Up bra from Impression's Classic Seamless range!!! REALLY GOT HOR?!?! NOT I SEE WRONG HOR??? Hahaha.
It comes in three classic colours, nude, dust of pink and black. The secret is the padding on the bottom and sides of the cups and the side boning on the seamless wings!!!
These side bonings push in the excess flesh on the sides and the thick paddings at the bottom and side of the cups give the busts extra upward push =D Brilliant.

I really really love the classic range cox it's so comfortable to wear! And it's totally seamless on cups and sides so it gives that invisible look under Tees and tight clothings. Comfort to me is number one when it comes to choosing my bra. This could be why.. I only live with one t-shirt bra for the longest time =X I wear it until it's loose already so it gets more and more comfortable hahaha.

Don't judge me. Okay fine, judge me. Lolol.

Other than the classic range, other two series i love from Impression Lingerie that is REALLY comfortable are these!!!

Their colourful sportswear from $19.90 onwards. They are comfy but with good support!
I particularly like these two and the below pink one that i'm wearing ^.^
You can wear it for sports like jogging, gyming, yoga..

Or for sports like camho-ing. Lolol. As you can see ah, their sportswear comes in many different cutting! I love this blue one a lot cox it's not entirely sporty, still looks really cute ^.^ Their new colour arriving this August will be Tiffany Mint Green =D Look out for it!!!

Walk around the counter you'd find that Impression has EVERYTHING you can think of, that is related to our intimate wear =D They carry body-shaping wear and innerwear / tube tops for times when you need to have something to wear with translucent tops or skirts that are too short etc. There's also shapewear like corsets and girdles for tummy and thigh shaping + control.

See~ Plenty of intimate accessories as well ^.^
And then i try on their POOSH Push Up bra and it is AWESOME.
 The push is awesome!!! BUT. Tiny problem. My V-cut top is kinda loose so it keeps showing the V-Line of the bra.
I told the friendly store assistant and she passed me this ^.^ It's a special fabric-to-skin tape!
Deng deng~ Not dropping not showing anymore ^.^ If you like to wear loose collar top / V-Line top / t-shirt with big opening, please remember to tape okay =D If not free show for all O.O I've also changed the straps to the transparent kind so it'd hide with the thin straps of my dress!
So since we were at the accessories counter, the staff also passed me more accessories. Cox i have this problem of wearing the wrong size.

My underbust is kinda big but my boobs are small right. So i always go for A cup. But 32/70 is too small for my underbust but somehow the cup is just nice (not filled lah but fits comfortably) even though it's all marked as A cup. And then 34/75 de cup is too big O.O So Impression gave me these extensions. I can now get 32/70A, with the correct bra cup size, and then with a comfortable underbust ^.^

Yay ^.^ Even thou it's V-Line the push is quite impressive hor?!?!

I never like wearing low V cutting cox it's quite ugly if there's no cleavage lah. But now it looks fine with Impression Lingerie's POOSH push up bra! =D

Comes in a few colour and design but i pick their hot favourite! The hot pink one and the peach pink/ coral red one with lace and leopard prints =D CUTE AND SEXY HOR?! Got matching undies somemore!

I was talking to the girls from Impression about my problem with "third boobs". Which is like side boobs lah, like fats at the armpit. So they introduce the "Body Shaping Bra" to me and IT IS LOVE.

MY EYES WERE LIKE O.O when i saw the support and push from this Body Shaping bra!!!!! And i've changed to a fun bra straps instead of the regular ones that comes with it.

This range is actually more for ladies of age late twenties and above BUT SERIOUSLY. I've had third boob problem (actually just fat armpits lol) since i was 15 or 16!!!

There are many secrets on this bra alone. On the side of the bra. The flap/ wing is all flexible but strong support becox of the wide panel and side bonings, to hold and keep the side "meat", shifting the "meat" to the front. And it extends up to the armpit area to solve my 3rd boob problem lol.

At the back, the flap is thick and there are 3 - 4 hooks instead of the normal 2 hooks. And there's a good reason why the wings are thicker!!! There's a reason why the wings are thicker.. Look at Impression's feature in HER WORLD magazine!

BACK-FAT. WHO IS BOTHERED BY IT TOO =(((( Don't think skinny people = skinny back and skinny armpits okay =(( I have fat back and fat armpits fml.

So as you can see from the article, the thick flaps will prevent your back-fat from rolling over hahaha. Avoid those bulge lines at all cost!!! It's especially obviosu when you wear tighter clothes or even just normal t-shirt! Can see one lor. Very unsightly =X

So the Body-Shaping bra gives you an all-round support. The inward and upward push at the front to keep the boobs in the middle instead of letting them sag outwards. The inwards push at the sides and back ‘hide’ the bulges.  It's a great bra to wear at home cox it can shape your boobs into a good proportion. You want to see the front of the bra? I wear and show you okay!

Haha. Okay lah, not me. But this whole set looks great! Neutral and feminine! Super comfy also!

I am wearing the set in this picture ^.^ Can see a bit of cleavage even if the top is not very low hor? Haha. It's great for body/ breast shaping at home especially!

If you don't mind you can also wear it to head out also lah =D The colour is really fun so i pair it like that! Show a bit nevermind lah. Haha. Weather hot anyway O.O

Thanks to the nice people at Impression for introducing this Body-Shaping bra to me =DDD I hope my armpit fats become part of my boobs soon O.O Haha.

Haha look at me. I look like a B cup at least lolol. De heck. Lolol.

By the way if you wanna change the bra-straps hor, Impression also have lotsa designs for you to choose from lah =D I picked this pink seamless one with some subtle details.

You can make it in to a halter bow, or a cross back also =D

And if you're looking for a bra that you can wear with your strapless top, tube dress, baby doll cutting dress, a half cup bra is what you're looking for cox you can remove the straps and not see the bra ^.^ BUT.

Most half cup bra cox no support / push one =( Especially if you have to remove the strap, all the push is gone. BUT~!!! THE SEAMMLESS HALF CUP BRAS AT IMPRESSION IS MY FAVOURITE PICK!!!

First, it fits me perfectly with no opening, which is awesome.

Second, the push and hold factor is great!!!! It has a pair of removable paddings.

YOU OWNSELF SEE LAH. I have never worn tube top before and have cleavage one! Most of the time i avoid tube top cox with half-cup bra + the pulling down of the tube top, my boobs look flat nevermind, but they also look like they are at basement 3 =_=

Wearing the half-cup bra from Impression ^.^

The Half-Cup from Impression Classic Series comes in three colours =D

I hope so far you like all the different signature bras i've share with you, from Impression! I personally really love the support from the Body-Shaping bras but i loveeee the POOSH Push Up bra de effects!!! But then when i wear tube, the half-cup from Impression is the top choice!!!

Here's a little PERK-you-up =DDD


ANY ITEM you want!!! =DDD All you gotta do is:

1) "Like" Impression Lingerie facebook page at www.facebook.com/iloveimpression

2)  On the picture title "Qiu's Intimate Secrets with Impression!”, hit the “Share" button to share it with your friends

3)  Under the same picture "Qiu's Intimate Secrets with Impression!", "Comment" on what you will like to have. Eg “I want a Body Shaping Classic Seamless Bra!" or “I want a sexy thong!" Anything you want from Impression! =D

Here's another feature of Impression in HER WORLD. A guide to how to dress up INSIDE =D To match and compliment what you wear on the outside.

No more VPL (visible panty line), no more back fat rolls =X, no more armpit fats showing on the side when you wear something that is sleeveless, no more saggy boobs when you wear something that is tube top!!! =DDD But we haven't talked about undies i know! Now! Haha.

Impression gave me all these =OOO And more. I can't say much about the thongs cox i don't wear thongs (anymore lolol) but if you wanna spice things up or just to make yourself feel sexy.. Erm.. Try it? Hahah. But i really appreciate their seamless undies!!!! =DDD It's especially good for me cox i like to wear tight shorts. It's also great for people who wear pencil skirt or body-fitting dress!
AND THESE COLOURFUL AND SUPER COMFY MESH NET PANTIES!!!!!! Everything is sooooo soft i wanna rub it on my face!!!! ....... O.O Just kidding. But it is major soft!!! And the colours are so LOVE =DDD Makes me feel happy from the.. Inside.... =D My jokes are seriously getting from bad to worst. Lol.
They also sell night gown! They got much more sexier-looking one lah but for PG sake, i picked this. Lol. Kidding. I really prefer this one lah. Also, inside i'm wearing the Body Shaping bra ^.^
One hugeass picture of my face.

Okay that's about it! But i save the best for the last! Two more items that i find absolutely smart and pretty! One smart, one pretty. Lolol.

Sanitary panty. Obviously this is not the pretty one but it's pretty damn smart!
YOU WILL NEVER EVER STAIN YOUR BOTTOM AGAIN! =DDD I would do anything to make my period more enjoyable and more worry-free! The bottom of the panty is made of waterproof fabric and not only you don't stain your pants, it also makes washing much easier!!! And it's low-waist! Smart!

And this. Is true love. I love this seamless panty oh-so-much for its colour

Classic Seamless Series - Choose from the 4 styles of Seamless bra with 3 different colours. UP$ 42.90. Now: 2 for $60. Special promotion in August - 3rd Bra at $15! Rem to go along with a seamless panty.

Body Shaping Bra and Corset - $39.90 onwards... Invest to shape up!

Thongs and panty - $7.90 onwards... Special: Buy 3 get 1 FREE!!!

Sports bra from $19.90 to $32.90

Now where can you find Impression?! =D

Available at:
BHG Tampines
Isetan Katong (Parkway Parade) , Isetan Nex (Serangoon)
John Little Marina Square, John Little Plaza Singapura, John Little Tiong Bahru, John Little Jurong Point
Metro City Square, Metro Woodlands, Metro Sengkang
OG Albert, OG Orchard Point, OG People's Park

Takashimaya Departmental Store (Exclusive Nightwear and Lounge Wear)

Tom and Stefanie (Westmall and Civic Centre)
It's scattered at different parts of Singapore so don't wait too long to go get yourself perked up okay!

And remember to like Impression on their Facebook page if you wanna win the 20 free items they are giving out!!! =DDD All you gotta do is~

1) "Like" Impression Lingerie facebook page at www.facebook.com/iloveimpression

2)  On the picture title "Qiu's Intimate Secrets with Impression!”, hit the “Share" button to share it with your friends

3)  Under the same picture "Qiu's Intimate Secrets with Impression!", "Comment" on what you will like to win! =D

That's all!

Links for your convenience:

Good luck ah =D Hope you win!