23 December 2008

Merry Sickmas

The Sk Jewellery TV commercial i did awhile ago. And i finally got to see it on TV about two days ago. Here's the video, thanks to Evonne ^.^

Click on the picture to view the video =))

Did you manage to have 湯圓 ? I had the pinky-white traditional ones. But still craving for the ones with sesame *drool like a retard and continue to drool and say FOOD.. FOOD.. FOOOOOD!*

Last night Yong Ming dropped by to collect the camera and passed me this.
Therefore, YM is going to the heaven when he die next time.
WHAHAHAHAHAHA! No one would wanna send me lovely gifts anymore right.
But i mean it in a good way! I love love love the chocolates!

Screw the diet and the fact that i have been down with a flu, cough and sore throat the last few days. It's Christmas, soon =))) It's a season to forgive, forget and forchocolatedoanything.

Panadol Flu Max is really MAXIGUDE. Try it!

I really need to go and i don't think i'd be back that soon becox i am still a little sick. So stay healthy and eat alot of chocolates okay! ^.^


15 December 2008

In an hour

I imagine myself to be wearing some blue trashbag, lying on the high table with bright lights over me. How is it actually like? A scan for the brain.

Don't think it'd be a scary as visiting the dentist right?

Still acknowledged as a healthy person by myself, i just wanna say.. That this year, i gone through quite a bit. But it was never too difficult because there will always people trying to build you into a better one that they believe you can be. Of course there will always be some weird shithead around, all the time. Why do you think there's war. Shitheads one too many.

We all try to find something we thought would give us more contenment.
Not realising that it's contradicting.

Love will pull you through.

If you are still finding, then find within yourself =)


06 December 2008

The other shoot

This was a dumb shot by YongMing.

And self-shot, good shot. Meaning, Ym sucks.

And this is YongMing on his first time. Haha. I am so excited to see the pictures! Not becox' i wanna see myself! But becox Naomi (my neice) and Bong (my nephew) will be appearing on a big big banner i heard!

But of course i am always excited to see myself. Even if it might be just a quarter of the face.

Anyway, don't insult me with rubbish. Thanks. Rubbish belongs to the dustbin. Do i look like a gucking dustbin?! HUH?! Guck you, all.

I DO NOT own any single one of you all, anymore.

QiuQiu and just QiuQiu

04 December 2008

My Virgin TVC Shoot

And i am so sorry.. Cox' i don't have any in-the-action pictures to show you guys. Mainly becox..

1) I am not a star with a nanny excited snaping pictures of me like she got rabbies.

2) I am very professional and 100% focused on only the main camera.

3) I am so crappy, no one wants to help me =D

But having said all that, you know i hardly come in without a good (scarily doesn't look like me) picture of myself, right?


I know this doesn't look like me, and that i look much more humanly than this doll here, but i really think it's still quite chio. But eh, to be fair, the original picture also had a slim, mini face.

MiniZiting & MegaQiuting

And i can't help it, the rooms are too pretty. More pictures of the rooms, please visit
Christalle aka LittleMissNerdy

Norrie aka MummyFong
AND RACHELLE!!! I actually made a very big effort not to tell her that i will be seeing her the next day for this shoot, the night when i knew. Cox i wanted us to have the "SURPRISE" element. Lol. But still!!! Me being so kiasu, i called her at 9am to ask her where she is. I am still me, the VERY PUNCTUAL FREAK.

Simon and i think he looks like the cartoon Xiao He Shang. Go google if you want to know.

And snappy with the two very pretty lady from SK Jewellery before i left the place.

Okay that's all! I'm gonna do up the next collection for my blogshops really soon =) So do keep a look out alright ^.^

And please tell me you like the way my blogskin is now?


01 December 2008

One Idea for your Xmas

Who says eating chocolate will give you breakouts?
I eat already still Ang-Geh, Ang-Geh leh!

Piggy Boss was kind enough to send me some cute samples. And there are some cute lil bear-shaped chocolates, that look like droplets of chocolates wrapped in aluminium foil. It was my bad, i brought it round through the day and it got squashed in my bag.

But i got to try the cute chocolates anyway ^.^ So if you are looking to get something different from what you can find on the shelves for Xmas this season, you can try to get something from Piggy Boss.