28 June 2011

It's my birthday!!! ^.^

I'd think about what i want and then come back again. Lol.

For now, please leave a comment to wish that i'd grow prettier, younger-looking and earn more money to bring my dad for a good trip overseas.


Thank you for being nice. Thank you for coming back in. Thank you =))

I hope i've been a decent human so far. Lol.

And by the way.. I discovered something SUPER DUPER AMAZING just now.

I'm not paid to blog about this but i'm sure all the A cuppers will be super thankful to find out about this. Cox CONFIRM will have natural-looking cleavage OMG OMG OMG I AM STIL SO EXCITED WHY!!!

B cuppers will now look like C cuppers. Hate you all. Lol.

Swear i wasn't pushing/ squeezing.

I'm a 24 year old adult already. So here you have, a picture of me with cleavage. LOLOL.

And the freaking unbelievable thing is that this bra has no wire O.O And is seamless. I have no idea how they push up, plus push the two boobs closer. I'd like to dedicate "How do i live" to this U-bra, thank you, Cora Lingerie. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

OMG. I hope i can share more with you about this brand cox i am TRULY IMPRESSED!!! Til then!!!

27 June 2011

QWeekly - My birthday wishes are noble.. Lol.


It's my hair lah.

I quote Jacqueline, after she touched my hair, "Omg, like pubic hair" =.= Lolol.

I grab a small bunch of hair, but it won't settle. It's like a furball or something. Lol. Pong Pong one.

The ends are the worst.

They shamelessly keep saying hi and want to appear more on my blog. Lol.

Pull out shot.

My birthday is gonna happen on Tuesday 28th, I think one can make as many birthday wishes as possible, lol, so if one super good one doesn't come true, some other will.

So i'm looking for a new hair-salon services sponsor.

And the location of the salon gotta be..

Along purple line!!!

The main reason i hardly visit Artica (and they have agreed to my request to stop the sponsorship) is becox it's on the red line! And here's the travel log for the laziest person on earth if i visit them.

- you can skip it, it's lame. Lol -

Get out of the house - Difficulty level 10/10
Take the lift down - Difficulty level 1/10
Walk to LRT station - Difficulty level 3 if weather not hot, 5 if hot
Climb up stairs to LRT platform - Difficulty level 3/10
Wait for LRT - Difficulty level 1/10
Take LRT to MRT station - Difficulty level 1/10
Walk from LRT platform to MRT - Difficulty level 2/10
24 mins trip to Dohby Ghout from Punggol - Difficulty level 3/10
Walk from Dohby Ghout to Red Line - Difficulty level 3/10
Wait for red line MRT - Difficulty level 2
Walk from Orchard MRT to FEP - Difficulty level 3 or 5

So.. Every little part that takes me away from my bed, my computer chair, my house, i also super geh gao one. Lolol!

And to cut my travel by half, which will in turn make me more motivated to treat my hair, i've decided to look for sponsorship only along the purple line.

To work out the rest, email me qiutinger@gmail.com Thank you!!!

So my birthday wishes revolves around looking slightly better. Lol. Like better hair for one. Better skin (already happening cox Adonis is freaking near me!!! =DD) and maybe a chioer pair of eyes, smaller nose, less saggy butts and less cellulite on thighs. Thank you.

And my wishes are all to look better becox like this people see me also good mood. So it's all for you. Lol.
I'm tired, it's 5am when i type this. Night! ^.^ Show you lotsa pictures soon!!!

23 June 2011

Why he so ham..?

Ham means hamsum means handsome lah okay. Lol.

This post is just random pictures taken from dinner with Alaric and Sophie, Yutaki, Miyake and Eric. But i cannot put it on QWeekly becox got quite a few pictures of this Yutaki.. And no pictures of the dinner itself with the rest. Oh got but it's on Twitter. Lol.

We were all at the Chinatown flea. I was there to film Budget Barbie and they were there to sell their stuff and Yutaki joined us later. And then later-later, we all head for dinner together. Lol.

SO! After dinner we were just talking and then we realise that although i've met Yutaki since about three years ago but i've never really taken much pictures with him each time i see him.

So i took out my camera. BUT i was talking to someone else, and then this 急性子 Yutaki went "GIMMIE!" and just grab my camera and go snap snap snap on his own. LOL. He's super funny okay. I think maybe he's hyperactive. No, yeah, i'm quite affirmative that he IS hyperactive.

Everything must fast fast fast, now now now. So anyway, here's some of the pictures he took!

Eh to think of it now hor, i should only post and release one picture of him everyday. Then all his supporters will visit my blog everyday. LOL #cunning #makinguseofriend

Lol. We were in some Thai restaurant in Singapore, HUMID, sweaty and sticky like shit. But when he camwhore, he looks like he's in Japan, winter time =.=" We fail. Lol.

I should charge for this. "Pay $5 to see pictures of Yutaki (all white and nude)" True what, the background is nude-cream colour. Lol.

More.. You all owe me a lot of money already.

One with Miyake. Hate both of them a bit. Lol.

Yutaki showing you all that his super sharp nose is real. See, he can push and bend it one. Lol. Anyway, I derived some camwhoring rules from this picture.

Rule number one: When taking pictures with people who always look good in pictures, you should JUST SMILE WIDELY, HAPPILY AND SINCERELY. Becox however less-great you look compared to them, you'd be likable at least. LOL. Cox people always like happy people.

Rule number two: When taking pictures with people who'd look great with whatever funny faces they make, DO NOT FOLLOW. You don't wanna look like less-good-looking PLUS trying to be funny and attention-seeking with all the retarded funny faces. Play safe.

Rule number three: It better be your own camera so you can go home and photoshop to save your life. Lolol.

So yeah, by sticking to the rules, so far, i'm still surviving.

Okay maybe a lil bit of squishy squashy face is okay. Lol.

I shall end the post with quoting myself. LOL.

"I always give people a 100% to start with, and minus off and add on from there, for everything they do" -- BONGQIUQIU.

LOLOL. Okay any good quotes also kena spoiled by BONGQIUQIU at the end. Okay i try again.

"I believe everyone is nice, until they prove otherwise" -- QiuQiu

*vomit dinner out now* STOP QUOTING YOURSELVES!!! Lolol.

21 June 2011

Making of..

So today is the photoshoot for my new blog banner and i finally get my ass off to change it becox i'm changing my blog layout soon. But don't know how soon actually lol.

Not sure if i'd be changing to a bongqiuqiu.com (becox it sounds too serious and bongqiuqiu is not a serious name lol) but we'd see.

And.. Hopefully with the new layout i'd also incorporate some videos and whatnots. You know, moving with time, they call it integrated multi-media platform. Lol. Or is it?

Anyway, it's about time i stop recording myself, view, delete, record, view, delete.. Yeah, things i do when i'm bored at home #needmorefriendstotalkto Lolol. Plus it's really fun to watch myself in different angles. Sometimes i feel.. "Wow my jawline is so pretty" Other times i feel.. "Wow.. I look like a transexual".

Alright this is a really short one, gonna leave the house for the photoshoot now.

Will blog again soon! ^.^ Thank you for coming in here, thank you for being nice, thank you for everything.

I know.. One of those days i feel extremely thankful and happy.. For nothing. Lol.

Bye bye!

19 June 2011

QWeekly - Punggol

Took this back at home after the picnic. Took 1 hour 20 minutes to tong this hair, cannot waste. Lol.
Head to the new area at Punggol before dinner.

Mainly is becox i want to showoff to Yong Ming how beautiful Punggol is now. Haha. BUT, the prawning and billiard recreation stuff all, is making that whole area very crowded. Like no more serenity =( Just months ago it was so quiet and secluded, it's romantic to just take a long stroll there.

And before, all the restaurants always had seats for everyone. Now we have to wait 45 mins for Uncle Long seafood, 20 mins for Frenzie and XIAN is the most stupid of all. Just about a month ago i was there for dinner with my parents and bf on a weekday, XIAN restaurant was less than half full. But we waited about 1 hour 20 mins to get our first dish served. WANT TO DIE.

Okay anyway. It's still beautiful. Lol.

YongMing really super vain now. He even asked for a frontal shot of himself after this. But it turned out.. So it's not posted. Lol.

Random: Saw a snake that looks more like a giant earthworm while walking back to the restaurant.

Punggol super happening, first we have snakes, then we have wild boar. NICE =D When is the sasquatch showing himself here? Lol.

At the seafood restaurant ^.^ BROCCOLI with scallops IS LOVE!!!

I said i don't want to turn into those not-vain people who always snap picture of food alone. So i must snap picture with the food. Lol.

Deep fried pork marinated with fermented tofu sauce. YUMMY!!!

All-time must have, trio egg spinach.

Feel confident so didn't photoshop myself in this picture. Lol. Bluff one lah, it's becox it's so dark i can't be bothered. Lol.

Salt n Pepper prawn!

Salt, Pepper, Prawn and Me. Lol. That's all.. Or not..

A picture of the always-neglected fragrant white rice. Lolol.

Seriously! Why nobody ever snap a close up shot of the rice one! He/ she super ke lian! Always the go-along-with, always there to compliment the taste of the main dishes.. But also always forgotten in blogposts. SAD LIFE. Haha.

Okay that's all, next week is gonna be EXCITING ^.^ Can't wait!!! My birthday is on the 28th of June, please remember #noshame Thanks. HAHA.

17 June 2011

Picnic but more of camwhor-ing ^.^

Had a picnic for Budget Barbie filming the other day! And I LOVE PICNIC cox always got yummy, easy-to-eat finger food. BUT.

I hate the grass =(( I hate all grass except those that are thin and soft and clean and preferably got no ants, no crawlies kind. Yes, that has to be fake grass =DDD

Was really lucky to have a few people to help me out with this filming cox it's on a weekday, noon time! I super lucky! All my other friends have to work, or is super camera-shy or they just don't wanna be 'public' -.-

BUT! It's okay!!! I have other notshy friends!!! See below. Lol.

GeckGeck, Sophie, YongMing, Sam and Jess ^.^

Jess was super nice to come with cupcakes she baked =D Can see "Happy B'Day Qiu Qiu"??

Holding the other set of cupcakes she made to camwhore.

More please~

Jess indulging in her own creation lol. See her face!

Jess took this shot for me. Lol. I must do the Auntie Lucy hair flick to get this shot okay! Lol.

YUMMEH! ^.^ So this two are confirm MINE. Cox got my name!
WHO DARE EAT ME!! Huh! Huh! Huh!

Trying to camwhore with strawberries but got photobombed by Jess =.=

With Sophie and my third cupcake LOL. It's the "Happy".
Can see i bite into it already not? Lol.

With the creator of the yummy cuppies.

And one more..

This is Trey! The producer for Budget Barbie. Ah, remember this face, if Budget Barbie don't air on time, you all can bug her. LOL. And this looks like Trey is at some farm, feeding some animals and posing for a picture.

Okay feed me like a human please. Lol.
EH, i didn't show you all the pictures of the grapes i prepared the night before! One whole box, i pluck them off the stem, wash them and rub the powdery greyish thing off them. I AM SO CARING AND CONSIDERATE, i should be a mother already =D

With Yong Ming

And one more cox Yong Ming is becoming REALLY vain.

With Gillian =D This picture looks weird like it's half dark like mad and half bright like mad. Cox she got the whole sun shining on her face fhl. Lol. And i got the whole tree covering my sun fml =(

After looking at this shot, i ask "What are you doing??"
Gillian "I was looking at the strawberry"

Lol. I thought she was doing goofy face! Cox goofy face won't fit into this "Picnic" feel of camwhoring you know. Picnic camwhoring must be all sunshine, wide happy smiles and lots and lots of green plants and blue skies and white clouds if any ^.^

But sadly, our also got construction site at the back, motorcycles, one truck and some cars at the back. SIAN. I photoshop most of them off. Some i can't be bothered cox not very obvious lah =D

One more with Gillian. Check out the car. Lol. I just throw a flare over it.

I took some artsy shots of Jess blowing bubbles. Haha. Not bad right! The sun is natural one!

One more. I am SO talented. Haha.

Trying to take a cute shot of Soph and Jess but their eyes keep closing!!!

SEE! So i say "Can give me one open eyes wide and cute one???"

Sophie struggling. I had to open her eyes more in photoshop. Lolol. But i can understand cox the bubbles from Jess might be going into her eyes. Haha. Quite bubbly and cute right?? =DD

But nothing beats this shot of Sam. Lol. The idea was "Dreamy" Lol. See his face~!!!

Couples have to do what couples have to do. Lovey dovey shot.

And one more!

I also must do one blow shot. LOL. I best, i blow out sparklies one.

Group shot!

Nice and happy..

With Yong Ming. He prepared all the finger food that day! Thank you YongMing!!!

And thanks to GeckGeck who got me a giant card and the knitted cardi from Japan!!! Love!

It's not my birthday yet so please don't wish me! Lol. This is just a birthday picnic filming. Lol.

So i'm actually looking forward to another picnic but maybe facing the beach, no sand sorry, no grass also, i just wanna sit on the stone floor or wooden bench or somewhere clean. Haha.

Cuppies you see are from Shiberty Sweets! They can customise all the designs you want! See some of their past creation HERE!

Dress i'm wearing and the big flower hairband on my head are both from TheBlogShop who does wholesale/ affordable retail.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who helped out by turning up! Omg so sad, this actually sounds like i got no friend *emo* Lol. No hor, i already say, it's a weekday, afternoon. So everyone else is working *continues to explain and clarify that i DO have friends*

Okay bye~