29 September 2013

QWeekly - NUYOU Photoshoot and how i kena snook repeatedly this week


My week's been pretty....

Yeah that's what i meant. My week's been pretty! Haha. Started off with a photoshoot and interview for NUYOU magazine. It's for their November issue ^.^

Yeah, one more magazine conquered. Lol. Remember i was saying i wanna appear in all the magazines at least once right haha. So this is one more down the list! =D Haha.

Always happy when i can go bare face and let people do the job cox that means i can have more sleep O.O But always skeptical and anxious cox don't know who will be doing the makeup and hair.
When i got to the studio i was happy to know it's Lolent for my makeup =DDD And Sean for the hair, first time but i guess he'd be good cox Lolent say they work together quite a few times!
All ready~ =D
You can't tell i have double eyelid sticker tape on right. So happy to learn a trick from Lolent, next time i will try to hide my eyelid tape better also hahaha. I have been a disaster of conventional eyelid tapes for the longest time. Unless i use double sided kind then it'd be better lah. But double-sided / fibre ones are very precious to me cox it's more expensive haha so i only use it for special occasions!
One more of me =)))
And makeup artist i can trust~ Haha.
The team for the day, lacking Pei Mei the writer and Pauline!!! =O
And this happened weeks ago but i thought i look quite happy here so.. Haha. Radio interview at 933fm! Happy to be there that night cox it's like answering questions live from readers / listeners =D

Really quite thankful to have all these little features here and there =) I think all little things make big things ^.^ And you gotta be happy and thankful and excited for the little things to get yourself in the swing for big things =D

Anyway i was saying this week i kena snooked a lot right. First, i helped someone who proved that he doesn't deserve help that much at all until i told him i feel he don't deserve help, then only he try to prove otherwise. But you know, help given is help given. It's not like i can take it back. So whatever, he's not getting help from me again, at least that i learnt. End of story for this.

Then i found out how people can pretend to be nice to you when they meet you and then behind you they behave and speak differently of you. Insinuating you don't deserve all the good shit you got.

Yeah really? Is that how "Jealousy" is described in dictionaries? =DDD Haha. I don't deserve then who deserve? You ah? Pff don't make me laugh. As hard as you may try..

I'm still me and you're still you. What am i gonna do? Keep rocking? =X Hahaha. Can't believe i was speaking nice stuff of her. Urgh. Why are people gross sometimes =( Do you get that?

People that somehow think it's okay to pretend to be nice, like aggressively actively pretending to be nice to you when they in fact dislike you, really have to rethink their life.

It'd be perfectly fine for them to just ignore you or even just give you death stare if they are more gutsy right?

I mean. Do they not feel cheap and ashamed of themselves and their dignity when they have to pretend to act super nice to someone they actually dislike and look down upon thinking that they are better than me and yet not getting the credit they deserve? That's really quite sad =X Jiayou ba.

Work on being a better you instead of trying to outdo others. I feel people who constantly try to outdo others will never feel good enough, plus people like this can hardly share other people's joy.

And then i was at Baby Yurou's place and she dropped her dudu (pacifier) and someone pick it up for her and pass it to her. She snatch it back without saying thanks so i said "Yurou ah!!! Cannot like this ah!!!" She make funny faces and boo me and then got her face closer and closer to me.

Last time baby time we always play kok-tao (head bump) with each other and i thought she was gonna do it again so i got my face close to her also and when we touching foreheads, i smile and say "Kok Tao~~" then she slap me in the face =__________="""

Turn out she was still angry i tell her cannot be rude earlier hahaha. Then her mummy scold her right. Then she say sorry reluctantly. Ran away to get her crocodile toytoy..

AND PLACE IT RIGHT UNDER MY CHAIR!!! Hahahahah. It's her attempt to scare and punish me. Thinking i won't dare to put my feet down. Then she look at me and pat the crocodile twice, as if saying "Watch her" And then she gave me gangsta stare as she walk away =_="

I don't know to laugh or to cry!!!

After that i patch things up with her already right. She was drinking her night time milk and then i ask her..

"阿姨可以唱一首歌给你听吗 很好听的 okay?"
"Can ah yi sing a song for you? Very nice one okay?"


"When you wish upon a star~ Makes no difference who...."

*take out the milk bottle from the mouth.. Look at me for a bit..*

And then she finally say the words..

"不好听 你走开"
"It doesn't sound nice, you go away"

不好听就不好听啦 要叫我走开的 meh!!!!!! 也是你讲 okay 要听的 *rage face* Hahaha.

Sigh. Very very hurt. Hahaha.

Then on this bright Sunday morning i set my alarm for 5.30am, it's a HL Milk event for mass yoga. I advance booked a cab the night before cox i scared Punggol got no cab at that time. That's $8.

Then i woke up at 3.24 cox i was too anxious about waking up (early) for something i never did before. And then didn't succeed at going back to sleep. Lol. So i changed out, put on makeup..

And hop onto the cab. It was raining heavily..

And then 5 minutes into the cab ride, i was told the event was cancelled due to bad weather. Lol. In the end my two girlfriend also all made up. So i dabao McDees breakfast for everyone and meet at Gem's place hahah. Thank you ah Gem and Zhen for waking up so freaking early for me!!!

Okay, i told everyone this before..

I don't do so good with morning. I always knew it. Lol.

So this is how i kena snook time and time again this week.

Next week better be ten times better haha. Also.. I am sooooo tempted to book a trip to Japan for December =XXX Should i!!!!! I SHOULD TOTALLY RIGHT??!! Urgh.. I miss Japan so much!!!

26 September 2013

My Hong Kong Disneyland magical experience ^.^


Gonna be sharing my trip with you but please bear with me cox i got too carried away during the trip, getting wowed by everything i see like it's the first time i see them =X So i had a total of 600 plus pictures from my camera and from Josh's camera. Of which i shortlist into 300. And then i painstakingly cut down another 120 =(((

I would loveee to show you guys all the rides and activities i did but i can't and i think it's great so you can go see and experience Hong Kong Disneyland for yourself! =D

Everything in Disneyland is just..

Too much happiness and magical vibes!

And this time i was extra excited cox they have new rides in new attractions!!! =DDD

They are the Toy Story Land (OMG OMG!!!), Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point! You'd see!

Day 1

Staying in Disney's Hollywood Hotel this time round =D Don't know where Josh went to snap this picture one! Haha.
Went to explore the hotel a bit before we check in haha =D
Already started shopping at the hotel lobby haha.
Love the Mickeys in my room =D
They have full length mirror haha, it's great for camhos but i squat cox look cuter lol.
Cute toiletries and cups in the bathroom!!! I.. Really wanted to take the cup home =XXX And free selection of coffee / tea for your enjoyment during your stay!

I was really very very excited cox on my itinerary the next thing to do after check-in is..

DISNEY CHARACTER DIM SUM lunch!!! At Crystal Lotus!!!

Here i am~ Crystal Lotus restaurant located at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel!
First dish! Rice Pasta with Chicken Salad in Sesame Sauce!!! I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH!!! I wanna try to replicate it at home!!! It taste super refreshing!
The famous dimsum made as Disney characters, available only at Hong Kong Disneyland!
Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun with Little Pig Barbecue Pork Bun =D
And the yummy Mickey's Seafood Glutinous Pancake!!! The texture is quite unique cox it's chewy overall but crispy on the outside! =DDD I loveee to eat it with their chili sauce. Omg heaven.
"The claw~~~~" Hahaha ^.^
Hey Piggy~ ^.^ Probably the cutest charsiew bao in the world. One of the yummiest i've tried too!
Look at the whole dried scallops in my Stuffed Whole Dried Scallops in Mickey Winter Melon Chicken Soup!!! =DDD They are brewed in superior chicken soup and i must say it taste really flavorful though it looks clear and simple!
So much liao in my soup! And in the background of the picture, you have Nicole, Catherine and Wallace!!! They are really really nice to bring us around and i regret that i forgot to snap a picture with them =(( This is what i mean by i got too carried away by Hong Kong Disneyland!!!
Wok-fried King Prawns and Kale Stems =D Prawns are super fresh and i love the peppery + black bean taste to it!
Wok-fried Tenderloin of Beef Cubes, Mushrooms and Sweet Bell Peppers! Josh was damn happy that i don't eat beef so he could have two shares to himself haha. He finished it all. So i guess it must be good lah haha. Cox he is Anton Ego, "If i don't like it, i don't swallow" Oh man i wonder if there will be a Ratatouille restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland next time!!! It's one of my favorite Disney show!!!
Looking luxurious there, the Baked Tasmanian Crab Meat Fried Rice in Whole Crab Shell. Haha.
The only reason you're seeing this picture is becox.. My profile looks good here O.O
Chunks of crabmeat in every mouthful.. Topped with curry seasoning and some kind of cream / cheese on top of the rice while it bakes.. I am gonna die hungry just right now.
Dessert time! Josh always takes candid food shots too seriously. Hahaha. You see all the front-sharp-back-blur pictures, it's all taken by him. When you see shots of my face, my face and more of my face, you know those are taken by me. Otherwise, by him by force by me. LOL. Anyway you have Double-boiled Pear with Aged Mandarin Peel along with MOST ADORABLE Duffy Red Bean Bun with Boiled Chinese Pear hahaha. Yummy and adorable, i wanna be Duffy bun.
Me, Josh and Duffy says hi from Hong Kong Disneyland~~ =DDD
Duffy with.. Sun Wu Kong LOL. This is how i eat the character buns ah!!! I eat their features first and then i slowly bite their ears off O.O Does that sound sick haha. Hope not.
I laughed so badly at the 'Sun Wukong' that i almost cry hahaha.

And after lunch we're gonna head for DISNEYLAND~!!!

Even the tickets are really cute~~~ If you follow me on instagram you'd see what Josh did with it lol!
My signature pose at Hong Kong Disneyland. I challenge everyone to do the same as me. Haha. It's not easy lor! The lamp offers not feet-support one! Haha. I use Qing Kong.

Click here and let the parade theme music play at the other window. You'd love it one!!! The link i put got the lyrics also and i love the lyrics more than anything cox it's soooo cheerful and inspirational!!! Remind me to keep my dreams alive =))

Winne the Pooh why you so posey~ Haha.
I'd say it. I think Snow White looks like me! Hahaha. No like for real! The girl dressed up as Snow White looks like me! =X Haha!
Hey Stitch!!!
And my favourite!!! Toystory!!!
These little soldiers 'toys' look so real!!! Like real toys. But they are actually human beings =O And they can move and dance and march on the spot as according haha!

Following the parade, we went to check out the new attractions!!! Grizzly Gulch first!!!

Omg i kid you not, the first thing i hear when i got near to Grizzly Gulch..

You see this.. And then..
You hear this. Hahahahah!!
I am a grizzly bear RAHH!!!

You know.. I never like exciting rides hor. When i was on one 10 years ago during chinese new year, it was a mini kids pirate ship. And after that i get headache + vomit. Lololol. Throw face die.

And then 4 years ago i got on a swing ride, also during cny, i get a headache and vomited also. LOL.

But then i don't wanna miss out on the new exciting rides from Hong Kong Disneyland!!! Plus i look at the other parent bloggers have their kids going too and i'm like "I CANNOT BE MORE CHICKEN THAN KIDS CAN I?!?!" And i'm like..

LET'S GO. Hahaha. On the Big Grizzly Moutain Runaway Mine Cars!! It's very very cute one!!! There's a storyline to it. You'd see papa bear, mama bear and baby bear doing stuff that cause your ride to speed blow front / back!!! Hahah. For a chicken like me, i'd say this ride is 7/10 scary! Especially the last part omg. It feels like going through speed tunnel but in lightning speed ZOOOOM~!
And then to Mystic Manor at Mystic Point!!! THIS RIDE IS A MUST TRY!!!
Me and Josh on the Mystic Manor ^.^
When you get in here.. Be prepared for a session of magic and mystical sightings after that!!! I freaking love it sooooo much!!! Really is like you're surrounded by magic like this. You're always on the move, and there are "things" moving around you.. Even the paintings on the wall come alive. EVERYTHING will come to live. MUST try this ride okay if you're there!
Hey Rex!!! I don't have to tell you we're now in Toy Story Land hor!!! Haha ^.^ YAY!!! I've been wanting to come here!!! The last time i was there this attraction was still under construction!!!
Oh no ho ho.. I've been wanting to try the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop but i didn't know it was a free-fall ride!!! I thought it was a merry-go-round ride! But anyway~ Since i survived the Grizzly Bear ride (WITHOUT vomiting nor headache!!! =DDD) i can do this!!!
Cute hor the set up!!! =D
I am all strapped in!!! Ready to go, Sir!!!
We got up to the top and the view was really nice haha. That's parenting blogger and their 3 year old daughter =OOOOO She is soooo fearless! Haha.
Look down on the "field camp". I feel Hong Kong Disneyland did a really good job with all the new rides especially!!! The minor details and overall build up! Really make you relate everything to see to the Disney movies / characters!!! Anyway after this we all drop down and i don't find it scary! More like.. Just a few mini short heart squeezes. Haha.
SUPER LOVE THE COLOURFUL LIGHTBULBS!!! Adds such a cozy and warm feel to the place.
Look at me!!! I am about to go for the first actual scary roller coaster ride of my life. What the heck i think i got too spurn on by other bloggers' de on-ness and the kids fearlessness. And the fact that i breezed through the previous rides make me very pumped up hahah.
So i went on the RC Racer.. And the first few / middle rows were all taken up so me, Christine and Daphne (Super nice bloggers from Malaysia!) all had to take the back seats.
This is what i'd say.. DO NOT TAKE THE LAST ROW EVER. Hahahaha.
When the ride goes to the highest point, i'm like omg omg omg omg i am going to die today. The G-Force you feel when it drops.. That's the real OMG. Really is scream until my throat break.
I should have gone to try the Slinky Dog Spin =DDD We were given a choice, this or that RC Racer. I fearless ma, so i go try the RC Racer. Lolol. Bad move. I came down with jelly legs and half-fallen fake eyelash hahaha. But it was quite an experience!
There are many many more rides at Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land and Mystic Point but you go explore them yourself lah if you're in Hong Kong =D You'd love them one! I enjoyed myself super lots!!!

And here are some attractions that never gets old!
Jungle River Cruise!!!
Spot the "wildlife"! There are also hippos, crocs and monkeys i think!
Climax of the ride! Explosion of fire and water!

Next~ Festival of the Lion King!
Everything is super majestic!!! They really go all out to be big and magnificent!!!
Love how the cast are all really hyper and interactive with the audience!
Remember to watch this if you're there! Your kids will love it lots one!
Big thanks to the friendly park facilitators for bringing us around!

And it's time for dinner =D Went to the Explorer's Club Resaturant! It looks like some hallway of a castle haha. They serve a variety of Asian, Western and other cuisine, AND, all the dishes served here are Halal food =DDD

I ordered the Nasi Goreng with Josh! Cox that's the one with the most things on the plate hahaha. I wanted to try everything lah!!! You see this meat skewer thing on my plate? It's supposed to be chicken satay but it's cooked differently from our local satay BUT IT IS ONE OF THE YUMMIEST CHICKEN SKEWER I HAD!!! The chicken was soooo tender and juicy!!! And the peanut sauce omg @.@

Hey my drumstick and me =D I finished up dinner really quick cox fireworks starts at 8pm. 7.30pm i go near the Sleeping Beauty Castle to wait already =D Just wanna catch a good view lah. So Josh and i just sat there with everyone and chillax and snack while waiting. Time past very fast one haha.
And the wait was all worth it =')
Imagine this beautiful sight.. With dreamy Disney music and songs.. I pledge to visit a Disneyland every year. Cox it's really a place where you start dreaming, keep dreaming and feel like you can keep going over and over again no matter how sometimes things don't go your way =')

Truly captivating.. If you have two minutes to spare i ask for you to play this song and just look at this picture and think about what your dream is =)

You know i've asked around.. Not everyone have dreams. But i'm sure if they take some time to think about it.. They will all want something. Hopefully good things, for the betterment of people.

And it's kinda sad when people with no dreams, look at those with dreams like we're crazy. 有没有听过, 人因梦想而伟大. I hope i'd always be strong and be backed up with Disney magic and strength, that i'd never listen to anyone who tell me i can't. So yeah.. I wish the same for you if you're kind =)

And after a whole day of activities, you can continue to take some of the rides or stroll along Main Street USA just to enjoy the alluring night lights and enjoy the sights of the quaint little shops lit up in fuzzy and warm lights. And in this spirit of joy and happiness, shop to your heart content haha =D

I for one leave no room for mercy when i shop in Disney souvenir shops =X I just feel buying them in Disneyland makes a whole lot of difference. It's like dabao-ing the magic home like this lolol.

So i day 1 already shop quite a fair bit =X Josh didn't stop me so i guess he's alright with it hahaha! Anyway it's mostly shopping for gifts for other people so i don't see why not! =DDD

Day 2
Breakfast at ❤ ❤ ❤ Enchanted Garden ❤ ❤ ❤
Love the decor and set up at Enchanted Garden!
It's the one of the best buffet breakfast i've been to!!! It's within Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel! Their selection of food is quite huge! From Chinese dimsum to Indian cuisine to Japanese to standard american western breakfast spread! And a crazy load of dessert, fruits and glorious bread and pastry selection with like ten thousand kinds of fruit jams and spread to choose from.
Crispy bacon i love you, forever and ever haha =D
Fish with sprouts.. I love you second. You're so flavourful i wanna eat you all over again.
Me and ma breakfast ^.^ First round that is. Haha.
CUTE NOT LAH! I do one! The chocolate sauce part hahaha. The Mickey pancake also cute hor?!

And what's the best part of having breakfast at Enchanted Garden?!?!?!
There we are! Doing our thang as vain girls hahaha.
Here comes Pluto~ He's really cute and enthusiastic!!! Just like how a puppy doggie would be haha!
Omg snapping pictures with them makes my day totally!!!
With Goofy Goof!!!
With Daphne and Christine!!! =D Both also super friendly!
And then i continue my breakfast haha. LOOK MA!!! CRISPY BACON!!!
Second serving haha!
Yay me~! Go go go!
❤ ❤ ❤ Mickey Mouse and me ^.^ ❤ ❤ ❤
He's so super nice i keep waving at him and shaking his hands =DDD Hahaha ^.^
Alright~ If you wanna have breakfast with the Disney characters, you know the place to be =D
Just a beautiful wall outside Enchanted Garden haha.

And then it's off to Disneyland again =DDD
Picking a Disney-related headgear / headpiece is absolutely essential. Haha.
I went to the Disney Academy to learn how to draw Disney character, this time was Albert!
Albert is obviously a boy but i thought i'd be special and draw a bow for him instead O.O In the end the 'teacher' walk past and i quickly cover up my bow, i scared he think i am retarded cannot follow simple instructions hahaha.
Josh (left) one nicer or mine nicer!!! Hahaha.
They have a Monster University attraction!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and my homies Sully and Mike!
And then i decided to enrol myself in Monster University also hahah. Taking my school ID picture.
While waiting for my picture to be ready for printing, i went around the campus and snap pictures with the different monster groups house! Hahah. Here's Python Nu Kappa! SSSSSS!

At house of ROAR OMEGA ROAR!!! ROAR!!!
And house of Ooozma Kappa =DDD Hey Mike, hey Sully are you in there!!!
And my picture is ready for me to choose an ID card!
My student ID card!!! =DDD
And then off to it's a small world~
Spot Woody and Jessie!!! =DDD
As you cruise along, you realise it's impossible to finish looking at everything!!! Cox there are just too many cute little details to look at!

眼花缭乱之余 不忘 camho. Lolol.
Little Mermaid in tiny form!!! =DDD
Still my favourite attraction in It's a Small World! This one is super pastel and sweet!!! With the carousel and Ferris wheel =)))
Time for a quick lunch!!! Josh's yummy noodle with braised chicken mid wing! From Clopin's Festival of Foods!!! They are really generous with the serving lor, got 5 mid wings lol.
MY YUMMIEST ROAST MEAT BOWL!!! I loveee the gravy with the rice!! And the salted egg haha! The chicken is also very tender lah! But i love egg more than anything hahah!

Random street performance =) Something is happening every corner within Hong Kong Disneyland~
At Tomorrowland~
Buzz and me~ =D
At the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster!!! This time i did pretty well!!! Hahaha =D
And then i went for a few more rides and shows but i think you can go see them for yourself!!! Don't wanna give everything away haha. Stitch Encounter for me was really fun and interactive haha! Golden Mickeys is also a must-watch lah! It's quite magnificent! It's like a show you have to pay full price to watch in the stage theaters here in Singapore =D
Erm.. This is a must-have popsicle in Disneyland shot.
Headed for Main Street USA to walk around before my afternoon tea session!
Got the Mickey waffle at Main Street Market! There are plenty more cute little shops all over in Hong Kong Disneyland lah! I forgot to try their BBQ squid!!! Damn regret =((
Comes with huge blobs of whipped cream, maple syrup and jam!! =DDD And then i walk around a bit more only.. And it's time for~~~
Afternoon tea at Corner Cafe along Main Street USA! They serve the cutest hi-tea selection and i also saw people ordering laksa i think!!! Like got plenty of other food selection!!! But i went for the tea set for two ^.^
And ordered this refreshing and tasty green apple drink!!! With a scary Mike on it! Hahaha!
Josh's strawberry smoothie ^.^ With Mickey confetti on it!
Go crazy when i see cute things hahaha.
Here comes the tea set for two~!!!!! =DDDD
Tinker Bell say "Please help yourself~" OKAY!!!
YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY SAVORY CANAPE!!! It's some kind of fish but i'm not sure what, but it's soooooooo yummy!!!!! =OOO
Creme brulee and Mickey Macaroons!!! =DDD
And my Mickey scone!!!! =DDD There's two kind! One is this with cranberry i think!
And this! With snow powder!
Mickey cut out fruits!!! All very sweet!!! =DDD
Mini burger and SUPER YUMMY SALMON QUICHE! =OOO I love the quiche so much!!!
Some kind of chocolate coated brownie pops that Josh damn love that he took two *angry face* ahahah. No lah i gave him permission to one. Haha. Cox i say "Chocolate coating is for kids!" But actually is cox i wanted him to give me the whole quiche =X Hahaha. Barter trade.
My neighbour table the kids enjoying the Flights of Fantasy parade from Corner Cafe =))

I'd 100% encourage you to try out the Corner Cafe if you're at Hong Kong Disneyland!!! The tea set is really worth it and yummy!!! Tea set only available 4pm onwards. So you can watch the parade even from inside the cafe. Parade starts at different time everyday, you can refer to THIS LINK =D

After tea time Josh and i went back to explore the park a little bit more =D

Regret that the Q for the Cinderella Carousel is always very long =( I wanted to try more rides on my last day in Disneyland so i didn't Q for it!
But then we went for the Mickey's PhilharMagic!!! I LOVE THE SHOW no matter how many times i'd watched it!!!! Especially the magic carpet part =D Really feel like i am flying! And then when i smell the fruit pie i'm always like "SO AMAZING" hahaha. Then when the champagne pops in my face and water actually splatter on me i also go =DDDDD Hahaha!
Then more shopping =X Haha!
One of the three big bags of stuff i got! For my family, friends and the Nuffies =D
Went back to the hotel to freshen up a little and change out for dinner at Walt's Cafe located within Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel!
Help yourself to the huge selection of vegetables and fruits at the Walt's Garden!
On the walls of Walt's Cafe you'd find never-seen-before life moments of Walt Disney, the great man who created magic and dreams for many =)))
Salad with special dressing~!!! I actually finished the whole thing (except the artichokes) cox it's sooo refrshingly good and it feels.. Pretty. Hahah the colour is pretty!
Hardly happy with salads but love this one ^.^
Russian vegetable soup with chunks of cheese in it i loveeee it!!!!!
I love soup with chunky ingredients that melts in my mouth =D
My main!!! Pan-fried cod fish with miso sauce. The cod is soooooo good it really melts in my mouth.
Josh's steak!!! He liked it so i'd say it's very good hahaha.
One of me and my yummy cod fish =D
Stealing the show is this!!! Apple crumple pie with ice cream, caramel crisp with buttercream sauce!
So damn good. the different texture and taste in this dessert goes so perfectly well together!
One of us =))
And this marks the end of Day 2 at Hong Kong Disneyland. A very sweet and perfect ending~ =D
Try out Walt's Cafe if you wanna go for something nice and fine!

Day 3
Breakfast at Chef Mickey =D It's right below Hollywood Hotel =D
Equally huge selection of breakfast with slight variation on the dishes!
Chef Mickey places much more emphasis on Mickey haha. Look at the wall tiles!

Always love buffet breakfast =DDD
My first round!!! Cute plate yes?!?!?
Josh's first round haha ^.^ Looks more.. Old hor. Hahahaha. Dimsum, porridge all. He only lack of a cup of kopi-o and two half-boiled eggs hahaha.
My second round! Cox Josh say the glutinous rice is really good so i went for it =D INDEED YUMS!
What is Chef Mickey restaurant without Chef Mickey himself yeah ^.^
I might have snapped like 6 pictures with him =X Hahaha. Too damn kiasu.
Erm.. After taking pictures with Mickey, i continue eating haha.
And then Josh got this for me!!!
MY PICTURE WITH MICKEY =DDD It's now the newest item on "My Favourite Things" shelf!
Happy and satisfied ^.^

And that marks the end of my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland! I wanna send a big Thank you to AGENDA Hong Kong, Nuffnang, and Hong Kong Disneyland for having me =)))

Before i went on the trip i was having a really trying week and everything, anything can spark me off. I was really on the verge of just throwing it all away cox i was so frustrated =( I even texted Michelle (still in Japan) that i might need to go for anger management class for real haha.

But during the trip i was all happy and easy =)) I guess it's the Disneyland magic! I wanna bring my family there the next time i am there. Baby Yurou will sooooo go crazy!!! Ah Bong will love the exciting rides and my parents will enjoy the sight and sound of Disneyland and all the yummy food!!!

Here's me checking out with extra baggage. And Josh also got extra baggage =X It's mostly my stuff in his luggage. We both came with almost empty luggages hahaha. Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong is too much a good place to shop and put your money. Hahah!

If you wanna plan your next trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, i strongly suggest you stay at the Disneyland hotels!!! It's different one ah, the feeling. Elevator to toiletries to hotel facilities to every little thing.. It feels like magic surrounding you! Alright! Thank you for reading through this post!

It's the longest post EVER with like 180 pictures =O