30 June 2013

QWeekly - I'm feeling 22~

So i just had my birthday. And i am not joking, i feel 22.

Haha. Like 26 is too near 30 and i don't feel that way at all.

And 21 is like i just hit adulthood but i feel wiser than 21.

So yeah, i'm feeling 22 oooo~ Lol.

And if you follow me on my instagram (ahem, if you haven't, why? *stare*) lol, you'd know how i celebrated my birthday. But in case you haven't, i'd tell you.



Anyway i was really happy the whole time for my birthday and the day after =))) Josh planned some stuff for me and i never thought he will cox.. Erm.. A birthday is just a birthday? Lolol.

Like we celebrated all our birthdays like really low-profiley past many years so i also don't know why he's become quite havoc ever since the proposal shock. Yeah that whole proposal was wayyy out of his style. Lol. But i guess it's good thou i still feel "Wah need or not" Lol.

But most of it i feel really blessed and lucky to have my family and good friends to spend my birthday with me =))) And the really kind ones who bother to get me gifts =)))

I guess there's really no need to cox i enjoy getting gifts for people more than receiving gifts cox so far, there isn't a time i feel absolutely good about receiving gifts. Most of the time i feel it's either too expensive or i just feel they shouldn't have. But of course i feel really happy and touched at the same time when i do receive gifts lol. I can't be 26 i am so indecisive.

And for those who'd wished me Happy Birthday, thank you =)

I replied to all the messages on my phone but i really can't do it for social media cox that will take me really long so THANK YOU altogether! =DDD

Since it's end June i think i'd do like i did every other year, a recap of my resolutions for 2013 and see if i actually get anything done lol. I did a post on my resolutions for 2013.

1) Have clear complexion
If you say "Clearer" definitely yes!!!!! I am using mostly Laneige and some Lancome now for my skincare and my skin is getting really close to the condition it was before i went for surgery (which was really nice lol) and that was in March so yes i think i got my skin in good check!

2) Adjust stuff on my face
Did so~ Nose job finally and fat-grafting!

3) Open a shop / Start something new
Josh opened a new studio and i started QWeekly =DDD Thou i still wanna open a shop i don't know if i actually have time for it =( What do you guys think!!! I am already in need of 6 more arms and 3 more brains now lol.

4) Have rarebits open to overseas customers ^.^ Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, The Philippines, Indonesia, USA, no problem babeh!!! =DDD And keep rarebits running good and strong! =D ✔

Though things are gonna be reshuffling a bit (a lot) in rarebits, i am glad it's happening becox.. "Friendship above all" was our base when we started.. =)

5) Countries and places to visit in 2013
Bangkok ✔
Hong Kong
Korea ✔
And one more new place that i've never visit preferably! =D

I am supposed to fly up to Hong Kong in September but i am praying so hard that it'd really happen cox it'd be sooooo magical if it does, i don't wanna believe it yet!

Also i die also wanna go back Japan once a year!!! Just to feel inspired by their fashion and people.

As for the other new place i wish to visit is preferably somewhere with Caucasian (cox i've never been!) or China. Haha.

6) Send my parents overseas for holiday
Ticked becox i JUST only bought the tickets!!! For my dad and mum and Josh and i =DDD Thank you ah Nuffnang. Hahaha. Whenever the cheque from Nuffnang comes, it feels like Christmas.

7) Save a good sum to get something neat in 2014 =D
With all the travel plans, this one doesn't look too good. Lolol.

It's maybe time for you to do a check on your checklist of resolution made at the start of this year!

Okay~ A singing video i did haha. Very random insertion but hey, you can skip it if you like lol. It's a cover i did of Ai Ni (爱你) by Kimberly.

AND~~~ This week's QWeekly is filled with pretty girls O.O Enjoy yourselves ah. It's the JStar girls with special appearance by Nami San =D You'd have to visit to see for youself~

And there's DIY nailart of Monster Inc design!!! =DDD
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25 June 2013


So.. I got bored one night and decided to K-Beautify some celebrities lol.

You know how Korean girls look like right, thick brows, small but poufy baby face, sharp pointy chin and all. Actually they also have nice noses but nose is really to each his own so i didn't change that.

I did very subtle changes on the celebrities lol. Some look significantly nicer, some look nicer, some just look weird after i K-Beautify them on photoshop. Lol. Ah, you see ba.

Sammi Cheng (My number one idol since i was young!)
Does this look nice to you? I think it does.

But the original picture was her with signature thin arched eyebrows. And sadly, i think she is pretty influential and her brows are legendary. So when i look at TVB drama now, still a lot of actress spot this thin and arched brows. It's like no matter how pretty they are they still look.. Not young. Lol. Also, i gave Sammi some botox/ V-Line jaw surgery lolol. AND! A chin implant! Lolol.

Another picture of Sammi my love.

Original picture she has thin brows. So same thing lah, gave her Korean brows and chin implant. Anyway i think these are rather old pictures of Sammi. Her recent brows...... STILL VERY ARCH. But MUCH MUCH MUCH thicker. My god. Who intro her the bad eyebrow embroidery salon one!!!

Haha. Classic hor.
Original.. Looks kinda down.

Stefanie Sun
Another idol of mine =DDD

I did fat-grafting on photoshop for her lol. And filled off zygoma and then added chin. Perfect. Lol.
Looks like some Japanese young girl by the beach eh.
It's Stef Sun with fat grafting and chin job~ Lolol. And a pair of thicker straighter korean brows.

Bet you can't tell who this is.
Faye Wong with V-Line jaw contouring and zygoma filed off and a nose job and fat-grafting lolol.


Hahah i had a lot of fun doing it leh. Now there's nothing call perfect. Even perfect is not pretty, i feel. You got see people with big eyes, small nose, high nose bridge, nice lips, sharp chin, small face, but STILL look not-say-very-pretty-lah kind of pretty? Go instagram popular page and see lor. A lot. Lolol. Mostly from one specific country.

So actually i feel perfect is not good. But enhancement is always good. And maintenance for the face. Enhancement, and maintenance. I just feel like, when we're 13 years old and started to play with makeup, we keep wanting to look more adult, but once you hit 20 up, you'd start wanting to look younger one lor.

So.. One of my goal in life is to always look 25. Lolol. Maybe until i hit 50. Then okay lah, i don't mind looking like 35. When i hit 60, i don't mind looking like 40. When i hit 70 i don't mind looking like 50. You know what i mean. It means i don't wanna live past 70 cox i can't handle the wrinkles. Lololol.

I know this whole Korean puppy eyes, straight brows, poufy baby face, no-defined cheekbones, small face, no angular jawline look, many said, is not for all. Especially not Caucasians.

And when i did my fat-grafting surgery (mainly to smoothen out the angular jawline and to make my defined cheekbones less obvious) many commented that a lot of people would pay to get my original cheekbones. Haha. Okay thank you. You may have it.

So anyway, i decided to try on Caucasians to see how it looks like for them to be K-Beautified.

Sure Angelina Jolie still looks hot. Lolol.
Yeah, i agree she looks better with a fiercer pair of brows. But hey, i have her the signature Korean nose bridge, curved with nice tip. Lolol. Also gave her fat-grafting on forehead, under cheekbones and chin! Got look younger at least? Haha.

Julia Roberts..
Definitely looks better with her original brows hahah. But maybe she can draw fuller lips. And have some extra chin. And.. Maybe a V-Line to look more feminine. Haha.
Kate Moss for Dior.
Gave her overall small-face surgery and chin filler and Korean brows. Lol. Nice hor this one de after! Look like a doll.
Kate again. Yeah, quite friend with her already. Lol.
The after fat-grafting and K-Brows Kate does look much younger, right???
How about foxy Megan. Haha.
Somehow she looks a little evil in the original picture when you compare the both.
Megan looking like a sweet innocent girl on the beach after K-beautifying lol.
Original picture she looks more like "Yeah, come here baby.." Lolol.
Natalie Portman after V-Line and small-face contouring lol. With soe fat-grafting. And a K-Brows.
Can't decide if i think she looks better before or after. I like the chin and brows after.

So yeah.. What do you think!!! Hahaha. Is there any example i did that you feel a strong NOOOO and thinks the before is without a doubt, undeniably, no-question-asked better? Haha.

I think no one can argue A-Mei one is much better after. Lol.

Sammi Cheng's brows also much better if not so thin and arched.

I also think Kate Moss is a great candidate for some K-Beautifying lolol. Cox she'd look like a doll after!!! Still edgey but less manly and haggard.

I shall go play with my own pictures. Definitely need a V-Line and need my zygoma to just explode and chip off on its own *sian face*

23 June 2013

QWeekly - Haze been

So today (Saturday is the day i blog this) the haze cleared up quite a lot but it's expected to come back tomorrow, which is.. Today, by the time you read this. Like, when's this gonna end, it's getting old.

I just wanna get back and carry on with life without having to worry about people i love. Today i went to buy like 2 air purifier for my family. Do you know that it's sold out at Mustafa?

And Courts, Best Denki all these, also i heard can't find cox sold out. I was contemplating to head into Malaysia to buy but poop, they also kena haze so i assume they will also be kiasu like us and buy ten purifier per person. Lol.

SO SUPER HENG, Mich was helping me clean up my sister's new place and she was browsing Facebook (you then eat snake hor, mm lolol) and saw her bf's cousin posted saying she got extra air purifier and wants to sell it. This cousin really damn good heart. She bought four cox in case her friends/ family wants it. But they didn't want it so she's left with two extra.


I was actually willing to pay more than what she paid for. Cox if i go into Malaysia and buy i also need to pay $100 for coach in. But she so nice she agree to sell it to me at cost price ='OOO

Really grateful got this kind of kind-hearted stranger around.

Actually before she agree to sell it i keep pressurizing Mich "You tell her, tell her my house got a old father, whizzing and headache already. Ah, and then my sister got serious asthma, just got hospitalised two days ago. And then tell her my baby niece also falling sick. Tell her my niece very young only. Tell her, you tell her. So she won't sell it to others"

Hahaha. So in the end me and Mich went to collect it and then Mich now, to my family, is like Guan Yin Ma. Lolol. My sister say "Help me say thanks to Mich!!! YAY! 我们不用死了!!!!!!!" Hahaha.

Yeah, we whole family damn dramatic one.

So anyway~ Still keep those masks on, still gulp water, eat more stuff that can flush bad stuff out. Okay. Please. People can do whatever shit they want to us, we just do our part to keep safe.

EDUCATE YOUR ELDERLY. PLEASE. PLEASE. I keep seeing old people at bus stop / walking on the road with no mask on. It is not okay, at least definitely, not okay now, not yet.

My dad is also one kind one, all the daughters nag at him he still thinks like not a big deal, don't worry, don't overreact. WE ARE ALL UNDER-REACTING. Please. Just stay as safe as you can be.

Okay! This week's QWeekly, you MUST click to go and see ah!!! Got minion DIY nailart!!! And got Miyake's cute poodle!!!

The set Josh put together for Miyake and Choco the poodle. He is sooo cute!
Ah sarm of the day (me lol) touching up Miyake's hair endangering my life lololol. Cox this naughty Choco maybe think i want to murder his mummy or what, keep growling at me. 我会怕嘞!!! Lol.
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21 June 2013

Bossini - Summer fun!

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Ever wonder how the colour "green" make people feel better, healthier, happier? =D

You must have seen or heard of Bossini and their iconic green logo that also says..

"Be Happy" =))) I think it's a very meaningful idea to embrace for a huge company like them! Sometimes, without knowing, it could be a cheer-up note for people who are feeling a little down, right? Like if i'm feeling vexed or bothered by something, and i see a "Be Happy" logo when i walk pass Bossini, i'd feel better lah! Cox being happy, is really the best thing we can do for ourselves and for the people we love. And you know i am big on the "Being happy" thing so i think Bossini engage me for advertorial is correct one lah hahaha =DDD

"Bossini is a widely recognized mass casual wear brand, differentiating itself from its competitors through the constant reiteration of its brand message, “Be Happy!”.

With this, Bossini aims to spread happiness to customers in the form of affordable yet quality fashionable clothing that assures comfort"

Look, they even have Happy Family tees haha. How cute is that!!! But today i'm not sharing about this family tee thou i think it's really cute and will be a great bonding thing for the family haha ^.^
I'm here to share about their SUPER PRETTY COLOURFUL CHEERFUL HAPPY SUMMER COLLECTION!!! =DDD All of them look so happy and bright, i also want!!! =D

I super love how Bossini is all fun and fresh!!! And this energy is injected in their apparels! They are mostly of bright and vibrant colour! Matches their image really well haha, BE HAPPY!!! =D

And if you look at the Bossini Summer 2013 collection, you'd see an amplified of their vibrant style!

Me wearing the Bossini Summer 2013 collection ^.^ I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TOP SOOO MUCH!!!!! =DDD Have always been a big fan of loud prints and colours! =D
I also like the denim shorts i'm wearing, it's from Bossini as well ^.^ It's very comfy and soft! =D

As you can see.. I really love it a lot haha. Camho-ed a lot in it. Thank you Josh for helping me snap these pictures!!! =DDD He was like "Okay, done!" I'm like "Take some more!!! I very love this set!!"
The top is actually a t-shirt btw!!! I just tied a knot to make it look even cuter ^.^ You can just wear it as a t-shirt also lah! Great to wear to the beach / for friends gathering at chalet or BBQ etc! Summer is all about having fun outdoor right!!! =DDD
This is another top and bottom i matched from Bossini that is great for this summer =D
The embroidery on the top adds a little sweetness to this summer getup!

Actually you can match it with any other colour of the bottom lah! It's quite versatile one. There are several colours of the top and bottom to choose from. So have fun playing around with it!

So this is summer in subtle details! If you like something louder with prints..
You can also find it at Bossini! =D This Aztec tee is trendy and cooling, super suitable for the hot weather nowadays! =D How's my wig looking haha.
This bottom comes is a part of their Happy Summer Shorts collections and it comes in a few colours, feel free to check them out HERE =D

Have a fun and quirky summer if you may like!!! =DDD If you prefer something more feminine~
This getup would be suitable! I LOVE THE CUTTING OF THE TOP AND FITTING OF THE DENIM SOOO MUCH!!!!! Really compliments the body shape!

Love this shot Josh took =D I was really saying something i think.
Feminine and ladylike yes, but still very bright and outstanding, the colours! =D
Alright that's all for my parade of Bossini Summer collection! Hahaha.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO FLAUNT YOUR SUMMER STYLE! Hop into any Bossini outlets (find an outlet closest to you ^.^) and get these affordable pieces from their Summer 2013 collection!

Here's a recap of how i mix and match the Bossini Summer 2013 collection!

I LOVE THEM ALL =DDD Comfy, bright, easy to match and fashionable ^.^ And extra plus points for quality!!! Especially all the denims! So stretchy and soft on the skin!

Not forgetting it's affordable too! Prices for Bossini’s Summer collection starts from $23. Thank you Bossini for sending me so many pieces of outfits that will fit my everyday dress up! =DDD

Find a Bossini store near you now to go check out the summer collection for yourself =D

Check out Bossini Website and remember to like Bossini SG on Facebook. They always have very fun contests and giveaways on Facebook!!! I also want to win lah! =DDD